tagLoving WivesMy Adventures in CFNM

My Adventures in CFNM


This story is based on the first event in a wild series of events that broadened my sexual awareness and experiences. Thank you to my guest editor. I'd love to hear your comments...


Hi there! My name is Suzy and this is a story about my first real life CFNM adventure, which led me to this remarkably fun and female-friendly fetish. It happened a couple of years ago, when my husband and I joined three other couples and my sister on a ski trip over a holiday weekend in February. We rented a cute log cabin in the mountains near one of Colorado's best known resort towns. The cabin had four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a loft with an additional queen sized bed overlooking a beautiful living room, and an expansive wooden deck with a large hot tub with a great view of the Rocky Mountains.

My husband, Tom, and I were accompanied by my college roommate and best friend, Cathy, and her husband, Bruce; Cathy's friend, Michelle and her husband John; and Bruce's brother Larry and his wife Jen. My little sister, Kelsie, who lives in Denver, also drove in for the weekend.

I guess I should tell you a little more about myself before I continue the story. I'm 34 years old. I'm no supermodel, but I'm in pretty good shape. Tom and I have been married for 5 years now, but dated for three years before marriage. He is the sweetest, smartest, most fun man I have ever met. He is also 34. Before we met, neither of us had a lot of experience with members of the opposite sex. We are both kind of shy until we get to know people.

I had had 3 serious boyfriends before Tom, but I can't say I ever had amazing sex until Tom and I got together. While he may not be the most experienced guy in the world, he definitely has some good instinctual skills in the bedroom. Well, enough about us....Let's get to the action.

We arrived late on a Friday evening and after inspecting the cabin, each couple choose a room. My little sis was assigned to the upstairs loft area. After Tom and I got situated in our little bedroom, we rejoined the group in the living room. Despite the snow flurries falling outside, Cathy declared it was time to test out the hot tub. She and Michelle had already changed into the swim suits.

"See I told you! You should have brought your swim trunks Larry!" Jen chastized.

"Well, I just didn't think it would be practical," Larry explained.

John chimed in: "Oh Larry, believe me, after a long day on the slopes, the hot tub is a God-send."

"Ha! Well, I guess he will just have to get in naked!" Cathy laughed.

Larry, a somewhat portly fellow, exclaimed, "Yeah right! I'm sure my sister-in-law wants to see this body."

"Well it isn't like we haven't seen dicks before Larry." Cathy replied.

I was a bit surprised by the seriousness of her tone. Cathy had always been very forward, but I couldn't believe how serious she sounded with her invitation for Larry to get in the hot tub naked. After a bit more teasing about Larry's forgotten swim trunks, Cathy and Michelle went outside and hopped in the fancy cedar hot tub. Jen, Kelsie, and I changed into our swim suits and joined Cathy and Michelle.

The water felt great after the long flight from home and the 3 hour drive from Denver. It was fun sitting there with my girls enjoying a bit of wine, while the boys inside sharing laughs over their beers.

On Saturday morning we got up early and drove to the slopes. Hubby and I hadn't gone skiing in some time, so it took a little getting used to, but by the afternoon we were swooshing down the slopes and through the tree trails.

On the way home that evening, the group stopped by the grocery store in town and picked up some fresh steaks, potatoes, and of course more beer and wine than we needed. Upon arriving at the cabin, the ladies changed out of our ski gear and into our swimwear. We all hopped in the hot tub - each with a glass of pinot.

Bruce and Larry prepared dinner on the gas grill. The cold temperature meant it would take a bit longer for our food to cook, but it was worth the wait. Tom and John put on their swim trunks and joined the ladies. Tom and I talked about how the warm water pulsing through those jets were relaxing our sore muscles.

Meanwhile, Cathy called out to Larry: "Hey Larry, you going to join us in the hot tub after dinner?"

"I somehow doubt it!" Larry yelled back from across the deck.

"Yeah, silly boy! Bring your suit next time," his wife Jen scolded.

"We said he doesn't need one," Michelle laughed.

"Yeah, I guess he's afraid to show us what he's packing! Guess he must be hung like his brother." Cathy chuckled. Her comment to her brother-in-law had an effect on her husband. Bruce turned a bright shade of red at the mention of his endowment followed by the girls' laughter.

Cathy had often joked about Bruce being small, but I had always written that off to her very sexually progressive sense of humor. Seeing his reaction sort of confirmed her comments may actually have been based in truth. Cathy, Jen, and Michelle continued to drop little suggestive teases toward Larry about getting undressed and in the tub through out the night. Their teasing got to the point it was becoming a bit trite as Tom and I headed off to bed.

Inside our small bedroom, Tom pulled me close. He whispered to me that it had been a while since he'd seen my in the bikini I wore that night and that he really enjoyed what he saw. His wet swim trunks pressed against my hip and I could feel his large cock was straining for my attention. I let him remove my towel, and the next thing I knew I was laying on the bed while Tom was on his knees with his face between my thighs.

He expertly untied my blue bikini bottom and went to work. After the relaxing effects of the hot tub, his tongue felt so good as it explored my shaved pussy. He expertly teased my clit as he often does by making each letter of the alphabet with his tongue. In no time, I was in ecstasy. Being shy, I tried hard not to moan in pleasure fearing my friends in the rooms next door would tease me the following day.

After he was certain I had had my first orgasm, he stood up and slid his yellow swim trunks down his legs revealing his large, hard cock. Although he doesn't have a freakish, porn star-sized member, Tom was easily the biggest man I had ever been with, and tonight he looked larger than usual.

"Get that top off!" he commanded and he slowly climbed on top of me.

And with that, my lover's naked body was on top of mine, his large penis slowly working its way into my tight pussy. I whimpered, trying not to make the tell-tale sounds of sex, but it felt so good. I had been craving Tom's cock since earlier that morning when I noticed it creating a bulge in his black Under Armour tights as he prepared to hit the slopes.

"Mmmmm!" Tom uttered as the base of his cock slid ever closer toward my parted pussy lips. Once he was fully inside, he began a series of alternating short and long strokes. The man simply knows to how pleasure me. Soon I was on the verge of my second in a series of three orgasms.

As my pleasure slowly waned, Tom and I traded positions. I love riding his 7.5 inch cock cowgirl style. Tom was loving it too, Gently rolling his hips, so his manhood bobbed inside me. Before I knew it I was there again. I bit my lip to conceal my moans from my friends sleeping in the next room.

Sensing that I reached the edge of another orgasm, Tom took control. He rolled me over onto my back and fucked me deep and hard. "Shhhh!" I whispered in his ear as I felt his hard cock stiffen even more as it prepared to explode. "Mmmmm," He moaned lowly as he ejaculated deep inside my soaked pussy. Exhausted, we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning, we awoke to fresh powder outside. Tom and I shared knowing glances all morning as we prepared for our last day on the slopes. After the final run of the weekend, our group head out to the local brew-pub for dinner. The guys all drank a bit more than they needed, so Jen and I ended up driving our rented S.U.V.s back to the cabin.

Once we arrived, there was a flurry of activity as some folks packed up for the trip home the following morning and some changed for one last dip in the hot tub. I joined Michelle and Cathy in the warm, soothing water.

"Hey Larry! Its your last chance," Michelle goaded from the comfort of the warm hot tub.

"You'd like that wouldn't you, you dirty little tease!" Larry, who was very drunk, shot back.

"You are such a tease Michelle!" Cathy laughed. "Larry you know you don't have the balls to get in the hot tub naked with two smoking hot chicks like us!"

"Fuck it!" Larry yelled as he began feverishly stripping. Before I knew what was going on, all I saw was Larry's white butt running toward hot tub while Cathy and Michelle rollicked in laughter. Startled by the noise, Jen popped her head out of her bedroom.

"What's going on?" She called down the hallway.

"Your drunk ass husband just jumped in the hot tub!" Kelsie yelled.

Jen rushed down the hallway to find her husband sitting naked between Michelle and Cathy's bikini covered bodies soaking in the red cedar tub.

"What the hell?!" Jen laughed. "You do have the balls to do it!"

"Yeah, but Jen, they ain't big balls," Michelle cackled as she wiggled her pinky finger in Larry's direction.

"HA!!! Yes, unfortunately I see you are hung like my little hubby - your big bro." Cathy feigned a tear.

I couldn't believe my friends were actually discussing the size of Larry's member, let alone Bruce's as well.

"What the hell did you say Honey?" Bruce called from inside the door.

"I said you were a bit on the small side, Dear." Cathy replied, wiggling her pinky at Bruce.

"Is that so?" Bruce asked as he came outside in his swimsuit.

"You know it, Dear." Cathy shook her head.

"Well, let's have the others decide!" Bruce smiled as he dropped his trunks and stood before the group.

When Kelsie saw what was going on, she quickly came outside and stood next to Jen on the deck. Now all five ladies were surrounding the two naked brothers. Unfortunately for Bruce, Cathy was right. He was rather small. The two men I dated through high school and college were small to average in the penis department, and Bruce was definitely in their range.

"Hey Bruce, since you are such a gentleman and haven't gotten wet yet, how about you go inside and grab us all another round of drinks?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah dear, please? Some wine would make this so much more fun." Cathy added.

With that, Bruce turned to us and we watched his bare ass wiggle back into the cabin. Jen and Kelsie also went inside to change into their swimwear. Moments later Bruce returned with a bottle of white wine and a couple beers - plus another surprise - Tom and John.

"What the hell is going on?" John said to Michelle.

"Just having a bit of fun hubby!" Michelle laughed.

"You boys going to man up and join us next?" Cathy laughed.

Tom looked at me. I nodded.

"Why the hell not?!" Tom exclaimed, as he discarded his yellow swim trunks.

His soft penis hung nicely over his large balls as he stood with his hands on his hips. (He admitted to me later that having already seen Larry and Bruce, helped his confidence).

"Now that's a man sized cock." Cathy said with a wink in my direction.

"Yeah, Honey, looks like Tom has you beat." Jen said to the still clothed John.

John replied, "Well, what the fuck?" as he stepped out of his blue swim suit revealing a decent size penis. John wasn't as well endowed as Tom, but surely had a size advantage over Bruce and Larry.

"How about you show us something now, you little tease?" Larry sneered at Michelle.

"Fuck no you drunk ass!" Cathy fired back.

"Yeah, you don't want me showing my goodies to your friends do you Larry?" His wife, Jen, warned.

"Uh, fuck whatever" Larry moaned as he leaned back against the wall of the hot tub.

"Hey Tom," Cathy called, "I could use a refill."

"Uh, now may not be a good time." Tom blushed from across the tub.

"Why the hell not?" Michelle scolded my husband.

My hand brushed Tom under the water. I could feel his cock was at full attention.

"Probably because he's hard as a rock!" I couldn't help but giggle.

"Oh fuck yeah! Now you really got to go get us some wine." Cathy laughed.

Tom was bright red. He looked at me.

"Go on, Honey." I encouraged with a slightly intoxicated laugh. "Show them what you got!"

I was feeling a sense of pride that my hubby was a bit bigger than the next closest man in size, and a bit more pride that he was so much larger than the men of my two most sexually charged friends, Cathy and Michelle.

Tom slowly go up out of the water. Finally, all of his seven and a half inches were proudly displayed at Cathy's eye level.

"Well, at least one of them is man-sized." Cathy laughed.

Tom exited the tub and headed inside.

"No wonder you always wake up smiling." My shy little sis Kelsie whispered in my ear.

I wasn't sure how to respond to Kelsie. On one hand it was hot that my two sexiest friends were somewhat envious of my man's endowment, but it was a bit awkward with my sister knowing what her brother-in-law was packing.

"Well, he isn't huge by any means, but he'd definitely get the job done!" Michelle stated very matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean Mich?" Jen laughed. "Looks pretty damn big to me!"

I couldn't believe my friends were openly eyeing my man's hard cock. More shockingly, I was getting very turned on as the conversation continued.

"Your turn babe!" Jen poked John in the arm.

"What?!" He squirmed.

"Show my friends yours! I've been giving it a little stimulation under the water, little Johnnie is ready to appear" Jen joked.

Slowly, John stood up. Just then Tom returned outside. Standing next to John there was not much difference between the girth of Tom and John, although Tom had what appeared to be a whole inch of length on his friend.

"Yeah, I think John is a little thicker, but Tom is definitely bigger." Cathy observed.

"Ok little dicks!" Michelle commanded, "Stand up!"

With that brothers Larry and Bruce stood up. Both brothers were in the 4 to 5 inch range and looked rather puny in the girth category as well.

Larry, clearly still feeling the effects of all the brews, uttered, "You ladies know it's more about the ocean in the motion!"

"You mean the motion in the ocean, Tiny?" Cathy laughed at her brother-in-law's misstatement.

"Fuck you!" Larry retorted.

"No way! Not with that little thing!" Cathy laughed.

"Ha. No she only fucks that little thing!" Michelle laughed pointing at Bruce's 4 incher.

"Whatever girl, you know that's too small for me!" Cathy hollowed as Michelle joined in her laughter.

Bruce just shook his head and sank back into the tub. I got a really weird vibe from Bruce's reaction to Michelle's statement, like maybe it wasn't the whole truth or something, but that he didn't want to elaborate. Probably just me but it seemed something was left unsaid.

The silliness of the CFNM hot tub scene continued for another hour or so, before we decided it was time to head for bed. After all, we had a 3 hour drive and more time on a plane after that the next morning.

"Come on, big boy," I said to Tom as I got up out of the tub.

"Oh come on Suzy, you want to trade off for a night?" Cathy smiled.

"Yeah right girl!" I replied. "Now that I've seen the goods, I think I'll stick with this one." I said as I gave Tom's now semi-hard penis a squeeze. Tom jumped a bit from surprise as I lead him to bed by his penis.

Once in the privacy of our room, I dropped to my knees in front of him. Seeing me kneel before him pushed Tom back to full erection. I slowly began sucking his soft sexy head and massaging those big balls. After a few minutes, Tom decided it was time to return the favor. He picked me up and put me on the bed. He slowly untied my bikini and removed it. With perfect skill, he licked and sucked my clit within inches of an orgasm. Just then, I heard a faint noise.

"Honey, do you hear that?" I whispered.

Tom sat up, but kept his hand on my dripping pussy lips. The faint moans of sexual pleasure were coming from Jen and John's room next door.

"Sounds like you aren't the only one who is getting lucky tonight." I whispered to Tom.

"Yeah, but who is going to get it the best?" I asked.

Always competitve, Tom made it known how much he liked being the biggest earlier that night, now he was determined to give me the best orgasm in the house. His lips sank back to my pussy. While expertly eating me, Tom reached up and began massaging my breasts.

"I need that cock!" I whimpered.

"Not yet Babe!" Tom replied. With that he worked even harder with his tongue. I was in ecstasy. Hearing Jen moaning next door, coupled with a steady flow of pinot all night, pushed my inhibitions away. I began moaning loudly as Tom's tongued me to my first orgasm.

After I'd recovered a bit, he slowly made his way up my body giving me little kisses along the way. On my hips, my belly, my ribs, my breast, and finally sticking his wonderful tongue down my throat. I could taste my own juices on him as he skillfully inserted his big penis into my pussy.

With a series of alternating deep and shallow strokes, Tom had me moaning again. This time I wanted the whole house to know I was getting the biggest cock of the bunch.

"Oh yes! Fuck me!" I cried out, and Tom didn't disappoint. Within minutes, I was cumming again.

"Oh Tom!" I moaned.

"Fuck yes, Suzy, I want to feel you gush all over my balls." Tom instructed. With that, I lost myself. I had a massive orgasm that seemed to last for hours.

"Oh Tom! I want to see you cum," I begged.

With that he pulled out, and gave himself two strokes. I could see his balls tighten. Just then he exploded with a warm blast of cum onto my belly, followed by a second even bigger shot, then another and another until my stomach and underboob area were covered in his warm jizz.

"Fuck, I love you!" Tom exclaimed as he collapsed next to me.

I felt so hot. Realizing Tom was passed out, I decided to shower. I wrapped myself in my cozy robe as I got out of bed. Not realizing anyone else even existed at that point, I opened the door to the bathroom our room shared with the one next door. Jen was inside drying off from her own shower.

"You had to rub it in didn't you?" She said as she looked at me with a smirk.

"Uh, well, I guess." I blushed.

The next morning at the airport, as the guys checked us in for our flights, the girls all giggled and teased me about the loud noises they heard. They didn't know I was such a wild woman in the sack. I guess neither did I.

"I don't know about you girls, but I'm pretty jealous of the cock that Suzy is getting it from," Jen teased me.

"Yeah, he's good sized I'd say." Michelle added. My modesty returned, and I blushed at their comments.

"What? Are you two serious?" Cathy mocked. "Tom isn't bad, but I'd hardly call it big?"

"Ha! You are too much Cathy!" Jen laughed.

"Jen, shut up!" Cathy scolded. "You three clearly haven't been with a real well hung man!"

"Well, Tom is a lot bigger than my previous boyfriends, Cathy, I don't know." I reasoned.

"Suzy, I know that dude you were with back in college was tiny, but when we get home, I'll introduce you all to a guy that I know who has a nine inch cock." Cathy replied.

"What? They get that big?" Jen asked coyly.

"Ha! You still seeing that guy on the side?" Michelle exclaimed.

"No. No. This is a new one." Cathy replied.

I couldn't figure out what they were talking about about. Was Cathy cheating on Bruce?

"Oh my God, Cathy! Are you cheating?" I asked.

"What the fuck Suzy?!" Cathy replied. "No. He knows about it. He's always known that I need more than he can offer, so we've had this arrangement for a while."

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