tagHumor & SatireMy Affair With Dawn

My Affair With Dawn


Dawn and I have been having a fling for a few weeks. The other night something went wrong though.

Just to give you some background. Dawn is a neighbour of mine. We started off with some innocent flirting when we met at the local pub. She's five foot three with shoulder length blonde hair, and a gorgeous curvy body. Big tits, nice arse, pretty face. Oh and those big blue eyes.

Dawn lives with Gordon, a real out and out prick who brags constantly about his car and his job. I really hate the bloke, but get a great deal of satisfaction whenever he starts, knowing that I've been fucking the arse off his gorgeous girlfriend.

One Friday afternoon after work Dawn texted me and suggested we go for a drive into the countryside. We often go to the Netherley woods, where it's easy to park the car in a secluded spot, and have a little fun.

I grabbed a quick shower, and met Dawn on the car park of the Dog and Gun. She was in Gordon's car; a big silver BMW four-wheel drive with blacked out windows, his pride and fucking joy. Dawn came over to me in my battered old Toyota, and having given me a kiss on the cheek, suggested we take the Beemer down to the woods.

So there we were, twenty minutes later, on the back seat. Dawn was wanking my cock and I had her short black skirt up around her waist and three fingers buried in her gash. We were snogging away like a pair of teenagers, tongues darting around each other's mouths.

"Come on Paul, I want this now" said Dawn.

I was more than happy to oblige. I got Dawn to get on all fours, and pushed her skirt around her hips, and pulled her lacy red panties down. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her slit, and with a few pushes I inched my dick inside her.

Fuck she felt good, the velvety warm wetness gripped me and she started to moan. This spurred me on, and I started pump my cock in and out of her tight slippery hole. Dawn gripped the seat, and looking down at her bum I felt I couldn't hold on much longer.

I was really banging into her, and she gasped as her orgasm rippled through her. I was on the vinegar strokes now and with a grunt I started to come.

Then disaster. Dawn fell forward and my cock slipped from her. Jet after jet of hot white sperm shot from my cock, all over the back of Dawn's skirt, and just as bad, all over the seat of Gordon's precious Beemer!

Dawn turned around and looked mortified. "Oh shit!" she said. "Quick, get some tissues."

But there were none to be found. Dawn had forgotten to put any in her bag. I had none. We needed a plan.

Dawn turned herself around and slipping her knickers off started to try to wipe the stains from the black upholstery. What she hadn't realised was that the spunk on the back of her skirt was making an even bigger mess of the seat.

"Dawn, I think we ought to get something to clean this up with." I said.

"Ok, you drive, we'll have to get some cleaning stuff from somewhere."

I drove the Beemer out of the woods and onto the main road, heading for a car accessory place I knew would have some kind of spray that would help to disguise the evidence of the day's antics. I pulled up at the front of the shop, and left a knickerless Dawn sat in the passenger seat. She was not a happy bunny. If looks could have killed then I was barely alive.

Five minutes later, I emerged from he shop with a spray bottle of cleaner and some cloths. I began to wipe the stains from the seat. The stuff seemed to be doing the job. Dawn sprayed some onto the back of her skirt and rubbed hard with he cloth. She giggled. Looks like I might be forgiven after all.

We drove back to the Dog and Gun to collect my car. I waited the customary ten minutes before following Dawn back to our street. I couldn't help but smile to myself as I drove past Dawn's house, thinking about the mess I'd made of Gordon's precious Beemer.

As I was about to enter my house, I heard a male voice, unmistakably Gordon's, behind me.

"Hey, you Paul!" shouted Gordon.

Of fuck. Rumbled I thought!

"Where have you been this afternoon?" Gordon asked.

"Well, I've been out for a while, why do you ask?" I said.

"Something to show you." said Gordon.

I followed the miserable little shit down the street, into Dawn and Gordon's house.

In the living room, sat a tearful Dawn. She was holding a handkerchief to her eyes, and her mascara was running down her cheeks.

"Don't you fucking tell me that there's nothing going on!" shouted a now red-faced Gordon.

This pissed me off big time, and grabbing the wimpy little tosser by his neck, I pushed him into the airing cupboard and locked the door.

"Let me out you Arsehole!" Gordon shouted, but no way. I looked at Dawn.

"He knows." she said.

"Fuck him." I replied, and took Dawn in my arms and gave her a long and passionate kiss. Soon we were groping each other and I had my hand up her oh so short skirt.

Dawn still had no knickers on. I bent her over the arm of the settee, and undid my trousers and pushed down my boxers. My now throbbing cock sprang free.

"Ok Dawnie Baby, here it comes", and I pushed all of my cock into a very willing Dawn.

We gathered pace. All the time I could hear Gordon banging on the door, begging to be let out.

Then I saw it. There was a hole in the airing cupboard door. Gordon was watching as I fucked his gorgeous girlfriend.

He went quiet. Very quiet. I was savouring the moment. I looked down at my cock buried balls deep in Dawn. I had to have all of her right now.

There was a tub of margarine on the table. I told Dawn to stay where she was, and moving over to the table, grabbed the margarine.

I smeared lots of it onto my hard cock, and then, moving up behind dawn, proceeded to feed my rampantly hard cock into her bum.

"Ooh" she gasped as I speared her deep.

I couldn't hold on much longer. I came deep inside Dawn's rump. At that moment, with a crack of wood, Gordon burst from the closet. His cock was in his hand, and he shot jets of come onto the living room carpet.

Fucking hell. The little shit had enjoyed watching me fuck Dawn in the arse.

I guess that there is a moral here. Next time I fuck Dawn, maybe I'll invite Gordon along to watch. You never know. We may just become friends after all!

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