tagHumor & SatireMuscular Men near the Sea Pt. 01

Muscular Men near the Sea Pt. 01


Muscular Men Near the Sea: Chapter 1

Philip stood with his back to the mansion which was his home during his youth, his eyes on the sea. Jennifer watched him from the gazebo in her prettiest dress, wondering what he was thinking. His mind was so hard to pierce. His shoulders looked strong, though, and she longed to touch him. She rose cautiously and crept toward him, not wanting to disturb his thoughts. He sensed her anyway and his head turned slightly so that he could keep her in his peripheral vision as she approached.

"I think your husband is suspicious," he said, his face slightly contorted with concern.

"Richard only cares about his business ventures. He won't miss me for a few hours." She put a hand on his muscular shoulder, and he could not resist her touch and turned toward her.

"I can't stop thinking about you, Jennifer." He reached toward her and softly honked her right boobie.

"Oh, Richard." She melted into his arms.

"It still freaks me out a little when you call me that."

"Hush," she said, and her hand lightly grazed his large, muscular boner, which leapt up toward her hand like a happy puppy dog jumping to catch a frisbee.

"I want to enter your hoo-hoo right here by the sea." He grabbed her and made her face away from him.

She ripped off her underwear and lifted up her prettiest dress so that he could totally see her butt. He could not resist her flowery aroma and began to immediately hump her in the style of the dog.

"Unh, unh. Yeah, babe. Unh." He said lovingly.

"Don't stop, Richard. Don't stop until your sticky man-fluid is mine."

"Unh, unh, unh. You like that. Are you my little troll?" He asked mercilessly.

Like she often did when they became one together, she asked him to touch her butthole. As always, he refused as he thought that was kind of gross.

When she climaxed, he was completely put-off by the high-pitched sounds she made and he lost his wood. She left him sobbing quietly by the sea, with his thing still hanging out a little bit. Now he just looked like a pathetic little bitch. God, how she hated him.

Muscular Men Near the Sea: Chapter 2, where more things happen

Contrary to what Jennifer had thought as she planned her tryst by the sea, Richard was paying no attention whatsoever to his business ventures, instead choosing to pass his time organizing his large collection of pornography. Oh yes, she was familiar with "The Binder" and its intricate color-coordinated cross-referencing scheme. Richard was humming a happy little tune as she walked up behind him. She looked over his shoulder just as he was highlighting the words "huge vagina" in blue. Richard was a mystery, and that was why she loved him.

"You were with Philip just now, weren't you?" He asked, one eyebrow raised.

He caught her eyes with his. Jennifer's eyes were deep and he could see her soul in them. They sparkled with a deep blueness like the sea after a storm - the really shitty kind of storm where you have to run from the beach to the boardwalk, and then your friends totally split without you because you got stuck talking to the old guy who makes funny hats and smells like cat piss. He doesn't even have an actual booth, for Christ's sake. Plus, he sure seems to rub his crotch on you "accidentally" a lot.

"Don't be ridiculous. I was doing charity work like I do every afternoon. I fixed a church or something." She lied casually.

"Show me your lady-hole, then." He demanded.

Jennifer sauntered dazzlingly across the room with a dazzling smile that sparkled and was very shiny and Richard watched her, thinking about how dazzling she was and being in awe of her shininess.

She laughed. "Richard, don't be such a child." Richard could be such a child sometimes, she thought to herself, in spite of just having said it aloud.

Her response, though, actually seemed to placate him, and he went back to his organizing.

She snuck up behind him and ran her hands through his thick chest hair. He sighed and leaned back into her. "I love you, Philip," he said lovingly.

She pinched his nipples and didn't correct him. Their love was real, and they both knew it by the nearness and closeness of each one of the other in their proximity to one another lovingly.

"I need to go lay one down." She said, and she slammed the door on the way out just to confuse him and maintain the mystery in their love.

"Left breast slightly smaller than right one," he said to no one in particular, as his orange highlighter moved dutifully across the paper.

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by Anonymous

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by sexymeup10/18/17


honked her right boobie, boner, enter her hoo hoo....was this posted by a 12-year-old child? this was total crap and waste of time to read, it so bad it didn't even get 1 star.

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by Anonymous10/12/17

Messed Up

Completely wrong in the head. My kind of friend.

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