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My Aim Is True


Plus Twelve Months

The laughter that drifted over from across the private room of the restaurant grated on my ears. It wasn't that I didn't get along with my co-workers, it was just that they were so young. It's not like I was old -- I'd just turned 35 -- but something about the youthful exuberance of those twenty-somethings rubbed me the wrong way.

I hadn't been excited about coming to the company dinner in the first place, especially since Nathan had to work late and couldn't join me. Moreover, the executive whom the party was feting was from a different group and I didn't know him well at all.

But if I were to be honest with myself, I'd had a negative attitude for some time now. It's not that I had anything to complain about: I had a good job, a nice home and a loving husband. But I couldn't help wondering where my life was going. Lately, Nathan had been talking about starting a family, but I didn't feel ready to settle into motherhood. A number of my friends already had one or more kids, and the idea of changing diapers, driving an infant to daycare and picking up toys around the house wasn't very appealing. It all seemed so settled and boring, and I wasn't keen for that kind of life -- not yet, anyway. I was still too young, I told myself.

But the gaggle of young women across the way, drinking, dancing and gossiping, made me feel a lot older than my years. Although they'd been nice and welcoming when I joined the company, it was crystal clear that they viewed me as coming from an older generation. Their patronizing attitude was just so damned depressing!

"That's quite a racket they're making over there," came a masculine voice close to my ear. Startled, I spun around only to see the smiling face of Jack Ruskin. His sudden appearance caught me off guard for a second, but I quickly recovered.

"I'd have thought a group like that would make a target-rich environment for a single man like you," I said teasingly. Jack had gotten divorced two years ago and had wasted little time earning a reputation as a player. With his handsome looks and easy sense of humor, he seemed to have a different girlfriend on his arm every week.

He smiled wryly. "I've tried that before, but they're really not my type," he said, "way too giggly and immature for my taste." With that, he began to regale me with exaggerated but insightful impersonations of some of the young women, causing me to burst into laughter. His humorous descriptions matched up well with my own assessment, and my sides were soon hurting with laughter as he continued.

From there we went on to discuss a wide range of topics, and I found him to be not only witty but insightful. I'd never realized what a charming guy Jack could be. Listening to him, I got so wrapped up in our conversation that I failed to notice we were among the last people left at the party. "I didn't realize it had gotten so late," I told him. "I need to get home before Nathan starts to worry about me."

Jack helped me on with my coat and gallantly walked me to my car. As he held the door open, I turned to him and said flirtatiously, "You know, you never did tell me what your type of woman is."

Without a moment's hesitation he replied, "Oh, that's easy. I'm be much more interested in someone like you!" Then he gave me a wink, closed my car door, turned and walked away.

I sat there a moment in stunned silence. "OMG, was he hitting on me? No, he couldn't have been – I'm an old married woman," I scoffed. But as I drove home, I found myself reliving the evening and feeling rather pleased with myself. Even if he was just teasing, I thought, he still spent the evening chatting with me. "I bet half those young girls would have gladly gone home with him if he'd indicated an interest. Maybe I'm not so over the hill yet."

When I got home, Nathan had just beaten me there. As we got ready for bed, I realized to my surprise that I was horny, and even though he was tired, Nathan responded when I let him know. But as he began to fondle and kiss me, I felt my arousal start to falter as I recognized the pattern we always seemed to follow. Maybe it was just being married a dozen years, but by now I could predict everything he would do and in what order.

Nathan was a considerate lover; he always put my pleasure ahead of his, bringing me to an orgasm with his fingers and tongue before we coupled. It was sweet and reassuring, but also, to be perfectly honest, a little boring. Increasingly I found myself longing for something more.

As he mounted me, I closed my eyes tight and resorted once again to imagining that someone else was my lover tonight. My go-to guy for a long time had been Brad Pitt, but ever since he grew that ridiculous beard and mustache I'd been trying out other male hunks. Suddenly, as I clung to Nathan, Jack Ruskin's face appeared in my imagination and I felt a thrill shoot through me. My temperature began to rise and my body to respond more vigorously to Nathan's thrusts. Before I realized what was happening, I found myself in the throes of a second orgasm, which normally seldom happened. When it was over, I felt wiped out.

Nathan finished a moment later, and after he had caught his breath he looked at me and said, "Wow, you were really something tonight!"

I hugged him and said quickly, "It's all you, lover, all your doing." Then I slipped off to the bathroom to clean up. By the time I climbed back in bed, Nathan had drifted off to sleep. But sleep was slow in coming for me. My mind kept replaying our love-making and how aroused I'd become at having Jack for my imaginary lover. That in turn led me to replay my conversation with Jack earlier in the evening. His teasing words as he closed the car door kept ringing in my ears. Finally, I decided it was all too much for me to deal with for one night and made a concerted effort to put the episode out of my mind. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

Plus Twelve Months and Four Days

Monday was a busy day and I barely lifted my eyes from the computer screen all morning. Then, just before lunch there was a rap on my cubicle, and when I looked up, there stood Jack Ruskin. Even though I hadn't been thinking about him, I immediately blushed. Furious at myself, I quickly looked back down to my monitor.

If he noticed, Jack totally ignored my reaction. "Hey, Allison, you've been buried in your work all morning. How about taking a break and grabbing a bite of lunch with me?"

I still had a ton of work to do so I was surprised to hear myself accept his invitation. Once I'd done so, he helped me on with my jacket and led me out to his car before I could have second thoughts. I wondered if any of my twenty-something rivals had noticed. I sort of hoped they had.

In a few minutes we were at a little bistro that wasn't too crowded. As a result, we were able to get a table off to one side where we could talk without having to shout at one another.

Once we'd ordered lunch, Jack began to talk about a variety of subjects in the same engaging manner I'd enjoyed so much at the party. Again I found myself so caught up in the conversation that the lunch hour seemed to pass by in a flash. Afterwards, as we drove back to the office, Jack suddenly asked if I knew anything about interior design. I was caught off guard by the sudden change in topic, but I've always prided myself on my taste so I told him I thought I had a pretty good design sense.

"Good," he said. "I've moved into a new condo, and I want it to look nice. But I'm not very confident about colors and patterns and stuff like that. I've done some decorating but I don't know if I'm really satisfied with it. Maybe you could have a look and let me know what you think."

"Well, sure, I guess I could do that," I said, flattered that he wanted my opinion.

Just at that moment he pulled up to the curb outside the office. He left the engine running as he came around to hold the door for me. "I've got to get to the airport to catch a flight, so I'll just drop you off here. I'll be gone for a couple of days, but when I get back I'll touch base with you about having a look at my place." Then, before I could move, he leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the lips!

I just stood there on the curb in shock. He gave me that boyish grin again and said "Time to go back to work!" Then he jumped in the car and pulled away from the curb, heading in the direction of the airport.

As I walked to the front door of the office, I found myself touching my lips. I wasn't quite sure what had just happened, and I didn't know what it meant, but I felt giddy. "A kiss goodbye?" I thought. "He wouldn't have done that if he didn't have some interest in me, would he? What an intriguing man, and what a boost for a girl's ego!"

My productivity the rest of the afternoon was definitely poor.

Plus Twelve Months and Five Days

Nathan had to work late again on Wednesday. I knew he had a big project going at work that required a lot of extra time, but I still resented having to eat dinner alone. As I nibbled at the pseudo-Asian food I'd picked up at the take-away, I tried to stop feeling sorry for myself. "Nathan's working late for us, to enable us to start a family and move ahead with our lives," I kept reminding myself. But the problem was that I wasn't sure I wanted to start a family right away. What I really wanted was to get more out of my life right now while I was still young enough to enjoy myself. Eating a take-out meal in front of the television didn't qualify.

Plus Twelve Months and Six Days

Work wasn't too busy on Thursday, but I still was caught by surprise when I heard that familiar rap on my cubicle. "Hey, Allison, you're looking good," came a masculine voice.

Involuntarily, I reached up and brushed my hair out of my eyes, then straightened my blouse before looking up at Jack. A voice in my head gasped, "My God, Allison, you're acting like a single woman flirting in a bar!"

To try to cover my discomfort I said inanely, "So, you're back."

He gave me that irresistible grin of his and said, "Yeah, the road warrior returneth."

I tried to think of some amusing rejoinder, but before I could do so he pressed on. "Hey, I've got to get to a meeting in a few minutes, but I wanted to ask you. You remember our discussion about the design scheme for my condo?" When I nodded my head, he said, "Well, I was wondering if you could drop by after work on Friday and have a look. You know, tell me what you think of the place, give me some ideas."

I felt flustered. "I guess I could stop by for a few minutes," I stuttered.

"Great!" he said with a repeat of his big smile. Then he turned on his heel and strode off.

I sat there in a daze. "What are you doing?" I asked myself. "It's not a good idea for you to be going over to a single man's condo after work."

But another part of me responded persuasively, "He just wants my opinion on his place. It's not like you're going to sleep with the man!"

The "good girl" in me recoiled instantly. "Who said anything about sleeping with Jack?" the voice gasped in fear.

At that moment my phone rang, and I pushed my contradictory jumble of thoughts aside to focus on work.

By the time I'd gotten home that evening, I'd decided to ask Nathan if he would mind if I dropped by Jack's place on the way home Friday. I didn't feel like I needed to ask permission, but at least I'd be letting Nathan know where I was and what I'd be doing.

But before I could broach the subject, Nathan looked at me guiltily and asked, "Do we have anything planned for Friday night, babe?"

"No," I said quickly, "not really."

"Well, I really need to work late tomorrow. We have to review the finished proposal with the senior executives on Monday and we're a long way from having it ready. I'm sorry, babe, I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Conflicting emotions rushed through me. My initial reaction was anger at being abandoned again, but in the next instant I felt a sense of elation at the opportunity that had been handed to me. Now I had nothing to keep me from dropping by Jack's place after work. If Nathan didn't want to come home, why should I?

"I understand, honey. Don't worry about it," I said soothingly. "Actually, I've got some work to catch up on at the office myself, so I'll just plan to stay late tomorrow evening too."

"Thanks, babe," Nathan said. "At least I don't feel quite so bad about abandoning you again. But I'm still going to make it up to you."

I smiled at him but didn't say anything. I felt guilty for telling him the lie, even if it was just a little white one.

Plus Twelve Months and One Week

I spotted Jack walking down the aisle toward my cubicle on Friday morning, and a pessimistic thought leapt into my head: "I bet he's going to cancel for tonight." It would serve me right, I thought, especially after I'd gone to the trouble to dress up a little this morning so I wouldn't look frumpy.

But before the negativity could overwhelm me, he leaned around the corner and asked, "Hey, Allison, are you still good with coming by tonight?"

We were still on! Relief poured over me. "Yes," I replied quickly, "And Nathan is working late so I'm not under any time pressure."

Jack's eyes widened a little when he heard that, but then he grinned and handed me a small sheet of paper. "Here's my address. Come on over as soon as you can after work." Then he winked at me and he was gone.

I sat there grasping the paper. I was delighted that we were still on for the evening, but simultaneously furious at myself for adding that last comment. "Why did you have to mention Nathan's working late? What was that all about?" I asked myself.

But again the other half of my seemingly schizophrenic inner self had a ready rebuttal: "You were just letting him know there was no rush. What's wrong with that?"

For some reason, the afternoon seemed to drag on slowly and I found myself frequently glancing at the time. "I am not going to rush over there at 5:00 o'clock sharp," I told myself sternly. "I don't want to appear too eager -- I'll work till 6:00 and then drive on over."

At 5:15 I was in the ladies' room freshening my make-up. A few minutes later I was in my car and headed in the direction of Jack's new condo. I found myself drumming my fingers on the steering wheel impatiently when the rush hour traffic slowed my progress to a crawl. "You're just anxious to see what Jack's taste in design looks like," my alter ego told me reassuringly.

When I finally reached the address he'd given me, I found myself in front of a ten-story building that had replaced an old block of shops. Some of the landscaping was still unfinished, but it was clear that the complex would be a very attractive location once everything was completed.

I double-checked the sheet Jack had given me and realized that he must be on the top floor. "I'll bet he's got a great view of the city," I thought.

He must have been waiting for me because I only knocked once before the door to his condo swung open. He was standing there dressed in a dark pair of dress slacks and a pastel-peach dress shirt with the top two buttons undone. I could see a few chest hairs peeking through the gap. All in all he looked like a male model, the perfect balance of casual yet tasteful.

When I raised my eyes to his face, he had that big grin on his face. "I'm so glad you came," he enthused. "Do you like pinot grigio?" When I nodded nervously, he thrust a chilled glass into my hand and took my arm to lead me inside.

After taking a quick sip of the wine to steady myself, I glanced around to see how the place was decorated. Everything was done in a sophisticated palette of grays and creams with occasional accents of dark wood. The walls offset the monochromatic scheme with abstract art in bright colors. "Wow!" I said. "Did you do all this yourself? I'm impressed."

He led me around the place and we chatted easily as he pointed out different features. He deftly refilled my wine glass, and the second one tasted even better than the first. As he was showing me the kitchen, he poured me a third glass, and, without anything else on my stomach I found myself getting pleasantly high.

A few minutes later he took the empty glass from my hand and set it on the counter. "I think you'll really like what I've done in the bedroom," he said. When he placed his hand on my lower back to steer me down the hall, I quivered a little. As he pulled open the double doors, I saw a huge bed placed in the junction of two floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city.

"This is stunning!" I said, turning to face him, but then I couldn't say anything more because his hands grasped my hips and pulled my body to him and his lips swooped down on mine. Then his tongue was prying them apart to caress my tongue and I felt like I was in a dream.

He pulled back for a second. "You are so beautiful. I've wanted you for so long," he said fervently, and then he kissed me again. As he did so, his hands began to undo the clothes from my body. I offered no protest; in fact, I felt absolutely powerless to resist. All I could think was, "He wants me. This hot guy is so filled with lust that he can't resist me." That thought was like an injection of aphrodisiac flooding my veins, instantly lifting me to a state of highest sexual arousal.

As he unzipped my skirt and tugged it down my legs, I felt momentarily embarrassed. "God, he's going to see how wet I am!" I thought. But before I could say anything, his fingers and lips drove all rational thought from my brain. He pressed me down on the bed and my body began to arch and strain for greater contact with his. He paused only long enough to pull his own clothes off before clutching my body to his again. Above the sound of my panting, I swear I heard him growl.

I normally like a lot of foreplay before sex, but there was no need now -- I could not have been more aroused or ready. That was just as well because as soon as our clothes were gone he began to position me for penetration. Eagerly I looked down at his cock. It appeared to be only slightly larger than Nathan's, but it had an unusual upward curve. Then he began to rub it across the lips of my pussy, and when he dragged it ran across my swollen clitoris, it sent shock waves through me. My eyes closed and my head fell back on the mattress. When he felt he was sufficiently lubricated, he hooked his arms under my knees and lifted them up and apart, leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable to his assault. Then in one confident move he thrust himself all the way into me.

I gasped at the incursion and immediately began to moan. I was so aroused at that point that anything would have felt good, but after just a minute or two of thrusting my eyes flew open. "Oh! That feels incredible!" I gasped. Somehow his cock was hitting just exactly on the right place inside me, and it was driving me mad with pleasure.

"Oh, God, don't stop!" I pleaded. "Keep fucking me, Jack, keep fucking me!" I gasped incoherently. But there was no need to beg; Jack began to pump faster and harder into me. My head fell back, my eyes squeezed shut and my mouth gaped open as I felt his cock continuously rubbing my spot and driving me to ever higher levels of pleasure. With each of his inward thrusts I head myself making noises like some animal as he pushed me up to the peak. "You're making me cum," I cried out repeatedly, and then, when the sensations became unbearable, I screamed and then screamed again as I experienced the strongest orgasm of my life.

I think I must have passed out for a while because when I opened my eyes Jack was lying beside me, gasping for breath. My whole body felt warm, and there was a pleasant used sensation in my vagina. I rolled onto my side and put my hand on his hairy chest. "God, that was the best sex I've ever had in my life," I told him sincerely.

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