Muses Ch. 03

bySean Renaud©

Ch 3: Cold War Conspiracy

When I got up in the morning the first thing I did was set my laptop up and bring up Word. Luckily the girls were right where I left them ready go pick up."Is that where you want to go? You want to go to space Karen?" I asked looking at the beauties lounging in their bubble bath. It was odd how similar they looked and at the same time how different they were. Nikki was a little thinner than Karen, she had what most men would think was an ideal body and she had a smile that seemed to sparkle. Right then her dark brown hair was clinging to her skull. Karen was thicker but it had its benefits. One thing was a pair of double D cup breasts that wouldn't quit for anything or anybody. The other was an ass that jiggled like a girl from a music video and she had the most beautiful face. I mean stunning, if Nikki's smile sparkled then Karen's glowed like the aftermath of a nuclear strike. Even with all the differences they were still similar enough in appearance that they could be mistaken for sisters or even each other at a quick glance.

"Space sounds fine. I've never been to space and you need a Sci-Fi story don't you?" Karen replied. "What do you think Nikki."

"I was thinking we could do a story with gene splicing." Karen looked over at Nikki and raised a brow. "You know there are a lot of nerds out there who are down with the antrhos and it just sounds like fun to me. We can still go to space if you want but I want to have some fun while we're there." She slipped down into the water completely vanishing beneath the bubbles for a second. What emerged from the water wasn't Nikki.

For starters Nikki had brown hair not blonde hair and she didn't have white fur covering her huge triangular ears. She had a mouth and a nose not a snout with a smile and her eyes weren't blue. Nikki was human and the thing emerging from the water was some kind of humanoid animal. "How do you like me?" She stood to her full height, now a mere five feet and ran her fingers over her fur covered breasts. Her bright pink erect nipples were bared though. There was also a second hairless patch around her crotch. She had a tail swishing back and forth flinging water all around the room. It was the same shade of blonde as the hair on her head and even wet it was nearly as big as her slender torso. "Wow Nikki you look great."

"Not Nikki. Minx, just like you named me." She replied stepping completely out of the water and shaking the water off like an animal fluffing her hair in the process. Karen nearly died laughing at the frazzled mink standing in the room with her. "It's not that funny." Minx muttered. Her voice was different, a little huskier like the movie stars of the black and white era films. Minx stepped walked over to a vanity and pulled a brush from the drawer and started to brush her fur.

"She's amazing." Karen gasped crawling out of the tub and walking over to Minx. She reached for a second of the soft brushes and started brushing from Minx's shoulders to the tip of her tail.

"I am aren't I?" Minx replied staring at herself in the mirror. She curled her lips back I a snarl that revealed her sharp teeth then. "Oooh I have claws." She brought her hand up fanning her clawed digits for her inspection.

"Focus. You're gorgeous, but what kind of story are we going to tell using this? Remember I want to get Sci-Fi not non-human. I already got non-human. By accident I might add. I mean it was just that catgirl Lilli masturbating. It should have been a masturbation story, sometimes the editors at Lit move in mysterious ways. It's early yet so it's not a problem. Anyway sci-fi, ideas?" I asked tapping my fingers against the keyboard as I waited for a response.

"I told you already splicing. We make a story about some really rich guy. We'll make him up. Pick a name."

"Mark." It was the first name that came to mind.

"No, try again, something exotic. Raul. Stephan, Julius, Reinhart. Something that sounds regal. He needs to be one of those guys who's not only rich but was born rich. If he earned his money he wouldn't have the same kind of attitude. I want the kind of guy who would kidnap a girl off the streets drag her to his secret laboratory to turn her into this." Minx turned around in her chair and crossed her legs.

"That's actually a good idea." Karen replied setting the brush aside. "Well I think it's time for me to slip into something a little more appropriate. She opened the bathroom door and stepped into it. Right outside the window was the concrete box that served as Nikki's cell. "I know you keep these places in your mind Sean but it's really weird sometimes. I mean there is a prison over there and that floating thing is my room. Why is it floating?

"Because you're room is on the second story but I don't know what your downstairs looks like and we haven't gone down there yet that's why. It's the same reason why you there is a bookcase over there filled with a combination of blank books and nondescript items. I don't know what they are yet. When we need them we'll have something there." I explained.

"I know, I know, it's just creepy." She closed the door for a moment and when she emerged she was a catgirl. Most of her fur was dark brown almost the same hue as chocolate but she had crème colored 'socks' and 'gloves' that nearly reached her knees and elbows. Like Minx her nipples and were bared and erect but her pussy still had a layer of soft dark fur covering it. "How's this?" She pulled her busy tail in front of her mocking modesty by hiding behind her tail. Like a fox the tip of her tail was crème colored. She was covering her snout with the tip so only her emerald green eyes were visible.

"You're getting me hard. That's always a plus."

"Oh I am?" She purred lowering her tail from her face and wrapping around her middle just high enough to keep her nipples covered. "But we're supposed to be working a story right now." She strutted into the room swishing her hips back and forth until she was right behind Minx. Karen cupped Minx's breast and pulled her to her feet pressing her own breasts to Minx's back. "I mean you wanted to get something done didn't you?" She reached one hand down combing her fingers through Minx's belly fur and down to her clit rubbing her finger back and forth over it. Minx bit down on her lip, her hips starting to churn of their own accord.

"Whatever it is he wants to work on can wait until you're done." Minx cooed wrapping her blonde tail around Karen's middle holding the feline beauty in place. A single finger trying to push its way into her had a pleased purr escaping her throat. It wriggled its way into her and soon a second was pushed in alongside it. The two fingers twisted inside her pumping and screwing at the same time working the inside of her cunt. "Goddamn girl. You're great this." Minx growled with pleasure. A third finger and she was standing on the tips of her clawed toes rocking her hips back and forth. Her eyes clenched shut and her mouth slackened.

"Are you ready to cum Sean?" Karen teased. She expertly kept Minx right on the edge of insanity backing off enough for the world to come into focus for the mink and then wrenching it away with precise strums of her clit. "Do you have that big fat cock of yours in your hand yet? Stroking it for us. Us sexy sex starved sluts."

"Make me cum." Minx howled. Her legs were trembling and her juices were starting to run down her leg matting her fur.

"I'll make you cum as soon as he does. He's the one you should be begging." Karen whispered into Minx's ear. Her free hand grabbed a white fur breast and squeezed then her fingers. Then she started to toy with Minx's nipples, twisting and pinching them until Minx started to beg.

"Cum Sean. Cum. Take your cock and stroke it for me. Imagine that it's not your hand, that it's my twat. My tight little twat clenching down on your dick just like it's clenching on her fingers right now." Her tail straightened suddenly and her eyes opened with shock. "Oh my god cum. I need to cum and she's gonna keep me like this until you cum. You know you want to plaster my face with a hot load right now. You want to watch Karen lap up your milk. Every last drop like it was the only thing keeping her alive."

That was all it took for me to cum. Typing for three with one hand is a lot harder than it sounds. As soon as I was through cleaning up I came back. The two girls were no longer in a bedroom with a step down bathtub when I returned. Instead they were in some kind of laboratory. The walls were lined with vats filled with a greenish fluid. Each vat held another anthromorph. Dogs, foxes, lions there was even something that looked vaguely reptilian in one of the vats. Near the center of the room two of the vats empty and Minx and Karen were leaning against them. Men in lab coats were walking around the room holding clip boards and small PDAs that they were jabbing information into. I couldn't understand the technical jargon they were prattling about. I could catch snippets here and there, things about recombinant DNA and maintaining the proper environment for healthy cell growth.

"Well how do you like it?" Karen asked making a sweeping motion around the steel and glass dominated room. "This good enough place for where the evil doctor makes innocent women into sex kittens like me?" She crawled up on one of the monstrous computers and ran her fingers over the rapidly blinking lights.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing really. The machines don't really do anything. Other than the big red button kills all of the subjects. Can't have them breaking loose and killing everybody. This started off as a project to create the perfect soldier by the way. It was funded by the United States and Russian governments in throughout the Cold War which really wasn't a war it was a conspiracy."

"Wait. The Cold War was a conspiracy? The entire thing? The Space Race, the Arms Race all that shit was a conspiracy? You've got to be kidding." I asked incredulous.

"The entire thing, just a sham. I though you knew." Karen mused rolling onto her belly and kicking her feet up like a child wagging her tail back and forth lazily.


She looked up at her clearly exasperated with my ignorance. "In nineteen eighteen during the Battle of Lost Innocence a young Adolf Hitler came to the rescues of an alien being known as a Lo'Trell. He was unable to save the aliens life, he didn't even know what it was. He mistook the red skinned being as some kind of demon from hell. The Lo'Trell place a high value on their dead."

"This makes no sense."

"Look the bottom line is that Nazi's teamed up with an alien race and when Hitler was killed by the KGB after hours of torture it he revealed the plot for the twenty twelve invasion. Nothing we had on earth would could function in deep space. We had no way to defend ourselves and the common man was tired of years of war and building up weapons. They wouldn't stand for it without a visible and potent enemy. So America and Russia decided they'd take the lead and become enemies to justify funding ever increasing armies. The Cold War ended because we gave up on the concept of fighting them in space. Decades of war and funding and we still struggle to get into space and stay there, the idea of fighting there is still out of our reach. Which makes our only alternative to fight them on the ground and try to drag them down to our level. Which is why we're working on this, the perfect soldier."

"So faster, stronger, harder, better?"

"In a nut shell yeah. But you don't want to hear all the details about that do you? It's not really that important. You want to hear about how Reinhart Wulfcastle was the grandson of one of the scientists and how he learned of this place and agreed to fund it with his family's fortune if he could put it to use." Karen explained. There was a scientist only a few inches from her staring at some read out on the computer. "He's kinda cute." She purred bringing a clawed digit to hook a button on his coat and coax him closer for a brief kiss on the cheek. The man didn't react at all other than to smile and walk away.

"That's actually kinda interesting. So tell me more about Reinhart. He sounds like he could be interesting." She's got my interest even if her secret space war is kinda silly it could still be an interesting story to tell one day.

"I think I'll handle my own introduction thank you." A man said as he stepped into the laboratory. He was obviously an athlete of some kind six and a half feet with broad shoulders that tapered to a smallish waist and powerfully built legs. Nobody in the real world would dress the way he was dressed. It was too opulent. Like a villain from a movie he was dressed in all black, his shirt, tie and jacket so similar color wise that it was difficult to tell if he was wearing all three or not. A platinum chain ran from his left breast pocket to a watch resting inside. His hair was graying, just like his beard and goatee combination. He his eyes were a weird shade of grey that I couldn't quite place. "My name is Reinhart Wulfcastle. My family comes from Germany but we immigrated to America before the first World War, the war that should have ended all wars. My grandfather served in that war. On the wrong side I admit. My family would regain our family honor by serving the Americans in the second World War. It was he that made the family fortune. It was my grandfather who made the family fortune, he was responsible for the design of many of the weapons used in modern weapons. A true genius in his own right."

"Ok that's kinda interesting. You sound like someone who would know Sean, remind me to introduce you to him and Jermaine later." He'll make a good addition to my fantasy universe and I don't have many plain humans over there anymore, certainly none that could be considered strong. He sounds strong.

"I will. He's one of very few human beings to make it to the age of one hundred and he'll likely live beyond that thanks to the several cybernetic advancements made in our labs. It's not like in the movies. His cybernetic arm might be stronger than yours but it lacks any nuance of movement, he can't write or type with it or properly operate a gun with it. The same goes for his heart. It pumps his blood slightly faster than a normal person's heart making him walk slightly faster and need to eat more but it can't adjust with his activity. He can only run for a few moments before his muscles are unable to keep up the strain. I would not want to live like that but he feels that his mind is worth preserving and I am inclined to believe him."

"I'm getting bored here Reinhart. Why do you like catgirls?"

"I was at a Halloween party one year, one of those parties where rich people get together and try their best to one up each other. We talk about how many servants live in our houses or how many cars we have. You know. We brag. Anyway one of the women was dressed up as a catgirl and I just had to have one."

"Try again."

"I want a catgirl for the same reason you want one. I think their neat. Does it really need to make more sense than that?" Reinhart responded.

"Sadly yes, in fiction things need to make sense and happen for a reason. Readers get annoyed when something doesn't make sense. Especially when it comes to important things. It can't be like real life where sometimes things just happen in your favor. Especially since about the middle of the nineties. You can't have spontaneous evil, there is always a reason. Gone is the evil genius who just is. We don't get to have perfect Superman either. Superman has to be this petulant child who doesn't fight at his full ability, who is constantly underestimating things. It might be more realistic but it isn't half as much fun. It makes the set up take longer too." By this point I was just complaining though.

"Yes I am aware of this phenomenon." I like the way Reinhart talks. Even his voice gives him an air of superiority. The way he stood hinted at royal blood somewhere in his background. He was the kind of man who'd been born better. Reinhart was the epitome of a man who could stand and say that the right to rule over men, that kind of authority is never earned. You are born with that kind of authority or you aren't. No industrialist, no President, no self made man anywhere on the planet had the same kind of authority that a king wielded and this man more than a king. He was an emperor standing before me.

A less wordy way of saying it was that he was perfect, maybe a bit out of place in a porn story but whatever. I often test out my characters here before using them in other stories.

"Okay we've got the basic plot together which is good. What are we going to do as far as sex?" I wonder aloud staring around the lab.

"Oh he's all mine." Karen purred rolling gracefully to her feet. "I think he's ready though to see the scene, what do you think Minx?"

"I hate breathing through these things. I always feel like I'm having and asthma attack." Minx moaned looking at the ox. She climbed into one of the vats and started taping several leads to herself. Finally she wrapped an oxygen mask over her snout.

"Remember I'm the one we're playing with!" Karen shouted and leapt to the top of the console then into her own vat. And since my human name is Karen you need to come up with something different to call me in this story. Just make something up, something sexy." Karen instructed as she pulled her own collection of leads and strapping on the oxygen mask. One of the scientist pushed a button and the two vats filled with the greenish fluid.

"What is that stuff anyway?"

"Synthetic human DNA. It will penetrate their DNA on a molecular level speeding their growth. What makes it so special is that there is a set limit of times that a human cell can divide. That's why we get old and die instead of living forever. This synthetic DNA has no such limit so while they remain soaked in it they are basically immortal. It doesn't extend your life time but outside, it's not a Lazarus Pit. It just keeps you at the same age while you're in it. It also accelerates healing." Reinhart explains to me. He pauses and looks around. "I'm going to be fine right here or should I walk out and walk back in to start the scene?"

"I want to see you do an entrance so please walk out and come back in and then have fun."

"That is acceptable." Reinhart tells me and walks out of the room closing the doors behind him.

The lab suddenly roars to life with the consoles chirping and beeping. Words and images flash across the screens and scientists rushed from one to the next to tend to whatever the machines needed. When the door opened the only thing visible was the silhouette of a man but it was obvious just from his outline who he was.

It was Reinhart Wulfcastle the fifth, current CEO of Aurora Industries. The scientists all turned towards him greeting him an almost military fashion. No one spoke directly to him, even when he was in the same room Reinhart wasn't the kind of man you spoke to directly, you spoke to your supervisor, who spoke to his division chief who spoke to his lead manager who spoke to Reinhart's assistant. You answered his questions and that was all. "Is Jasmyne ready?"

"Yes sir." The man speaking was the division chief of genetic research and development. His name was Samuel Harris. He'd been brought in right after he graduated from college at age sixteen. He was a prodigy in math and science. He'd been able to solve the Sanger Equation at twelve. He was the fifth human being to solve it on paper unlocking the ability to manipulate DNA on a molecular level. If Reinhart allowed him to speak at will he'd go into mind numbing detail about how the beings in the tanks were not, strictly speaking, a cross between humans and their respective animals. They were humans that had been redesigned, different genes activated in different orders to produce different results but they were still basically human. They could still have children with human beings though there was no telling what the health of those children would be or how they would appear. He of course had theories but he wanted hard evidence. Reinhart however wouldn't allow him the chance.

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