Mustang Sally


She bent forward, and pulled the rest of the dress smoothly over her head and tossed it into the bow of the sloop. She turned to face him. Her green eyes smiling, Sulis bit her lower lip and slowly moved her two, wide-spread hands from her neck over her breasts until, at her waist, her fingertips just touching the edge of her swimsuit bottom, she paused.

He looked back to her eyes. Sulis said "Watch my hands."

She moved them lower again. Her thumbs hooked under the thin yellow strip that covered her sex, her fingers pointing directly toward the swell of her mound, and she slowly pulled the suit down. It curled over, and a heartbreakingly beautiful cloud of red hair was between her legs. Below it was the swell of her lips. She was so beautiful, and Ramos wanted her. His world had been transformed by her to silence for the first time since birth. She had no tan lines. Sulis stopped at mid-thigh for a dramatic second then swiftly bent and removed the bottoms.

She untied the straps from behind her neck. The top loosened, her firm breasts nearly free. She bent toward him. "Would you like to do the honors?" she said, her voice deep and sensual.

Keeping his left hand on the tiller, he reached with his right, and she let the fabric fall from her breasts into his outstretched hand. His hand remained suspended there as he looked at her breasts, perfect in shape even with her bending toward him. There was a small tattoo on her left breast, above and a couple of inches inside of the nipple. It was a sun with eight rays burning out of it. The obsidian pendant was the only thing she had on, and it swung between her breasts.

Her face was only inches from his. "Don't fight me," she said so quietly he had to think to hear. "It will be easier for you later on." He let the top slide off his hand to touch her.

Her areolae were pink where they faded into her tan. Toward their centers they became warm coral and finally deep coral where they turned to erect, pebble-sized nipples. Sulis stayed still and his touch felt like a worship of beauty to them both. She hummed her appreciation. Ramos felt her softness, the pucker of her arousal.

As the boat rocked in a breath of wind, she dropped forward to steady herself by putting her hands on his shoulders. Now Ramos could reach her with his mouth. He licked, and drew her left nipple into his lips. She crooned. Sulis reached down to take the tiller from him. With both of his hands free, he held both breasts and suckled them in turn, letting his left hand slide toward her sex.

She gripped his wrist and lifted his face by the chin to kiss him softly. "Let me sit here again," she said. They switched places and, as he went, confused, back toward the front of the boat, she said: "No, stay where I was. It's your turn."

He turned toward her. The fly of his swimsuit bulged, his penis clearly excited and reaching toward his belly. She raised an eyebrow. "I'm around stallions all day," she said in her throaty voice again. "You're not going to show me anything I don't know." She smiled. "Loose 'em, Ramos."

Ramos dropped his swimsuit, then he unbuttoned his overshirt and let it fall. Sulis watched, her green eyes shining like deep pools, the next minute glinting like the obsidian. She motioned him forward and turned him around. She ran her cool hands down his back, over his buttocks and down the outside of his thighs. He felt like a horse being examined. Then she moved her fingers to the inside of his legs and sensually up to the crease where his butt parted. She had made him feel like a man again.

She surveyed his front, running the coolness of her palms over his pectorals, abs, quads .... and then paused as she lowered her lips and took his sex gently, completely, into her warm mouth.

He was afraid he was going to come. Sulis sensed his plight and pulled back. "I think a swim would be good," she said, and turned the sailboat toward the shore and a cove where no one had built. There, she had him drop an anchor over the bow.

The treetops moved in the wind aloft. On shore, wildflowers flourished. The highway was distant and its noise did not reach them. They swam together to shore, then back to the boat, and did the lap again. When Sulis stopped, she put her back against the gunwale of the boat and put her hands over her head to hold herself there. Her legs slowly tread water. He swam up to her, his erection eased now.

They talked quietly. She fondled the obsidian. Ramos touched her hair, a deeper red now that it was wet. She grew quiet and her eyes drew him in. He fronted her and placed his hands beside hers on the gunwale. They pressed their lips together in a long kiss. Her lips parted and his tongue gently teased. He caressed her lips with the tip of his tongue while her parted mouth waited for him, her green eyes shut. The motion of his world stopped and was entirely occupied with his sense of her.

He pulled in against the boat so they were pressed together, his cock hard again. He wanted to put it between her legs in the cleft formed by her lips. He could still picture the cloud of her hair. He moved lower in the water so they would fit.

"Let's get back in the boat," she breathed.

He tried to hold it steady and watched her as she raised herself up and then put her leg over the side. Everything his cock wanted, everything his hands, his mouth wanted to touch was displayed before him.

Sulis reached back to him, her red hair dripping, and helped him back in. "Enjoy the view?" she asked, smiling.

"I enjoy the whole woman," Ramos said.

She took his head in her hands and kissed him passionately. "This boat isn't very comfortable for what you want," she said. "For that we need maybe another date.

"Okay?" she asked when he said nothing.

"I have no desire to put splinters in that lovely tush of yours," he said, "and if it means I get to see you again, I'll live."

"Your eyes are so black," she said, "and absolutely full of lust."

He tried to think about something else.

"Oh, don't stop," she said. "I didn't mean we can't do anything.

"Let's put the clothes so we can sit on them and you can hold me," she said.

They drew themselves together on the floor of the sloop, his shoulders against one side and feet resting against the other while the boat rocked gently in the lake. Looking up, trees circled them and the deep blue of the sky. Two hawks circled, riding the air. Sulis curled against his side, rested her head on his shoulder and one hand on his chest.

His erection stood off of his belly, and it throbbed. She said: "Your cock is moving."

"Thank you for noticing," he said. "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to just hold you."

"Then," she whispered into his ear, "touch me."

He turned slightly toward her. He slid his lower arm beneath her so it held one cheek of her ass. Ramos kissed her, his other hand caressing her face. The kiss turned to lust.

Sulis wrapped her arms about his neck and head. Ramos touched her shoulders, arms, and lingered his fingers on her breast. He teased her nipple with his thumb and forefinger, then took the entire areola between two fingers, pulled it out, and teased the nipple with his thumb.

She moaned into his mouth. She was not loving him but making herself available. Where his hand was against her butt cheek, he began to massage her and move toward her anus. Ramos moved his head even with her breast to suckle. The posture made it so Ramos could caress her abdomen and run his hand down the outside of her hip and thigh, as she had done, then toy with the soft flesh inside of her knee and back up the inside of her leg without touching her sex.

For Sulis, night had descended, and the lake had risen around her and she was floating on another plane. She thrust herself at his fingers each time he ascended the insides of her thigh. Then Ramos rested his hand on her mound and pressed.

Sulis spread her legs. He began to tease her labia. His mouth was on her nipple, and she was pressing her breast into his mouth as she moaned into the air over his head. The air moved in the treetops as deeply as Sulis herself breathed.

Ramos spread her wetness along the labia, then took one lip between his thumb and forefinger and slowly moved up its length. He did the same thing to the other lip. "Touch me," she began to whisper. "Touch me. Touch me." Water lapped against the boat.

He held his fingers against the hood over her clitoris. Behind her, Ramos rested a finger on her anus. He was focused on her pleasure, and he wasn't aware that he too was moving against Sulis with the same rhythm and motion as the sky and water. In tempo with the licks he had been giving her nipple, he tapped her clitoris, lightly then with increasing firmness. "Ohhhh touch me," she moaned. "Toooouuuch." He pulled the hood back from her clitoris. The hard spot was fully aroused. Lightly he drew fluid up to coat the clitoris and began to move his finger on it so lightly he could barely feel it himself. But Sulis felt it.

She started to croon. Ramos put more pressure on the little nub and used his teeth gently on her nipple. She started to come. He pressed his finger against her anus, and she moved her hips just enough to help him press his finger into her to the first joint. He stopped there as Sulis continued to ride up the hill of her orgasm. He teased her clitoris like he had her nipple, taking it between his thumb and forefinger and rotating it, now in time with her body's motion. The sky and trees above them had begun to blur.

Sulis was lost in the noises of her sexual breath, and her orgasm overwhelmed her. She grasped his head to her breast with both hands and threw her legs wide against his hand. At her clitoris, Ramos kept thumb pressure and a rapid motion as he inserted two fingers in her vagina. He moved his finger gently inside of her anus. He pulled at her nipple with his teeth and flicked against it with his tongue.

Ramos could feel her entire body responding in one complete opening to him. Had he not been so engaged by the details of loving her, perhaps he could have felt her world's motion, the night sky behind the sun as it spiraled in time with the lapping of her heartbeat. Could he have heard the wind whispering nature's passion in her breath?

When she began to slow, he did, too. Sulis rested on his shoulder again. He was amazed he hadn't come in her excitement, but he had been so intent on pleasuring her that he had made no effort. He had never been so committed to another's pleasure.

"Ohh, that was beautiful," Sulis gasped. She said: "Let me get my strength, then I'll help you?"

"You don't have to," he said.

"I want to," Sulis replied and, in a minute: "Lay back. Don't move. This one's mine," she said.

She began to massage his chest, his abdomen, and as far as she could reach down his thighs with her head still on his chest. Sulis ran her hand down his side and massaged the hollow of his back, his waist, and his hips. Ramos raised his legs for her and she spread them slightly so she could reach the inside and back of his other leg.

"You're awfully turned on," Sulis whispered. "I'm going to touch you. But you're not to worry if you come fast. I would like that," she said.

She touched his balls. He knew they already were drawing up. She moved them gently. Then she touched two fingers to his shaft, one on each side, and slid up, stopping just as she reached the crown, then moved back down and stopped. Her head moved toward his groin. He could feel her breath on the tip of his cock. She lifted her hand from him and then one of her fingers, wet with his juices, moved about the head of his cock and probed gently at the little hole.

His orgasm was beginning to boil. Ramos wanted to warn her. "Don't worry," she said, "I want this." Sulis placed her hand over his cock, firmly gripping his shaft but with her thumb and two fingers still caressing the head. Sulis looked into his eyes. There was a black galaxy opening in him as it had in her.

When Ramos began to come, Sulis could feel the throb and rise of his sperm. She placed him in her mouth and wrapped her lips just below the crown of this penis. She swirled her tongue twice around the crown and then swallowed him as far inside of her mouth as she could. She felt the release throb into the back of her mouth and down into her throat.

Ramos felt his seed pour, not in the quakes and spurts of a normal orgasm, but it felt like a constant flow, a total release into her mouth while she stroked and then held him with her mouth. He felt completely absorbed by her. He also felt outside himself, suspended somewhere above, spiraling. Her masturbation had been simple and honest, and like nothing he had experienced before. She cupped his balls and cock with her hand. "Next time it will be better, much better," Sulis said.

"It's hard to believe I'd survive anything better," he breathed.

"But I'm very glad there will be a next time." He felt as happy as he'd ever been and joy always made him talk.

"Listen," he went on, "I want to tell you why I want to buy that property," Ramos said happily. He felt her stiffen. "I want you to understand," he said.

"Since I've met you, my plan has changed." Sulis leaned up on an arm to look down into his eyes. She licked her soft, full lips and tilted her head. The dignified sensuality of her aquiline nose and a rash of freckles with her green eyes were framed by her damp red hair and the deep blue of the sky.

He felt something open inside and come out in a rush.

"I want to buy it to be next to you. I want the land because you want it protected and so I will have a right to be near you. You, the lake, the hill and horses, will all give me something I need to be able to return to."

"Return?" Sulis asked. "Where are you going?"

"I have to work. Don't you think? I can't get away with being a lovesick schoolboy all the time," Ramos laughed.

She touched his lips. She was thoughtful. "Would you like to stay?" she asked.

"Of course," he said, then laughed, "...if you'll feed me."

Sulis kissed him passionately then, swinging her body on top of him with enough energy to make the boat rock hard. She took his breath away, literally this time.

"I'm glad you want to stay," she said. "It's easiest to leave things if the future holds promise." She looked across the water and said quietly. "We need to get back in before the afternoon wind dies off."

They sailed with the wind on the way back so it was easier and quicker. They talked and nibbled at the lunch they had forgotten and drank wine from the cheap glasses. He put his trunks back on. Sulis wore just the cover up; her shadowed flesh moved beneath it, and while they docked and tied off the sloop, she said: "I know what you're looking at," but she was smiling. They walked up the marina and stopped by the statue, his admiration obvious, now he knew why it looked so much like Sulis.

"I would love to see you like that. In a dress like that," he said almost to himself.

She looked at him: "How about tonight?"

"Really?" he felt his heart lift at the idea.

"We can go up into the hills," she said. "We'll ride the ridges. I have something I'd like to show you. When we get there, we'll see if we can figure out something to do," she smiled and winked. But then she looked into his eyes, serious:"... if you're sure...."

"I want to be with you," he said fiercely.

His eyes and his touch on her arm underlined his answer. "Do you ride?" she asked.

At seven o'clock he arrived at Mustang Sally's, and he sat to wait for her at a picnic table near the fence that protected the statue from errant boat trailers. Sulis arrived around 7:15 and when he saw her walking toward him, smiling, she stopped his breath. She was radiant.

Her red hair was loose about her face and her smile was full of joy. Even from a distance, the dress was stunning. It was a pale green, like new grass, and shone like satin. As she got closer, it was clear the fabric was thinner, lighter, and nearly translucent. It looked like she had nothing on beneath the dress, and as he looked at the way her breasts moved as she walked toward him, he felt himself begin to rediscover his hunger for her.

The dress hung from her shoulders over her breasts and came together in a V just below her navel. It tied with a sash behind her to keep it from slipping off her shoulders. For a moment, he felt as if he had seen a dress like it. She wore a pendant hanging on a gold chain, a burnished sun with 8 rays. It was like the tattoo on her breast.

Ramos held her arms so he could look into the deep green of her eyes that the pale dress magnified. She wore eye makeup that seemed to his city eye simple and perfect. Her few freckles brought life to her face, her throat, the tops of her breasts. She was laughing at him because of the way he was looking at her. He held her close and she kissed him in a way that told him she shared his passion.

Sulis gave Ramos a horse used to the saddle. She took a white stallion, mounting him in a single vault onto his bare back. They rode up the hill from the lake in the sunset. He watched the dress ripple smoothly as she rode ahead of him. He had worn shorts and a polo shirt. At the top, she turned to talk to him.

"Take off your shirt so you can really enjoy the evening air," she told him: "I sometimes ride nude, but you said you wanted to have me wear the dress, so it's your own damn fault," she joked.

Before they rode, Sulis advised him: "Let go, Ramos. Give the horse his head. The animals will take us wherever is best."

They rode from ridge to ridge and dismounted well after dark, far from W. Delosboro. She told him to place the reins loosely over the pommel and to let the horse wander. They sat next to one another in the grass. Ramos was surprised that it was not as scratchy as he'd expected.

When Sulis reclined, he bent to kiss her. The kiss and their nakedness started to feel like passion. She said quietly:

"Don't rush, Ramos, not tonight.

"I want it to be unforgettable and keep you close to me always.

"Lie back with me."

The night sky spread above them. The breeze was back again after the sunset. Night birds and insects filled the air. "My God," he said, "This is beautiful."

"Yes," Sulis said. "I knew you would see what it was that I want to keep. And protect."

"I will do what you want," Ramos promised. "I want to be with you."

She said: "I know, Ramos."

She sat up and then stood so the moon was behind him and on her.

"You seemed to like watching me," she said. "So watch." She reached behind her to the sash that held the dress.

"Now who's hurrying?" he asked.

"Tonight is for you," Sulis said. "And I want you to last for a long while later, sooo...." She slowly brought the edges of the sash around to her front, untying the knot. The shoulders slid down her arms. The only thing covering her breasts, and keeping the dress on, was her hands cupping it to her breasts. She got on her knees at his feet where he sat in the grass and released the top of the fabric. It fell, uncovering her breasts and her erect, nipples, darker in moonlight, then slid past the lovely depression of her navel and over her hips and abdomen to reveal the soft, pale cloud of hair at her sex in the moonlight shadows.

He wondered if he could breathe. She put her arms behind him to urge his hips forward, then unbuttoned, unzipped, and with his help, tugged his shorts down his legs and off his feet. His cock was nearly erect, and she finished that by taking him in her hand and gently squeezing the shaft, then licking slowly around the crown.

"I want this, the entire night, to be so special for you," Sulis said. "I want this to be the night that will forge our future."

Sulis dropped her mouth over him until her lips were wrapped far down his cock again. The effect was immediate, given his memory of what she had done for him just a few hours earlier and the sensation of her lips and tongue on him now. Ramos could feel the gentle rhythm of her sucking and her tongue laving his cock.. She would lift her head and remove the suction to swirl her tongue about the head. Each time she looked up at him and smiled. Quickly he was ready to come. He started to tell her, but she knew. She slowly began to mouth his testicles and the sides of his shaft.

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