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Author's note: This is a collection of independent, stand-alone short stories about my wife. Some are fiction, while others are memories and flashbacks. They were written separately and never edited for continuity, so there are tense changes, repeated phrases, etc. I make no apologies, because these were intentionally spur-of-the-moment. Enjoy.



If I were home, I would just roll over and start groping you, maybe waking you up, maybe not. I gently lift up the comforter, sliding the sheets down to reveal your goddess' body. You always complain about the way your breasts flatten when you lie on your back, but I think it is incredibly sexy, and I stare lustfully at them as my cock hardens.

I lean down and lick around the nipple, so soft and warm as you sleep. It hardens and I take it into my mouth, causing you to stir and mumble in your dreams. My hand slides across to your other breast, palming the sculpted flesh as I gently nip with my teeth, eliciting a soft groan as you slowly rise out of your slumber. I back off, and you settle into your deep breathing agin.

My fingers trace down to your waist, finding you naked down there as well. Excellent--I'm glad we started sleeping this way more often.

Delicately I slip out of bed, walking around to your side, admiring your body in the dim light: so thin, girlish, and sexy. I slowly spread your legs, breathing on your bald pussy as it is exposed. My tongue finds its way along your slit, the tangy ripeness quickly giving way to wet sweetness as your body responds.

I'm not sure if you're awake yet, since your eyes are still closed, but when my cock slides into you they flutter open. Slowly you focus on me as I move in and out of you, your body taking over while your mind tries to awaken. I do not try to hold out, reveling in your tight pussy and the sexiness of your perfect tits. My orgasm approaches and I grunt softly as your hands run through my hair. I lean down and kiss you as my cock pulses and ejaculates into your warm body.

"Mmm, couldn't sleep again, darling?" you ask quietly as my cock softens and slides out of you.

"Not for long...thank you, my love."

You smile and blink sleepily, kissing me on the nose as I shift back to my side of the bed.

"Sleep well, baby," I hear you mumble, and soon we are both fast asleep.



I walked through the house, stalking my wife. I was naked, and carried a bottle of lube in my hand. I found her cleaning the closet in the guest bedroom.

She turned as I entered the room, sweeping a strand of hair behind her ear. I strode towards her, and she saw the movement and looked up at me.

"Babe...?" she smiled questioningly as she stood, but my only answer was a tight-lipped smile. I took the hem of her tank top and pulled it over her head. She raised her arms to accommodate, and her sports bra followed shortly. I palmed her lovely breasts a moment, pinching the nipples, then I took her by the shoulder and pushed her back onto the bed.

I climbed after her, swiftly straddling her chest and leaning forward, presenting her with my rapidly hardening cock.

"Why, hello there..." she muttered delightedly, then she swirled her tongue around the head. I sighed, then rocked forward with my hips, driving myself deeper into her glorious mouth. She moaned in response, then coughed as I pushed into her throat and pulled out, sitting back on her chest. A string of spit hung between my cock and her lips for a moment before separating and drawing a line down her chin and neck.

I popped open the plastic bottle and my wife pressed her wonderful B-cups together as I poured lube all over them.

"Do it, baby...fuck my tits," she cooed, and I happily obliged.

My cock nestled between the warm, slippery flesh, and soon I was driving back and forth with growing intensity. My wife continued talking dirty to me and leaned forward to lick my dick head every time it came forward. I was horny before I walked into the room, so it wasn't long before I felt the pulsing in my balls, followed closely by several strong jets of cum all over her chin, neck, and chest.

My thrusting slowed, and she giggled as cum ran down her chin onto her neck. "Thank you, baby; I needed that," she said, as if I had done her a favor.

"Anytime, dollface; anytime."



As I pass through the living room on my way to the office, I notice you standing in a robe making pancakes in the kitchen. My pace slows, my eye following your figure under the thin silk. Your hair is still wet from the shower, and I catch a hint of your shampoo in the air over the baking batter. My cock twitches, and I know I will have you.

I come up behind you and cup your breasts, burying my face in your neck. You sigh, reaching back and pulling my hair as my hands release the sash and the robe falls open. One hand returns to your bare breast as the other snakes down to your pussy, freshly shaved and still damp...or is that something other than shower water?

I press my hardness into your back, and I feel a hand close around it, lightly stroking over the flannel of my pajama pants. Of course I have no shirt on, not in my own home. My hands fall to my waist, and my pants soon drop to the floor.

I rock my hips back, sliding my cock forward between your legs. You gasp and stand up a little on your toes, easing the sudden pressure on your clit. In response I turn and push you over the counter, taking a moment to admire your bare ass as the short robe rides up. My hand slides along the smooth, perfect cheek before smacking it, sending ripples across to the other side.

I line up and press into you, pushing down on your back with my hand until your nipples are pressed into the cold marble countertop. You moan, and I thrust deeper, grunting against the pressure of your not-quite-wet-enough pussy. But your sexy voice drives me on: I know you want this as much as I do.

Once I bottom out, I wrap your thick, wet hair in my fist and pull towards me, arching your back as I pull out and establish a rhythm. The living room binds are open and I can only imagine what the neighbors would see if they care to look closely: me, standing behind you, pushing you forward over and over as your tits sway in the opened robe, your beautiful face showing every expression of lust and sexual satisfaction.

I yank your hair and smack your ass, thrusting deeper. Your hand reaches back, pulling me into you harder. I smell the beginnings of burnt pancake, and violently reach over and shove the pan onto another burner, metal clanging as the pan strikes the wall and the spatula falls to the floor. I resume with another smack on your ass. I know you are close.

Your voice rises as we near the end. I see the guy from across the street step out of his door and walk down his driveway, facing us. Whether he can see us or not doesn't matter; "Oh god...I'm cumming!" you shout, and suddenly your pussy clenches around my cock, sending me into my own orgasm as our neighbor unlocks his car and glances at our house. He pauses as I thrust in to the hilt, grinding my hips into you to elongate your climax as your flexing pussy milks my cock.

I pull out, ignoring his open-mouthed stare, and wipe my cock on your buttcheek before retrieving my pajama pants. Walking around the counter back to the office, I bend over and kiss you as I pass.

"I'd like chocolate chips in mine; why don't you ask what he'd like in his?"



I know you like the candles; that was a thoughtful touch on my part. I figured you should get at least one elegant gesture, because there would be very little else of that tonight.

I bend down and resume licking your asshole. I have been alternating between it and your pussy for the last 45 minutes. About ten minutes ago I finally got so tired of hearing you simultaneously bitching about switching back and forth without rinsing my mouth while at the same time moaning like a slut that I finally gagged you. Since your hands and legs are tied down, I don't need to worry about you pulling it out, and I can resume pleasuring you/frustrating you orally at my leisure and in blessed silence.

The honey I used to sweeten your backdoor is running low, so I pour more along your crack and spread your buttcheeks lewdly with my hands before burying my face between them again. My tongue probes and laps, and your body squirms as I press your hips into the bed. My fingers find your cunt once more, already soaking wet and slightly gaping from the dildo I've had stuffed up there for the last twenty minutes. I think you've cum at least three times, but I stopped caring as soon as I fastened the last restraint. For good measure I spank you with my other hand.

Your weeping pussy has soaked the comforter, which I know you can feel and would normally piss you off since you spent so much time picking out the decorations for this room, but you're so turned on right now that you find yourself rubbing your clit against the cold wetness as my tongue snakes in and out of your ass. I've been teasing you all day, talking about this great night I have planned, when really all I want to do is fuck your ass. I think you'll like it, but I'm not really concerned with confirming that right now.

I slide my finger up from your pussy to your ass, burying it and pulling back out, coated in honey and pussy juice. I lean forward and slip it into your mouth around the gag, which is soaked in your spit. You moan and I feel your tongue cleaning my finger. Finally: you are willing to do my bidding, so now it's time to work out my own orgasm.

I casually push forward, forcing my cock into your loosened pussy, driving down and grinding around to coat myself with the only lube you're going to get tonight. Besides, I've been warming you up over the last hour with every toy and tool at my disposal, so I know you are loose and wet and basically horny for cock in any way you can get it. So, now you're going to get it.

I pull out and slide up an inch, nocking the head of my penis into the cleft I know so well. I press forward and your relaxed sphincter gives way almost as easily as your pussy did. I sigh as the exquisite friction grips my cock, completely ignoring the muffled whimpering coming from your sock-stuffed mouth. My hands reach under your body, finding your hard nipples and pinching them, hard, like I know turns you on. I pull out and push in again, once more reveling in the almost-lubed sensation of your perfect ass.

My tempo picks up as my fingers pinch harder, then I arch my back and pull down on your nipples as I thrust as deeply into your rectum as I can and flex my cock to full girth. You scream into the sock and I feel your body shaking into yet another orgasm. I capitalize on your fluttering muscles, resuming my pounding until I can feel my own orgasm growing. I roll and pinch your nipples as the long-awaited load pours into your ass pulse by pulse. My groans drown out your open-mouthed panting and the hours of self-denial are justified in the incredible orgasm I receive from your unbelievably sexy body.

I regain control, still sliding in and out of your asshole, now lubed with both our cum. I reach up and pet your head, gently stroking your beautiful hair as I wait for the inevitable next step. Slowly the pressure builds again, this time in another means, from something else I have been withholding all day. I pull out with a sucking 'pop' and look around me until I find the dido-vibrator, shoving it back into your pussy. Your legs jerk as I switch it on and your body writhes from the sensation so closely following an orgasm. Your moaning returns, satisfying my bored curiosity: you are indeed still horny (as usual--slut).

I straddle your back, still playing with your hair as my semi-hard cock slowly comes to rest on your back. The pressure reaches the tipping point and I do nothing to stop the stream as it shoots up your back. The initial flow courses up your spine, then spills over both sides. Once again, I know you would normally be furious about this, but your only reaction is to moan louder. I reach down and direct the piss over your raven hair, marveling in the way it turns slick and wet. My cock jumps in excitement, tracing a line up the back of your head, where I hold it, my eyes following the stream as it soaks your mane. You are still moaning, beyond the point of caring what I do with you, so turned on and overstimulated is your body that you will not even fight off a golden shower on the guest bed. The guest bed with all of the trimmings and silk comforter and whatever other bullshit went into decorating this rarely-used room. Still, I'm only supposed to do this in the shower...too bad, slut, you're getting it here and now, and you are quite obviously enjoying it.

The stream slowly fades and I shake off the last few drops on your long hair lying between your shoulderblades. You are soaked, and look devastatingly sexy. Switching off the dildo, I step off the bed and stand before you, untying the gag and letting the saliva-soaked sock drop to the floor. Your mouth hangs open in a dazed smile and I cannot resist shoving my cock into it. Feebly you lick me clean, mewling and reaching out with your tongue to lick my balls. I smile down on you fondly and reward you with a loving cock slap to the cheek. After enjoying your tongue on my sack for a good long while, I retrieve a thick blanket from the closet and throw it over your prone form. The air disturbed by the motion conveniently extinguishes the candles.

"Sleep well, my love; I'll untie you in the morning and it will be your turn." But you are already asleep.



I hear the front door open and I am on my feet, hurrying out of the office to the living room. I *love* when you get back from working out--the sheen of your skin, the way your sports bra clings to your breasts, the smell of your body. I catch a glimpse of your runner's butt in black spandex capris disappear into the bedroom. I follow in pursuit.

You stand in the middle of the room, head tilted back as you drink from your water bottle. Your other hand reaches up to free your ponytail as I step up behind you and deftly lift your sports bra above your breasts. You squeal, spilling some water, and I spin you around, spilling more. I press my body into yours and kiss you, ignoring your mild protests as my hands wander. Soon my thumbs are hooked in the spandex and pushing, revealing your smooth pussy. The smell of your womanhood reaches my nostrils and I am driven a little more crazy.

I shove you back onto the bed, lifting your feet and pulling off your shoes without bothering to untie them. The capris follow shortly. I pause to stare lustfully at your sweaty, perfect body, then I drop between your legs. I know you are anxious to shower first, but I don't care; I want to lick your pussy now, while it's sweaty and pungent, and I will not be denied. My tongue probes your tangy depths and laps on the surface, the salty sheen of your mons making me salivate and hunger for more. Despite your initial embarrassment I can tell you are turned on--your juices flow almost immediately, and when I bring a finger up it slides right in...as does the second....and the third....

My other hand lifts your leg, pushing it back on the bed, revealing your cute little butt. My fingers slide down almost of their own accord, two of them pressing into your backdoor, slick with sweat and girl nectar. Your moans jump an octave and your hips buck. I struggle to keep my mouth over your clit, but my efforts are rewarded with the shuddering/screaming orgasm that rips through your body. I continue licking and probing and humming until you push my head away. Slowly I remove my fingers and stand, sucking them clean as I look down on you haughtily.

"Go take a shower, you dirty slut, then come find me when you get out...I'm not done with you."



We pull into the garage and as the door shuts, I turn off the truck. I look over at you, quietly evaluating your nudity as you stare back unashamedly. I, too, am naked, and quite comfortable with it. We have just returned from dinner, playing our favorite car game involving single headlights and stripping. We...may have gone a little into overtime along the rather convoluted route home. Winter rain continues to pour on the garage roof as the engine ticks, cooling in the damp air.

The comfortable silence is heavy with sexual premise, yet I am not satisfied that you are ready. So I sing to you. Softly, my voice carries from my throat into the cooling air. The ignition is still half-turned; as the overhead light goes out, you are bathed in shimmering cerulean light from the CD player. I stare into your darkened eyes as you listen, chest rising and falling in growing arousal. You are stunningly beautiful.

I love you madly and I'd marry you again with just as much fervor as on our wedding day. And our wedding night? Well, I try to relive that as often as possible...such as right now.

The song ends and I make a shooing gesture. You slide against the door as I shift over the center console and take your place. With careful maneuvering you are in my lap, kissing me as our hands explore. My hand finds the chair lever and you--and your kisses--follow me down. Your long black hair closes like a curtain around us and we make out as flashes of blue slip through your tresses. Like warm silk, your breasts brush across my chest as you slowly rock your hips back and forth. The base of my penis soon alternates between wet heat and evaporating cold: the rain and the song and the light are doing all the work--I am merely enjoying the rewards.

I trace my fingers down your ribs and cup your sculpted butt cheeks, flexing and rocking with your hips. Slowly I pull you up my lap, spreading your juices along my shaft, which pulses in response. Soon you are forward enough and I flex, my cock slipping between your folds. I feel your excited exhalation flow around my mouth as my first tentative thrusts pierce your depths. Your head alternates sides kissing me as you naturally take over, sitting down and impaling yourself on my cock.

Rocking and thrusting, bucking and grinding, passionately we make love in the blue silence. Time melts away, only images and sharp sensations remain: the outline of your breast when you twist away to tuck your hair behind an ear; the sheen of sweat on your chest when you sit upright; the burning stare as you look down at me, panting; the painful grip you take on my hair as you climax. My own is not long after yours and I truly flood you with my seed. You moan into my mouth as the warmth spreads within your womb.

The kisses taper off and eventually your head is resting on my sweaty chest. Lightly I stroke your hair as your warm breath tickles my ribs. Occasionally my cock flexes, making you jump a little and giggle each time. My hardness never really goes away, and I can tell you, too, are still horny. Soon we will go again, either here or on the bed or somewhere in between...it doesn't matter. I will have you anytime, anywhere, my love, my life, my wife.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/22/18


A real loving wife/husband story.

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