tagLoving WivesMy Adventures with Schoolboys.

My Adventures with Schoolboys.


My name is Stephanie and I am 37 years old. I am married to Stephen who is a very understanding husband. We have only one child, our son Chad who has just turned 18 years. Stephen and I married when I was 18 (Stephen was 22) and the reason we married so quickly was simply I was pregnant with Chad! I had had lots of boyfriends when I was at college and had been very sexually active with them all, in fact I had fucked around with so many boys I just couldn't remember them all.

I had been away from boys for a couple of weeks after a rather nasty breakup with my last boyfriend but when I went to a bar with a couple of girls after a day of heavy sport I met Stephan. It was a joke right from the start - Stephen and Stephanie - our names were meant for each other. Anyway, I had quite a bit to drink and when Stephen offered to drive me home I thought that was a good idea. I think I passed out in his car almost as I got in and when I woke up I was lying in bed - his bed - and I was naked and so was he. At this stage he hadn't fucked me but he woke me up to tell me he was about to do it! What a gentleman! I sobered up very quickly and, looking at his naked body and seeing such a lovely hard but big cock sticking out in front of his body quickly made up my mind. I laid back, spread my legs, and he was in me fucking me like mad! I must say I enjoyed the sex and we did it several times before he told me I had to go home. He helped me dress and then called a taxi and I arrived home, rather late, and very well fucked! I usually insist on condoms with any man I don't know very well but I got a bit carried away and a month or so later I knew I was pregnant.

I had seen Stephen several times between the time we fucked and I found I was pregnant but we didn't fuck then - we only talked. As soon as I knew I was pregnant I contacted him and we met for coffee and I told him. He didn't seem very upset and simply asked me if I wanted to marry him or get an abortion and I chose marriage! That was how we came to be married.

Once Chad arrived we had a new purpose in life - looking after Chad - and I am afraid I was a little neglected and so was Stephen. Chad seemed to take up all of our time and efforts and when we got into bed we were too tired to fuck except on some occasions when we found the energy. Our sex life deteriorated to about 3 times per month and, although that was quite satisfying at the time, I missed it between the sessions. Stephen didn't seem to be so concerned about the lack of sex.

Once Chad began school I had more free time and this allowed me to improve our sex life a bit but Stephen seemed to have lost a lot of his desire. We hadn't had sex for about 2 months one time and when we did have it, Stephen really enjoyed himself. He suggested I should look around and see if I could get some other man to fuck me and that would be quite alright with Stephen provided I told him every detail of the fuck! I was very surprised at this because Stephen had been rather jealous of myself with other men even though he wasn't fucking me himself.

Although I really did my best to find a suitable man to fuck me I didn't have any success - I guess I was such a coward I was afraid to approach any man at all. Stephen knew I was willing but didn't know how to go about it so he told me he would arrange for another man to fuck me! I was quite worried about this but agreed to go along with him and his idea. It turned out that he didn't know anyone suitable either and so we ended up in a bar, on the other side of the city, with me dressed by Stephen to look like a slut ready to pick up a stranger. Stephen had told me I was to only wear a short skirt, shoes and a small top which would tie under my breasts. I asked about a bra and panties and was told they wouldn't be necessary. Stephen had helped me get ready by shaving my legs but he didn't want my underarms or pubic hair shaved - he is a bit of a hair freak (and I love him for it). He applied lipstick to my nipples to make them more noticeable under my fairly sheer top and made sure the top he selected had no sleeves on it because he wanted men to see my hairy underarms and my hairy forearms. He had the notion that a girl with hairy underarms was very sexy and would do anything.

We drank at this bar for about an hour and then drinks made me feel a bit more relaxed although I was dreading being picked up. Then it happened. A nice looking man sat on the stool next to mine and engaged in conversation with me. He bought me a drink and ignored Stephen because I think he thought Stephen was trying to pick me up. The man placed his hand on my knee and slowly ran his hand up my leg until it was right under my skirt and fast approaching my cunt. I glanced at Stephen and he nodded his approval and so I turned slightly so this man could easily reach right up my leg and touch my cunt lips. I jumped as he touched me and then the man asked me if I would go outside with him for some fresh air. It was then that Stephen spoke up. He said, "This woman is my wife but she will be quite prepared to fuck you if you can get us all a room. I must go with you for her protection but I won't interfere while you are together. Do you still want to go with my wife?" The man, Nick, readily agreed and he walked out with us telling us he could easily get a room in a motel nearby.

We went with him to the motel and he was a very gentle lover. He stripped his clothes off and I saw the most beautiful cock in the world. He was very large but I knew I would be comfortable with him. He came over to me and slipped my dress off in one easy movement and then we moved over to the bed where he placed his cock in my mouth for me to suck. I sucked it loving every moment of it. Stephen sat, fully dressed, in the corner watching intently as I sucked this lovely cock. When he was nearly ready to cum he pulled from my mouth and moved between my legs and began sucking and licking my cunt and clit soon bringing me to orgasm. He moved further up my body and entered me in a single thrust. He then started slowly fucking me and, as I said, he was a gentle lover. We reach orgasm together and she shot his load of cum into my depths and then laid on my body caressing me and kissing me passionately. Soon he rolled over and we both rested.

We were so glad we were able to leave Chad with my mother so that meant we had the whole night to ourselves. During the night Nick fucked me 5 times before dawn. Stephen had been in the chair in the corner the whole night while we lay in the bed having a wonderful time. We had breakfast together and then, as a parting gesture, I sucked Nick's cock until he came in my mouth. I loved swallowing his cum and I was sorry to see him leave.

That was about 4 years ago. Stephen was highly delighted watching me get fucked by another man but he only allowed me to pick up a stranger once more using the very same tactics. This meant we were only having occasional sex except when I was fucked 5 times by the other stranger. I wanted more sex but just couldn't seem to work out how I could get more by myself.

This changed when Chad had his 18th birthday. Because it was a special occasion we threw a party for him inviting many of his school friends along. This, of course, included lots of girls as well as boys. Stephen and I acted as hosts and we organized the drinks and supper and just let the others go and do their own thing. I am sure Chad took one of the girls to his bedroom and fucked her but I have no proof of that but I did watch the girl afterwards and she was very flushed for the rest of the night.

It was towards the end of the party - near midnight - that I needed to go to the toilet to pee. We have three toilets in the house and I chose the toilet attached to our bedroom as the others seemed to have queues waiting for a vacancy. I was sitting on the toilet peeing when suddenly the bathroom door opened and in came one of Chad's friends - a tall well-built sporty type called Aaron. Aaron didn't hesitate - he came over to me and while I was sitting on the toilet with my panties around my knees and my short dress hardly covering me he began kissing me using a lot of tongue! I was startled and couldn't pee anymore. He wouldn't allow me to rise but continued kissing me (I was responding by this time) and he reached over for some toilet paper and began wiping my cunt lips! I was astounded that he would be so daring. He kept me sitting on the toilet while he pulled my panties off and threw them into a clothes hamper near the shower.

He then unbuttoned my blouse and took that off still kissing me hard. Then off came my bra and now I was half naked in this young man's arms. He then undid the clasp on my skirt, undid the zip, and pulled it up and over my head. I helped him by lifting my arms over my head. When my skirt was completely off and I was sitting naked on the seat he held my arms above my head and admired my hairy underarms (I still kept them unshaven) and he buried his face in my hairs. He then pulled me off the toilet and lifted me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. We hadn't hardly said a word to this time. He laid me on the bed, spread my legs and began sucking my hairy cunt lips and my clit.

He soon had me very aroused and then he began playing with my breasts and nipples. I am rather proud of my breasts and nipples because of their size, shape and the length of the nipples. He soon had me totally aroused when he was sucking and biting on my nipples. At this time he was in just the right position for me to hold his very large cock and position it so he could gently push it into my cunt! Sufficient to say he fucked me as well as I had ever been fucked before and we reached orgasm together! We lay joined by his cock and my cunt for several minutes before he pulled his cock (still fairly hard) from me and moved so he could push his cock into my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth gladly and sucked him until he came in my mouth. He then thanked me and told me he would be back in about 30 minutes to fuck me again. He told me to be here in the bedroom alone and he would find his way back and fuck me again. I just couldn't believe my ears. What had I done - I had fucked one of Chad's school friends!

As arranged, Aaron was back in the 30 minutes and sure enough he fucked me again and once again we came together. I was rather sticky from the first session and now I was completely wet and dripping cum everywhere. Before he left he told me he would be back here at my home on Tuesday (tonight was Saturday) about 3pm and we would fuck again. Almost automatically I said yes and he was gone. I tried to clean myself up as best I could by it was a very sloppy mess. I waited until the guests had gone and then told Stephen I would have a shower because I felt so tired. I had worn an old pair of panties after Aaron had left me and these were filled with tissues to absorb some of the cum which was still running out of me. My shower covered my sins nicely and I slept wonderfully. But what had I let myself in for?

Tuesday afternoon right on the dot of 3pm, Aaron rang the doorbell. I knew he would be coming as he said and I only had a very light dressing gown on. As soon as he was inside the door he began kissing me and soon had the robe off me and I was naked in front of him again. We hurried to the bedroom where he sucked and kissed me just as before until I couldn't stand it any longer and begged him to fuck me! He sure fucked me! Within the hour before he left he fucked me twice and I sucked him off once enjoying swallowing his cum. He left telling me he would be back on Friday at 3pm.

Friday was an exact copy of Tuesday. He fucked me twice and I sucked him off once. This was the start of a routine where he called to the house on Tuesday and Friday for the next 3 months. Now I was getting regular fucking and I was enjoying his youthful ability. Things changed after this when he told me he wanted to spend a whole night with me. I told him that would be difficult but he insisted and so I made up an excuse about visiting an old school friend in another city and Stephen and Chad were happy for me to go. I met Aaron in a motel (the same motel I had enjoyed my first extramarital fuck) and we spent the whole weekend fucking! We met on the Friday evening and had a quick meal and then into bed. He fucked me as often as he could get his cock hard and that didn't take very long most of the time. He had wonderful recuperative powers. We rested on the Saturday morning and then fucked all afternoon and night before we had to leave the room. We went to a nearby nudist beach where we frolicked together completely nude and when no-one was looking he fucked me on the beach. Then it was back home with all sorts of lies about how my friend was.

Now we moved back to the twice a week sex and I looked forward to these afternoons eagerly - I was at last getting very good sex and, although I was fucking Stephen whenever he felt he wanted to, I was much more excited about Aaron.

Aaron asked for another weekend alone and so I arranged for another visit to my friend. I had no trouble with Stephen nor Chad because they both wanted me to have a good time and get away for a spell. I think they enjoyed each other's company without me.

When Aaron and I arrived at the motel we rushed to the room and fucked as hard as we could. We fucked steadily each time he became hard again and by 11pm I had been fucked 4 times and had sucked him off once. I was feeling exhilarated and really looking forward to the rest of the weekend with Aaron when there was a knock at the door. Aaron jumped up and opened the door. He was quite naked answering the door and this surprised me. In came 4 of his school mates and they leered at my naked body on the bed - Aaron had thrown all of the bed clothes into a corner and we were just on the mattress with a sheet covering it! Aaron came back to me and began kissing me and playing with my breasts and nipples and then I felt other hands on my body. When I looked at the other boys they were all naked with stiff erections! I knew I was about to be gangbanged by these lads. Sure enough, one after the other, they fucked me. They shot their loads of cum into my cunt and several of them, later in the night, fucked me in my asshole. I hadn't been fucked in my asshole since before I married Stephen (he didn't like anal sex) and so it was an almost new experience which I loved. Soon my cunt and asshole were filled with cum. The cum which they deposited in my mouth was swallowed so there wasn't a build-up there.

The five lads stayed all night and I didn't get any sleep - I was fucked continuously by them all night. I was rather sore but I was totally satisfied but glad when they stopped fucking me about 10am and the 4 lads left Aaron and myself alone! Aaron wanted to know how I enjoyed myself and I had to tell him apart from my tiredness, I felt wonderful but very sloppy in the holes. He showered me and cleaned me up as well as he could and then I had to sleep. I woke again in the afternoon late when he was fucking me again but as soon as we had both cum, I went back to sleep.

After a shower on the Saturday evening we went out for a meal and most of the tiredness had left me. We returned to the room after the meal and fucked again. About 11pm there was a knock at the door and I realized I was in for another long night session. This time there were 7 lads and this lot really fucked me all night. Because there were so many of them on lots of occasions I had a cock in my cunt, one in my asshole and another in my mouth. I was really fucked this night and again I didn't get one wink of sleep - I was fucked continuously.

Thereafter began a constant stream of school boys to my home in the afternoons. Sometimes there would be 3 or 4 on the one afternoon - straight after school until it was time for Chad to return home. He had lots of extra-curricular classes and he was never home before 5.30pm which was half an hour before Stephen. This meant I was being fucked at least 5 - 9 times each afternoon of the week and upwards of 30 times when I spent a weekend with Aaron and his friends.

During this time I was always on the pill and didn't fear pregnancy but the one thing I did fear was STD - sexually transmitted diseases - and I became a regular at my doctor's office being constantly tested for these diseases. The doctor knew of my sexual activity and didn't judge me for my actions - in fact he said on once occasion it was only his ethics which prevented him from enjoying my body too!

Chad graduated and left home to further his studies in the university so that meant I had a lot more free time with my lovers. Although I didn't contract any social diseases I certainly did suffer from a very sore cunt! After so much fucking it was no wonder it was raw on some occasions. This meant less fucking while I recovered but I was able to offer my asshole and my mouth instead.

Reluctantly I had to limit some of the sex activity because although I loved it all, it was getting to be too much - my poor cunt just couldn't stand the constant sex. I wondered how prostitutes managed but then I realized they probably weren't fucked any where near as much as I was! Now I had lads coming in on Monday's, Wednesday's and Fridays and I had temporarily suspended the weekend sex!

By now these lads were grown men and some married and stopped and some moved away from the district but these were replaced by the younger lads coming on behind them.

In total I was fucked on this regular basis for 5 1/2 years before I contracted an STD. I wasn't really serious but it shocked me and prevented me from having sex with the lads and Stephen. Stephen wanted to know why I wouldn't have sex with him and I decided I had better come clean and tell him something. My plea for more sex had fallen on deaf ears over the years and I told him I had had sex with another man who had infected me! He laughed at me and told me I was stupid for having sex with a man he hadn't selected and it served me right! I couldn't believe he wasn't cross with me. He told me he had selected the first man to fuck me and had made sure he was clean before he allowed him to fuck me. It all looked so casual but he had obtained a certificate from the man's doctor to say he was clean! So much for me picking up the man - it was all arranged.

No sex for 3 months saw the disease completely cleared up and I could resume sex again but by this time I had lost touch with Aaron and all of his friends and so I was now sexless except from what I could get out of Stephen. I begged him to set up another session like the first I had had but he just wasn't interested in getting relief for me.

I enjoyed my sexually active years so much I suppose I had better be thankful for all that I received but I would like to say I really miss the young men and their lovely cocks but I have bought a vibrator and make very good use of that! I remain married to Stephen and as I said we fuck occasionally but I really enjoy that vibrator but I think it is getting worn our and I had better buy a new one - much larger of course!

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