Muses Ch. 06

bySean Renaud©

I sit down behind monitor and close my eyes trying to summon up my newest subject. Her name is Jennifer and it's her goal in life to become a porn star. She's mostly based on Hillary Scott, if you don't know who she is google the slut, she's about as good as it gets. Anyway since Jennifer is mine she's a little hotter than Hillary, bigger rack, cuter butt. Most of the girls that I think up have flaws, a bit overweight, small tits or a flat ass. Something to make them real. I don't want Jennifer to be real, I want Jennifer to be perfect and she is.

It takes a minute but she appears sitting on the edge of her bed. She's wearing a pair of thigh eyes socks striped with grey and orange all the way up. She had a ridiculous pair of orange platform heels on as well. That was all she was wearing. Jennifer looked around her bedroom slowly. I've never seen a room that was quite that combination of slutty and cute. The bed she was lying on was covered in teddy bears but a lot of them were wearing strap on dildos. Her desk was covered in bright pink pens with fluffy animal heads on most of them but there were dildos stuffed into those pen holders as well. Her walls were covered in pictures of ponies, puppies and porn. It was truly surreal. "Hi. I'm Sean Renaud I made you, I'm the author and you're supposed to do exactly what I say when I say it how I say it. But none of the other girls are that cooperative so why should I expect you to be? You're-"

"I know who I am. You introduced me just a two paragraphs back. So I know who I am and what I want in life. To be a porn star." She spread her legs giving me a great view of her shaven pussy. "So what have I done so far? What are you here to discuss with me?"

"Well I'm here to sort of brainstorm out a few of your stories. I want you to have a journey, that when you get to the top that you'll appreciate who you are because you earned it. So I'm thinking of starting you off with some really crappy job. Something where everybody can appreciate where you are in life because they've been there at least once maybe more than once in their life." I explain. "I'm thinking McDonalds."

"Yeah but what do you know about McDonalds? Why not stick with stuff you know? So let's have me start off as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store." Jennifer asked. She stretched like a great cat pointing her toes and thrusting her magnificent chest skyward then rolled over onto her stomach.

"Cus it reminds me of her. She worked at a Vons." I sigh trying to push the thoughts of my ex aside. A slight knock at the door, just enough to warn us of an intruder and then a caramel colored beauty peaks her head in. "No no Karen you aren't needed, not yet anyway. If I need you I'll come get you I promise." She nods respectfully and backs out of the room.

"So what if she worked at a Vons. So did Spencer, so did you for that fucking matter! Which means it's something that you're going to be able to make sound believable and real. That's what I think anyway." Jennifer propped her head up on her hands so her tits were hidden behind her forearms.

"Okay Vons it is." There usually isn't much point in debating things with the girls. They know what they want and they won't stop until they get it. The guys. . .usually they are perfectly happy to do whatever I want, of course all they end up doing is fucking pretty girls all day, "Since we have to start you off at the bottom of your life since this is going to be a happy story with you getting everything you ever wanted I think we'll start you off by getting fired."

"Wait aren't I a slut? Wouldn't I just drop to my knees, suck the guy off and get my job back? Hell isn't that how I got this job in the first place?" Jennifer canted her head to one side causing her hair to fall in her face.

"No that's not how you got this job in the first place, you are a reasonably competent woman. At least that's what I think. You aren't an idiot you just make mistakes. This mistake is going to cost you your job it will be something little though." I sigh. She does have a good point that she could and probably would whore herself out to keep her job. "Maybe you just didn't think about it at the moment because you were upset about other things."

"Okay. So where is the sex going to come in. You can't give a girl this bangin body and not expect her to put some miles on it. I mean just look at me. This body is wasted every second that there isn't a cock buried in it and you know it." Jennifer cooed. "You know actually I'm getting kinda horny and can't think straight. Do you think you could, you know get me some cock real quick. Just something to tide me over until the real story starts?"

"You're horny? Already? It's only been a few screens." I sigh. This clearly isn't something that discussing is really going to help though so I stop trying. "Fine what are you in the mood for? Anything in particular?"

"Big." She quickly answers.

"Fine. Big it is." The door is ripped off the hinges by a beast of a man. He's so tall he has to crouch to enter the doorway and his back has a monstrous hunch to it. It's not clear whether he was born deformed or burned at some point but his face his horribly misshapen keeping on eye shut. "Meet Orcus. I'm still ironing out the kinks so he can show up in the story about the Stillborn." He's nude and Jennifer is focused on the only part of his anatomy she's truly interested in. His cock. It's just a monstrous as he is. It looks to be about a foot long swinging back and forth between his thighs.

"Impossible." She gasps. Orcus knows why I've brought him out of his prison cell. It's the same reason I put him in it. I want a woman to experience what it's like to be used by a monster and he's what I've got in mind. The knowledge of why he's there has his cock already swelling to its full length. Each beat of his heart fill the organ with more blood lurching upward. "It's so huge." She gasps again staring at the thick veins lining his cock.

"Yeah he is." Orcus reached down easily palming her skull in one hand and lifting her up off the bed. His other hand took her by the ankle spreading her legs and then he lowered her onto his cock.

"It's too big!" She shrieked clawing at his hand and kicking her free leg around. "It's splitting me open!" Jennifer howled. On the tip of Orcus's cock had slid into her. Orcus got tired of her tiny fists pummeling his chest and released her head so he could palm both of her hands and hold them in place over her head and continued to lower her onto his cock.

"Damn girl that looks uncomfortable." I chuckled. Her body was doing it's best to stretch wide enough to accommodate Orcus. Gravity was forcing him deeper into her. She was definitely one of my girls though, somewhere about halfway down that impossible shaft something in her eyes shifted. Those stunning ice blue eyes clouded over with lust and she started squirming like a worm on a hook. The difference was that she wasn't trying to free herself she was trying to drive it the rest of the way into her. She wanted it all and Orcus wasn't going to let her down. He wrapped his hands around her waist, completely around her narrow waist and started pushing her down.

"All the way! I want to feel it in my guts!" She hissed. Even as wet as she was it took her almost five minutes of rocking against him before she managed to get him all the way into her. It didn't look possible, her cunt was lewdly spread open to accept over a foot of flesh. Orcus started bouncing her steadily up and down over the length of his cock. "Oh god it's so fucking big. I can fucking feel the veins stretching me open. I can feel it all in me. Every inch of it in my stomach. I'm gonna come all over his big dick."

Orcus grunted and snarled, no human words escaped his lips. It was hard to read the expression on his gnarled face but I think enjoyed having a woman wrapped around his cock. I mean if he didn't want to fuck her then he'd simply stop and walk away right? He wasn't stopping he was going faster guiding her up and down over the length of his cock so fast she seemed to blur. Her tits flopped up and down with every move and she didn't show any signs of stopping.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" I lost count of how many times Jennifer said fuck. She was just chanting by that point. Most of the words coming out of her mouth were completely incoherent. It was obvious that she was enjoying herself. She was so lost in the throes of rapture that I doubt she had any idea where she was. The moment she came it was obvious. Every part of her body made it obvious. Her toes curled. Her back arched. Orcus was too wide for her to wrap her legs around but she tried anyway curling them around his thighs. Her head whipped back suddenly finishing her orgasm.

It only took Orcus a few more strokes before he was completely he came flooding her womb with the hot sticky sperm. "That was fucking awesome. If working for you is always like this I'll be around all the time." Orcus set her down and then calmly walked out of the room.

Jennifer reached down with one hand wiping some of his gathering cum up and gathering it so she could taste it. "Okay now that you've gotten your fill for the next fifteen minutes or so can we focus. I want to be able to get at least a few stories out of you."

"Yes I can focus now." She smiled and leaned back on her bed. Her freshly fucked pussy had yet to fully close. Her bright red hole had a trickle of cum oozing out onto her pink bedspread. "Okay well since you always like to compare porn and wrestling how bout we have me become a wrestling diva?"

"That's actually a pretty good idea. Then we can do a couple stories about you in there fill in some special things." I smiled at the idea. I miss when WWE used to have those fantasy matches.

"Yeah like a pudding wrestling match and you can probably get that in as a fetish. Best thing of all is that you don't really have to write much of the story. Just enough to make it stand on its own!"

"You don't mind wrestling in chocolate pudding for me?"

"Not at all. So there's your fetish that you've been working so hard to find. We can probably work a group story of it too where I fuck the entire locker room for whatever reason. Then you can work me up to a stripper for some more exhibition voyeur stuff." Jennifer was twiddling her fingers around between her legs rubbing the cooling cum into her skin. "I like it when people watch. That's why I have a webcam. Millions of my viewers got to watch Orcus fuck me. They got to see that great big cock bury itself in me. It was fucking awesome and I loved it. I have a feeling you want something more out of me, something that the other girls won't give you?"

"How can you guess that? Maybe I just needed another girl."

"It's past six o'clock and you haven't tried to leave the office yet."

"That's cus it's cold and rainy and I hate being cold and or wet. I'd rather stay here and wait for a lull." I said starting to turn off the other computers and shut down the shop.

"The lull is coming on Saturday and you don't have enough food to last until then."

"Fine. Yes none of the other girls are willing to get down with a family member for me. Karen keeps refusing to fuck her father, or even a cousin. No matter how many times I ask she says no. The same goes for Nikki and I don't' know any of the other parents." I mumble.

"Fine, you want to meet my family?" She's not really asking, she knows that I'd love to meet them since she seems to be volunteering to work with one of them. "Come on build me a house." She opened the door to her room and shuts it behind her. There is a poster of a skull and crossbones with a pink bow on her door. Of course it locks automatically. She walks down the hall and opens the door on the end.

Her brother, a handsome football player by the name of Daryl is sitting at his computer working on something. From beneath the desk I can hear a steady slurping noise. He turns just enough so that I can see Jennifer is beneath the table sucking him off, then he twists her back out of sight. "It's how we bond. She's a cheerleader I'm a jock, it just seemed natural you know? Oh and trust me she has a very tight end, even after the entire varsity team ran a train on her." He smiled and reached one hand beneath the desk where his twin sister was making a point of slurping and gagging as loud as she could. "Oh you know could you do me one favor. I've seen the kinds of cool shit that happen in your stories. The next time you do a Power Rangers flick can I be in it? I think it would be awesome to have powers, and at least once I want to fuck Nikki while she's in that prison." He stopped and looked away for a minute. "Sorry about her by the way. It really isn't your fault though. There was nothing you could have done to stop that from happening"

"I know."

"You don't act like it." He smiled.

"Well that's enough of my twin. I'll leave him to finish up with me I have to introduce you to my father." She walked out of the room and as she did I realized I didn't even get a good look at Daryl. I think he was blond and well built but I didn't actually see him very clearly. I made a note that I'd have to get a better look at him the next time he came around. She was already waltzing into her father's room

Her father was an older man, he was completely grey from the top of his head to the tip of his beard and he had a grizzled sour look on his face. It lit up as his mostly naked daughter pranced in to place a kiss on his cheek. "My dad was a Marine so he's just like you, he did twenty five years in and retired as a Sergeant Major and served in Vietnam. If you let him tell you he stories we'll be here all day and all night."

"I can introduce myself sweet cakes. This young man and I, we need to sit down and talk. Now you run along for a minute." Jennifer did as she was told leaving us men to talk. "Now I know all about you Sean. I know what kinds of sick perverted things you think up and I don't want my daughter mixed up in anything too bad. So none of your snuff stories. She's good to go as your little whore. Though."

"Wow I like you already."

"You like most older men actually. Every parent you've met you've liked It's just the way you are." He said. He was wearing a simple robe but you tell he took care of himself. He wasn't chiseled in anyway but he was definitely in shape. "Course I am. Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fi!"

"Semper Fi!" There is something great about being around other military people. "So what did you do when you were in anyway?"

"Motor T." He shrugged. "Got to see my fair share of action anyway. Jennifer enjoys spankings. Gets he all wet by the way. I see you missed my name. Sorry I've been so rude. My name is Sergeant Major John Black."

"Nice to meet you Sergeant Major. Corporal Sean Renaud here." We both smile and he goes and pours himself a shot of Jack Daniels He immediately downs the first shot and pours a second sitting down on the bed.

"Well Jennifer basically fucks anything that moves. I thought I was being a good father, keep her from getting any diseases by keeping her fucking me and her brother. You know just like I let them smoke pot in the house and they've been drinking in the house since they were fifteen. Keeps em from driving drunk and that's what I'm actually worried about, not her spending the night puking her goddamn brains out all over the floor." He smiled up at me. "I won't keep you from getting home though son. You reckon you could send over that Michelle Tanner chick? I think I want to get me some Asian poon. I ain't had none since I came back state side. If you need to ask me anything else I'd be more than happy to help you out."

"Michelle will be here in a minute. You know there is something that you might be able to do for me. See I'm still completely stumped when it comes to how to put together a good mind control story and I need at least one. Granted I wasted one when I did my Box of Chocolates story. I should have just written a story about Cupid shooting people with love arrows." I pause looking at the words I just typed. "Goddamnit, I wish I had thought o that a few weeks back. Anyway I was wondering if you could help me put together a sort of bootcamp story where the women are being trained to be sleeper agents."

"Sounds. . .interesting. Yeah I think I could help you out with that. Get some ideas for how the bootcamp works. It'll be sorta like that new show Dollhouse." John down his shot and immediately got up to pour another.

"Just think about it. Any ideas that come to mind you let me know and we'll tear some shit up." As soon as I finished speaking Michelle Tanner stepped into the room. She's wearing a pair of black heels that match the trim of her tight Chinese styled dress. The low cut of its neckline flatters her breast. "This is the girl you wanted to meet." She curled her full rouged lips into a smile, walked over to John and wrapped her arms around him.

"Show me that big dick." She reached down and squeezed his crotch. "Me love you long time." Michelle teased faking a Chinese accent as best she could manage.

"I'll leave you to your fun John. And Michele don't forget to get back to prison. I have plans for you." Michelle glanced at me over her shoulder smiling and nodded. "Now make him a very happy man."

Michelle pushed John down onto the bed. "Lose the pants hun." She commanded walking over to his liquor and taking a shot of Jack direct from the bottle. Bottle in hand she walked over John who had already taken his pants off. She poured about a shots worth down over his erection then bent at the waist slurping the liquid off his cock. I love that view. A woman with her legs spread just enough that you can see her tits between her spread legs. Her dress was riding up over her ass as she leaned. Deep throat was no problem for her either. She had his entire cock in her mouth and she wasn't struggling at all. That girl can suck cock. It only took her five minutes to get him to cum. "I yum yum your cum!" She teased licking her lips. "I'm gonna stay here for a while if you don't mind."

"Not at all. Have fun just make sure you're back where you're supposed to be when Nikki's story starts up, other than that I don't care where you hang out." I turned my attention back to Jennifer at that point.

Jenifer was back in her room by this point lying on her bed. She was forcing a dildo into her ass slowly. She was taking her time with it too. I couldn't quite make out what was being said but I could hear voices from her computer. There was somebody watching her and egging her on. If I wasn't mistaken at least one of them was jerking off. He definitely had that breathlessness that usually happens when you're trying to talk and masturbate.

"Is this what you wanted to see honey. You want to see?" Jennifer scooted a bit close to her computer so the man watching her webcam couldn't see her face any more, he could only see her cunny lips glistening and an extreme close up of her lewdly stretched rectum. "You wanted to see my hungry asshole gobble down a dildo?" She popped the rubber phallus out for. "You want to see my gape?" She teased. Somewhere in the world a man came staring at Jennifer's insides which slowly closed up. "Oh you're back boss?"

"Yeah I'm back. I see you have a webcam. Such a little voyeuristic slut. I think I'm gonna get a lot of stories out of you." Jennifer smiled. She brought the dildo up to her lips and ran her tongue around it several times. "You're getting me hard babe."

"That's my purpose isn't it? To make men hard and if you're lucky a couple ladies drenched between the thighs." She smiled.

"Yeah that is what you're there for and I think you're going to be very good at it." I respond. "Have you met up with the other girls yet?"

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