tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Adventures With Brandi

My Adventures With Brandi


I first met Brandi about 5 years ago. She was a cocktail waitress at a night club the gang and I used to go to after work. I was friendly with another waitress there, and she introduced us. Brandi was gorgeous, about 5'7" and around 115 lbs. She had long brown hair and a wonderful body. Her breasts were full (I'd estimate about 36d) and had a round firm ass. We always exchanged greetings when I was at the club, but I never tried to take it further than that. After about a year, the club closed and I lost contact with Brandi, although I thought about her often.

About 6 months later, I was at one of my favorite strip clubs (having just discovered them) , watching the sexy girls cavort in next to nothing, when my eyes were drawn to the stripper on the main stage. She was not facing in my direction, so all I saw was a rear view. Now, being a major ass-man, I was in heaven as this girl was on her hands and knees with her round ass pointing in my direction. All she was wearing was a thong and heels, her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders. As she turned my way, still on her knees, her fabulous tits came into view. They were full, natural looking tits. I was mesmerized by the way they were hanging there, with edible looking nipples. I slowly moved my gaze from her tits to her face, where I was shocked and surprised to see it was Brandi!! My jaw must have dropped wide open when I saw her smiling wickedly at me. I had always fantasized about her, but never thought I would actually see her like this!! She finished her set , me staring all the time. She got down off stage to make her rounds to collect tips and rustle up private dances, while I tried to compose myself before she got to my table. As Brandi made her rounds , I watched some of the other dancers do their stuff. I was watching a petite blonde twirling around the brass pole when I heard someone behind me.

"Well, hello there stranger." I heard Brandi say in her smoky, sultry voice.

She moved around to in front of my chair, still just wearing her thong and a smile.

"Hello to you too." I replied. "I never expected to see you in a place like this, not that I'm complaining, mind you!"

Brandi laughed at that last remark; and while she did, I took the opportunity to steal a look at her breasts. Yep, definitely natural, a rare thing in the stripper business.

She noticed me staring and smiled. "Like what you see?" she asked, twirling around so I could get a look at the rear view also.

"Like is an understatement." I replied.

"Well then, how about a private dance so you can get an up close and personal view?" Brandi asked.

"Lead the way." I replied.

She smiled and took me by the hand, and led me to the private dance area. As we walked, I stole a glance at her ass, mesmerized by the firm twin globe undulating as she walked. We found a comfy chair and she sat on my lap, and we got caught up with each other as we waited for the next song to start. Brandi reached for her bra and started to put it on.

"Don't worry." she said when she saw the disappointed look on my face. "I'm just putting it on so you can have the honor of taking it off during our dance."

The next song started. A nice slow one perfect for slow grinding. She told me the ground rules: touching was ok, but stay away from the 3 "B's" - Boobs, Butt and Beaver. Brandi stood facing me and slowly started to sway to the music. She straddled my legs facing me, lifting herself up so her bra encased tits swayed slowly inches in front of my face. She suddenly moved forward and covered my face with her tits, my nose stuck right in between her cleavage. Her tits were as soft and warm as I had imagined. My hands found her hips, as I helped to guide her in a up and down fucking motion over my crotch. Brandi dismounted and stood facing away form me, her gorgeous ass just begging to be caressed . She spread her legs and bent slowly at the hips, her ass moving closer to me. I stared at the strip of thong covering her asshole and pussy, lost in the beauty of it all. Brandi slyly peeked at me around her hip, her pretty face framed by her long brown hair. She straightened up, gave my a lustful look over her shoulder and placed herself back on my lap, still facing away from me. Brandi started grinding her thong covered ass over my crotch. I found myself getting rock hard by this time, knowing she had to feel my cock as she ground on me.

"Ok, baby, let's get this bra off me." She said in her husky voice.

Brandi pulled her long hair over her shoulders, giving me access to clasps of her bra. My fingers were trembling as I unhooked her bra, something I had only dreamed about until now. She leaned back into me, her head on my shoulder while her hair cascaded over my shoulder and arm. Brandi moved her hand to her breasts and slowly slid the cups of her bra off her beautiful tits. She then cupped her tits in both hands, squeezing them, both nipples peeking out from in between her fingers. Brandi continued to move her ass over my ever hardening cock, her head still on my shoulder with her eyes tilted up, staring into mine, licking her lips. She slowly got up, and straddled my legs facing me again.

We both looked at her thong covered pussy hovering just a fraction of an inch above denim covered crotch. I looked up at her wicked grin as she grabbed the back of the chair and raised herself so her tits were swaying right in front of my face. Brandi grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward so my face was buried in her chest. I could smell her perfume and feel her slightly sweaty skin on my lips as I lost myself in her embrace. As Brandi released me from her tits, she slyly brushed both nipples across my lips. It took all my will power not to take both tits in my hands and suck her nipples in my mouth, but, I didn't want to ruin this experience.

The song was winding down now, Brandi sat on my lap, wriggling her ass on my bulge. The song ended, and Brandi got herself back together, letting me re-hook her bra. We stood and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She looked around to see if anyone was looking,, and then slyly dropped her hand to my cock and gave it a quick squeeze.

"Think of me when you take care of this later." She said with a huge grin on her face. "And CUM back and see me again real soon!"

Brandi, there is no way I could stay away!!

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