tagLoving WivesMustang Betrayal

Mustang Betrayal


The 'star' of this story is my 1966 Mustang GT convertible. My wife is reading my mind thinking, "You wish!"

There is no category for Scamming Your Wife so this appears under the Loving Wife category. It could fit in Cheating Wives, too.

I loved that car and appreciate any comments about this story.

Rodryder 44


"And then he shoved that big, black cock into my pussy hammering my cervix with every thrust, staying hard for what seemed like hours."

"He told me to scream that his cock was bigger than yours, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, and came on him."

"He said he would fuck me for as long as he had a breath in his body. Wasn't that romantic, Michael?"

"Then he came in me with a bucket of cum. It felt wonderful thinking his little sperms were searching for my helpless egg to make me pregnant. Imagine, me pregnant!"

I'm lying in bed as my wife of two years confesses she'd been unfaithful for the past three months with a used car salesman.

I've never experienced infidelity before and forced myself to remain calm while I listened to her.

I'm the husband, Michael. I'm 25, 6' 1" 185 pounds on a good frame with chiseled abs and a 9" cock.

Ashley is 23 years old, 5'10" tall, weighs 135 pounds with curly black hair extending five inches below her shoulders. Her brown eyes are large and expressive. She's a walking wet dream. She has 36C breasts with pink areolas, and nipples that stand out ¾ of an inch when aroused. Her waist is narrow accentuating her peach bottom ass. Her legs are long and well proportioned. She is a real fuck toy.

Ashley seemed quiet at supper tonight but insisted she was okay and it must be something at school where she teaches that was bothering her.

We did the dishes together, silently, and watched TV. Tuesday is a slow night on the boob-tube, so we went to bed early.

I rolled over to her to suck her breast and put my finger in her pussy but she stopped me saying, "Fuck me, Michael. Just fuck me."

She was wet, very wet and something went off in my mind but before I could respond she started crying and asked me to cum in her now. She fucked back as I slammed my cock in her sopping cunt and we came together as we usually did.

It was strange when she grabbed my cock and sucked it clean. She never does that.

We lay in each other's arms and I'm about to ask a question when she says:

"Michael, we gotta talk. I've been unfaithful to you for the past three months."

"Ashley! How could you? Is it someone I know?"

"Not really."

"Is it serious? Do we have a chance as a married couple? How did this happen?"

"In a way it's your fault Michael. I first met him when you dragged me down to Montclair Motors to see that old convertible.

"My Mustang?"

I was driving home from work three months ago when my head snapped around as I spotted a green Mustang convertible on a car lot. It was just like the one my dad had. I turned around and pulled in the lot, parked and went over to see the beauty.

"British Racing Green," my dad always called this color. It had a cream interior with embossed horses racing across the seat backs. A rally pack, fog lights, and dual-striped high speed tires. GT stripes along the lower body and wire wheel covers.

I popped open the hood as a salesman came over and asked me if I was interested in the car. I checked: it was a V8 with a four barrel carb.

""I'd give my wife for this car." I said, with a grin.

"I can't take your wife in trade, but I'm sure we can find terms if you're really interested."

I kept circling the car checking it over.

Mileage, 123K.

Automatic? It was.

Black motorized canvas top and A/C, which my dad never had.

Dual chrome exhaust.

"Does the A/C work?"

"Like an ice box."

"How much?"


"Let me bring my wife down as she will probably be driving it most of the time."

"Yes, your Mustang. You came home and insisted I go with you to look at it that night. On the way you kept telling me about your father and mother and a car just like the one you were taking me to see. I've never seen you that excited, Michael. Not even on our honeymoon!"

"I looked at the car and saw an old convertible, big deal. You were talking quietly with the salesman while I went around it and thought "Hey, It really is a very sexy car. I could see my driving it and getting admiring looks from guys."

"I liked the wire wheels and fog lamps. I sat in the seat taking in the look and feel of the wood grain steering wheel, and the rally pack on the column."

"Joe, the salesman, came over with the keys and said to take it for a ride. He was big and black with a very disarming smile."

"I started it up and immediately fell in love with the deep throaty sound of the exhaust. The vibrations of the engine through the seat made my pussy itch. I was falling in love with that car."

"You stayed behind as I drove out of the lot with Joe. The radio started playing "Runaround Sue." That song really made me wet my panties. Joe told me to take it on the highway."

"The side air vent blew my mini skirt up exposing my thong. I tried to hold the skirt down, but it kept blowing up. Joe reached over with his big hand and started fingering my pussy through my thong."

"I was startled. How could he be so bold? I didn't try to stop him. The car sound was hypnotic. I was in a trance. I twisted my hip towards him so he could finger my pussy better."

"Joe said that I was very beautiful and that you were a lucky man to have a hot wife like me."

"Michael, it was so strange, the feeling of another man fingering me and looking at my shaved pussy."

"He said that it would be dangerous for me to get stuck out on the road in this kind of car."

"I asked what did he mean?" and he said to pull into the rest stop coming up at the side of the road. I pulled in and stopped.

We sat looking at each other. I leaned closer and let him pull my breast out of my top and put it in his mouth. He bit my nipple and I came on the seat.

He opened my door and helped me out. Michael I let him finger me to an orgasm as cars drove by and beeped their horns."

"He asked what would happen if I got stuck on the highway by myself."

"I said I didn't know, what would happen?"

"He took the keys from the ignition and led me back to the trunk. He opened it and told me to reach inside for the car jack. I leaned in the trunk and my dress rode up my ass."

"You always like that view of my ass with me bending over, didn't you?"

I nodded and moved my hand back to her pussy and she opened her legs. I stuck two fingers in her and stroked her clit with my thumb.

"Joe said if I were trying to change a flat tire someone might stop and take advantage of me."

"I said: "How?"

"He pushed me down onto the spare and said they would grab me as I was leaning in the trunk."

"I felt his cock in the crack of my ass. Michael, it felt wonderful. I backed into it. It was big and hard as steel. I climaxed again."

"I said, what would happen next?"

"Joe said he would pull me to the side of the car and pull down my panties. He did pull down my panties, Michael."

"I said, what would happen next?"

"Joe said he would fuck me silly. And he fucked me right there, in the rest stop."

"Michael, I felt so slutty... and loved it. I had him fuck me on the hood of the car and he came in me and I dripped cum on the hood."

"It was deliriously satisfying, Michael. Deliriously."

I asked "Then what happened?"

"He ate me out on the hood so I wouldn't get the bucket seat wet. Then he fucked my face and came in my throat."

"He opened the passenger door and made me sit. I was too emotional to drive, so he drove back. I thought you would notice. He wanted my thong as a souvenir."

I did notice Joe driving back and her having that just-fucked look on her glowing face, but didn't say anything.

"You bought the car on the spot and you were as happy as a fox in the henhouse. While you were looking the car over Joe whispered that if I found anything wrong with the car he would 'fix it'."

"Michael, I drove that problem Mustang back to the lot nearly every day for the next three months and let Joe 'fix' it in his garage. We fucked for hours in the car in front of the mechanics. I didn't care who saw me."

"Today I had another problem 'fixed' and then he said he couldn't see me anymore as his wife found out he was cheating on her."

"Oh Michael, I'm so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?"

"How will I ever know that you're sorry for the cheating, and not just sorry you broke up with your lover?"

"Oh, Michael I'm sorry for you, just you. How can I prove myself?"

"I don't know that I want to take you back. You're a slut. You know that, right?" I'm finger fucking her rapidly and she's pushing into my fingers with her eyes closed and head back in submission.

"Oh, I'd love to be your slut and be fucked every day, Michael. Any way you want." she said with a sultry look, grabbing my hard cock.

"Maybe I won't want you wearing panties so I can inspect your cunt for violations."

"You can check my cunt any time you want."

"Anywhere, and anytime?"

She hesitated, confused. Then she looked at me and smiled that sexy way, understanding the direction I was headed.

"Anywhere, and anytime." She stroked my cock vigorously."

"Well, alright, since I do love you very much, I forgive you."

Now she's deep-throating me and playing with my balls. Joe has taught her well in just three months

I am very pleased the way things turned out. I could have made more demands, but it takes time to train a slut.

I love that car. It was worth the cost of Ashley's ass to get it.

I was also amazed that Joe agreed to seduce her for only $200 bucks. He did it for three months, pennies a day to fuck my wife; what a bargain. He's not married and says he does this all the time. He appreciates good white ass.

Oh God! I love that car and I got a slut as a bonus.

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by Anonymous

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by FantasyTrain01/28/19


Sounds like something from Jerry Springer!
Survey says...........................FAIL!

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by Anonymous11/28/18

you write good trailer trash stories

no soul in your writings.

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by Anonymous10/03/18

Well done.

Thank you Mr. Anonymous for saving my 4 and half minutes. I have only wasted 30 seconds to read your comments.

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by Anonymous08/16/18


Christ almighty another brain dead hack who doesn’t have a pair of balls. Please give me back the 5 minutes i wasted in your dumbfuck story.

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by avengerfive08/14/18


Actually, I prefer the fastback with manual trans, but every other thing was PERFECT!!

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