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Musical Chairs


The party had been a good one. At one point there must have been 20 or 30 people milling around our house, talking and enjoying each other. As the night passed some of our friends left and others arrived. By 10 PM we were down to 4 couples. We had been sitting around making small talk and telling a few off color jokes when one of the girls suggested that we play some kind of party game.

Several different games were suggested and the teenage games were named. Spin the Bottle, Post Office, and such. One of the guys called out strip poker and then I said, "How about musical chairs, for adults?"

I got a few laughs and then the questions about what fun would that be.

"Musical chairs, with the right twist can be a lot of fun," I said. "Now if you want to play I can promise you that at least 5 of us will end up naked, all of us will touch and be touched by everyone else, and those who are willing will be well fucked. You think about it for a minute while I collect a few party favors."

I knew the people in this group and I felt sure that they would goad each other into playing. I brought out a tray with condoms, lubricant and towels.

"Everyone who wants to play raise your hand?" The guys hands went up first, eventually the girls, one at a time raised their hands. A unanimous vote. "Good, here are the playing rules."

"We will need four kitchen chairs. Ladies if you don't mind?" As they moved away toward the kitchen I opened my hand and offered the little blue tabs, "This should be a long game." They each took one.

"Arrange three chairs in a triangle facing out with some space between them, and give me the 4th chair." I placed the chair so that it faced the grouped chairs, filled the CD changer and took the remote. "The guys will all strip and take a seat in one of the chairs, girls you might want to take your shoes off, but nothing else, yet."

We, the guys, took off our clothes and I sat in the separate chair. Each girl was standing close the partner that they had come with, but you could see them taking quick glances at the other guys.

"This will be a mixer and give each of us the chance to get to know other people in our little group. While the music is playing the girls will move around the three chairs. When the music stops you sit on the lap of the guy in the chair closest to you. The lady left standing will be brought forward, judged and have some article of clothing removed. I am the judge, while I am taking care of my job each of you should get to know the person that you are with. Talk, touch or what ever you like. The only hard and fast rule is that No means No and Yes means Yes, so be careful when you use these two words. Now does everyone still want to play?"

A series of Yes answers came forward and I pressed the play button on the remote. I enjoy the music of the late 60's and the 70's. As the song "Aquarius" came on the girls started to move slowly around the circle. I tried to stop the music when what I thought would be a good paring of girls and guys were close to each other. With dicks waving in the air the fellows seemed ready so I stopped the music.

There was a brief flurry of movement. Stacey, my girl, was sitting across one lap, Mary had dropped down straddling the legs of another lap, Red had found a lap and Shelly was still standing. I crooked a finger and she approached slowly. She had a kind of half-afraid, half I'm having fun smile, and no idea of what would happen next. I felt that it was my duty to make the lap time as long as possible.

Shelly was wearing a short dress that had a tie in the back that crossed several times. I patted my naked lap with both hands and then helped guide her down. One leg on either side of my legs and her panty hose covered pussy pressing my dick between us. I noticed that everyone seemed to be watching us for some kind of queue I put my hands on her shoulders and started to examine her. Shelly was wearing a bra with nicely filled cups, the dress and panty hose. "What should I remove?" I asked.

"What ever you like" , she said bravely.

I asked the other players the same question and one of the guys suggested I remove the dress. While we were talking I had continued to examine Shelly and had slipped my hand up under her dress. From the feel I was pretty sure that she was not wearing anything under the panty hose. I had her stand up and I worked her panty hose off. At one point during the process I ran a finger through the hair on her pussy. She shivered but held her ground. Then I sent her back to join the other players.

The ladies moved at a varying pace trying for some kind of strategy. When I stopped the music the second time sweet Stacey managed to remain standing and when I signaled to her she almost ran across the room and straddled my lap.

"I need to take these pants off," she stated. "Now!"

"You will have to bribe me first," I replied.

"What do you want?"

"Take your pants off and then suck my dick until the music starts." Stacey did not wait a second. Her pants dropped to the floor, she dropped to the floor and her mouth engulfed my dick. The other players were watching in silence. I waited until I felt her shiver with an orgasm and then I started the music. The look on her face was priceless. It seemed to say I want to finish this, but I want to go too. I waved the remote and she got up and joined the group.

The next lady out was Mary. She was wearing black spandex pants and white blouse. My guess is that she took hint from Stacey. "Take my pants too" she whispered.

I decided to do the exam thing first. As my hands crossed her chest I felt her hard little nipples and her fast breathing. She was so very hot to go. I proceeded down her legs and back up to her crotch. It felt warm and a little damp. As I rubbed my hand up and down covered slit she held my dick like a handle and worked it slowly.

At last I said, "I have decided," and I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head and off on to the floor. Mary was bra-less and she still had her pants on so that limited her ability to share with the group. She started to give me a "but." I stopped her with the phrase, "I will need a better bribe next time, after all I am the judge and the judge has the final word." With that I turned on the music and watched her beautiful breasts move gently as she rejoined the game.

The next round Shelly was the odd woman out. She walked over to me, pushed my knees together and with the aid of her hand sat squarely on my dick. Her pussy was very slick and warm. I could only guess who else had been in there already. "I want you to take my bra this time."

She started moving up and down just a little. I looked over at Stacey. She was sitting face to face with one of the guys and from my angle it looked like he had pulled her panties to one side and was on the verge of entering her. She looked at me and I smiled and gave her a small nod, then watched as she sank down on his hard shaft. At the same moment Shelly sat hard on me and said, "The bra?"

I reached behind her and through the dress I unfastened the thing. Then I pulled it out through on sleeve. Before she could get up I whispered that I want Red next. Shelly smiled, "A favor for a favor, I like that." She stood up and left my hard, wet cock waving in the air.

I let the music play a little longer the next time and I saw the girls whispering to each other. It must have been a pretty good plan because Red could not find a lap when the music stopped.

Red was wearing a short skirt and blouse. She had avoided loosing any clothes so far and I was going to have some fun. Her exam was very slow and very detailed. I believe that Shelly was about to reach a climax when I finally removed Red's thong and sent her bare ass back to the group in that very short skirt.

Several rounds later Stacey was in her bra and panties (they looked like they had been stretched and pulled so often that there was very little crotch left. Shelly was naked, but she had not been back up since I removed her dress. Mary was down to her panties, they were stretched out of shape as well. Red had her bra and skirt still in place.

When Shelly lost I made her suck my dick until the music started. When Stacey lost I lovingly called her a slut and took her panties and her bra. Red lost her bra and Mary was stripped naked. I had my dick sucked by two of the girls while I watched Stacey get almost fucked by two of the guys. The mixer ended when Red lost and I had her sit on my dick while I removed the skirt. I started to lick her nipples and she started to move up and down on my shaft. I glanced at the other chairs. Stacey was in 69 with the largest cock I have ever seen pushed down her throat. Shelly was sitting on her guys dick and Mary was down doggy style getting her butt fucked. I continued to let Red do the work while I licked and sucked her tits. When I came she sat down as far as she could and took it all and I added to the collection of cum that she were holding in her pussy.

It had been a good party, but it had been a great game. Maybe next time we will add the rule that you get to keep the girl you end up with for the weekend, and that makes me wonder who Stacey would want to finish the game of musical chairs with. It did seem that everyone enjoyed the game a lot.

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