Mutual Mastrubation, Neighbors Cum


"A glass, shit you better give me the whole bottle, I must be crazy for being here," she said nervously.

I offered her my hand and guided her into the family room where I had opened a bottle of wine already opened. She sat down and I poured her some wine as we listened to the Rippingtons.

"Humm... this is smooth...smooth wine...smooth jazz. Rob are you a smooth operator?" she laughed.

"Not only am I smooth operator, I am completely smooth for you viewing," I said with a laugh.

"So, Rob, how this going to work?" Jennifer asked.

"I thought we would enjoy a little wine and then head upstairs, where I have the camera set up. Did you bring your toys?" I asked.

Jennifer reached into the bag she had carried in and pulled out the most realistic dildo I had ever seen. No shit this thing looked real. The cock was about 8 inches long, decent girth, veins on the shaft. It had a firm feel to it, but what is incredible is it has two balls, in a latex sack. You could move the balls within the sack and they would sway back and forth when you moved the dick. So they could slap up against the woman's ass as she fucked herself. The cock also a suction cup device on the base so she could put it on a hard surface and then guide it in and out of her pussy.

"Shit, Jennifer, I have never seen anything like this and believe me I look at sex toys. What else do you have?" I asked.

She reached back in the bag and pulled out a strap on that the dildo would slide down into, it had a holder for the suction cup, complete with straps to go around your waist. At the bottom of the stirrup holder it had a flexible piece of plastic about six inches long and a little bullet vibrator on the end. So the woman wearing this thing could insert the plastic piece into her vagina and the little bullet would excite her G spot. The plastic also help hold the whole dildo in place.

"Man you can do some power fucking with this thing, someone has thought it all out in this little invention," I laughed.

"Yeah I don't get to use the strap too much, but the little bullet sure hits my G spot just perfect," She said.

"What you have no other pussy you can fuck? Maybe an ass would do...humm," I replied.

"Well.....Rob, if you play you cards right...than ass just might be your own. But oh no, that would be touching right? Not allowed right?" Jennifer laughed.

"That's not touching....touching would be skin on skin, or lips on skin, if our appendices touch that's OK, I pleaded.

"So you make the rules as you go, huh...Rob...have to admit I am getting a little excited." Jennifer picked up the dildo stuck it on the coffee table and stoked it with her hands. This dick actually had an outer skin that moved over a harder material inner core.

"Foreplay that's all," I replied, "Let's go up stairs, my toys are there."

Jennifer started up the stairs and I watched her ass closely I he climbed the stairs. In our bedroom I had set up the camera on the tripod between the bed and Queen Anne chair we have. I had my toys on the dresser.

"What's this?" Jennifer asked, picking up the black plastic object that looked like a giant flash light.

"That's my Flesh Light," I said laughing, "Unscrew the top."

Jennifer unscrewed the top to reveal the pink latex pussy. The lips of this pussy are very real looking and the feel is incredible. "Go ahead touch it; you need to get it wet to stick your finger in it.....go ahead lick my little pussy."

Jennifer raised the Flesh Light's head to her face and licked the pink cunt. She flicked her tongue on the lips and left plenty of saliva behind. Next she inserted her finger and wiggled it inside the pussy. "Oh this feels pretty real, Rob....not as nice as the real thing though," she said.

"You right about that but sometimes you have to make do, ya know," I said as I picked up her dildo and started to suck it. I was hoping to taste some of Jen's juices. I moved the cock in and out of my mouth, tonguing the underside and then licked the balls.

"Ever suck a real cock, Rob?" Jennifer asked.

"No, but sometimes I think I would be willing to try. How about you?" I asked.

"Suck a cock...sure Rob, and even a pussy or two," she laughed.

"Here hold that Flesh Light toward me," I asked. Jennifer put the opening toward me. I inserted her dildo into my Flesh Light. "There my pussy is fucking you cock, pretty cool huh?"

"Rob I am getting pretty hot, let's get started," Jennifer pleaded.

"Ok," I said, "I'll go first, so you can take some pictures and video, use both your camera and mine." I unbuttoned my silk shirt and dropped it to the floor; next I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the ground. I stood before my neighbor Jennifer in only my black Under Armor briefs. Jennifer took a couple of still pictures as I posed, trying my best to suck in my gut. I bend over and grabbed my ankles as she clicked off a few more.

I danced around a bit and started to grab at the waist band around my briefs. Jennifer moved to her camera to film the action. I slowly pull my briefs down exposing my growing cock. She zoomed in on my shaven cock and balls, as I had hooked up the camera to the TV. Finally my briefs were at my ankles and I stepped out of them. I sat back in the chair and began to stroke my cock.

I could see Jennifer behind the camera, feeling her own tits. I cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with the other. I didn't want to cum right off so I got up. I walked over to the camera. Jennifer came from behind the camera and got on her knees in front of me, she wanted a close up. The camera continued to roll.

"Nice cock there mister, you have some big fucking balls too," she said as my cock was several inches from her face. "Ok my turn."

"Great," I said "I have been waiting to see that fine ass of yours." I picked up the camera and got ready to shoot some pictures.

Jennifer took off her tank top to reveal a lacy white bra. Her tits filled the cups, her nipples pressed against the thin material. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the ground. There she stood thong panties and a bra. She tilted her head and smiled for the camera.

She undid the clasp on her bra and exposed her ripe melons. Her nipples were erect; she rubbed her hands over them gently pinching the nipples.

"Turn around and bend over for me," I commanded.

She quickly obeyed. She spread her legs her lips of her pussy pushed tight against the thong material. Her face appeared below, her hair touched the floor. Her tits looked nice hanging down like ripe fruit.

She pulled her panties off to expose her shaven pussy. After what seemed like 100 pictures she stood upright and turned around. Her hands moved across her body, cupping her breast and moving her labia form side to side.

"Take the chair now, I am going to film now," I said like a porno director.

Jennifer backed her way into the chair. She spread her legs and raised one foot to the cushion. Her legs were spread wide apart exposing her blooming flower. She lowered her hand to her moistness and began to rub her clitoris. The lips of her labia were spread apart and they were becoming flush with blood.

I put the camera on auto so I could get a closer look. I knelt down in front of Jennifer, on my hands and knees. I inched closer until my face was about eight inches from her love nest. She rubbed her clit and then stuck her fingers deep inside herself. She was very moist; I could see the wetness on the folds of her labia. Her head went from side to side; her eyes were closed as the smile of pleasure came to her face. Her breath grew short, her breathing was arithmetic, and low groans emerged from her lips.

Within a minute the groans grew louder. I urged her on, "Jennifer, you look lovely, come for me baby...I want to see the juice flow from your pussy....I want to taste your love in my mouth."

"Fuck....oh fuck....oh...oh...I'm cumming...fuck...fuck...oh fuck," she said over and over.

I could see the juice flow from her and down the crack of her ass. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her up as I lay back on the carpet. Jennifer stood directly over me.

"Come on baby, let that cum drip on to my face," I pleaded.

She squatted down directly over my face and lowered her body about six inches from my face. Her cum splattered on me, some directly into my open mouth. I could smell the love coming from her inner self. I grabbed her hand and licked the cum from her fingers.

"Hey, no touching," she laughed.

"It's just your fingers....I could touch taste so look so wonderful playing with yourself," I said.

Jennifer stood up and sat back in the chair. My cock was stick straight up in the air from watching Jennifer. I started to stoke myself as Jen looked on.

"Can you get my Flesh Light for me please," I asked.

"Sure, Rob...I'll get your little pussy....I want to watch you fuck her," she laughed.

"Lick it...get it wet for me....put some of your cum on it," I begged.

Jennifer stood up and walked right over me. She grabbed the Flesh Light and sat next to me on the floor. She licked the pussy and smeared some of her remaining cum on it.

"Here let me help you," She said.

As I held the base of my cock Jennifer pushed the Flesh Light on to my waiting dick. She pushed the pussy all the way down. Jennifer was now kneeling beside me and began to stroke my cock with the fake pussy.

" wanna fuck your little pussy do you dream it's me your fucking don't you. You wanna fuck my pussy like your little friend here," she teased me.

"Yes baby....I dream about you all the I would fuck your hot little love hole...fuck you so hard you would scream," I panted.

Jennifer continued to fuck my dick with the pussy. Jamming it harder and harder. She would pull it all the way out and jam it right back in. I thrust my hip up to meet the pink little pussy. Then she pulled it off and licked the slit of the fake cunt to make it wetter, tasting some of my dick at the same time.

"Hey I got an idea.....why should I do all the're the one receiving the game, Rob?" she asked.

"Sure, anything you say Jennifer," I replied.

Jennifer got on her hands and knees and put the Flesh Light between her legs with the opening sticking out the rear of her ass. She squeezed her legs together to hold the device in place.

"There, come behind me and fuck you little cunt, you can pretend you are entering me....come on now do as I say, Rob," she commanded.

I didn't have to be asked twice; I quickly got behind Jennifer and straddled her legs. I slide up behind her and stuck my cock into the little pink pussy. I grabbed on to Jennifer's hips and started to thrust in and out of the slick hole. I had a nice view of Jen's ass. My hands slid back and I grabbed her ass cheeks.

She protest, "Just my hips buddy touching certain areas remember."

"Ok....but it just comes natural in this position," I excused myself.

"Speaking of cumming, don't shoot you load into your little it for better," she scolded.

I continue to shove my cock in and out of the latex device. I could feel the pressure building, I was about to come. I pulled out, groaning a bit.

"Oh fuck it comes.....turn around...quick," I said in a rushed voice.

Jennifer dropped the Flesh Light from between her legs and positioned herself on the floor; her head was between my legs look up at my cock. I grabbed my cock and stroked it with a furry. My back arched as I started to blow my white cream onto Jennifer's face. My cock brushed against her nose as my love filled her open mouth.

I sat back on my legs and my ass hit the carpet. I looked down at Jennifer's head right between my legs. She used her fingers to gather the cum that missed her mouth. She offered it up to me and I quickly sucked her fingers dry.

I had this beautiful woman lying nude in front of me, her head between my legs and we had both just had unbelievable sexual releases. I got up and helped Jennifer from the floor. We moved toward the bed and both climbed in.

"I have masturbated many times, but never got off like that....thank you...what a way to come, fuck," I groaned.

"Having another body close to you as you get yourself off is a real turn this is what you call Mutual Masturbation," she laughed. "I could go about you, Rob?"

"Fuck, don't have to ask me twice.....roll about if I use your strap on and enter you from behind?" I asked.

"You kinky little devil you, just make sure you use the right dick to fuck me," she said as she rolled over and got on her hands and knees.

I jumped up and inserted the dildo on to the strap on holder and put it around my waist. The holder pushed my cock down and I bent the plastic wire and little bullet vibrator to the underside of my balls. I stroked the fake cock and used my spit to lube the head.

I climbed back in bed and positioned myself behind Jennifer. My hand guided the cock into her waiting vagina; Jennifer was still very wet so entry was no issue. I slowly pushed the cock forward, bottoming out as my torso pressed onto Jennifer's ass. The heat from her body caused my own dick to tingle. I grabbed her hips and began to move the cock in and out of her.

I picked up the pace and used my hands to thrust her ass onto the fake cock. I grabbed her ass to spread her cheeks, I didn't care if she objected or not, I wanted a good view of her labia grabbing the shaft of my fake dick. The lips clung to the shaft as I withdrew and were force in as I thrust forward.

I forced her head to the pillow and got to my feet, with my knees bent my thighs held tight against the side of her body. I was fucking her hard and fast, groaning like a wild animal, I continued to fuck my hot little neighbor. I could feel tension building in Jennifer.

"Fuck....oh fuck...that feels sooo fucking good...shit.....fuck, here cums," she screamed.

I quickly pulled out I threw my feet toward the head of the bed and had Jennifer straddle my face. She put her arms on either side of me, now starring at the cock that just fucked her. She moved her one hand to massage her clit, as the juice dripped onto my face.

There was more cum this time and I was savoring every drop. I spread her inner thighs and pulled her body on mine. My nose was touching her moist lips.

Jennifer undid the chastity belt that was crushing my hard cock. Without warning she took my cock into her mouth and sucked my cock down here throat. Her head bobbed up and down on my hard dick. I figured if she could lick me I could lick her back, so I stuck my tongue into her slick hole.

As her lips made love to my cock, I sucked her juices dry. It was too much and I came into her waiting mouth. A moment later we were both motionless, my cock still in her mouth and my tongue buried deep within her. Finally she rolled off me and on to her back.

I repositioned myself so we were lying next to each other. We just sort of looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

A smile came to her face. "Rob, I think that was a little more than Mutual Masturbation....don't you?" She asked.

"Jennifer......oh Jennifer, I am not sure what to call it but fucking are one special lady...thank you so much," I said.

"Well I need to get going, maybe we can watch the video tomorrow," she said laughing.

"Sure...I'll preview it later....I am sure it will be great," I said.

More to come....

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