Muses Ch. 11

bySean Renaud©

One thing that I've noticed over the years is that most of the girls can only really read one of my moods consistently. Take Nikki for instance, I don't have to say anything to her for her to know that I'm upset. She can tell just by the way I'm walking. Nikki is the only person in the world who would see me walking across the street and know by my shoulders that something was bothering me. She'd sneak up behind me and give me a big hug and kiss my shoulder. Sometimes she would ask what was bothering me but most of the time she knew better. She knew I wasn't going to tell her until I was ready so she wasn't going to waste energy trying to get it out of me. She just acknowledged that there was a problem. Now that she's in jail there is nobody left.

It's just me and the Three Kings. Don't get the idea that I didn't know Jim, Jack and Jose before she went away. I knew them and I even had a friendly relationship with a Russian named Smirnoff and I'd even been known to travel around the bend with my boy Jaeger if I was running low on options. The thing was without her to help me out I'd started sailing aboard the Cutty Sark. It was getting kinda ugly; even I had to admit that I had a problem.

I guess that's where the good news kicks in, at least where I expected it to kick it. Karen wasn't able to tell when I was pissed off about something. Today the problem was the rent, I should have been depressed. I wasn't though. I was pissed off because there was a stack of bills that absolutely had to come before the rent. I had to pay at least a portion of that to keep my cell phone up and gas in my car. Without my cell phone to generate leads and gas in my car I couldn't go to work to make money to pay the bills. Logically my rent simply wasn't my top priority because I couldn't hope to pay future bills if I couldn't drive to work to make money for future bills. So I was pissed off when I sat down with a double shot of vodka.

Karen obviously didn't notice that anything was wrong. That's because she notices when I'm frustrated, mostly when I'm having writer's block. If she'd noticed the glare in my eyes when I sat down at the computer she probably would have run as fast as she could, or she would have tried something, anything to get my mind on something slightly less horrific. Too bad for her.

When I found her she was out camping, I think she'd just gotten up because she was kind of half dressed. She had on a pair of boots but no socks, a pair of boxers that was just barely half way down her thighs and a plain shirt that didn't quite cover her naval. Her hair was twisted up at the back of her skull, to call it a bun is to give it too much credit, it was a knot so it didn't get in her way. "Hey Sean. How's the writing coming along?"

"Not good. I'd like to introduce you to my new friend. Broccoli." As I spoke, or typed rather, he appeared. It's hard to tell how tall he was without something nearby to gauge him by but he couldn't have been less than eight feet tall and probably five feet across at the shoulders. I'm guessing he weighed seven, maybe eight hundred pounds of pure beastly muscle. I mean his abs were about as big as Arnold's pecs were at his peak. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting white pants with a blue sash tied around his waist. "He's gonna kill you."

"What?!" The look on her face was priceless. She turned slowly to face the man I'd sent to end her and her jaw dropped. His hair was long for a man's probably about eight inches and it was bright gold and standing on end. "I hate dying! Sean stop it! Stop it right now!"

Not that I had any intention on stopping what I was doing anyway but Broccoli took that decision out of my hands when he attacked. Karen didn't even see him move, she just felt his fist slam into her chest sending her flying through the air reducing several trees to splinters before one finally stopped her flight and she sank to the ground. "Sean stop it!" Karen begged spitting up a mouthful of blood.

"Maybe you should beg me." Broccoli suggested as he appeared over her. His hand was nearly as big as her torso, it was easy for him to grab her by the back of her head and lift her up. I thought for sure he would have broken her ribs when he started driving her into his knee but other than a few mouthfuls of blood that hinted at internal injuries she was still okay when he threw her away shattering several more trees along the path.

"Hurry up and kill her. I want her dead and then we can go and kill Nikki and maybe Kelly next. We'll see how I feel after that." Broccoli ignored me and started stalking towards Karen like a monster from a horror flick. He could have ran and killed her quickly but instead he was just calmly walking giving her time to panic. Time to run and stumble. "Get it over with, there is plenty here for you to kill."

Karen forced herself back to her feet but she didn't runaway. She stood straight and tall and stared at the approaching monster. "I won't let you kill me." She spat.

"What are you going to do about it insect?"

A half smile crossed her lips. "This." Karen threw her head back and let loose a war cry. At first nothing happened but then the air around her started to crackle with energy. "Kill her now before she gets any real power!" Broccoli was still ignoring me when the small rocks around her started to levitate around her orbiting around her. "Broccoli! I order you to kill her right now!"

"I am a Spinach Warrior and I will kill her at her full power. Now shut up!" I hate it when my creations stop behaving. Usually the guys are pretty well behaved too. By this point Karen's hair was starting to stand on end occasionally flashing shades of white gold.

Karen took a breath and gave one last shout and her hair stood completely on edge and stayed the same shade of gold as Broccoli's. Unlike him Karen was standing in the center of a golden corona, the energy she'd gathered visible around her. "This'll do." She lunged forward and drove her fist into his jaw. His head moved just a few inches and he grinned.

"Is that it little bug?"

"No!" Karen shouted. A quick series of back flips put a little distance between them and she closed her eyes letting another war cry out. This one was short though but when it finished her aura crackled with lightning. Karen pressed two fingers to her forehead and smiled. "Try this on for size. BLACK SPIRAL DANCER!" She shouted pointing her fingers directly at his heart. A lance of black energy fired from her fingers and should have gone straight through him. He batted it aside like it was an everyday handball. "Holy shit." She was beginning to understand what I had put her against. This wasn't just some psychopath. This was a genuine monster, the legendary Spinach Warrior Broccoli. He couldn't be reasoned with; he couldn't be killed or trapped. Karen leapt into the air flying straight up.

"Running away?" Broccoli taunted tilting his head to watch her run.

"Just getting a better shot." Karen responded thrusting one finger over head. A small black ball of energy crackled into existence over her finger. A moment later it blossomed to double its original size, now almost as large as her body. "You want to prove your strength? Stay right there!" Karen roared as loud as her lungs would allow and the orb grew exponentially and she started to laugh hysterically.

Broccoli's eyes widened as he sensed the huge amount of energy in the attack. "I told you to kill her earlier!" I don't know if he heard me or not, Karen wasn't nearly as interested in gloating as he'd been and she unleashed that hellish attack at the same time I was shouting. There was no way for Broccoli to avoid the attack, no way to dodge or deflect it. It slammed into him and drove him down into the ground digging a crater before the orb detonated sending up a mushroom cloud like an atomic bomb.

Karen's breasts were heaving with each breath as he let herself sink back to the earth. All the trees for miles had been completely destroyed, outside that there was a ring where they'd all been knocked flat. "What the fuck was that about? You're supposed to at least rape me before you kill me! And I thought we decided the erotic horror was going to be about the survivors!"

I was about to respond to her when he came back. There was a slight trickle of blood from his lip oozing and his clothing was slightly blackened with soot but otherwise he was unharmed. His tongue slithered from between his lips tasting his blood and then grinning. Karen didn't even notice him until the last moment a look of pure terror crossing her features just before the impact sent her flying.

Broccoli was through fucking around thankfully and en he gets moving, really gets going he's a freak. She was still flying through the air when he drove his elbow into her chest sending her down to the ground and skidding across the floor like a skipping stone. He snatched her by the throat and drove his forehead into the bridge of her nose, shattering it with one blow. Next he brought his hand up to her chest and formed a green ball of energy firing it into her body at point blank range. That blast sent her directly into the dirt digging a trench nearly a mile long with her back before a solid concrete wall stopped her.

Karen didn't get up from that blow. She was still alive, she was blowing blood bubbles. "That's the limit of your strength?" Broccoli laughed. He took her head in hand and slammed her against the wall sending crack through the concrete.

On the opposite side of that wall Nikki looked up from a letter she'd just received, a cartoon doodle from her five year old daughter. A second thud jarred her cot dumping her onto the concrete floor. "Owww." She sat up rubbing her bottom for a moment then the thuds grew louder and closer together until Karen's body slammed through the wall and landed in a bloody heap in Nikki's lap.

Nikki shrieked as she held Karen. "Little help?" Karen wheezed.

"I think I'll stay in my boring story where I'm reading my kids mail." Nikki responded looking at the monstrous Broccoli. His right hand was coated in blood which seemed to fascinate him. He was watching it drip from his fingers.

"You're next." Karen hissed painfully.

"What?" Nikki glanced at me and she knew but there was no time for us to talk about it right then. She intended to live. "In that case I'll just go Super." Nikki shouted and like Karen her hair turned bright gold. "Chaos Control!" The world around her changed colors, like a negative photograph and everything slowed down while Nikki picked up Karen and flew out of the cell and straight into the sky before the world returned to normal.

"He's too strong. He'll sense us." Karen said.

"No wait, why the fuck can you stop time without holding your breath? Those are the fuckin rules!" I shouted. "Haven't you ever watched Dragonball?"

Nikki smirked. I knew what she was thinking just before she said it. "Dragonball? I thought gold hair standing on end and a massive increase in power was Sonic the Hedgehog." She was lying, but she also wasn't wrong. "So what are you so pissed off about anyway?"

"I think you should discuss it with my lawyer." I grinned as Broccoli emerged from the clouds behind them and swung. Nikki shielded Karen from the worst of he blow and together the two of them plummeted breaking through the roof of a laboratory. The lab was abandoned other than several anthromorphs locked in vats of green.

"I remember this place! This is perfect!" Nikki shouted looking around; the vats were synthetic human DNA. Submersion would heal Karen's wounds quickly. I'm not sure why Nikki knew how the equipment worked well enough to operate it and quickly no less but she did. "If he was strong enough to beat you in stage two I guess I'll need to push past that point!" Nikki dropped to her knees and bellowed lighting sparking around her bright golden frame; suddenly her hair grew all the way down to the floor. "Let's see how he likes me. Hurry up Karen; I don't think I'll last more than five minutes with this guy!" She leapt into the air and charged Broccoli.

"Another insect for me to squash. How cute." Just before impact Nikki did a back flip driving her knee into Broccoli's chin hard enough to knock the monster back just a step. "Was that supposed to tickle?" He canted his head to one side. Nikki's eyes widened for a moment then he threw everything she had at him in a furious flurry of blows that seemed almost to bounce off him. Broccoli let her wear herself out for a few moments before grabbing her in a brutal bear hug. I heard several of hr ribs snap as he squeezed down. Nikki was in agony crying out and eventually sputtering blood.

"Okay you can stop playing with your food and kill them already. I think it's about time I let something horrible rape them both and when I kill them sometimes it's hard to find them for a while." I said.

Broccoli turned slightly then released Nikki who fell through the hole she'd created earlier and right into Karen's waiting arms. "Even at level three you were no match. Guess that means it's time to go all the way. Can you stand?" Nikki nodded. "Do you know the dance?"

"Fuck. Hurry up kill them now!" I shouted.

Broccoli slowly descended into the lab looking around. "I'll kill them when I'm ready. They're close already. Patience Sean."

Nikki and Karen stood shoulder to shoulder pointing away from each other. The dance was ridiculous and started with a few ballerina like tip toe steps away from each other. Then they came back together they touched the tips of their fingers and then vanished in a flash of light.

"Wha?" Broccoli asked blinking away the blindness.

As the light died down there was just one woman standing there. She was wearing baggy white pants and a black vest that just barely concealed her breasts. She had Nikki's brown eyes but Karen's red hair and the sneer on her lips was unique to either woman. "I am neither Karen nor Nikki I am Niken and I will be the one that destroys you!" She shouted. "Come on carrot top or whatever your name is!" Broccoli rushed forward but by the time he's swung she'd vanished. A look of confusion spread across his face as he sensed Niken behind him. He tried to catch her with a backhand; instead she caught his wrist, and then caught the other before he could escape.

"More power!" Broccoli growled straining to escape.

"No. You ad your chance and you just didn't want to fucking listen to me." I sighed. This wasn't going to last much loner. I didn't know Niken very well but I couldn't imagine that a fusion of Karen and Nikki would be patient or forgiving.

Sure enough she yanked hard dislocating both arms with a single move. "Mercy! Have mercy! If you spare me I'll tell you what's bothering Sean!"

"Talk!" She screamed.

"It's his car. Something is wrong with it and it doesn't always start! He spent nearly half an hour last night trying to get his car to start!" Broccoli shouted. "And he has no money to spend fixing it!"

"You've told me everything?" Broccoli nodded. "Then you can go." She releases his wrists and he started to fly away. "Broccoli." The legendary Spinach warrior glanced back. "I said I'd let you go, I didn't say where." She brought both her hands to about her waist where a ball of energy quickly formed. "When you get to hell tell em I sent ya!" She threw the ball into Broccoli's chest and it launched him. He streaked through the sky like a meteor and out into space directly into the sun where he burned completely. If he's going to find Dimaggio's Star and come back just tell me so we can stay like this.

"No. You're fine for the moment." I reply. There was a flash of light and Niken was gone and Karen and Nikki reappeared nude. "Hey it's how I cope." I mutter.

"Next time take it out on one of the new girls. It's not like there aren't enough of them running around. How many of them did there one story for you and never did anything else? Why not start killing them, I'll even help!" Karen said glaring up at me. "And take us someplace nice, I'm not sitting around in this lab, well not unless Reinhart is still around here, is he?" She flicked her wrist firing a blast or energy that decimated the door. There wasn't anything on the other side though.

"Fine, down the hall second door on the left." One of the wonderful things about office buildings is they have so many doors. They can just take you wherever you want without any need to pass Go or collect two hundred dollars. The girls followed my directions and found themselves in a massage parlor with two handsome men dressed in just towels. "Is this good enough?"

"It'll do." Karen replied climbing onto the able. "It's perfect." She gasped as soon as the masseuse touched her. "Little lower." Nikki got onto the other table moaning as soon as she was touched. "I see you got a letter from Nikki. Read it."

"She's doing better. Not well but better." I said when I finished reading the letter.

"It's going to be a long time before she's doing well." Karen said.

"I'll never be well. I killed." Nikki sobbed.

"You'll do well again. You don't have a choice, you have at my last count three surviving children who need your love, which I imagine is going to be kinda difficult behind bars."

"You don't actually have to rub that in you know. Just saying. So what's the good news?" Nikki asked.

"The good news is that if you behave they might put you in a medium security prison relatively quickly. You're definitely going to start at the highest level but after six to twelve months you're going to put in for an appeal and if they don't see a problem you'll be downgraded." It wasn't perfect but it was a helluva step in the right direction. That wasn't all of the news either. "You're Dad is trying to get full custody of your kids starting with your daughter."

"It'll be easy for him to get Ariel, her real father hasn't been in the picture for a while. But the other two, well it might be a little harder to get the boys." Nikki sighed. The men massaging the pair were starting to get a little bold, not that the girls seemed to be complaining much.

"I wish there was something I could do something more to help." I muttered. The man working Nikki, we'll call him Matt, was subtly spreading her legs and working the heated oil directly into her holes.

"There is something you can do to help. You can let this guy fuck my goddamn brains out. Karen, do you need yours or can I borrow him?" Nikki asked lifting her head to check out the man currently working oil into Karen's chest.

"Wha? Huh? Oh no you can have him. I've got a date with Eric in a bit anyway. You know that bitch he was dating back in Karen's Fate? Sean said I can make her my bitch so I'm gonna go have fun with her." Karen sat up and kissed her masseuse. "Have your fun honey I'll be back when you need me and Sean, next time try talking to me instead of sending a Spinach Warrior after me." Karen shook her head and walked out across the hall into Eric's living room. I got a glimpse of a slender wait eating out of a dog bowl before Karen closed the door.

"Before I let them start are you going to be okay Nikki?" She looked over her shoulder at me for a moment. "Never mind we can talk about it later." I don't think Matt and Jake would have waited too much longer even if I had asked them too.

"She's beautiful." Jake whispered adoringly and started kissing along the backside of her calves. He paused briefly behind her knees, and then continued up over her ass. Nikki shuddered as he kissed the base of her spine and started working his way beyond that up between her shoulders.

Jake had hardly finished worshiping her when Matt turned her onto her back. "She's magnificent." He uttered kissing her feet, one kiss for each toe before he moved up to her ankle gently nipping at the flesh there before moving up her inner calf. He completely skipped over her pussy, instead moving to that patch of flesh just beneath her naval and pressed his lips there. Then he went higher, letting his tongue trace around the rim of her belly button then briefly dipping inside pulling a giggle from her. Next he started kissing and licking her breast.

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