tagBDSMMusical Chairs Ch. 02

Musical Chairs Ch. 02

byRoy Kay©

David replied, "…IF I give you something to watch, that is. Now you will have your sight back, but some things you still won't see. After all, you don't have eyes in the back of your head."

With a nod to Earl, they helped lift Julie off Bob's cock. (Oh, how she wanted to drop right down on top of it again, but they had other plans.) Still trussed up in Toms vest, they led – no carried – her to the buffet. Her legs were tied spread to the feet of the buffet back. They laid a pillow on it and leaned her over onto the pillow.

Bruce sat down before her, looking up into her eyes. "As David said, 'some things you CAN see'." With that, he slowly opened up a drawer about a foot and a half beneath her face and removed part of a length of fine woven stainless band that was resting on a black felt cloth. One end was pinned to a half hinge. He drew the band smoothly from the drawer over his up-turned hand, watching her stare transfixed with apprehension. He rose to kneel before her, laying the band between his hands over his cock, as though a vestment over a sacred phallus. He drew it through an armhole of the vest, the other keeping an even feed from the drawer. The other hand then drew the cool metal mesh over her back through the other armhole and down to the other side of the drawer. A length of pin now secured this end to another half hinge. Between was the black felt cloth it had rested on.

Bruce stood up and looked down at the dark hair hanging over her back and along her cheeks. His cock rested upwards against her forehead, nose and lips. Eager with the memories of tasting him, she licked at the tip and tried to coax his cock to her lips and into her mouth.

While she was doing so, he slid open a drawer to her left. She felt a feathery sensation running up over her exposed ass to the small of her back, then back down again. The next pass was raising goose bumps all the way from her anus and through the crack or her ass, sending a spike of shivers to the nape of her neck, lulling her into bit of a trance. As he continued, the feathering ceased, as coursed over the back of the vest. Then she sensed the whoosh. A split second later she heard the cracklets as the suede strands laid mini stings on the goose bumps that he had just seconds ago raised her ass. She opened her mouth wider in surprise, taking more of Bruce's flaring cock in her mouth, then stopped, unsure.

He toyed again with her, stroking the strands upward over her newly sensitized ass. Julie started sucking on his cock again, feeling him move with the rhythm of the stroking of her ass. Every so often a suede strand would fall into her crack, to glide over the lips of her pussy, and tickle her anus. She would open just a little to gather more of that touch, to feel the tingling deeper and broader. Her hands, unpinned now, reached down to spread her cunt in hopes of yet another light teasing strand. Ah. There it was again, so sweet, so gentle, so enticing to every nerve.

Lost again is this dreamland of the lyric lash, Julie startled at another sting on her ass. However, the strands were still moving smoothly over her cunt and asshole as before. Another sting brought her attention to the breadth and strength of the force. There had been no rise and fall of the lashes for these last. She recognized this as something new. Someone, "unseen" in David's words, was spanking her.

Bruce gently and lightly glided the flogger up to the small of her back again. Julie's mind traced the sensation up to the cool metal mesh over her shoulder blades that secured her, the light tease at the small of her back, and the warmth of her pinking ass – now ready and anticipating the next smack.

It was coming. Julie could feel the hands lying ever so lightly on her ass. Then lying more heavily. Then a touch on her anus. No, not a touch, a tongue. It was so tender and careful, that if it weren't for the moistness, she couldn't have told. Something she COULD tell was the furry feel on her ass as well. There were other men with beards, but David KNEW she loved having her asshole licked. She also knew how eager he'd be to just thrust his tongue in as soon as she was slippery enough.

Slip in his tongue he did, but into her cunt, so loose from Bob's cock and her eagerness for the teasing of the lash. Now, instead her pussy was graced with the lively flailing the tongue eagerly lashing her insides – the back wall being caressed by the curl pressing against her as he drew out his tongue, the sides feeling the swirl as he thrust back in.

She started to reach her fingers towards her clit, but paused when he lowered further and let his lips grasp the prize for himself. Still, she would help by spreading her pussy a little. Julie parted the lush dark fur frame that set off the pink picture of dewy desire – dew verging on deluge. She could get so lost in the rolling movement. She closed her eyes. He never tarried long at one spot, but wheeled around to strike another nerve that she had forgotten was there – somewhere – waiting on the walls of her cunt, the thrusting clit, the dimpled anus wet with her juices.

Rolling movement. Yes, rolling. Like steel balls rolling themselves into her consciousness. She hadn't even notice that Bruce has pulled out of her slackening mouth. She hadn't quite registered the sound of another drawer opening. She hadn't reflected on the tap tapping of metal on metal as one ball rolled over the other three.

Now it did. She opened her eyes to see a string of 4 one-inch balls that Bruce was rolling between his fingers in front of her face. It wasn't only a string that ran between them. There was a cord as well, and a little plastic box and dial connected to the cord. She could only guess what these were for. Bruce passed them to one of the men standing next to Julie behind the buffet.

The tongue that was so gloriously bathing her pussy in passion left, and different fingers began to tease her, spreading her cunt and touching her asshole. She felt the first steel ball being pressed into her cunt. She was relieved that it had warmed in his hand first. Then the next ball following the first. This recalled to her how wonderful it felt to be filled. She still missed Bob's cock (or Dave's or…anybody's), but this was good. The third pressed in, clicking and reverberating through the chain, and then the last. They were all pressed tightly to one another.

Julie loved the feel of being filled, but she needed something more. Her fingers reached to her abandoned clit. As she stroked it, her cunt squeezed the balls and separated them. She could feel a pull on the string, tightening them again, then loosen, so that they would roll apart. It was like being fucked from the inside out, rather than the outside in. She pressed a thumb and a finger against her clit and pulled on it. Pulled then let loose to follow the slackening and tightening of the balls in her cunt.

On another roll, when the balls separated, she started to feel something even better. They started to hum. This felt so warm and very friendly, so lyric and easy. When they were being drawn tight the sensation strengthened. On contact, they sent off a reverberating vibe that shivered her whole body, dwarfing her hard pull on her clit. Then they floated away from each other, diffusing back to a gentle hum. Her clit again became a focus of her consciousness, sharing the spotlight of her attention with the anal tonguing. She pressed the flat of her fingertips against it, toying with the nubbin, lost there until the pull on the string sent another resounding vibration through her whole cunt.

Bruce ran his fingers over the felt that the stainless mesh had laid on. When his fingers reached the end, he pulled it back. Underneath was a flat 17" video screen. A sequence of still pictures appeared before her.

The first showed a man tied naked to a pole. Off the pole ran climbing rungs like on a telephone poll. The lighting seemed somewhat dim above the man's shoulders, but bright enough below them. The next showed dark haired women sucking on his cock; the next a close up, with his cock deep in her mouth. The woman seemed a little familiar. More pictures. The woman had climbed the pole to where her tits were level with his lips; the next had his face buried between them; then another, a bit blurred, sucking on her nipples.

A different set of pictures came in view. These seemed centered on a woman. The first showed her bent over, with her fingers between her legs, teasing her clit. This brought her back to her own feelings, the hum of the balls in her cunt and her fingers on her clit. The next was from underneath, with a man's tongue thrust into her cunt. Julie could almost hear the "squish" around the vibrating balls and she got wetter and wetter.

More pictures from the previous set. Until now, Julie hadn't noticed the woman's muscle tone. Now it stood out, as she climbed higher, her arms straightened and her legs abreast his waist. From one angle you could see his cock riding on her clit; another from a different angle and his cock was pressed against her anus; yet another, and he was half into her cunt.

Then more from the second set. Close ups of the woman riding a man's cock. One where you could catch a peak at the glans; another fully buried with his balls touching her clit; the next with her on a rise, the glisten juices sheening on his cock.

More again from the first set. The blond, now at the top of the climb, pressing her crotch against his face. There was a view from underneath with his tongue in her asshole, then another from above with him sucking on her clit. The lighting had improved, because she could make out the man's face. And how well she knew it. It was David's. The woman's name dawned on her. It was Angelica, one of the people at this very party.

"Yes, Julie." Bruce said. "These are all of people right here in this room. David's initiation was last month. And now we welcome you to the club. With that he reached out a hand and shook her breast, paused and circled the nipple with his finger.

At an instant Julie registered the next picture of the woman before her, bent over with pink marks on her ass, as herself. She thought back to all they could show of her – her greedy sucking on the four, no it was three, cocks; her tits thrust out of the vest; with a stream of cum on them; the tongue teasing her anus…like it was now. She could see the fingers urgently jilling her clit, pulling it and pressing on it like the picture now before her – the picture no longer still but moving and showing her every horny yearning.

She could see the reflection off the shallowest ball, just a little drawn from her cunt as Tom pulled back on the string. She could see his tongue teasing her asshole. She could see the view go to a split screen with view from above and below. Most of all she could see her own ravenous yearning for more and more. Her middle finger dipped into her cunt, contacting the outer ball and carrying the vibration along its length to her clit. How much more could she need? How much more could avarice ask? More. That's all she new. She wanted more.

She saw hands high on her ass spreading her for Tom's tongue, more eagerly thrusting than before. She saw a shadow, then a hand, then her own jolting response to the smack on her ass. From the other side she saw another man's hand land on the other cheek, then again, on the first. They started a cadence. This was the "more" she wanted. The staccato vibrating balls in her cunt, the allegro stroking of her clit, the andante tongue fucking in and out of her asshole, and the largo "smack"…."smack"…."smack" on her ass.

And, Bruce seemingly conducting the whole, circling and pulling on her nipples, as he sat cross-legged, looking up at her, intent as the maestro he was. Looking up at her desperately tensing jaws, as intent on her show as he was, bound by the vest and the steel mesh band but seizing control. Julie was determined. Determined to get all she could out of her initiation.

"Smack it! Smack my ass! Make it hot. Make it as hot as my cunt. Make it hot and I'll let you taste my fingers when I come, my fingers drenched with my molten juices." "Tom, I know it's you licking my ass. Spread it and fuck it with your tongue. Stick it in my horny asshole. Feel how easy you tongue goes into me. I love how you're fucking my cunt with those vibrating balls. Keep fucking my cunt. Keep me coming. I am getting so close. Oh, how I wish I had 2 clits to pull on, and stroke and circle my fingers around."

Bruce smiled, "Heh, heh. Make it one more for me, while you're at it. I lead, but how I wish I were manifold that I could suck your clit, suck it and run my tongue over the small glistening tower. Oh, that I could let my tongue dive into you cunt and drink to intoxication of your juices. Nor, would I neglect your anus – to play and tease it with my fingers, or to feel the easing tension and determined hunger of you awakening asshole. I would nibble on, and squeeze your ass, your round smooth ass, rubbing each cheek in a circle, spreading your asshole for another me's tongue, circling off and landing a 'SMACK' on each cheek. 'Smack'" His timing was impeccable. The "smacks" pierced her ears in perfect unison with the next two spanks on her ass. "Ah, that there would be three of me, sharing three pleasures in one mind."

Julie, getting four pleasures in one mind, was getting so close to cumming she could barely register the images on the screen. Yet even the blurry image she saw through squinted eyes fed her hunger. And her hunger fed her voice. "Fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck my horny cunt. Fuck it with those balls. Fuck my asshole. Stick your tongue in there as deep as it will go. Spank my ass. Spank me and make my shake inside and out. Fucking me. Keep fucking me! Pull on my tits."

Each demand was met with enthusiastic response. Each response was met with more demand. Julie's breath and voice bespoke the ratcheting of her intensity to the precipice of her orgasm. Her tits thrust forward as much as being pulled. Her ass rose to meet the next smack. Bound, though she was, she wiggled her asshole against Tom's tongue, and pressed against the vibrating, pulsing balls in her cunt.

Then she stopped, hung there for an instant, before she lost complete control. A smack had landed ever so precisely on her ass, her nipples had stretched in exacting tautness, when the tightening tug on the vibrating steel balls sent an overwhelming surge through her body. She shook and she shattered. Every intense muscle collapsed with the detonation of her orgasm. A shock, then a rumble, then the echo of the rumble until there was little left but her limp body.

Her eyes gained a bit of focus – just enough to see the vibrating balls pulled out, bringing Bob and Earl some of her promised juices to savor her scent and taste. They untied her feet from the buffet. They rubbed her aching legs. The screen went black. Bruce recovered it with the felt, unpinned the metal mesh band, withdrew it from her back, and laid it back in readiness for one of the next initiates. They leaned her back into Dave's arms, and helped him carry her to a love seat where her held her gently in his arms.

Bruce smiled at her. "You know how the winner of a pie eating contest gets a dozen free pies? Well, now you get the same prize. You can have anybody here, any way that you want them. You've certainly earned it."

Julie let out a weak laugh and curled up David's arms, hanging limp, her eyes misting with appreciation. "Thank you, but I've had enough for the nonce. It was wonderful, so wonderful, very wond…" Then her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

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