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Music To My Ears


After twenty years of marriage I can't think of a single thing that annoys me about my wife. There is really nothing that bothers me enough to change anything about her. Anything that is except the fact that she snores when she sleeps.

She denies it, especially when I tell her how loud she is and the fact that I can't get to sleep if she beats me into bed and falls asleep before me. Deep down she knows she snores, she's just in denial about the amplitude of her nocturnal log sawing symphony.

It's the same thing with farting and sweating. She says that women don't fart, they fluff, and women don't sweat, they perspire. Gimme a break I would tell her whenever she brought either one up. A farts a fart and sweat is sweat!

She says she gets nasal at times, if the air is dry while she's sleeping. I laughed again, and told her that where I come from getting nasal means you snore! She didn't find it as funny as I did.

She's beautiful and I love her very much and if you saw her you'd want her too. It's hard to imagine a woman such as her, so gorgeous, lying in bed naked, fast asleep and snoring like a lumberjack. If she goes to bed before me, I'm screwed. And I don't mean screwed as in a piece of ass. I'm screwed because my wife Linda falls asleep in a matter of a minute or two. By the time I get into bed she's already sawing logs. It takes me forever to get to sleep with her buzzing away so loudly next to me.

I've tried everything. I nudge her with my arm and make her turn over which buys me a minute or two of silence. I make loud noises to disturb her enough to stop for a moment, I've even turned the bedroom lights on and woken her up completely. But all my attempts are in vain when she rolls over and slips back into slumberland in seconds only to start up the buzz saw again. Apart form this one thing though, I'm the luckiest man I know.

Linda stands 5'7" tall and although she thinks she's overweight at 155 lbs. I love her soft rounded curves and how she has matured in such a sexy way. Her big 36DD tits are topped off with delicious big nipples. The slightest change in temperature and her nipples stiffen, sticking out like the hard tips of bullets. Her pussy and ass are just as perfect. She shaves her pussy now, but when we first meet she had the thickest, bushiest snatch I'd ever seen. I used to love burying my face in her fragrant wet bush, smearing her juices and wet pubes all over my face.

She's just very sexy and so responsive to my constant state of arousal. We have sex every day and we do everything together including watching the kinkiest porn flicks and the nastiest porn sites on the web.

Linda loves sitting naked with me at the computer while we have a few drinks and tokes. We both get pretty worked up seeing all the people and all their weird and kinky antics. We even surf through the bestiality sites. Although she says it's gross she doesn't seem to mind or get enough of it, she was still getting turned on.

This brings me to my point. I enjoy surfing the porn sites and do it often. Not long ago I came across a few sites that gave me an idea. The sites were ones that featured "drunk and passed out women", "sleepingpeeping" and other stuff of the same nature. They showed guys jerking off on and playing with girls that were in semi-conscious states or fast asleep. Some of these women were right out of it, either due to drinking too much or just plain tired and fast asleep. Hmmmmmmm.....? I thought to myself.

My lovely wife Linda sleeps in the nude, so I'm halfway there!

I looked further and came across a sequence showing a guy with his fingers inside a sleeping woman's mouth. The next shot showed him putting his cock in. The more I looked at the pictures and movie clips the clearer my plan became.

My cock got hard just thinking about what I had in mind. I also knew that I needed no planning and I could put my plan to the test immediately since Linda snores every night.

The evening went as usual and my wife was nodding off by around 10:30. We both work long hours so I never complain about her dozing off, it's just her snoring. I let her sleep till 11:00 and then woke her, suggesting she go to bed. She gladly went without a word, kissing me and going up to bed.

Although she falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillows tonight I wanted her to be fast asleep so I could put my idea to the test. I can tell how deeply she's asleep by the tone and sound of her snoring.

I waited an hour or so and checked out more porn sites while I waited. My cock was hard and drooling precum and my balls ached for release. I started up the stairs and could hear her deep nasal log cutting already, followed by a silent pause and then a wispy exhale. She was gone.

As I slipped off my underwear I turned on the hall dimmer switch and set the light to low so I could see Linda's naked body as well as where I was going. My stiff cock flenched with anticipation of what we planned to do.

Turning her head away from the faint light from the hallway she faced the side of the bed where I was, and in perfect position. I quickly tucked my pillows and the comforter on the other side of her to try and prevent her from rolling over.

Well, this is it I said to myself.

I walked to Linda's side and my cock was right over top of her lips. As I touched her warm lips with my throbbing cockhead she inhaled, snoring loudly, then went quiet for a second. Her lips fluttered and tickled the underside of my horny knob. I felt so nasty and sneaky that I started shaking all over. I let her suck and blow my cock with her flapping lips until I saw some precum leak out of my peehole and trickle onto her lips and then roll into the corner of her mouth. She reacted by closing her mouth and pressing her lips together and then licking them, and the snoring stopped. I watched as she swallowed and the second later she let out a loud snore and her mouth opened wide. I put my finger inside to she how she would react and what she would do.

It felt incredible! When she drew in her breath she closed her mouth and snored through her nose, sucking my finger in along with her breath. her mouth then opened upon exhale and her warm breath washed my finger.

I placed my cock alongside of my finger. When Linda's mouth opened on her next exhale I made the switch. I kept looking at her eyes for any indication of her waking up, but she was in a deep sleep.

Her mouth felt wonderful around my cock and her unconscious sucking of my knob had my balls tightening and my legs shaking. I wanted to shove my cock all the way down her throat but knew for certain that she wake up for sure at that point.

The purring and fluttering of her lips, the vibration of her snoring and the occasional movement of her tongue when she swallowed had me turned on like never before.

I took in the innocent beauty of her sleeping body and she moved slightly causing my dick to plop out of her mouth. Rolling onto her back she lay there facing the ceiling, close to the edge of the bed, thanks to my pillow barrier.

Her snoring got louder than ever as her mouth opened wide as she breathed. She was snoring on the exhale now as well as the inhale.

I grabbed hold of my cock and started jerking off over top of her face and open mouth. Using my fingers I tickled her lips and tongue making her lick her lips and swallow. I could tell she was dreaming by the way her eye lids were moving and every so often she mumbled things. I couldn't make out what she was saying but she was definitely out of it.

My cock tightened and swelled and I leaned forward and fired my cum onto Linda's lips and tongue being careful not to make her choke. She instinctively opened and closed her mouth, bringing her hand up and wiping her mouth, before swallowing again. When her mouth opened again I slipped my drooling cock back in and let her suck my noodle clean in her sleep.

I quietly slipped into bed after shutting off the hall light, snuggled into her and fell asleep.

It wasn't until the following morning that I realized that Linda never made a peep after I lubed her throat with my creamy cum.

Although I haven't told her about my little trick yet, I've use my silent night treatment many times since that first and most unforgettable night.

Now when I hear Linda snoring it's music to my ears!!

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