tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy Amazon Army Ch. 01

My Amazon Army Ch. 01


*This story mixes sci-fi, drama, action and lots of sex and violence. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: The Revival

I sat on my rocking chair, looking out on the lake. It was late in the evening and the sun was setting. Things were peaceful and quiet, just the way I liked it.

There must be some activity happening on the lake as I noticed some lights moving back and forth, but with my failing eyesight I could not make it out.

I reached for my orange juice on the table next to me. The effort brought shooting pains to my shoulder. Age and cancer had left my body a complete wreck. While the labours of my lifetime had allowed me to purchase this property by the lake and hire a full time caretaker, living through everyday with poor eyesight, limited mobility, and excessive pain was becoming truly wearisome.

As I set my drink back down, I noticed that the sun had set. Darkness covered the lake and the little lights I had earlier noticed seemed to have faded away. I leaned back into my chair and started to doze off. My caretake, Mandy was her name, should have been preparing dinner on the other end of the house as I could smell cooking.

I fell asleep dreaming of chewing bacon.

I awoke with a start. Something had jolted me awake. Was it a loud noise? A bright flash? I looked around, developing the beginnings of cold sweat. I wanted to call for Mandy, but wasn't sure if I had just been having a bad dream.

Then I thought I saw something moving towards me from the lake. With my poor eyesight and lack of lighting, the object approaching looked vaguely like a silvery figure. Had someone come ashore from the lake at wrong pier and need assistance.

I got slowly to my feet and staggered to the edge of my porch.

"Hello! Who is that? Can I help you?"

The figure did not reply and continued to approach. It walked steadily and closed the 200 feet from the lake's edge to my home quickly. I started to panic and stumbled back towards the door into my home.

"Mandy! Mandy! Help me! Come to the front door!"

I had barely taken three steps when I heard the patio's wooden steps creak behind me. I turned as fast as a 70-yr old cancer host could, which wasn't much. The silver figure stood before me. I still could not make out any details, which was no surprise as I could neither read nor watch TV with my cateract. But what struck me was how bright the figure's clothing seemed to shine... and his height, he must have been 7 feet tall!

"Wait! What do you want? Who are...."

Before I could finish, the figure reached out and grabbed my face. As his palm covered my mouth and nose, I felt flash of pain. I tried to scream and the world turned black.


I ran. Somehow I could run and I ran because something was chasing me. Dark corridor after corridor I ran. But they kept coming. I turned the next corner, breath coming fast, heart pounding, and there they were. Snakes.... countless serpant bodies coiled on the floor inches before me. I tried to flee, to turn back, but they lashed out at me lightning quick.

First one, then two, then four of them bit me, fangs sinking into my forearms, left thigh and stomach. I screamed. But there was no pain. Instead I watched with fascination as the snakes that bit me retreat... they hissed loudly, red eyes flaring.... and then they whithered.... It was as if biting me had drained the life from them.

More snakes lashed out and bit me... and as with the first four they recoiled and whithered.... hissing loudly.

I was suddenly overcome with an urge to rip them apart. I reached out and grabbed the first one in my hands and twisted it.... it hissed but did not bite me.

Unthinkingly, I lifted the snake to my mouth and ripped it open with my teeth. Blood gushed out... flowed into my mouth.... and my hunger grew.... I bite again... chewing swallowing.... it was glorius....

The snakes kept trying to bite me... and with each bite they recoiled and fell to the floor. I waded in, picking each one up and savagely tearing into them with my teeth. With each bite my hunger grew... and with each bite I grew stronger...

Blood gushed everywhere... and when I had torn every snake open with my teeth and drank them dry... I tilted my head back and roared!


And then I woke up.

It was just a dream. Being able to run could only be a dream after all. I could not remember when was the last time I ran.

As my eyes focused, I realised I was lying in bed. I stared at the white ceiling above me. Looks like its been some time since we cleaned the ceiling as dirt had started to accumulate along the aircon ducts.

Wait a second.... I could see the ceiling.... dust on the ceiling???!

I sat up.... I sat up?! I could not remember the last time I could sit up without Mandy's help. It was then I noticed my hands... the flesh was pink... fingers thick and strong.... my forearms long and muscular....

I had to still be dreaming....

I got to my feet.... and stood up. Ignoring how tight my pyjamas felt, I rushed across the room to the full length mirror on the far wall.

I had not looked in the mirror for years... I could not see.... But the last time I had, I was a 60-yr old man, 5' 10" with little hair and a potbelly.

I was definitely not the Greek God that stared back at me now.

The reflection before me portrayed a tall (maybe 6' 3"?) muscular man with imposing features and a full head of thick black hair. My hair colour was the same.... eyes were still blue... but even in high school I must have been a shadow the male porn star in the mirror.

Was I still dreaming? I slapped myself a few times. No change. I was still standing before the mirror in my pyjamas looking like a male underwear model.

Then I noticed something else... a sound I'd not heard in many years...

"Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap..."

A rhythmic slapping.... flesh against flesh... coming from down the hallway. Mesmerised, I followed the sound out my bedroom and towards the next room down the hall.

The door was slightly ajar and I could look into the next room through the gap at the source of the hypnotic beat... fucking.

On the bed inside the room I saw a lanky young man fucking his partner in a missionary position. As the door was slightly ajar, and it was dark in the hallway, I could observe them without fear of being noticed amidst their own grunts and pleasures.

The man was of average build, with handsome features and blond hair. As he exerted himself over the woman, 5-6" dick sliding in and out of her wet slit covered in white pussy froth, he grunted softly.

It was the woman underneath that caught my attention. She had long wavy black hair, big brown eyes, high cheekbones and full pouty lips. A slim neck joined her pretty head to a hot body, with a pair of tear shaped D-cups, a flat stomach, and long legs that wrapped around the ass of the young man pumping her from above. With each of his thrusts, the womans big breasts swam in circles on her chest... she smiled warmly up at her partner... breaths coming quickly...

Watching the hot chick getting fucked, another miracle happened. I looked down and my erection stared back at me. Its been a couple years since I'd had a hard on... and from the way my cock was now poking out the top of my pyjama pants, I was quite sure I'd never had one anywhere so big before.

"I'm coming baby.... Mandy baby I'm coming.... get ready!" said the young man suddenly.

Mandy? That hot piece of flesh getting fucked was my caretaker of 2 years??!! Obviously my eyesight had been worse than I thought.

The young man pulled his cock out (yep... about 6"), held it in his right hand and climbed on top of Mandy's chest. With a loud moan he came, spraying his cum on Mandy face and into her open mouth.

I staggered back to my room... disorientated. First my body undergoes unexplainable changes, next I find that my caretaker of 2 years is a hot chick who fucks men in my house.

Well that last part didn't really surprise me. Until this morning I had been a dying old man with regular and scheduled caretaking needs and long bed times. In between, it should not surprise me that my caretaker, hot as she seems to be, would find ways to amuse herself and get some cardio in.

My erection was still raging... having nothing to do with it I decided to take a bath. I pulled of my pyjamas and got into the shower. Turned on the water hot and scrubbed myself down. It must have been six years since I'd last taken a shower on my own.... the thought that every one of my last few showers by Mandy actually involved her hot hands scrubbing me down kept me hard. Crap....

20 minutes later, I stepped out of the shower. I generally felt better, but my cock was still half hard from thinking about Mandy's tits swimming in circles while she'd been fucked.

"Ohhhhhhh!" said a woman's voice.

I turned and found Mandy dressed in a white bathrobe standing at my bedroom door. She must have just had a shower at the same time as me to wash off the cum her supposed boyfriend had deposited on her pretty face and then decided to come and check in on me. In my hurry to get into the shower, I had left my bedroom door open and now I stood before her, naked and semi-erect.

What a cock-up.

"Hi Mandy... sorry, I should have closed the door or pulled on a robe." I said.

Mandy's eyes were locked on my semi-erect cock. Hearing my voice, she pulled her gaze back up my muscular body to make eye contact.

"Who are you? And what are you doing in Michael's bedroom?" she asked.

"Mandy, its me Michael. Don't you recognise my voice? I look a bit different though. Can't explain that..." I said. I'd decided that I liked my nakedness and the attention my body was getting from Mandy so made no move to cover myself.

Mandy's expression reflected her shock.... she made eye contact for a few more moments, and then, as if it was drawn by some undeniable force, her gaze slowly made its way down my naked body back to my cock.

I suppose I must have been quite a sight. 6 feet of muscle with a cock that, even though only semi-erect, was already 6" long and slightly more than 1.5" thick.

"Mandy, are you ok? Would you like to lie down or something?" I asked while walking towards her.

She stood there, mouth half open, eyes locked on my cock as it swayed while I walked towards her. When I stood before her, I reached out and took her elbow and started to guide her gently to the bed.

"Why don't you sit down for a while. You look a bit unsteady."

Mandy didn't resist and walked over to the bed to sit where I showed her.

"You're Micheal? I don't understand... Michael was an old man... I looked after him for 2 years.... I would know..."

"I can't explain it Mandy. This morning when I woke up, I was as you see before you. Young again... I think something happened last night... I remember being on the porch and something happened... but I'm not sure what."

"Last night.... I found you lying on the porch. I couldn't move you so I called my boyfriend and we both carried you back to your room. I checked you over and found no bruises. You seemed to be sleeping so I left you to rest." While she said this, her eyes rove between making eye contact and glancing at my cock.

She obviously wants me. And that thought made my cock grow harder. As I stood in front of her sitting on my bed, my erection grew. My cock was almost at her eye level and I smiled as I saw her watch, mesmerised as my cock grew to it almost 9" length and 2" girth.

"Omigod. I never knew your cock was so big and beautiful when you were younger." She said. She licked her lips as she watch my meat throb not 4 inches in front of her face.

"Does it bother you? Should I cover up? You look a bit distracted." I said.

"No no no..... no.... I'm fine. Really." She continued staring at my cock.

I decided that I had let her admire me long enough and made my move.

"Why don't you lie down... you still look abit disoriented." I said and moved forward to place my hands on her shoulders supposedly to help her lie down. As I did so, my cock swayed forward and rubbed against Mandy's face.

"Its so warm...." she gasped.

"Really? I never noticed. Here, take off your robe and lie down." I reached out and pulled her robe down off her shoulders. As I'd hoped, Mandy was naked underneath. At the sight of her beautiful boobs and erect brown nipples, my cock throbbed again and a drop of pre-cum made its way out of my tip.

In a trance, Mandy's right hand grabbed my cock, pulled it to her lucious lips and sucked the drop of pre-cum off my cock.

"That was nice..." I said.

She glanced up at me and, seeing me smiling at her, took it that permission had been granted for her to get to know me better. Without another word, Mandy shoved my cock head into her mouth.

"Ahhhh..." I gasped. I couldn't help myself. This was the first head I had received in 20 years... And the fact that the chick giving it me was hot as hell only intensified the pleasure.

"Don't stop... That's good Mandy."

Encouraged by me, Mandy slurped even louder on my cock. After a dozen strokes, she had managed to get about 5 inches into her throat and my cock was now dripping with saliva.

"Slurp slurp slurp" 6 inches.... I could see the bulge in her throat every time she swallowed my cock. This bitch could deep throat... But the thickness of my cock made it impossible for her to stuff any more than 6 inches of cock flesh into her throat. As it was, every time she shoved me down, she made gagging noises as my cock head blocked off her windpipe.

"Slowly babe... don't hurt yourself.... I'm all yours." I said.

Mandy seemed not to hear me as she vigorously deep throated me, each time my cock slammed against the back of her throat, a jolt of pleasure would shoot into my balls and stomach. It was heaven.

After 5 minutes of deep throat action, it was clear that Mandy was pushing herself too hard. Tears had started to form and she would stop to take a deep breath every 2-3 strokes.

I didn't want to injure my new toy before I'd had a chance to enjoy her, so I took gentle hold of her head and pulled her off my cock.

"Enough babe... time for me to do some work..." I smiled at her. Mandy smiled back and wiped excess saliva and tears from her face with the backs of her hands.

I pushed her onto her back and pulled her robe aside. Her chest and stomach was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. And when I parted her robe further, the smell of her wet pussy hit me. Her pussy lips her wet and pubic hairs soaked with juices and sweat. The sweet/salty scent of her juices drove me wild. My cock needed her pussy's hot embrace. Nothing else mattered. Unable to control my desire, I grabbed her behind her knees with both hands, spread her legs and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed. Without hesitation I aimed my cock head at her spread lips and thrust hard.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned. My cock slid 4 inches into her wet cunt with my first thrust. Wet as her cunt was, the thickness of my dick took getting used to. On my second thrust I got another 3 inches in.

"Oh god.... your fucking cock is so big. I can feel you in my stomach.... push it all the way in!" Mandy moaned.

The heat of her cunt was spreading up my cock and into my stomach and balls. My cock throbbing cock sucked in her heat and pleasure flooded me. I could feel my arousal grow even more and blood seemed to rush from my pelvis into my cock, swelling my cock head even more....!

"Unnngh... you're so big. Oh god..."

I thrust a 3rd time and the rest of my 9" sank to the hilt, my cock head banging against her cervix.

"Ohh... so deep... so deep.... wait... let me get used to your cock.... god its so big!" But my lust could not wait, I pulled back and thrust hard, all the way to the hilt, my pelvis slapping hard against her pussy and ass.

"Uggh.... so big! So deep!" Thrust... "Ugh..." Thrust... slap "Ugh... baby... I'm gonna cum..." I grinned and sped up my thrusts....

"Slap slap slap slap slap slap"

"Uhhh... uhh.... UHHHHH!!!" And Mandy came.... hot cum gushed out of her... spraying out of her pussy in a torrent of clear fluid.... drenching my balls and thighs....

"Oh.... you squirted.... " I'd never banged a squirter before, and the warm spray of satisfaction coming out of Mandy was a nice surprise.

Mandy gasped.... breathing hard to catch her breath. Her chest was flushed and her legs quivered in my hands.

"Omigod.... Michael... ohh.... that was amazing.... oh god... I've never squirted before.... I didn't know I could... But you're so big... I felt like I was overflowing.... and before I knew it...." she said, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

"Baby, that was lovely... nothing like squirter to let a man know that he's doing the right thing."

"Michael... You're not stopping are you?" she gazed up at me, lust showing in her eyes.

"Baby, I've barely started." And without another word I began pumping her again.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh...." her breaths came quick and shallow, muscles in her neck stretched taut as her body reacted to my fucking. I pounded her relentlessly... 10 strokes... 20 strokes... 30 strokes...

"Uhhh....! Michael... uhhh... I... I... I'm cuming.... Uhhhhh!!!" And Mandy's pussy released another warm gush to demonstrate how much it liked my cock.

But I was no where near done and my strokes never slowed... 50... 60... 100...

"Slap slap slap slap...."

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed we had an audience. Mandy's boyfriend was standing at the door waatching. Without slowing my thrusts I turned my head to look at him, smiling.

"Slap slap slap...."

"Oh baby... I'm gonna cum again.... oh! OHHHH!" Another hot gush rained over my pubes.

Mandy's (ex) boyfriend stared wide eyed at his girl's cum spraying all over me, turned and walked off without a word. Smiling in satisfaction, I turned back to Mandy.

She hadn't even noticed what had happened. Her eyes had rolled up into her head and she lay on her back, hair and chest wet with sweat, moaning softly.

I could get used to this.

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