Note: This story is a collected edition of the 6-part series I released about a year and a half ago under a different account name. As I stated in my last upload, I'm going to be bringing some old stories over as well as uploading new ones. I have edited this story pretty heavily to give repeat readers less of a "déjà vu" feeling. I love hearing from all my readers, and have received some of my best reviews in my writing career on the last story I uploaded, so thank you wonderful people for enjoying and commenting.

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The sun was breaking through the trees and causing shadows to dance across the dirt road our car was travelling down. I'm not much of a nature freak, but even I could admit that watching the bright yellow beams of light bounce around in the leaves was hauntingly beautiful. Our ten year old mini-van was blasting down the road and causing our whole family to bounce around like marbles in a blender.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up a bit. My name is Luke O'Neill and I recently turned 19, so naturally my parents thought it would be fitting to spend the first weekend I'm legally able to drink at our friend's cottage. I know what you're thinking, and yes it does sound like a fun weekend, but there are countless other places (or bars) I'd rather be.

I'd only recently stopped being bitter over the trip up north, I had even gotten myself pretty excited to spend a couple days away from the city life and lounge by the lake with a Mojito. It was summertime and I had finished university for the year, so I figured a beach was exactly what I needed.

We had known the Kelly's since my 16 year old brother, Chris, and I were born. They have 4 kids, which was one of the biggest reasons I was hesitant to come up. Their oldest son, Mike, is a year older than me, and their oldest daughter is my age. Her name is Cassie, and I'd be lying if I said we didn't have history "together". We'd gotten really close a couple years ago, when we were both graduating high school, but then things went sour and we don't talk much anymore.

That still doesn't stop my parents, Mitchell and Carla, from dragging us to their house a handful of times every year. Mostly because they've been friends with Jack and Macy, who own the cottage, for over twenty years. They've got two younger kids, Sasha and Riley, but I couldn't guess their ages if I had money riding on it. They're little kids, that's the important part. Usually my brother does a good job of entertaining them while I hang around the older two kids.

Mike's the football type; a big 200 pound guy who doesn't take shit from anybody. For some reason I never got that close with him, maybe it was because he always seemed too energetic for me or that all he wanted to do was play sports. I'm not in bad shape, but I'm not the first guy to go rushing out to play a pick-up game of basketball.

Cassie is a direct opposite of her brother; she's a tiny red head with the softest, cutest face I've ever seen, and that still holds true today. She's a swimmer, so she's in remarkable shape. I guess it's some sort of law of nature that swimmers can't have a huge chest, probably wouldn't make swimming very easy, but she still sat at a comfortable C-cup.

There was one stand out she had that gave me a particularly strong reason to stare: her ass. Being a swimmer, Cassie had developed the kind of ass people pay for over years of intense workouts. Thick and soft, with not an ounce of fat on it, she had produced an absolutely breathtaking butt. Watching her parade around in a swimsuit was enough to make even a coma patient bust a nut. Still though, she managed to be a sweet and warm-hearted person with, an adorable face I couldn't stop fucking talking about, ugh.

As Jonah Hill would say; "she's mousy, like a mouse you wanna stick your dick in."

"Are you players excited to see the Kelly's?" My Dad chimed from the front seat, trying far too desperately to relate to his kids. Pops was always a happy guy, never able to say something bad about somebody unless they truly deserved it. My Mom was the opposite, but she chose to refer to herself a realist. They balanced each other out. My Mom once told me that my Dad was the one that taught her how to laugh. Probably not true, but a sweet little anecdote nonetheless.

"Of course they're excited, right, guys?" Mom smiled back at us under her reading glasses. Chris had headphones in, so it's no shock he didn't hear her. I gave her a silent nod from the both of us. She turned around and went back to her magazine. I turned my attention back to the window and the trees whipping past us.

My Dad was still chatting to himself, not interested in anybody listening. "Gonna have some margaritas, some shots, some cocktails."

"Planning on doing anything besides drinking?" Mom raised an eyebrow. Dad shrugged and laughed in reply. "I didn't think so." She flipped the page on her magazine.

We finally arrived at their cottage and were welcomed with open arms. Macy was the first to reach our van, kicking up dust as she sped down the road towards us in flip flops. "Hey guys! How was the drive? Cassie's in the water so you might have to wait a minute to say hi to her, but I told everyone else to get out here!"

Instant chatter exploded between the parents like they had a quota of stories to exchange per hour. I swear, it was like listening to television static after too long. We were staying up for about four days, maybe longer depending on how those days played out, so there was plenty of time to learn to tune them out even more efficiently.

Luck was on my side as I managed to slink away from the orgy of small talk taking place in the driveway and move towards the cottage. I carried my suitcase down the hallway that branches off from the front entrance and reached the first bedroom.

"Bunk beds?" I muttered to myself. Not my room, evidently. Must belong to the little kids, where Chris would sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. I kept walking and found Mike's room, covered in posters of various half naked women and cars, typical guy room.

Then I reached Cassie's room, her door just inches from the room where I would be staying. I couldn't resist the urge to open the door a crack and look inside, knowing she was currently swimming and wouldn't catch me snooping. Her walls were white, and covered in everything from lyrics to her favourite songs to multicolored miniature murals that resided around her bed, all written in chalk or pencil or marker. It was beautiful, to say the least.

Through the window beside her bed, I could see outside down to the water. I was about to continue walking down the hall, when something caught my eye.

Looking back, I saw Cassie climbing out of the water. She was covered in water, dripping from her long bright red hair and making her tight one piece bathing suit cling to her curves as though it was a part of her. She wrung the water out of her hair and started drying off, dragging her towel across her chest and arms. Turning around, she bent over to dry her legs and I was treated to the glorious sight of her butt, covered with a shimmer of water and looking thicker than wet paint, swallowing a thin piece of fabric. The two big globes of flesh were smooth as glass, leading down to two extremely shapely and long legs. The best part was that her bathing suit was pulled tight to the mound of her vagina, sticking against it and giving me an incredibly detailed view of her partially covered lower half.

My breath instantly caught in my throat and I looked around to make sure nobody was coming down the hall. I could hear my parents still talking with their friends and my brother had taken the kids to play on the trampoline.

Quite a productive group, aren't we?

I took another step into her room, like my feet were willing me to go closer to her. She wasn't bent over anymore, and I cursed at myself silently for looking away when I had the chance. She was still looking out over the lake, as she had always had a soft spot for nature. My heart was racing as I watched her flick her hair behind her and walk up towards the cottage, leaving little puddles of water in her steps. "Fuck." I whispered quietly as I realized she would be able to see me if she looked up. I grabbed my suitcase and practically dove into the room beside hers.

I heard footsteps coming towards me and Mike appeared in the doorway, fist outstretched. "Eh Jimbo, thought you'd escape me?" One thing that's hard to explain about Mike is his strange choice of words and nicknames. Everybody is "Jimbo" or "Rick" or "Rico suave". Interesting character, I know.

"Naw man just had to get away from the parents. You know it's, like, a three hour drive up here right?" I pounded his fist and sat down on the bench that ran in a semi-circle under a series of windows. They were like big wooden boxes with pillows on top.

Mike handed me a beer and I cracked it open. "Was he singing?" he asked me, clearly referring to my father. As if on cue, Dad wandered down the hall singing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Mike leaned against the door frame and waved to him. "Mitchell, my man, how goes it?" I sat quietly listening to the two talk, trying to slow my heart rate down. I couldn't shake the vivid picture of Cassie out of my mind, haunted by it like a dream so pleasant you'd give an arm for it to wake up and find it came true.

Their conversation piddled along until Dad asked where he was staying this weekend, knowing that last time we were at their cottage the guest bedroom was under construction. Mike took him down the hall and I was sitting in my room alone with a beer I had so far forgotten to drink.

More footsteps came down the hall towards my room and I called out to them; "Mike, when did you guys renovate this room?" Taking a sip of my beer, I sat it down beside me as Cassie appeared in the doorway, almost making me choke. "Oh hi, I thought you were Mike so I said his name, but you're not. So, hi."

"Oh god, you got worse." She laughed at my helpless stammering as she hugged me. I hadn't always been good with speech, I spent my first years of speaking with a stammer and a lisp. I tried to form the words to explain myself but it was useless. "I'm kidding about that by the way, and yeah we changed this room about three months ago. It's a rec room now, so you'll be on this." She patted the futon on the opposite side of the door.

Looking around, I realized how much had changed. The room now had big windows all around the walls, and a TV had been put on the wall. The bed was entirely gone and instead there was a kitchenette with a sink, mini fridge, and a microwave. "It fits between the benches things, and it's pretty comfy."

I just nodded slowly and sipped my drink. She rolled her eyes and took my hand. "Jesus Christ you're a mess, aren't you?" We walked to the kitchen where she poured both of us a shot of Jägermeister, the drink of kings. "This will loosen you up, cheers." I threw the shot down my throat and slammed my glass down.

"Better?" she asked.

"Better." I squeaked, partially from nerves, and partially because Jägermeister is fucking poison. Delicious poison, but toxic nonetheless.

"It speaks!" She threw her arms up and high fived me like an absolute cornball. It was like any awkwardness between us had vanished from our last visit. I thought about the cold distance that had separated us for the past couple of years, only to find it was no longer with us; Cassie hadn't been this warm with me in years.

"What do you wanna do now?" Cassie's voice was soft on my ears, almost calming. I poured another shot and pounded it back, challenging her. She shook her head slowly and whispered, "I don't want to beat you like a little bitch in front of your family, but I will drink you under, above, and beside the table."

"Bring it then." I reached for the bottle, feeling the warmth from my first drink start to buzz behind my eyes.

Jack walked by and grabbed the bottle in a rush. "I need this." My Dad was cheering from the other room but we could see him through the enormous sets of windows that replaced the need for walls along a side of the cottage. "Mitchell, I got it!" A couple of overgrown children, they are.

Our mothers walked into the kitchen, gabbing like maniacs until they saw us. Then it was my Mother gushing over how long it'd been since she'd seen Cassie, and vice versa with Macy and me. "When was the last time we saw you, Carla?" Cassie asked Mom.

"Oh I don't know, five or six months? Maybe more. Probably more."

"Too long is the answer." Macy piped in, walking to the fridge to get a bottle of wine. "The kids are outside if you want say hi to them, Luke."

"Uh, maybe later, thanks." Those two kids are infamous for their obsessive torment with me.

"They miss you, they just don't show it."

Cassie rolled her eyes and stood up, motioning for me to follow her. We walked to her room and I asked where Mike was. "He's playing his video games in the living room, either that or watching Nascar." She reached under her bed and pulled out a bottle of rum. Slumping down against the pillows propped up against her headboard, she opened it and swallowed a mouthful of clear liquid. Handing the bottle to me, I followed her lead and raised the bottle to my lips, taking a hearty drink.

"So is this all you do?" I asked, keeping a firm grasp on the bottle in case an awkward pause came up so I could fill the silence with booze.

"To be fair, there isn't much to do around here to begin with. Especially when the only guy I know my age is my brother, so that's not exceptionally fun." She sounded disappointed, so I handed her the bottle.

She thanked me and took a drink, bigger than before.

"So you get bored easily then, eh Cas?"

"Easy enough, yeah. I don't play video games so what's there to waste time with?"

"Good question, let's go find out." I got off the bed and walked into my room. I grabbed my swimming trunks and walked back to her room, finding her steadily nursing the bottle.

Now, I'm not the kind of guy who wants to make a move on a drunk girl unless I know she'd be interested in me without the alcohol helping turn me from a modest 7 into a faux 10. Taking the bottle from her, I walked from the room and she followed me. I walked us out onto the back patio and looked out over the lake.

Their backyard was a stone pathway leading up to a hot tub, then down to a long sandy beach with beach chairs on it. A large fire pit was placed off to the side surrounded in chairs, just begging to be celebrated around.

"Come on, I don't want swim, I was just in the water." She complained. Her whining stopped once I flipped the top off the hot tub.

"I assume we can use this?" She nodded and walked over to me. Taking her hand, I helped her into the hot, foamy water. She cursed quietly as she got in and sunk down into a deep seat until all but her head of brilliant, shimmering red hair was visible.

"What's the problem?" I stepped into the water and realized what she was reacting to; it was boiling hot. "Holy hell, that's toasty."

"No kidding, somebody must've turned it up. The jets, too. They're making more foam than usual. Look, I can't even see the bottom!" She was right, it was like a tub of nothing but fluffy bubbles standing at least a foot or so above the water. "It smells great too, someone must've put in too much of the spa soap."

I took a deep sniff. "What scent is that?"

"Hibiscus and sandalwood with a hint of orange peel." She didn't even have time to hesitate.

"How do you know?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, probably, right?" She shrugged harmlessly. "Ask whoever put it in, dummy." Cassie started undoing the chest portion of her bathing suit and I dry swallowed, pinching my thigh to see if I was about to wake up from one of those wonderful dreams.

"What...are you doing?" I tried to find the right amount of confusion and excitement in that question, but it just came out in a rush.

"Calm down, I just bought this suit and it's not supposed to be in heat like this otherwise the colours will run."

"I'm not sure that's true." Idiot, why the hell would you say that? Just let her get naked, dammit!

"I'm not risking it, this suit was like $60."

"Still really cheap then, I see?"

"Fuck off, you can pay for it if it gets ruined then. This isn't weird for you, is it?"

I had to hold myself back from shaking my head as vigorously as I could, so I settled for a mild "no".

She placed the bra on the edge of the hot tub. "I didn't think so. I mean, we've known each other long enough that this is cool, but not long enough that it's awkward. Besides, you can't even see through the foam, I'm like a floating head."

"I've known you since I was born, that's a pretty long time. Doesn't that make us like, family?"

"Very true, but with that logic I should be best buddies with the doctor who delivered me, right? I only see you four or five times a year, it's not like you're my brother or anything."

We sat and talked in the hot tub until Mike came out to join us, snaking the bottle of rum from my hands. "Gotta be quicker than that, el Rico."

"El Rico? That's a new one, I think?"

"I wish," Cassie sighed. "But we've all heard it before."

Mike ignored her and started telling a story from his work at a summer camp earlier this month. I glided in and out of the details, laughing where I thought it would make sense to do so. Realizing I had no idea what I'd been drinking this whole time, I looked closely at the label of the bottle.

It read "Bacardi 151." That explains why I felt so buzzed off a few shots, I've been chugging a drink that's more than 70% alcohol. I'm big enough that I can handle my liquor, but never have I been this close to drunk off a couple drinks before.

I looked at Cassie and she was smiling and playing with the bubbles like a kid who has just been introduced to sand for the first time. She took a handful and blew them at Mike, laughing while she did it. "What's that for? Are you drunk, you goon?"

She shook her head.

"Just buzzed?"

She nodded vigorously.

"But really buzzed, right?"

She nodded vigorously again with an added smirk.

I started laughing at her wordless answers until my attention was drawn elsewhere. Looking down, I could see that she had cleared away the bubbles closest to her, giving me a direct view to her chest while keeping Mike's view obscured. I felt myself harden instantly, and reminded myself to thank every type of god I could think of for this Moment...when I was sober.

Mike continued with his summer camp story, oblivious to the fact that nobody was listening. My eyes were glued to her tits, her peach coloured skin stopped just above her bra line, giving way to perfectly shaped, untanned breasts. Her nipples were light pink and, despite the warmth of the water, were hard and pointing towards me. Seeing their size in a swimsuit didn't do them justice, as they looked a size bigger when they were freed form their cotton prison.

She had built up a wall of bubbles so that Mike, on the opposite of the tub, couldn't see anything. I, on the other hand, had front row seats to the greatest scene ever played out in front of me.

I finally managed to peel my eyes away from her, and looked up to see her staring directly into my eyes. We stayed like that for what felt like hours, waiting for one of us to make a move, to say something to defuse the tension.

The bubbles had started moving back to cover her up, and I realized she had in fact moved them by accident in the first place and now I was going to be typecast as a huge pervert. Her eyes drifted away from mine and I felt cut off from her. I had misread the entire situation, and felt like an enormous fool.

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