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Mutual Interest


So far they'd finished together seven times. They had started a week and a half ago. It started out of a mutual craving. Probably in part because they were on the long side of a cold winter. Probably in part because they were in their twenties and had plenty of spare moments and spare energy.

The first night they were between TV shows and so had turned the lights off early. They both laid in the still night, still awake. It was dark and the condoms were across the room but a shared restlessness soon manifested itself with the familiar couple kissing.

Almost mindlessly, the man reached down and rubbed his dick with his palm through his polyblend boxer briefs.

She could feel his arm moving. Then noticed he had hooked a thumb into the waistband and now had a hand wrapped around his cock jerking himself off to their kiss. The idea aroused her with flattery. He was using her writhing body like some kind of masturbation aid. Then, to her momentary confusion he stopped.

Three seconds late she felt her leggings and panties get pulled to her knees in one brusque motion. The next thing she knew, he was propped over her. One large hand was holding the side of her neck and the other was held to her mouth.

"Spit," he said. She did.

Taking her lubricant in his hand, he glossed it over his cock and started pumping the now wet shaft again. His cock throbbed just inches above her entrance. His knuckles brushed her stubbly lips as his hand glided up and down.

He could feel her wetness. Then, in the dark, his knuckles began to brush hers as she started rubbing her clit. That first night elapsed like this. Just close quarters masturbation. Him stopping and going until they came together. Him covering her fingers and cunt in a messy cumshot.

The sessions became more inspired from there. Helping each other casually get themselves off in place off sex. Never penetrating and always coming together.

She would hump a pillow while he rubbed his coconut oiled cock between her ass cheeks. He would slip two fingers into her and make his arm rigid do she could rub her clit with one hand and grab his flexed forearm with the other hand and fuck herself to completion.

One night she spent twenty-five minutes putting herself together naked in the mirror while he watched from across the room. She did her make up, then her hair. She put on a dress and stockings. She carefully selected a pair of earrings. Then she got on her knees in front of him and said "Come on me."

Their adventurousness crescendoed on a Friday evening. They had watched a movie that had been surprisingly erotic. Most of the film they watched without much talking. After, they stood in the middle of the bedroom kissing. They undressed unceremoniously and he laid on the bed. She climbed on top of him.

The whole scene was underscored by the taboo. His ragged uneven breathing inches from the spot between her asshole and her box. She could feel the warmth of each breath on her most intimate area every time he exhaled.

Meanwhile he could feel her eyes run the length of his cock on the other end of the sixty-nine they had formed. She held it up by its base and he felt the pulse of his heartbeat against her unsure fingers. It was the first either had taken charge of the other's genitals in their game.

After several long moments of them spying at the other-and in turn feeling the other spying at them-she formed a more intentional grip around his cock and stroked up then back down. She felt his legs tense. Pleased by the effect she was having, she gave the man another stroke. She felt as though her hand held the rudder of a large ship. The entirety of his male body seemed to be at her guidance.

Each single stroke sent him towards the edge. Each single pause brought him away from it. Letting her hand slide along the warm ridges of the fleshy baluster satisfied a small sexual curiosity, but feeling how his whole body reacted to her touch held a consuming fascination all of its own. She wanted to make him feel good but just not just incidentally, she wanted to control the making him feel good. She wanted to own the space between where he was now and his whole body tipping over the edge. So she firmed her grip and stroked. Little, deliberate, strokes.

He fought to stay as far away from the edge as possible. Her hand expertly negotiated each tug on his cock. A familiar glow in his jerked manhood marked her obvious progress. He brushed his lips against her stubbly folds. She reacted. He closed his eyes and kissed her. It was a slow romantic kiss, as if he were kissing her mouth.

He pressed into her, feeling her clit press against the kiss he began to tease it with a bashful tongue. But as her strokes got more sure of themselves his tongue became more composed. Soon the kiss gave way to proper cunnilingus. He spelled out the alphabet over her clit in cursive, repeating letters whenever she twitched or inhaled quick.

Suddenly a warm mouth unexpectedly enveloped the head of his cock and he forgot all about spelling. He felt her leave it intentionally sloppy, providing some truly personal lubricant for her very determined right hand. It glided along the length of the shaft in fast repetition, he rocked his lips and tongue across her clit, matching her intensity.

She moaned. She didn't usually moan but-partly for his benefit and partly for her own-she emphasized a quiet moan that she would have normally stifled. He grunted in response. So she moaned again. She was on all fours, positioning her hind quarters over a man's face as she jerked him off to his fervid satisfaction. The moans made her feel like she was animal which normally wouldn't do much for her, but the especially lusty situation seemed to have provided her with more than a few unusual appetites.

Moaning like an animal was only one of them. Without much forethought, she felt the muscles in her hips giving in to another curious appetite. She started slowly humping his face as he licked her. Two full sized hands firmly squeezed her ass cheeks in approval. So she grinded more, dragging her sex between his nose and stubbly chin. Leaning into her growing orgasm.

"I'm gonna cu--" she tried to get out, before "I'm coming." Then, to bring him over the edge with her, she cupped her hand around his balls and began to massage his taint.

The intention with which she did it got to him on the next stroke. He shot a thick load of cum onto her bare chest as her hips shuttered on his face. One pearly rope hit her under the chin and another landed across her left areola. The rest just made a mess on her chest. As their mutual orgasm subsided she rolled off of him.

He wiped her wetness off of his mouth and kissed her passionately. Their spent genitals brushed carelessly as they made out, swallowing each other's breathy "I love you's" with kisses.

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