Music Love


I love to watch him play his guitar. Besides the fact that he is so absolutely great, he does different things with it and it makes different sounds and people love him. I love that he gets so into it. It's like he goes into some other world and all of us watching him want to, but we can't go there with him. He's passionate about the way he plays and it turns me on. He knows it turns me on and sometimes I see him looking at me when he is on stage.

His guitar sounds ethereal and then wicked, beautiful and also hard and edgy at the same time. I feel the sounds as well as hear them and it gives me chills sometimes. It soars and floats and dips and swirls and I can't help but go along for the ride. Sometimes it almost makes me have an orgasm. My mouth gets dry and I feel my heart pounding and I get wet and I can't wait to get him home and in bed. But I know I have to share him with the world when he is performing and so I do.

I see the girls clutching their hearts as they watch him play. They are swooning and sighing and I know they are dreaming that he is their man. He is beautiful and I know it. He's tall and has long legs and a wonderful body. I love his cute little round butt. I love to hold it when he is fucking me. His shoulders are broad and his muscles are firm. He doesn't have big bulging muscles, just ones that let you know he works out and takes care of himself. His long dark brown hair is thick and curly and cascades down to his shoulders. I love his hair.

He has the most intense marvelous blue eyes God ever gave anyone. I

feel it when he is looking at me. His dimples give him a childlike appearance when he smiles. I tease him about his full lips. I ask if there was someone black in his family and he says he's not sure but he loves having someone black in his life now.

I see how they stare at him. I see them whispering and calling his name and reaching for him. They don't know what I know. He prefers dark women and we have been together a while. They can think what they want. He will never belong to them. He is mine.

He also has a beautiful voice and he sings the songs he writes in his studio. They don't know how he works so hard with the band so that everything is just right. They work together to write the songs and he often sits with me when he is writing the lyrics and I give him ideas. He loves it when I help. I am rewarded for my work when he is on stage. I sit just off stage, out of sight of the audience and he looks over at me and smiles or looks up from his guitar at me with that look that says "Wait till I get you home." My stomach drops and I feel the wetness between my legs. I want him so much!

We don't say much after the show. His assistant has gathered all his guitars except his favorite one that he carries with him. He does his meet and greet duties, talking to promoters, djs and a few fans. I see the groupies as they clamor around him trying to impress him. They are all hoping he will choose them but he is polite and playful but never flirtatious. I am close by and he never does anything to make me unsure of him. I know he loves me.

They touch his shoulder and then his hand. If he doesn't shake them off, they are emboldened and try to wipe imaginary lint off his arm or touch his face. I see him flinch and then the smile becomes forced. Sometimes they realize their mistake and back off a bit, but usually they don't and attempt to embrace him or kiss him. He says he has to go then and he looks back at me and says, "Are you ready, baby?"

I am. I step forward and he takes my hand.

They turn to look at me and shock registers as they realize I am his girlfriend and I have been watching them try to seduce him. They usually didn't notice me and now they are surprised to see a black woman has claimed the prize they want. His eyes sweep over me as I approach and he pulls me close and kisses me in full view of them.

It's been a good show so I know what will happen when we get home. I almost tremble with anticipation. I put my arm around his waist and tell him that he was wonderful. He smiles.

"You liked it, baby?"

I did, I tell him.

As he embraces me, one hand caresses my ass and cups it. They see this and I almost laugh at their collective gasp.

"I didn't know he had a girlfriend!"

"That's his girlfriend?"

"Oh my God she is so lucky!"

I hear them commenting to each other. I don't care. I give them my contented cat smile and I leave the building with my man.

I love those moments.

In the limousine, I hand him a bottle of water. He says thank you in his proper English accent and opens it as I lean against him. A couple of the other guys are in the car with us and they are chattering away about the show. He drinks his water and talks with them but he is holding me close to him. This is their moment and I never intrude.

But as I rest against him, I brush my hand across his crotch and he looks at me, his eyes suddenly dark with lust. I see him fidget slightly, relieving the pressure of his hardening cock.

"You vixen," he hisses and swirls his tongue in my ear. My nipples harden immediately.

As we get out of the car at the hotel, he lags behind with me so that we are on the elevator alone. As the doors close, he pulls me into his arms and we kiss, our tongues touching and igniting the heat building between us. I feel his cock pressing against me and I can't wait till we get to our room.

When the elevator stops, we race to our room and somehow, we get the key to work and we are in our room. We left the Bose playing jazz and we barely notice as we begin to strip. He watches me as I pull my shirt over my head and quickly unsnap my jeans and wriggle out of them. He is lying across the bed in his briefs and I see him rubbing his hardness through them.

I step into his arms and we kiss again, his lips tracing along my face and to my neck where he deepens his kisses and moves down to my breasts. My nipples are rock hard as he sucks one into his mouth tongues it, gently at first and then he sucks me as if he was feeding from me. I feel a knife like surge of passion coursing through me. I shiver and feel my insides tighten and then release. My girls are sensitive he knows he can make me cum if he sucks them. The juice is running down my legs. He eases his fingers to the lips of my pussy and he realizes how wet I am. He smiles at me and licks the wetness from his fingers.

"My little Pussy Cat is hot," he whispers.

"You make me hot," I reply, reaching for his cock.

"When I was singing that last song, all I was thinking about was my cock balls deep in your pussy, baby. I wanted to take you right there."

"Suck my titties," I tell him. "I want you to suck me and make me cum."

He knows just what I like and he sucks and licks my nipples until I feel the pulsing begin. I am having my first orgasm. He feels it too and sucks a little harder, nipping and licking and I am in heaven.

When my breath returns, I reach to remove his briefs and he stops me.

"No, no, baby. I want to make you cum. I want to feel you go to pieces as I fuck you."

He slides down my body and opens my legs and I can only close my eyes and hold tight as he finds my clit and begins to lick me slowly from one end to the other of my pussy.

"Oooh, your pussy is so wet, baby! I'm going to eat the hell out of your pussy."

He uses his tongue like a tiny cock, in and out of me and leaving kisses and sweet licks all along my pussy and then he returns to my clit and sucks it. I whisper his name. I am in his power. There is nothing I can do. My fingers are in his hair. I cannot speak. Words will not come. I am making sounds and I am so hot! I feel the heat pulsing out of my body and I am helpless. I fall over the edge into another orgasm, this one stronger than the first. The nectar gushes out of me and he continues his sweet assault on my willing pussy. I cum again and again, shaking, gasping and he doesn't stop. His tongue is relentless.

I want to give him the same pleasure he gave me and I roll him over and slide his briefs down and pull them over his feet and throw them across the bed. He is hard and I take his cock into my hand and stroke it. It jumps in my hand and he lets out a long breath.

"Pussy Cat...." he sighs.

His cock is thick and veiny and I love it. I love to feel the heat radiating from it as I lick the tip and his body jerks in response. I take it in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the head. His scent inflames me. I suck more of his cock into my mouth and I caress his balls.

I don't remember ever enjoying sucking a cock as much as I do his. He smells good and he feels good. He doesn't grasp my head and push his cock into my mouth. Gagging isn't fun for either of us. He caresses my face and runs his fingers through my hair. He lets me control what happens and I love that so much that I want to please him as much as I can. I lick his cock like a huge tasty all day sucker. I use my hands to stroke him and I suck him hard and then I suck him gently. I feel the tremors in his body and I know he is close. I start to prepare for what is going to happen and then suddenly he pushes me off him.

His eyes are gleaming with intensity as he throws me back into the bed and uses his knees to force my legs open. He holds my shoulders down and I am pinned beneath him.

"I'm going to give you the fucking you have been asking for you naughty Pussy Cat," he says, his voice a near growl. "Don't close your eyes! Look at me!"

I gaze into his eyes that now are like blue lasers burning into me.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you," he insists.

"You know I want you to fuck me," I answer, "I want to feel your big cock inside me. You know I do."

"I want you to say it to me," he responds as he holds me down with one hand and uses the other to ram his cock into my oh-so-hot pussy.

"Fuck me baby," I tell him, "Fuck me hard! Make me cum!"

He growls again and holds my shoulders down and begins to fuck me as I look at him.

"I want you to come, Pussy Cat," he says, his voice soft and low, his thrusts emphasizing each word. "Come on my cock."

We groan together as he pumps harder and harder and deep inside me I grasp him and squeeze him with every stroke.

"Your fucking pussy is so damn good," he moans, "God, you drive me mad!"

I want to touch him but I cannot. He is primal, grunting and pounding and holding me in place. I hear my own sounds, and I hardly realize that it is me. I am wailing and nearly screaming as my man fucks me. He shifts slightly inside me and hits another spot and it feels like electric shocks inside me. He hits it again and again and my legs stiffen and I start to cum and this one is massive, strong, huge, like a rogue wave taking me out to sea. All I can do is lay there beneath him and feel it coursing through me, repeatedly, over and over until I cannot think, I cannot move, I cannot speak. I can only feel.

My name sounds like a roar as he cums. I feel him filling me with his cream and then he lets my arms go and I hold him as he finally slumps atop me and we kiss, tenderly this time, sweet gentle kisses as we both float back to reality. We are wet, sticky, hot and sated and we don't want to move. I still hold him inside me even though he is soft. I don't want to break the connection.

But he grins a very devilish grin as he lifts up slightly and reaches above my head and shows me my panties. He sniffs them and says "Perfect!" I gaze at him in confusion as he slowly pulls out, wipes my oozing pussy with them and then he gets out of bed and pads across the room to his guitar case and opens it and tosses them inside. He comes back to bed, turns off the light and wraps me in his arms, pulling the sheet over us. I fall asleep and I am so happy.

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