Muses Ch. 04

bySean Renaud©

Ch 4: Slumber Party!

The next time I opened my computer Karen was human again and Nikki was gone. "Hey Sean, what's the problem?" Karen asked me as soon as I sat down behind the computer. She's always had a sixth sense about when things were bothering me. Usually I didn't even need to tell her.

"Just shits real rough with my company right now. It's fucking bullshit! I worked so hard for this. Worked my ass of for it and not it looks like the recession is going to sneak up and snatch it all away from me in a single blow. Worst part is that I made it to where things should have gotten easier again. Maybe not easy but easier." I'm practically crying as I'm talking to her. Going out of business is devastating it's like getting shot.

"What do you mean easier? It was never going to be easy and you should have known that." Karen chides. She's wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt that does a decent job of concealing her delicious ds. And what do you mean you made it?"

"I was there. Two years. That how long it takes the average business to fail and my two year anniversary is in just over three weeks. By that point I should have been established enough, have enough consistent clientele that I could stop worrying about how I was going to make that money month after month and concentrate on growing the business into something greater. Into something that I could be proud of." I respond and then look up at the door to my shop.

Only three people have passed through it today and I need five to make ends meet. It's rather late in the afternoon I'm only likely to get one more person in today and that's just because they called in, otherwise I wouldn't get my hopes up. This whole week has been like this. Just utter shit.

"So what can I do to help you?" Karen asked as she looked around the void she inhabited. "And give me some kind of background, it's always creepy when you haven't decided where I'm going to be."

It takes me a moment but I will her to a serene lake with a few swans lazily swimming on its surface and shimmering shoals of brightly colored fish beneath. Smooth stones line the parts of the lake that aren't covered in grass. The grass stretches for miles in every direction and not another living thing is around to bother her. She rises to her feet wriggling her painted toes in the grass and looks around. "Paladin?" She asks me.

"Yes Paladin." It's a special place in many of my stories. It's the way that I choose to represent the mindscape. This one is Karen's. It's beautiful and calm just like she is. Mine-

"We don't want to see yours." Karen tries to cut me off but it's too late. The sky is already a dismal grey with little droplets of water falling from it. It's not raining hard enough to be considered rain, nor is it light enough to be drizzle. It's just miserable drops of water falling from the sky onto her head. The swans are gone, replaced with those nasty noisy sea gulls that brazenly steal food from people. The beautiful fish are probably still beneath the surface but the rain conceals them beneath ripples. What can be seen are catfish, probably a full foot long looking up from the depths for something to swallow. I turn my attention back to Karen. Even though she's only been in the rain for a few minutes it's already mattered her maroon curls to her forehead and her shirt is now plastered to her breasts. She might be miserable but she looks amazing. "Okay we've seen your Paladin. It's pathetic. Can we please get back to mine? I'm cold."

It takes a bit of effort to force the world to shift back once again but I manage it and she's back on the sunny shores of her lake lying in the grass. "Sorry about that."

"So how's the writing coming along?" Karen's eyes drift shut as she asks me that question.

"Ok I guess. Least some of it is coming along pretty well. I mean the story with you and your mother-in-law is coming along ok. I think the next story with you might be the Prostitute's Kiss." I tell her. I'm in the middle of watching a porn with one my favorite stars, Keri Sable, getting DP'd. It reminds me of something that I'm supposed to say to Karen while I've got her here. "And the one with you getting her out of an arrest by fucking an entire police squad is kinda dead ending."

"Duh. In real life I wouldn't suck a single dick to keep her out of jail. Nobody is going to believe that my husband is such a control freak that he would divorce me if he knew I masturbated."

"It's true."

"So is the fact that that the Cold War was a conspiracy. Nobody would believe it though." Karen replied.

"The Cold War was not a conspiracy. Anyway why would you protect her, she's family."

"That bitch ain't my family. I don't even like her. And she's a racist but she's not THAT racist. I mean goddamn, the last time I heard so many n bombs dropped I was playing Star Fox 64." Karen responded.

"Wow. Think we can back off the nerd jokes just a bit? Not everybody gets those kinds of jokes. I can't keep telling Sam that he has to write to the masses if he's ever going to find success and then start targeting a microcosm like gamers.

"How is Sam anyway?"

"He's doing okay I guess. He's working on his scripts again, he graduated from screen writing in December so he's working on getting his first script sold. He's spends a lot of time working with me on his ideas. We've got a bunch of stuff floating around. Everything from the next Sundance Film phenomenon that Gamers will be. It's a story all about Gamers and the various prejudices about them. To Zombians which would be right up the alley of Comedy Central. Basically it's a zombie apocalypse set in the old west. You know like what if Small Pox had mixed with Indian blood to make flesh eating zombies? Or maybe they did it on purpose to get vengeance. Anyway it's just such a slap in the face to political correctness but its fun." She was doing a good job of keeping my mind off my work. She knew that it wasn't going to do a lot of good for me to dwell on that.

"Does he have a girlfriend? You still haven't written a story about him he's practically the only friend you have that hasn't fucked me in one of your stories." Karen said. A saucy smile flashed over her features. "How about a mind control story. You still need one of those for the Survivor Contest don't you?"

"Yeah I do. I just don't have anything in mind. It's never been one of my genres. I have no idea how I'm going to get to the first cap. I think a lot of authors are seeing those same problems though so I'm just focusing on writing as much as I can and spreading them out as far as I can. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the Prostitute's Kiss." The smile on her face instantly vanishes. I haven't even told her my idea and she knows it's not going to be something she'll enjoy. "It's basically the Ordnance Kiss but instead of it being Corn Nuts and dip spit it'll be cum and girl squirt and urine."

"Wait. What?" One of her hazel eyes opens to look at me. I know that she's confused, I'm just trying to figure out what she's confused about. "What happens with this kiss?"

"Basically all the prostitutes lines up according to rank. Each one gets to put one thing in their mouth swish it around and spit it into the girl to her right's mouth. She does the same thing and it travels all the way down the line until the new girl swallows it and is required to hold it down for thirty seconds or else she has to lick it off the floor." Karen's features sour at the mention of that.

"That is disgusting. I'm not doing it. That one is Nikki's. She's in a prison where it makes a lot more sense. I mean now you want our readers to buy that in addition to the fact that my ultra conservative mother in law indulges in lesbian fantasies and would gamble me away like a poker chip, you also want them to buy that she's part of some underground circle of mother-in-law madams that whore out their son's wives? Come on." She made a good point, one that I had to stop and consider for a moment but she cut me off before I could really get my thoughts together. "Besides if you really want to get me into a fetish story then do that piss n' vodka story."

"I'm not really sure how to make that into a compelling story. I mean it's awesome that she did it. But how do I tell a story about it?" I ask.

"Well here's an idea. How bout we combine it with another story, turn it into a bit of a side story." Karen suggested. "You know sort of like. What was the name of that show? Legends. . .Guts. . .Roundhouse. . .shit it was one of those early nineties Nickelodeon shows. Back when they called Saturday night Snick." She started rolling her hands one over the other as if the motion would somehow make her brain move.

I on the other hand was stuck behind the monitor trying my best recall the show out loud while I typed. "Okay it was part of the original line up, I remember and they brought it back later. The original line up was Clarissa Explains it All, Pete n Pete, Roundhouse and Ren n'Stimpy. Damnit. Why can't I think of that show. It was the one where they were called the Midnight Society and they sat around that fire and threw dust into the flames!" It's frustrating when a name is on the tip of your tongue. Even when you've already got enough information that you could just move on because everybody knows what you're talking about anyway you still have to dwell on it, you have to know.

Fortunately Karen has a mind like a steel trap. Nothing every escapes it, you just have to give her the right reminder and she'll snap right to what you were looking for. In this case it was just me turning away from the screen for a split second. "Are you afraid of the Dark! That's the name of the show. It would be all of us girls having a slumber party. A lingerie slumber party." That didn't' take long for me to visualize. Karen kept talking as the landscape shifted around her. She was somewhat used to this happening by this point. "So we're sitting around in this lingerie and we're talking about what's the worst thing we've let a man do to us. And then it goes from one of us to next." When the world stopped twisting she was wearing a transparent red nightie with a fuzzy lining both around the neck and the bottom. There was matching thong but it was hanging from the heel of her matching red heels with were kicking back and forth over her head. Beneath her the bed was black silk with more pillow than ladies. There were other girls on the bed. I could hear them and even see their outlines but there were no faces. Not yet.

"So I guess right off the bat we invite Nikki." As I said that one of the girls became Nikki. She was wearing a pair of black boy shorts and that was it. Her hair was done up in a pair of pigtails that seemed to defy both gravity and reality. She couldn't possibly have enough hair for those massive tails yet there they were. She smiled and waved then let me continue.

"And I want Kelly there she'll make for a good girl to have at the party." Another of the girls transformed. Black hair ended half way down her back and draped over her smallish breasts. She was wearing a bright blue thong and a half tee on top that let her play with her belly ring as she waited for me to get around to her. "She's just so much fun in a story. There is nothing that girl won't do and I mean nothing."

"Fine." Karen said quickly. She'd only recently met Kelly but it was obvious that the two of them didn't quite get along. It might just be professional jealousy. I had been giving Kelly a lot of choice spots recently. "Okay we've got to black girls and an Asian. We need a white girl. How bout that Busty Jessica chick from Literotica? Everybody loves her." Karen's wish was granted and one of the unused avatars transformed. She wasn't really a blonde, her hair was closer to red than blonde. You know that awesome shade of golden orange that only a girl with a perfect tan can pull off? That's what Jessica had. She had tits. Perfect fucking tits, the kind of tits so perfect that you swear they couldn't possibly be natural because nothing natural comes out that perfect. Long stem like legs that poured out of an apple bottom that begged you to take a bite. She was easily the sexiest girl in the room and would have been even wearing a potato sack but she was wearing a white bra and panties combination complete with garters and platform porn girl heels. "Is she really that hot?" Karen frowned.

"The pictures she's claims to be are that hot. A picture is worth a thousand words so let me check something real quick." I quickly highlighted the paragraph and used my word count. "That's one hundred and twenty four words so according to my math-" I quickly punched the numbers into my calculator. "She's probably eighty seven point six percent hotter than that that. Or eight hundred seventy six words hotter." I respond.

"You're on thin ice here Sean." Karen replies flatly as she looks at the traditional hot girl.

"It's ok I know how to swim!" I smirk. Jessica's eyes sparkled like twin sapphires. She was one of those rare women who were as beautiful as they were sexy and she'd look no less at home as a princess as she would in an alley. "That's thirty seven more bringing the total percent up to thirteen point one percent of how hot she really is."

"Do you want my help or do you want to sit here and piss me off? I will fucking leave. I've done it before and I'll do it again! Stop pushing it."

"Okay okay. How bout we put Christie in? I haven't actually used hers."

"Who's Christie?" She asked looking around at the remaining non descript girls. She expected one of them to change but nothing happened. "Again who's Christie."

"Gimme a sec, I'm trying to remember her face." One of the girl's bodies came into focus. She had a cute little but packed into in pair of yellow trimmed black panties. Above that a pair of perfect handfuls, which are normally smaller than I like in tits but these ones are nice, are packed behind the yellow and black bat logo. "She was that chick Shawn was hitting on last year or the year before. That Mexican slut."

"The one who answered the door for room service in her bra and panties and got ten bucks in change and the fifty you paid with?" Karen asked rolling onto her back.

"Yeah that's her." I remember that perfectly well. So well that suddenly there is a door and someone is knocking at it. There hadn't even been walls, or a floor or anything outside of the bed that could be defined until that moment.

"Do you mind? We're a little horny and you obviously don't need us just yet." Nikki asked as she looked over at the door. She didn't wait for permission, she slid off the bed and walked over to the door and threw it open. Kelly was right behind them.

The man behind the door wasn't your typical pizza delivery boy. He was a handsome muscular black man. Big sausage pizza here." He opened the pizza box and there was a hole in the center of it where over a foot of cock, his cock, emerged.

"It's cheesy but what are you gonna do about it?" Nikki said and then wrapped her lips around his cock. I watched her for a moment sucking the pizza boy's cock until he lead her out into the hallway. It was like a horse and a carrot. Except it was whores and a cock. Same principle though with Nikki crawling forward trying to keep the dick in her mouth and Kelly trying to get a taste for herself. I shut the door behind them, if I had to watch her ass moving while she sucked I'd get distracted and we'd never even finish the casting for this thing.

"I don't think her name was Christie."

"I don't remember her name. I usually called her Pineapple after we heard that joke that truckers call prostitutes pineapple and that basically became her name after that." I responded. I also didn't spend a lot of time staring at her face. When my attention returned to Christie her nipples were straining through the fabric of her bra and a small tribal tattoo at the base of her spine had appeared. "It wasn't really the best part of her. I mean she wasn't ugly but she wasn't gorgeous like you are."

"She needs a face. She can't be the headless girl it'll creep me out. So let's slap a face on her. You want something sorta plainish so how bout we go with that one chick from Lost. "The face became clear in an instant. Christie had thick plush lips and a narrow nose. Her eyes were hard and she had a slight scowl. Like she could beat you up and she knew it. "Yeah that's her. Wrong body but that's the face."

"That will do. You think we've got enough?" I ask looking at Christie as she sat up and looked herself over. She seemed to be fascinated with her own existence. It's like that at first for a lot of them.

"We're a little light actually. Probably need at least one more." Karen brings her finger up to her lips biting down on it for a moment. "I can't think of anybody else to bring though, you got anybody?"

"How about this woman?" I turn my attention to the last woman. She's platinum blonde with beautiful brown eyes. I've always thought that the contrast between blond hair and brown eyes was intoxicating. Her toothy smile was clearly predatory. She would devour you whole, heart, body, mind and soul and spit out whatever was left. She had a lean body wrapped in a leather corset and miniskirt.

"No, you're not inviting Callisto to a slumber party. She'll kill us all while we sleep." Karen said the woman faded back out. "If you want to do a story with her go for it. Just not this story. Look I'll make this easy on you pick a porn star."

"Mika Tan!" I immediately respond. She's quite possibly the sexist woman ever born. Definitely in the top ten.

"Okay. Oh you already used her in a story though so what's her name?" Karen asks.

"Damned if I remember she was in that prison scene with Nikki. Nikki! What's the name of that girl I made you do the prison scene with! The hot Asian one not the ugly dyke!"

Nikki pushed the door open with her foot and looked over at me. Apparently she and Kelly had attracted some attention because it wasn't just a pizza delivery boy in the hallway. Kelly was squatting down riding a Chinese delivery boy while a UPS man still wearing his uniform fucked her ass. Nikki was doing the reverse anal cowgirl with the pizza boy impaling her. Every few strokes he'd pull out so we could all see how stretched out her gaping rectum was. A bellhop was leaning over her keeping her pussy stretched around his cock. I'm not sure why there were emergency personnel on the scene but Nikki was servicing them as well. In her right hand she had a black fire fighters cock and in her left a Latino cop. Actually I recognized the cop as Officer Garcia. Her mouth was full with paramedic. "Ochelle anner!" She garbled the words around the man's dick. He obviously close from the look in his eyes and he wasn't about to let her back off to help me with my petty problems. He had her by the hair and was jerking her entire head up and down on his cock.

"I didn't understand you. Take the dick out of your mouth." I was about to ask Kelly, there was always the chance that she knew for some reason. There are all kinds of things people shouldn't know that they do. Especially when they are all just aspects of your imagination. I mean they should all know everything I know but I've learned over the years that they don't and occasionally they know things that I don't, particularly insights into myself and others. Anyway I didn't ask Kelly because that's when a plumber showed up and pushed his fat greasy cock into her mouth. Her eyes bulged with surprise and maybe a hint of revulsion but after a moment she was smiling again.

"Michelle Tanner! That's her fucking name now get the fuck outta here!" Officer Garcia shouted. Then he leaned over and shut the door.

"Well we got the name. Michelle Tanner and she can be at the party too. You can go wait in the hallway honey I think they've got more cock than they can handle." Michelle and Christie both got up off the bed and walked into the hallway. The grunts and moans from the hallway were starting to get louder and flood into the bed room.

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