tagIncest/TabooMy Adventures with The Annes Ch. 05

My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 05


Aunt Julie knelt on the side of the bed once more. I stood behind and looked at her beautifully rounded bum, the glorious crack leading down to her relaxed, anus that my fingers had opened. Her cunt was open and swollen. Her clit out from under its hood, far more than either of My Girls. Not only did she look stunningly fuckable but also deliciously edible.

I knelt before her alter, bent forward and kissed her near perfect bum. I traced the line of her crack, wandering my mouth over both her cheeks. At her anus I paused to tease and probe with a hard tongue before heading for her swollen labia. I sucked each in turn, drawing them into my mouth and flicking with my tongue. She was twitching again. Begging for my cock but some things must not be rushed and pushing my incestuous cock into my incestuous Aunt's cunt was one of those wonderful things. My mouth moved to her clitty. I sucked on it, flicked it and nibbled lovingly. Aunt Julie couldn't stay still.

"Fuck me! You teasing bastard! Give me your cock before I die of ..."

She didn't finish. I'd stood as she started haranguing me. Placed my cock at her cunt's entrance and, just as she threatened to die I pushed my cock hard in without pause until my cock head was bruising her womb and my belly was hard up against her beautiful arse.

"Ahhhhhh!" Ohhhhh Yesssssss. Now fuck me hard and fast or else..."

I did as I was instructed. I usually obeyed Julie and didn't think then was the time to buck the trend. Taking hold of her hips I stood still and pulled her hard back onto my cock. A full length, I felt the knob end hit her womb. She moaned, loud.


She nodded her head. I pushed her away from me until my knob head was almost outside her cunt. I paused. I felt her ready herself. I waited a little longer then yanked her back.

"Fuck!" she exclaimed and pushed back onto me before wriggling her bum against my hips. "Go ferrit big boy. Make me scream!"

Like I said, some things just cannot be rushed and I also said I always obey my Auntie Julie. For the next minute I pounded her incestuous cunt with my incestuous cock. She screamed, as promised. When she started to pant I eased up. Moving effortlessly from fucking Anne mode to fucking Anne-too mode. Long, slow and steady. I built up her panting again with a simple back and forth fucking motion. As her excitement grew I pushed hard in, paused a moment while it registered then rocked back and forth, just an inch or so. The root of my cock teased the opening to her cunt. Working the nerve endings and increasing her panting. At the same time my cock head was tapping rapidly on her womb. She was approaching another climax. I withdrew nearly a full length then rammed in hard. She screamed fit to wake the neighbourhood, shook violently then collapsed onto her arms. I didn't stop my rapid fucking, just eased off the power. She climbed to three more peaks before I let her slide happily down to earth.

I kept her there, impaled on my cock. Slow steady full length's of cock until she stabilised again. She started to moan and push back to meet my thrusts. A change of tactics. My cock head only just inside her cunt working back and forth over all her nerves. The head plus and inch of shaft giving her something to work her pelvic floor muscles against. She was good, very fucking good. I could feel every little movement of her cunt as she squeezed my cock. I pulled back, paused, pushed in and paused. She squeezed. I waited until she eased off and repeated the action. We were both getting close. I kept to short strokes but went a little faster. We both started to breathe heavily. A little faster, pacing myself. I cum just as she does, not before, I told myself gritting my teeth and hanging on. Faster now, slightly longer strokes, a little less of a pause between thrusts and returns. She's panting harder. I'm hanging on by a thread. This is my Aunt I'm fucking! I push the thought to the back of my mind. Concentrate! A little faster, a little deeper. She's fighting for breath.

"Oh yesss, oh yesss. I'm cummin! Don't fucking stop! Fill my cunt with your young, fresh, incestuous spunk!"

Long hard thrusts! Pounding her willing cunt. This is my Aunt I'm fucking! I'm gonna fill her beautiful, greedy slut cunt with my spunk! She's nearly there! I've gotta hold on! Two more thrusts. I ram my cock home hard, pause, withdraw and ram it home again.

"Ahhhhhh! I'm... I'mmmmm... I'm cummin..."

I hold her beautiful arse hard against my belly. Keeping her steady as she tries to writhe all over the bed. She shudders, squeezes my cock.

"Oh! Sweet Jesus! Oh fuck!" my turn to shout my pleasure as I pump spunk into my Aunts cunt. Pump! Pump! Pump!

"Go... for... it... big... boy...!" she gasps "Empty... your... balls... in... my... cunt..."

I held her tight, my cock buried deep until I have no more to give her. I felt my cock starting to soften. So did she.

"Gimme it! In m'mouth!"

She turns urgently and pulls me towards her open mouth. She swallows it all with appreciative sounds of ...

"Ummmm," as she works her mouth and lips expertly over my cock and balls.

We laid on the bed, cuddling. Her hand gently playing with my cock. Mine back where I feel it belongs, tenderly fondling her beautiful tits.

"Tell me," she said softly, "was it as good as your fantasy?"

"Anne-too told you about that as well did she? Well, for the record, it was way better than my fantasies. What else did Anne-too tell you about my fantasies?" I said while continuing to stroke her tits.

"Everything! She told us everything about them. She thought we'd be interested."

"Us? We?"

"I was with your Mum, didn't I mention that?" she replied.

I could feel the smile in her voice. Shit! Now Mum knows I've had fantasies about fucking her as well, I thought to myself.

"What did Mum say about that?"

"She did the same as me, laughed and looked delighted."

"So you hatched up a plan between you to see if I would go for making fantasy into reality?"

"No, not exactly but I knew you'd be at home alone for a while this evening so I certainly came around after she'd gone out, hoping. Girls fantasise too y'know?"

"You fantasised about fucking me?" I asked in shock.

"'member years ago, we went to the lido, you, y'Mum, me 'n Sally? I was sitting by the pool with y' Mum and Sally. You pulled yourself out of the pool. Your swimming trunks were really tight and snug. They hid nothing! Since then I've imagined feeling that cock of yours sliding into my cunt and giving me a damn good fucking. I said to your Mum, at the time, 'does that remind you of anyone?'. She punched me lightly on the arm and said 'behave yourself, that's my son.' I told her 'yeah, an' if he wasn't my nephew' and went dreamy eyed and she replied, 'yeah, an' if he wasn't my son.'"

"Remember it? You 'n Mum 'n Sally were wearing matching tiny, red, polka dot bikinis looking like peas in a pod, although none of the pairs of peas," I said stroking her glorious tits, "would ever fit in any pod. Your bikini bottoms were so small and tight they emphasised your beautiful bums. The camel toe of your pussy's was making all the guys drool. We were all waiting for you to go into the pool so we could swim around and underneath you. Those bottoms were so small and so tight I couldn't decide if you had hairy minges or not. I just had to keep looking to try and catch a glimpse. I was so tempted to just catch one of the ties on those tiny bikinis to see if I could make them fall down so that I'd know for sure."

"Yeah! We knew. We enjoyed it as much as you did. You came out of the pool and walked straight over to us, dripping wet. You stood at our feet. Sally passed you a towel and you stood in front of us towelling yourself down, remember? If you'd actually been the age you looked back then I would have probably jumped you there and then and had to fight my sister and daughter off to do it. Anyway, if you were wanking off thinking about that day why weren't you also wanking off over thoughts of Sally?"

"Oh I was." I told her happily, "When you and Mum had had enough Sally would offer her services to my cock. I always took a long time to spunk in Sally. I used to think it was because I didn't fancy fucking her so much as you and Mum but when I eventually shot my load it was always a big one. Went to sleep straight after. Now I know that I was just being greedy and my cock wasn't up to three on the trot so quickly."

"So, you saved the best 'til last. She'll be so pleased. Do you save the best for Anne the Younger or Anne the Elder?"

"It wasn't a conscious decision. I saw Mum every day and you most days so you were both right at the front of my mind, all day, really. I'd come home from school hoping that you'd be there with Mum. Sally I didn't see very much. She always seemed to be out or busy, anyway she had boyfriends so there was no point and she's my cousin."

Julie laughed into my shoulder.

"So, let me get this straight, you fantasised about fucking your Aunt and your Mother but had a problem thinking about fucking your cousin?"

My turn to laugh.

"Yeah, it does sound strange but it isn't really. I couldn't chat her up, even if I knew how. I couldn't walk down the street holding her hand or give her a big kiss. No way could I take her to the pictures, try to get my hand on her tits or up her skirt. She's my cousin."

"Oh dear, she will be disappointed. You wouldn't've had any problem getting anything into her knickers either. She's spent a lot of time searching for a cock that impresses her as much as yours did that day. She's dead jealous of Anne, y'know?"

I laid beside her, silent, my mind in a whirl. How stupid was I? I'd spent years trying to get my end away with no suck-cess whatsoever. Now I was fucking three beautiful women and had just been told I could have fucked my cousin anytime I wanted. I filed the new information away for the future. Three greedy cunts at one time is enough for one guy, isn't it?

"Thinking about it," I said in an attempt to cover the long pause for thought, "I'll always fuck Anne one last time before leaving if I'm going home. If I'm staying the night then I always sleep with Anne." I paused again, "I take it you mean my cock reminded you of someone. Who?"

"What? Oh, just someone from the past. Very fond memories. So, having tried me once, you gonna try me again?"

"You betcha!" I responded instantly and started to roll on top of her.

"Not now. I'm shagged out and yer Mum will be home soon. And I promised I'd not wear you out. Tomorrow? On the way to the farm? A quickie? I'll not be popular if they think I'm depriving them of your company too much."

### ### ###

Anne-too was waiting at the open door when I pulled into the courtyard. She was dressed in one of my favourite outfits. No, not just skin! She was in fact wearing her string, high heels and a 'fuck me' smile. She was clearly making a statement and I totally agreed with every word.

I should point out that in those days 'strings' were not available in any lingerie shop, to the best of my knowledge. The Anne's made their own underwear, none of it was to be 'acceptable' in shops for years simply because it was so skimpy. It covered nothing and accentuated everything.

When I reached the door she put her arms around my neck. I lifted her bodily from the ground and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I kissed her deeply and in no time at all our tongues were entwined and she was wriggling against my cock.

"Don't tell me you were worried?" I whispered in her ear with a soft chuckle.

"Just a bit," she admitted.

"Why? You set me up! Did you expect me to refuse? Did you want me to refuse?"

"We did, no and no. Wasn't worried that you'd never come back only that Julie would wear you out or keep you busy all evening."

"Silly girl!" I told her chidingly, "We? You both set this up? Don't tell me - for Saturday, right?"

Anne-too grinned back at me.

"Yep! Got it in one. Next Saturday your two girls are going to get cock from another guy or guys. It's only fair that you should have more variety, as we agreed. So, now you have three greedy cunts to service, y'recon you're up to it?"

My turn to grin.

"So," I said, "I'm now 'officially' fucking my girlfriend, her mother, who is also my girlfriend and my Aunt. What more could a horny lad want?"

"His Mother?" she suggested conspiratorially.

"You kiddin' me?"

"Well, it would make it nice and tidy. You'd be fucking the three women that Bob fucked and kept happy. I know you fuck as well as he did. So does Julie, she told me so..."

"Wait. You've spoken to Julie?"

"She just rang to tell us you were on your way, and she's booked you for tomorrow before you cum here. If we didn't mind."

"And do you? I told her I was going to check with you first."

"Yes, she did say that. You are sweet. No we don't mind at all."

"I'm not sweet. Those are our rules, remember. No secrets. You and Anne are my girls until you say otherwise. Anybody else is just extras. Where am I taking you?" I said swinging her lithe body into a more comfortable carrying position, like over my shoulder.

"Put me down you big lug! You're overdressed."

Magic words. They never fail. I lowered her off my shoulder and helped her find her feet on the ridiculously high, whore at work, heels as she called them. She stripped me swiftly and efficiently knelt before me and started to work on my cock with her mouth.

"Oh, pity!" she exclaimed in mock dismay.

"What?" I asked in some alarm.

She swallowed my length again. When she had come slowly back up to the tip, she licked in the eye and said...

"Was hoping to taste Julie's cunt on your cock. It's been a long time since I've had that pleasure."

My cock responded eagerly. She went down again and it continued to grow.

"You like that idea do you?" she asked mischievously, "something we can both work on. Right, you'll do. Now you can carry me up to Anne's room. She'll be thinking we've got lost."

I lifted her into a fire-man's carry, right over my shoulder. Her little fists pounded on my bum as I climbed the stairs.

"Put me down..."

Thwack! My hand slapped down on her delightfully presented rump, a little harder than I had intended.

"Ohhhhhh!" was the only response she made but her fists continued to make little impression on my bum.

"Want another one?"

Her fists continued.

Thwack! That was certainly harder than the first.

"Arrrhhhhh." she sobbed as her body started to tremble with a considerable orgasm.


"Yesssss, very. I've been waiting ages for you to smack my bum!"

Don't get me wrong. I've appreciated My Girl's bottom's from day one. I stroke them lovingly and pat them affectionately at every opportunity but I've never considered actually spanking them, causing them pain or physical hurt, why would I? I love them both dearly. But that first thwack and the reaction I got did make my blood race.

"I'll have to put you over my knee! You're a naughty girl."

"I am!"

### ### ###

Anne was laying on the bed when I pushed the door open.

"Has Mummy been a naughty girl?" she said in a childish voice, "what did Mummy do? Mummy's got a nice pink bottom."

"She has," I replied in a Daddy type voice despite being the youngest in the bedroom, "She sent Auntie Julie around to fuck me. Pink bottoms is what naughty girls get when they've been spanked."

"Don't you mean 'pink bottoms ARE what ...'" said Anne with a great big little girl grin.

"How many bottoms, pink or otherwise, do you have?" I asked reasonably.

"Oi! When you two have finished arguing semantics let me remind you that I have the pink bottom in question and I'd rather like it to be a red one! Now please put me over your knee and get on with it!"

"So," said Anne totally unperturbed, "you're not spanking Mummy coz she's been naughty but because she wants you to spank her."

"Yes." I agreed.

"Judging by the size of your cock you're also going to spank her because you like the idea too?" she suggested.

"If you don't pack it in and let him get on with the job in hand I'll put you over my knee and give you a spanking!" cried Anne-too in mock frustration, dangling upside down over my shoulder and kicking her heels energetically.

"Ohhhhh Mummy! Will that be before Martin spanks you or after?"

"That, Little Lady, will be after I've spanked your Mummy and after I've fucked her and after I've spanked you. Then when Mummy's spanked your bum, I'll fuck it! You're being a very naughty girl."

"Ooooooh, Goody!"

I rolled Anne-too down into my arms, held her close, sat in the chair by the window and laid her across my lap. By sheer luck I'd landed a firm spank of each cheek. Her bottom did look nicely pink, which I hadn't initially intended at all. I rubbed my hand over the warm flesh and placed my other hand in the small of her back, just like you see in the cartoons. Anne-too wriggled as if trying to escape.

"Pleeeese Daddy, don't spank me," she pleaded, "I won't be a bad girl ever again."

Anne had slid off the bed and was standing, watching, her eyes were shining, her legs parted and her hand carefully stroking down across her pussy lips.

"But she's already been a naughty girl, hasn't she Daddy?" said Anne, pinching her own nipple in her excitement.

"Don't listen to her Daddy, she's just being spiteful, pleeese don't spank me Daddy, I'll be good, I promise."

"But she is correct. You have been naughty and must be spanked."


"Ooooooh!" Anne-too jerked violently and was silent for a moment then started to breathe deeply.

Anne smiled happily. Slipping a finger into her own cunt she started to finger-fuck herself slowly. I looked down at my handiwork. The cheek had lost its rosy hue, colour had entirely drained from her flesh then it was back, just as quickly and I watched as the pale imprint of my four fingers and my thumb were clearly visible in a red flesh.

"Rub it tenderly, all over," instructed Anne, "spread the heat all over the cheek, down her thigh then up between her legs."

I did as instructed. I was so surprised to discover that Anne-too's cunt was sodden. I allowed my finger to trace between her cunt lips. Anne-too twitched and sighed softly.


"Oh yessss." she replied in a long, drawn out whisper.

"Same again, on the other cheek," said my instructoress.

I shifted position slightly to get a better angle. Thwack!

"Ohhhh Sweet Jessssssus!" Anne-too sobbed and kicked her heels, "That... feels... so ... fucking ... gooood!"

I held her bottom still and marvelled as the effect of my hand on her soft flesh appeared. Anne sighed and slipped two fingers into her own cunt. I spread the heat, fingered the lips of the hot, trembling cunt and bent to kiss the two rosy cheeks on my lap.

"Open her legs wide," said my instructoress, "same cheek but lower, half bum and half thigh."

Anne-too's legs parted wide without any instruction from me. Clearly the aim was to just miss her cunt. I paused, concentrating. Better to miss by a long way than to hit her tender cunt. I took a couple of practice swings before a careful, thwack.

Anne-too flinched but made no sound.

"That doesn't count. Try again, with more conviction." demanded Anne.


Anne-too let out a terrible scream and almost leapt into the air then she started to sob and shake then tremble. I held her tight and gave Anne a worried look. She just smiled serenely before saying...

"Perfect! She's soaked your leg and the carpet!"

I watched, much relieved, as the warmth spread. Tenderly I caressed her poor, abused bum with soft, loving strokes of my fingers. When they reached her cunt I slipped two fingers inside and brought her to another orgasm.

She was still shuddering when her loving daughter said...

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