Muses Ch. 05

bySean Renaud©

A few hours (and a completed story that is up on Lit) later Karen and her giggling friends were sitting with glasses filled with a clear liquid. "You know Piss n' Vodka isn't nearly as disgusting as you'd think. I mean the thought of it is pretty nasty but the flavor, not bad at all." Karen commented upending her glass and then throwing what was left into the corner. "So what are we trying to work on today?"

"I'm really not sure. There are still plenty of categories that I don't even have a first story in much less a second or third story in so I should be focusing on getting the things that I haven't written down. I'm completely stumped as to what I will do for a How To category. Just up shits creek without a paddle." I lament.

"You know how bout you just do something funny or a bunch of funny things. Like a zombie survival guide. And then you can follow that up with how to build your vampire hunter kit, the essentials." Karen stood up and walked over to the closest rummaging around for a moment until she found a black leather trench coat and a whip from some kinky story I once wrote. You know every hunter should carry wooden stakes, a whip consecrated in the blood of a loved one, holy water. Tell them the things they should have and then some back up optional parts." She pulled the coat on and walked into the center of the room striking a pose. "How do I look?"

"Amazing as usual." She was less than half dressed. She was wearing a transparent red nightie with red fuzz around the trim and a trench coat. I'm not sure why it was sexy but it was.

I was about to say something else but the door flew open and a blonde man wearing black slacks and a deep maroon shirt walked over to her. "This is mine." He yanked it up and off over her head, pulling it onto himself at the same time. "Now he should think about using me when he wants to do a celebrity story. I know he thinks about me in the nude anyway. Muscles glistening, n'all that. He can let me fulfill every fanboy's dream and let me get both slayers, both real ones I mean. Not this Nancy Drew bunch they've got trolloping around."

"I already got a celebrity story. It was Black Cat and she got raped by a security guard. The second one that I'm working on at the moment is Joker raping Batgirl. Its kind of an alternative to the Killing Joke" I reply. "Oh bloody hell I promise I'll work on some fanfic soon just get out of here, or better yet go inspire that chick who was writing When in Rome. That shit was awesome."

"Righto!" The blonde mock saluted and then walked out the door.

"You're such a fag." Karen teased watching him leave. "Okay what are we doing for Earth Day? I know its still a ways out but I think that should be our priority at the moment is getting an idea out for that cus once it gets here it's gonna be on top of us." Karen sat down on the bed. "I'm kinda tired of being here and I'm a bit hungry do you mind?"

"Not at all." Karen closes her eyes, scene transitions sometimes make her dizzy and she wanted to give me a moment to get everything set up. I'm not sure why the first thing that jumped into my mind was Johnny Rocket's but that's what came to mind so that's why Karen found herself wearing a pink skirt with a poodle stitched onto it with suspenders over a white blouse. Her hair was done in one big pony tail behind her head. She was sitting on a stool, the other girls were scattered throughout the restaurant along with several people who hadn't come into focus just yet. There was a pink, probably strawberry, milkshake sitting in front of Karen and she was happily slurping it through a straw. It was in one of those neat stemmed glasses you on television. There was also mouthwatering burger sitting in a basket half filled with onion rings. "Is this good enough?

"Yeah this is fine. I just work better with a full stomach." She took a bite of the burger then looked up at me speaking around the burger. "Ok so let me hear the big plans you have for the Earth Day contest. Hopefully you have an idea that doesn't suck.

"Okay well the first story is about a lumberjack and he's going to fall a sleep and find a beautiful girl in his cabin and she's going to they are going to have fantastic sex. She doesn't say a single word the entire night. She's gonna have kind of dark skin, a little darker than you and her hair is going to be dyed green or so he thinks. I'm not sure how but I want to reveal that she's actually a dryad. So in the end she's either going to kill him to protect the forest or she's going to die when he cuts down her tree and he'll find out too late and change his ways. It'll be something for those yuppie die hard tree huggers." Actually I've been trying to work the kinks out of that story for a few years, it's been my supposed entrance to the contest three years running.

"Okay well that's not a bad idea. Do you have anything else?" She's about halfway finished with her meal now. She's really more pushing the french-fries around than intending to eat them but she didn't want them to take her plate away either.

"Well one idea just came to mind and I think I might run with this one. It's going to be about a bunch of women who are part of some kind of environmental group. You know the kind of whackos that chain themselves to trees to stop developers from cutting them down?" Karen nods that she understands. "Well what do you think would happen if a bunch of girls did tie themselves to a tree with no way of freeing themselves."

"They get raped." Karen answered a smile crossing her beautiful features.

"That's right. Already tied to the tree so they just get used by the construction workers. In the end the construction workers decide not to cut down the trees, they go and site something obscure about field mice or something else ridiculous that could only happen in California. Could be fun."

"That idea. . .it doesn't suck. How many girls?"

"I was thinking on mostly focusing on just one. There would be other girls in the background but I want to focus on just one girl for the story." I explain. "Hold on I've got a customer I need to take care of this." I said as I hopped up from my computer to briefly work.

"Like I can go anyplace." Karen teased popping a fry into her mouth and waiting for me to return. As soon as I did she smiled. "Which girl are you planning on using?"

"I hadn't really decided, you're tied with the whole story arc with you and your mother in law, Nikki is mostly in the prison bitch story. I've got a new girl running around but she really doesn't fit the bill. I mean her name is Jennifer and her ultimate goal is to be the most famous nasty porn star ever. She's gonna have to work her way up I can't really see her at a Green Peace rally though." I wandered around my office threw on the HBO Spawn series before settling back down to listen to Karen go on.

"Well then it's time for either a new girl or for one of these girls who doesn't have much going for her to step up. We've been using Michelle a lot, how bout this is what actually landed her in jail? You know she set this entire thing up, she knew exactly what was going to happen when she did she had these women chained to the trees so eventually she goes down for this? I mean you don't need to talk about it really, it's just an idea." Karen spun around on the stool and looked down at her outfit finally. "I can't believe you put me I this get up." He hopped up off the stool and smoothed her skirt down over her thighs. The way it flared up she couldn't actually cover herself with the skirt. It wasn't even possible. "Men and their juvenile fantasies."

"What can I say I like you slutty?" I smiled. Karen got up off the stool and walked across the street to a huge rally. There were banners strung over head that read 'Save the Trees' or 'Meat is Murder' along with dozens over other signs. They were serving guava smoothies out of recycled paper cups. "So you think we're gonna find her here?"

"Yeah I think this is a good place to look. Now we need to work on your portfolio a bit. I mean I love sex and being out there as much as anybody but I'm probably in half of the stories under one name or another specially since me and Nikki often switch hit for each other." Karen looked up over at a petite girl with a beautiful face and black hair that hung around her shoulders. She was wearing a plain white shirt and loose fitting khaki pants. "See you need a girl like this, you have plenty of big tit blondes a couple black girls a couple Asian girls but you don't have a girl like her. Come here honey." The girl walked over to Karen and took Karen's hand letting the thick black beauty spin her around for my inspection. She had a cute little ass that just begged to be slapped and pinched and a beautiful face. There was no way this woman could be anything but a fallen angel, she was entirely too innocent looking and her smallish tits just reinforced that cute little girl look.

"I'm going to enjoy corrupting her." I smiled looking her over. "What should we call her?"

"You know what? How bout we name her after that one New York chick you used to love so much. Name her Flora." Karen suggested. "You've never given her a character and every other woman you've ever said the L word to has gotten at least one story." Karen yanked the smaller girl close and kissed her. "And a girl named Flora as a flower power chick is just fitting.

"Yeah but Flora as a victim? If I remember right that bitch had like a third degree black belt and her little brother was better than she was! She'd rip the chains through the tree like fucking Chuck Norris!" I said glancing around.

As I suspected the Bearded One was attending the meeting. He was wearing a cowboy hat, and a leather vest over a blue shirt and jeans. He tilted his hat respectfully at the two ladies then looked over at me. I waited for a moment expecting him to say something or do something. I still didn't see what he did, it was too fast for my eyes to catch but when he adjusted the brim of his hat several of the men wandering around the meeting gasped just before their heads exploded. The Honorable Chuck Norris looked at me one last time then vanished into the crowd. I had been warned not to take his name in vain or there would be dire consequences.

"Okay maybe she's not perfect but I don't see her as a good victim."

Karen was still busy looking around at all the death around her. A few specks of blood had landed on her cheek. She reached up and wiped them away but she was still in shock for a moment longer. "Isn't that what makes her a perfect victim? That she's strong. Didn't you once tell Shawn that the stronger the woman the more satisfying her defeat? Who better than a black belt?" She explained then looked at Flora. "Hey Flora you ready to do what you were written to do? I can already see this story. Sean you go open up another file so you can write this story down as soon as it happens here."

"Okay okay. Sheesh can I finish watching my porn some black chick is taking it up the ass." Karen narrowed her eyes at me. She was always a little jealous of my porn, not enough to actively complain about it, but enough that she'd let me know if I tried to put it over our relationship. "Fine fine. I'm putting it on pause. Tell me your story."

"Ok first we need to change the set, the first part can't happen here at a gathering. We need to show just how bad ass Flora is. I'm seeing her walking out of a meeting someplace downtown you think you can cook something up for us?" Karen asked looking around.

"Can we pick this up when I get home? I'm starving." I plead looking at the office clock. I'm already ten minutes over due.

"Sure, fine, whatever. Go home, eat. Jack off cus I know you want to but no liquor! You have to get this opening scene and a name down before you can have even a whiff. I mean I don't even want you smelling fumes until you've got that shit done am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Oh and I'm sorry."

"What about?" I ask.

"Me, her. . .the real me the woman I'm based on. I know you love her very much. She doesn't love you anymore and she's not going to show up for your birthday. If you're lucky she might call you but we both know she's not going to show up. It's too hard on her. I just don't want you getting your hopes up. The last time you got your hopes up about something with her I ended getting gang raped by the Ku Klux Klan. They didn't stop until they had poured so much cum on me that you couldn't tell if I was black or white." She glanced up at me. "It's called Karen's Ku Klux Klan Kum Kover! Shameless plug." She gave me a cheesy smile like one of my favorite wrestlers along with a double thumbs up then shooed me out of the office. I'd be back with her soon.

"You're back. What took so fucking long?" Karen was sitting on the back of what was once her Jetta staring up at me. She was parked in a dark parking lot, there were street lights set up but close to half of them didn't seem to function. There were several cars scattered throughout the lot most of them were in various states of disrepair that made the busted Jetta the best looking vehicle in the lot. All the buildings looked like they'd been abandoned. Only one showed signs of life a gymnasium with light slipping beneath the door. "Wow, you know what wherever you were it was good cus you cooked up all this with me bitching."

"Yeah it's nice right, about what you were looking for?"

"It's fucking perfect." She exclaimed. Two thuggish looking men emerged from the shadows to go stand beside a mustang.

"Okay those guys are construction workers. Make up a company name, something that will instantly be hated so give them a name that makes them sound like a really big company. Globodyne!" She said ominously and motioned to her thugs. " Okay once you've got them all named and figured out here's what happens Flora comes out of her meeting." I looked to the door where the light was leaking beneath it. "Flora comes out of her meeting!" Karen said raising her voice slightly. "Excuse me a minute."

"Go on."

Karen leapt up off her ass and walked over to the door throwing it open. Flora had already gotten the feel for being one of my girls. She was on her knees with a man force feeding her his sausage. "Hey Flora, your on and you're supposed to be a vegan remember."

"Hey if it doesn't hurt the animal it's ok!" She responded pushing the faceless man away and walking over to the door.

"Well if you'd finished millions of wiggly sperm would have been sent to their death in your gullet! Now pay attention we're supposed to be helping!" Karen closed the door behind her and walked back to her Jetta. "Okay I think we're ready. Flora comes out of her meeting."This time Flora did emerge from building and started walking across the parking lot. "Now she doesn't notice her attackers until the last second until it's almost too late.

"Duh de duh I'm an inobservant woman in New York!" Flora sang starting to skip, definitely a little melodramatic. She got to her car and paused. "Now what?"

"Now those thugs attack you! They were probably sent to rape you and scare you, that's what Globodyne does to intimate you." Karen looked at the two guys who looked at Flora but made no motion to approach her. Karen's eyes widen as she motioned for the two to move. "Despite them both being very strong." The first one charged Flora but missed as the cute girl side stepped. He slammed into her Mustang nearly flipping it over. "Okay not that strong we aren't writing Dragonball here. Can we try it again?" They all took their places again and the man charged a second time. This time the car exploded. The two men had to shield their faces from the shrapnel but Flora, it was like she was dancing but she moves between the flying bits of metal seemingly without effort.

"Okay that was me but it's been a while since I've gotten to blow anything up!" I reset the scene quickly. "Okay one more time and this is for real." The man charged. Flora dodged. This time his head bounced off the door leaving a dent in the car and a trickle of blood trickling down his forehead.

"That's better, glad everybody is taking it seriously. Now that we've got this whole thing being taken seriously." Karen said. "Now Flora is going to easily frighten the two of you off with her awesome ninja skills. It's as easy as that." I was hardly paying attention as Flora floored her assailants.

Actually I was paying just enough attention to watch Bruce and Tim lay down on their back and start moaning. "You know when the real thing comes you gonna have to let her knock you around a bit. The story just won't work if you try to fake it like that."

"Yeah yeah." Bruce mumbled getting to his feet. "We'll get it right when he actually writes the main story. Right now I don't want to break anything."

Karen smiled and slid off her Jetta. "How bout you come over here and break me off a lil something. It's been a few pages since I got a good hard fuck and I have to make sure you're good enough for Flora." She leaned over the hood of her Jetta letting her skirt ride up over her ripe rump. Of course she wasn't wearing anything beneath and she was already glistening with anticipation. "Come on, make it hurt, that's what you're gonna have to do to her. Grudge fuck me."

Bruce leapt to his feet and ran over behind Karen grabbing her by the back of the neck and pushing her face down into the hood. "You're such a fucking slut." He palmed the side of her head squishing her face down against the hood.

"That's it play rough." She gasped. "Make me cry and whimper. Make me beg for mercy!" Karen churned her hips again the air. "Don't keep me waiting. I can't wait any longer. I want to feel it."

Normally Karen is more reserved than that. She's a slut but she's usually not that blatant about getting what she wants. Bruce wasn't going to disappoint her either. He'd already pulled his cock out and shoved it into her cunt. She was so wet he sank all the way in on the first stroke. He was fucking her so hard that the car was rocking slightly and the shocks squeaking keeping pace of the union. Karen was squealing at the top of her lungs every lustful phrase she could dream up.

I don't know Bruce that well but he was definitely doing his best to live up to her expectations and make her scream and squeal for mercy. Every time he leaned into her he threw all of his weight behind it crushing her between his body and the car. He kept one hand on her head the entire time, never letting her move even and inch. The other hand twisted one of her arms behind her back forcing her up onto the tips of her toes. She was still begging him for more.

"Stop holding back you pussy! Make it hurt!" She demanded slapping her hand down on the car hood. Karen met every one of his thrusts determined to drive him as far into her as her body would allow. "Is this the best you can do? Maybe I should have Tim try? You think maybe he knows how to use his cock?"

"You want to me to hurt you? Is that what you want?" Bruce roared. He was actually getting frustrated.

"Yes! You're fucking auditioning to be a rapist, you have to be able to drive a woman to tears and make her body yours. You're supposed to turn a woman's insides to butter!" Karen shouted.

Bruce pulled his cock from Karen's twat and in one blinding thrust he buried it in her bowels. I could see it in Karen's eyes. The world had gone blank for her. She was cumming right then. Her hands were clenching into fists banging against the hood as it claimed her body. "That's the stuff. When a girl tells you to fuck her that's what you do." She swooned.

"You don't think you're done do you honey?" Bruce hooked his arm beneath one of her knees lifting her onto one foot and continued to power fuck her. Karen was practically doing a standing splits but she wasn't complaining about the treatment. She leaned up towards him wrapping one of her arms around his shoulders and yanked his face to hers for a brutal lip smashing kiss. There was a snarl on her face as she continued using Bruce for her own perverse pleasure. He fucked her for almost ten minutes like that before he filled her up with his cum and finally set her down. "Now you're done."

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