tagIncest/TabooMy Adventures with The Annes Ch. 08

My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 08


Anne was waiting for us at the door when we arrived at the farm after another, more leisurely fuck. She beamed at us.

"Hello Darling," she said.

I was just about to reply when she continued,

"Have you got a nice spunky cunt for me to enjoy?"

"Hi Sweetheart," replied my Cousin Sally, "I have but you're not having it until you've got one to share with me!" giving Anne a big hug.

To say I was a little bit gob-smacked would be an understatement.

Anne grinned at me and threw her arms around my neck.

"Don't worry, we still love ya! Did you enjoy each other?" she said consolingly.

I kissed her hard while still trying to get my head around the situation.

"Very much so," I admitted, "turns out it was something we've both wanted for a very long time."

Sally held my arm and nodded happily.

"It was," she confirmed.

"Tell me about it!" sighed Anne contentedly.

"C'mon," said Anne, shaking herself, "We're in the kitchen."

'We're? I thought. Something was afoot and I had no idea what it was. I followed the two girls meekly into the kitchen.

The evening was full of surprises. There, on the other side of the long kitchen table sat My Mother, in the centre. My Aunt, on her left and Anne's Mum on her right.

"You're a bit earlier than we expected," said My Mum.

I looked at the kitchen clock.

"It's exactly nine," I said defensively.

The three parents grinned as one.

"We were expecting you to be late. Take a seat, the three of you."

I stood for a moment looking at the three Mothers. I'd not seen them together before and had just thought they were similar. Sitting side by side they looked remarkably similar. They were all beautiful, that goes without saying, but the only real difference seemed to be hair colour and length. I waited while my two young lovers sat opposite my three, older lovers, their Mothers', then sat between them, resting my arms on the table when I really wanted to reach down and stroke their thighs. They both rested a hand lovingly on mine. The feeling that something wasn't quite right grew in my stomach. I was sitting with five beautiful women. I'd fucked each of them and hoped to continue doing so. What was happening?

"Don't look so worried, Martin!" said My Mother, "we're all together because there's something you need to know, that's all."

Inwardly I breathed a big sigh of relief and outwardly must have relaxed as My Mother said...

"That's better. It's nothing to worry about. None of us are pregnant!" she grinned.

"It'll be bloody quick if you, Julie or Sally were." I laughed very relieved.

"You seemed to be thinking something just before you sat down. What were you thinking?" she asked pleasantly.

"I've not seen you together before and it struck me that you all looked very similar, is all." I replied.

"There's a good reason for that," said Anne-too.

"We're sisters," said Julie.

"Well, half sisters really," said My Mum.

Sally leaned over close to me.

"You're lucky! Anne and I had to wait until we were twenty one before they told us!"

"So," I said pausing to let my brain catch up with events, "You're telling me that this week I've made love to two Aunts and my Mother, right?"

"Fucked." corrected Anne-too.

"Beg to differ," I said boldly, "If you're all family. I'm allowed to love my family unconditionally. So, if I can love you I can make love to you, no problem!" I announced triumphantly.

"Fucking with feeling?" suggested Julie.

"Yeah! That'll do!" I conceded, laughing.

"It gets better!" whispered Sally.

"Have you noticed how similar Anne and Sally look?" asked My Mum.

Well of course I had. Very similar but for hair colour and style. It's how I liked my girls. Anne was very like my cousin, which is why ...

They're sisters as well?" I queried in amazement.

"How about Dad and Uncle Henry?"

"Well, I've always thought they are brothers," I admitted.

"They are, your brothers! And we're your sisters, all of us! Not only have you fucked your Mother and two of your Aunts, all of whom are your sisters but you've now fucked two your younger sisters, also with feeling." announced My Mum, triumphantly.

She paused while the words sank in.

"Close your mouth, Martin, there's a bus coming!" she ended.

All five women burst out laughing as I slowly closed my mouth.

"Half sisters, actually," said Anne.

"Welcome to our bodies Little Brother," said Sally.

"But..." I tried but my head was in a spin. "can somebody please explain?"

"When Anne and Sally were twenty-one we gave them a potted family history, sort of thing. We felt we were unable to go the whole hog because you needed to be included, and you were too young at the time. We decided that we'd get you all together when you, Martin, were twenty-one. However, after recent events we've had a big discussion and think it best if we didn't wait that long." said My Mother.

"Bob Martins was a dog!" continued My Mother without so much as a hint of a smile.

"A handsome dog," added Anne-too.

"With a big cock," finished Julie, wistfully.

"And he knew how to use it," continued My Mother, "Bob Martins aka. Bob Snr. sowed his seed and a lot of it was fertile. Our Mums," she indicated the three of them, "amongst others, appreciated his endowment rather frequently. He was charming, could charm the knickers off a nun, probably did.

To our certain knowledge he pleasured five of the village girls on a regular basis. Ruth, Mary, Carol and the sisters, Angela and Katherine. Ask them today and they'll admit that after the first touch of his cock they didn't even bother with knickers. He had them all at the same time, that is five girlfriends on the go at once not five fucks one after the other. They all knew about each other. They considered themselves his harem and were always available, until his dying day. He didn't marry any of them. Said that if he married one it would make her special and he thought they were all special.

Bob Martins wasn't just a great lover, he was also a very successful business man. He looked after his girlfriends, treated them all equally. He supported them and when they became pregnant he provided for them and his children."

"We're three of his children," said Anne-too.

"Along with Bob Jnr, Dave, Henry, Christine and Joan." added Julie.

"Don't forget Roger and Sandra!" said My Mother, "they went to Canada and married. Two kids, twins. Robert and Roberta. Where was I?"

"Bob's big cock?" suggested Sally happily.

"Oh! Yes, well all the boys proved to be a chip off the old cock,"

"You mean block?" asked Sally.

"I know what I mean," stated My Mother, with a wicked grin, "and all us girls followed happily between our mother's bedposts. Bob Snr. took my virginity..."

"Took? You very nearly raped him," exclaimed Anne-too gleefully.

"I did," said My Mother, with a cheerful smile, "My Mother said I should have Daddy's cock before I had any other, 'then you'll know what a real cock feels like', she insisted. So, on my birthday she took me to bed so I could start to learn what proper sex felt like. We waited in bed until Daddy came round and joined us. He demonstrated on Mother then showed me. I'll not deny it, it was lovely and I truly understood why My Mother spent most of her time in bed with him. After that I reminded myself how good his cock felt, and tasted, as often as possible and often it was the three of us in bed together."

"It was exactly the same for me. My birthday and his big, beautiful cock to play with. Heaven! I used to fight with Mother for first dibs when he came around." admitted Anne-too.

"An' me!" piped up Julie, "I was his youngest daughter, at the time, and probably the greediest as I knew all his other daughter's were getting what I wanted. I'd have his cock out before he got his shoes off. I learnt so much while watching him and Mum. Then I'd practice on him afterwards."

"So," continued My Mother, "you can see where it all came from. Randy Bob Martins and five greedy girls. Between them they produced four randy boys and six greedy girls.

"The best bit was that Bob trained all us girls and the Mothers all trained their sons and touched up the small details for their daughters! Back then, if we were lucky, a Mother would demonstrate something on one of the sons then we'd practice. Did the same for girl-on-girl! An incredible education, taught by experts! All us kids needed to do was discover the little buttons each other enjoyed most. We could always go back to our parents, aunts or uncles for refresher courses when ever we wanted. Never any problem." explained Anne-too.

"OK," announced My Mother, "now the tricky bit. It's been generally accepted that Bob Jnr., my bother, is the father of you three. In my case I can say, with absolute certainty that that is not the case. In the two weeks before my brother died I had no sex at all. I was 'on' for most of that time. The following three weeks, only my father consoled me, most nights. I wasn't on the pill because I wanted to have a child, a family child, and was the only daughter without a child. Martin, you were conceived in those weeks after my brother died. In keeping with the family tradition, you have now fucked your mother and your sister!" she ended with a wonderful smile.

I was delighted and grinned back at her, "Awesome!" I told her, happily.

"I was much more blatant," conceded Julie, "being the youngest I consciously decided that I wanted to bear my father's child. I told my mother. She told my father. I came off the pill and I slept with nobody other than my mother or father until we made it happen."

"Me?" said Anne-too, " I just took the direct approach, "Granddad, I want you to make me pregnant! He told me to come off the pill and tell my mother. We fucked at every opportunity until the second happiest day of my life! The doctor told me I was preggers! The happiest day was when Anne was born!"

"So, Martin, not only have you now fucked your mother and two of your aunts but also five of your sisters! Like I said at the beginning, nothing to worry about. You've done nothing we would think as being wrong."

### ### ###

"Y'know what, new Sisters," I said, "we're the descendants of a family comprising greedy cum sluts and horny bastards! How good is that?"

"Fuckin' great!" said Anne.

"Great fuckin'" said Sally but then she was at University.

"Now I understand why you said 'Dad' wasn't a problem," I said with a chuckle, "So why's Jimmy a problem, Mum?"

Mum looked a little embarrassed.

"Jimmy," she said, "was an accident. A happy accident. At a party."

"Too much booze?" I probed delicately.

"No, too much enthusiasm, a condom split." she said with a surprising smile.


"It was a party, I was as sober as a judge and having a great time. No regrets, at all!"

"Ummm," murmured Julie, "we did decide on full honesty, Sis, a bit more complicated than that I think!"

"Y'right," agreed My Mother, "I wanted another baby. With Dad gone, to be honest I wasn't troubled if it was a family baby or outside. I spoke with Dave, who has always pretended to be my husband, he suggested that I come off the pill and what would be, would be. I told Dave I wouldn't mind if it was his baby and he agreed. So, whenever I fucked anybody other than Dave I used a condom. That year the club won the league. A big party. Most of the players knew Dave and I were trying for another baby and they were all happy to use condoms. One spilt. I might have been off the pill but I was no less enthusiastic, so it was as much my fault as his. He stopped straight away, told me what had happened and called Dave over. The others left Dave and I to talk it over for a few minutes. We decided that if Barry's little swimmers were successful then it might make things difficult for the whole family. For the rest of the party I was back to bareback and it was sooo much more enjoyable. After the party Dave washed me out well and gave me a couple of loads of his own. So, one of those little buggers might have got through and Jimmy might not be one of the 'family'," she said making little 'eek, eek' signs in the air. "We'll have to wait and see. At the moment he's too young."

"Mum," said Anne, "we've had way more information than Sally or I were given. Is there anything else we should know?"

The three mothers looked at each other as if in thought.

"Nooo, don't think so," answered My Mum.

"I think there is," interjected Sally, "If Bob, Dave and Henry are your half brothers, Aunty Karen's just told us that Dave pretends to be her husband. Does Henry pretend to be yours?"

"Aaaarh!" said Julie, "Yes, well, none of us are actually married. We just changed our names if we could, for appearances sake. You see all the kids took their mother's name. All the father's are 'unknown' so there's no real paperwork. Bob Snr. obviously made all the necessary arrangements to look after his brood after he's gone using all our names and not My wife or My Son so and so or My Dtr. so and so. None of the family were going to say anything about the incest and nobody else knew. It didn't really matter, as far as we were concerned. With Roger and Sandra's mothers being sisters they had the same surname. Their passports were the same name. They booked tickets to Canada in the same name and everybody assumes they are married. Even the kids birth certs. show the correct names. We all let sleeping (Bob Martins) dogs lie."

"Anything else that might have slipped your minds?" I teased.

That time they really thought, hard.

"Don't think so," said My Mum.

"Nope!"said Julie.

"No," said Anne-too, "but we promise to tell you if we think of anything."

"Good enough for me!" I announced, "Sisters?" I asked looking at my adorable new sisters.

They both nodded contentedly.

I stood, bowed politely to My Sister Mum, Sister Julie and Sister Anne-too.

"Sisters, if you will excuse us, My Sister Anne, My Sister Sally and I have unfinished business to attend. My delightful Sister Anne needs a spunky cunt so that my adorable Sister Sally and she, can compare and contrast flavours."

Everybody roared with laughter. My two younger, older sisters stood and we all climbed over the bench.

"One more thing." I said walking around the table.

I helped Mum to her feet. Held her close, squeezed her lovely bum and kissed her deeply.

"Love you Mum! Love you Big Sis! Wait up for me?"

I didn't wait for an answer but moved onto Julie, kissed her, held her close and told her I loved her then the same with Anne-too.

"You quite done?" asked Anne in a mock exasperated tone, " I need some serious cock, Brother. Now!"

### ### ###

This is where I say that I was dragged kicking and screaming up to the bedroom by my beautiful, new sisters. I wasn't. I went willingly to my fate and even unzipped their dresses as they walked ahead of me on the stairs. Neither were wearing undies, for the record. My cock was ready for them before we reached the bed.

Sally laid on the bed, legs wide. Anne knelt over her head and laid forward, her head between Sally's legs. She spread her knees saying...

"Fuck me Little Brother!"

"Little?" I questioned holding a cock as stiff as an iron bar in my fist.

Anne looked at my cock and licked her lips.

"It's an age thing, not a cock thing. Now put that glorious tool where it belongs!"

### ### ###

It was nearly 11 o'clock when I eased myself out of the bed, leaving my new sisters entwined and enjoying each other. Anne-too was in the kitchen alone.

"You OK?" I asked solicitously, taking her into my arms.

"Yes! Perfectly. I'm just pleased everything is now all out in the open. We, y'mum, Julie an' me wanted to tell you as soon as we could but we were finding it difficult. You three needed to be together, this time and so did we three. Not only that but all six of us needed to be 'involved', as it were." She used the little 'eek, eek' signs around the 'involved'. "So you telling me that you wanked off thinking about y'mum, Julie and Sally was a godsend. That's why Anne said it was 'great'," again a double eek, "and why I had to stop that line of discussion until I'd talked to your Mum and Julie. It was a great fuck we had though, wasn't it? Knowing that we'd soon be able to tell you all really worked for me and Anne, I think." she paused.

"Are you OK with it all?" she sounded uncertain.

"Me! You kiddin'! I'm ecstatic! Five beautiful sisters to love? I couldn't ask for better and you know what? I can love you all forever and ever AND nobody can stop me!"

"What about Saturday?" she asked cautiously.

"What about Saturday?" I repeated, "like you said, a 'fuck's a fuck, what's love got to do with it'? That hasn't changed. If anything it's even better, 'that guy's pleasing my sister!' Know what I mean? Then there's the 'ask me again when I'm twenty five' bit. No longer a problem, if Anne or Sally or even my older sisters want me to be the father of their children, I don't see any real problem. We all have different names. Only the family will know. Win - win - win, no?"

She didn't answer as such but threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her level where she smothered me with big, wet kisses!

"Welcome to the family big, little brother. Don't forget, rugby practice tomorrow, don't be late there's a couple of moves I want to try out."

"Oh yes? In front of the whole team?" I teased.

She laughed rudely.

"Now, gerroffwivyer! Your mother's waiting!"

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