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Muslim Girls Masturbate Too!


Burning hot, that's the sensation of a thick dildo embedded deep in my asshole as I finger my pussy while watching some hot porn on my computer at home. It's Friday night and I'm lying in bed, wearing absolutely nothing. My hands under the covers, I please myself while looking at the screen. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid that female porn addiction is an all too common phenomenon and I suffer from it. If by suffering you mean it's a guilty pleasure I indulge in at least twice a week then yeah, I'm suffering.

The name is Haifa Abdullah and I'm a young woman of Saudi Arabian descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I study business administration at Algonquin College, and since I'm living alone for the first time in my life, I'm also exploring my sexuality in the most discrete manner possible. A lot of people think that us Muslim women are dull, boring and sexless. They forget that every hijab-wearing Muslim sister walking around the Canadian capital in her long skirt with her holy book in her purse has needs and wants like every other woman. We think about sex too! Mine are some unique needs, true, but they're needs nonetheless.

Something about two men having sex with each other turns me on and from what I read, I'm far from the only woman who finds such things hot. The porno I masturbate is classified as Bisexual MMF Porn, as in it features two men and a woman having sex with each other. It's not a heterosexual threesome where the two men bang the woman and don't even look at each other or a gay scenario where the two guys fuck each other and ignore the chick. I find both boring. However, two guys having sex with a woman and each other at the same time? To me that's the very definition of hotness!

In the video I'm watching, two tall and sexy, muscular and athletic Black men are having sex with a curvy light-skinned Black female with a big round ass. I love watching ebony sex videos, partially because I'm of African descent myself in a way. My father, Sultan Abdullah, one of the most important clerics of Saudi Arabia's Sunni community, is Arab and my mother Fatoumatta is Somali. I am tall, curvy and caramel-skinned, with long curly black hair and almond-shaped golden brown eyes. People always ask me whether I'm Mauritanian or Ethiopian but I always tell them the truth about my ethnicity. I am half Saudi and half Somali. Born and raised in the City of Makkah, in the glorious nation that is the Heartland of Islam. I am a proud Muslim sister and I am addicted to bisexual male porn. There, I fucking said it!

Watching this sexy ebony trio getting their freak on thrilled me like you would not believe. One of the sexy Black studs lay on the bed, stroking his chin and relaxing while the other, somewhat shorter Black dude sucked his cock. The sole Black woman in the scene wasn't inactive. Wearing a shiny black strap-on dildo, she got behind the brother who was sucking cock and eased her toy into his ass. Hot damn, I didn't see that one coming. I thought there were two dicks and one pussy in this scene but it turns out there's three dicks and one cunt. Ha! The curvy sister showed off her dominant side by spanking the cock-sucking brother and making him gag on the other dude's dick.

This turned on me so much that I felt my cunt muscles tighten. It wouldn't take much for me to cum right now, but I like to delay my pleasure. I thrust the butt plug deeper into my ass, going as far as it would go. At the same time I took my fingers out of my pussy, and I licked them, tasting my cunt and smiling before putting them back inside. Once more my eyes were riveted on the screen. Things were really heating up between the three of them, that's for sure. The sexy curvy Black chick was no longer wearing the strap-on dildo. Now she was sandwiched between the two sexy bisexual Black men. One of them lay on the bed and had his dick buried deep inside her pussy as she straddled him while the other dude was smacking her big brown butt cheeks while easing his dick into her asshole. Oh, shoot! Double penetration is so fucking hot!

The plump Black chick seemed to definitely have her hands full with two dicks inside of her at the same time, one in her pussy and one in her asshole. At the same time that they fucked her, the two Black guys exchanged a hot steamy kiss as the hot sister moaned and panted between them. Hot damn, I don't think I'd be able to handle such masculine attention and energy being poured into me but it's certainly a fantasy of mine. I closed my eyes and rammed both my fingers and the dildo into my holes as deep as they would go, and a moment later I gasped for I hit the magic spot.

I shrieked in pleasure as I felt an explosion of pleasure deep inside of me. My eyes fluttered and my lips quavered and my breath quickened. When I finally stopped squirming, the video was ending, with the sexy ebony trio lathering each other up with water and soap in the shower. I smiled. Damn, this was a very hot video. How I wish I could experience something like that one of them days. I can't think of any Muslim man who'd want to share his wife or girlfriend with another man but hey, if there are hijab-wearing Muslim sisters like me out there addicted to bisexual male erotica, there may well be bisexual Muslim men who get down like that. You just never know!

That night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my good friend Amina at Carleton University. She's a fellow Saudi Arabian whom I met at a mosque in the east end of Ottawa a few months ago and she's smitten with this Sudanese guy named Mohammed. Apparently they're in the same program at her new school. She wants to introduce me to him. Not sure I'm thrilled but hey, I like to support my Muslim sisters however I can, you know? Amina is a nice gal and all. I will meet with her and her beau but I will have to keep it short and sweet. Why is that? Simply because I also have some errands to run. I ordered a new box of sex toys and they arrived yesterday at the Post Office located on Rideau Street in downtown Ottawa. I can't wait to bring them home and try them on!

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