tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy Amazon Army Ch. 12

My Amazon Army Ch. 12


Author's note: Just to help everyone keep track of our heroes – Michael is the half-alien super stud that can create super women by planting his seed in them; Mandy, Michael's first creation, has unlimited strength and invulnerability; Rachel, has magical hair that is unbreakable and can act as tentacles, a shield, projectiles etc; Amanda is able to shoot blasts of energy from her eyes.


Mandy lay sun tanning, her sun glasses her only speck of attire. Since rescuing Michael at his apartment, Mandy had found out that Michael had taken another lover in Rachel. Mandy wasn't too pleased with this development, since she had wanted to keep her lover to herself. However, she also realised that Michael had and always would be something of a playboy and it was better to know about his other partners than have him skulk around keeping mistresses secret.

It had been an emotional roller coaster over the last weeks, having first been assaulted by aliens, had her boyfriend stolen, fucked her boss (many times), not to mention been transformed into a superhuman with seemingly limitless strength and invulnerability. To now have another woman sharing her lover was kinda small in the entire scheme of things so she thought she could accommodate it.

At least Rachel was also super hot, thought Mandy. It would certainly not do for Michael to have traded monogamy for someone average. While she'd like to think that she still topped Rachel in the looks department, Mandy had to admit that Rachel's body would most likely win out given her more feminine attributes (read as amazing breasts; plus Mandy's muscle tone, while not bulky, might not be so attractive to some men).

When Michael had first woken up, Mandy had privately impressed upon him that she could accept Rachel, but that he should ask her for permission before inviting anyone else into his bed. Michael had agreed without a second thought and that assured Mandy somewhat. She had also asked him to make sure that she always got priority for sex, which he had also agreed. Having both her requests met, Mandy had then proceeded to fuck Michael's brains out before coming out to get some sun and time alone. She also knew that Michael and Rachel would need some time together and preferred not to be too near when that happened.

Mandy had just began to doze off in the sun when one of Amanda's security personnel came up to the sun deck to inform her about the plan to rescue their loved ones. Only then did the seriousness of the matter dawn on her and the realisation that her own family may be in danger. Up till now, she had assumed that the focus of the Firm's efforts would only be on Michael.

Mandy quickly made her way down to the basement to meet up with the other 2 babes. She found both of them in the Ready Room in the process of getting dressed.

"Wow. What have we here?" she quipped.

"Well, since Michael hired me I realised that we would sooner or later need to take the offensive in this campaign. So I got some of my team to look into what kind of gear would make sense for super beings to use." replied Amanda.

Both women were in the middle of pulling on skin tight (and I mean absolutely skin tight), sheer, nylon-like body suits. The suits appeared to be stocking thin and just sheer enough such that you could see the dark patches of Amanda and Rachel's areola, though the details could not be made out. The suits were so tight that they even moulded themselves around the two women's pussy lips, seeming like a second, lingerie-like skin.

"Uh, OK. So putting on a full body condom is going to help us how? Aside from giving our opponents a hard on, which I should add you two don't need help with, how are these suits supposed to help?" asked Mandy sarcastically.

"Don't let the sheer quality fool you. These are actually tri-weave kevlar suits that I've asked be treated to be millimetre thin. So they're designed to stop small calibre rounds and even reduce the damage from a knife attack. No use all to you Mandy, but a big help for the two of us." replied Amanda.

"I see. That's useful. And what was the reason for making them look like full body stockings?" said Mandy, a wry grin on her face.

"Uh. That was kinda unintended. I'll work that part out in the next batch." replied Amanda sheepishly.

"I think your designer must have been hoping to see you in them." quipped Rachel.

"Well, seeing as we paid him a million a piece for these suits, he should be able to buy himself whatever peep show he wants." retorted Amanda.

"Alright, these work well for you two. Anything for me?" asked Mandy.

"Sorry Mandy, I haven't figured out something special for you. I was actually planning for you to wear one of these as well, more from the modesty perspective than protection, but seeing how they turned out, I'm not sure that makes sense anymore." replied Amanda.

"Don't worry about it babe. I'm all for team colours. We can be a tacky threesome this once." grinned Mandy.

"Alright ladies, enough chatting. Shall we set off?" said Rachel.

And the three of them made their way back up to the roof where a helicopter was waiting and departed.


Kara slowly came to her senses. Her vision was blurred and her throat was dry and tight. She found that she could barely move and realised that she had restrained, spread eagled, to a metal table. She struggled, but her restraints would not give. Glancing around she found herself looking back at her reflection in every direction she looked, indicating that the ceiling and walls of the cell she was in were made of one-way mirrors.

Ha... so I've been captured. Well, better captured than dead. They drugged me good. Can barely think straight. Can't move.

Trying to focus, she realised that her wrists and ankles were bound by metal manacles which were welded to the table. While she should have been able to break free if they were only made of steel, she realised that in her current drugged state should could not find the strength to do so.

What am I going to do? I need to get out of here, wherever here is.

Thinking quickly, she realised that if she could not free herself, she would need to see if she could convince someone to free her. She had every confidence in her charms, given her recent success with Michael. However, getting a man to enter the cell such that she could work her magic seemed like quite a tall order. Her captors would not be that stupid.

At that point, she realised that there was a soft hissing sound coming from the ceiling. Looking up, she noticed several large ventilation ducts.

There's my exit. Those look like internal air circulation, which means that air from within the complex is shared across all its rooms. Whoever built this place never expected that one of its prisoners would be able to influence events just through the air alone.

Giving her body a mental command, Kara then relaxed back onto the table to wait. She had set a plan in motion, and could now only hope that it worked.


Victoria Steele was very good at getting what she wanted.

For example, at the current moment, she was standing in the office of an influential senator who was seconds from signing his life away.

"So Senator Teal, do we have a deal?" asked Victoria, sitting casually in the chair in front of his desk.

Senator Teal was obviously having a hard time collecting his thoughts. His face was flushed and perspiration peppered his brow. He kept adjusting his seat, and his eyes repeatedly drifted down to the little cleavage that Victoria's satin blouse revealed. He was obviously barely in control of himself.

"I... Yes... of course we have a deal. Anything you want. Now, could we please move on? I... I need..." he fumbled, not used to begging a woman for sex.

"Thank you Senator. Now that that's settled, we can get on to the more pleasurable part of this deal. Rebecca?" turning, Victoria gestured to a sexy blonde standing near the door. "Senator, this is Rebecca. She'll be your assistance from this moment forth. You will find that she's an extremely capable woman and your life will suddenly seem totally organised. Rebecca also has other gifts, but I'm sure you'll want to find that out yourself." said Victoria grinning.

Rebecca strut across the room, big breasts bouncing in her blouse, hair streaming out behind her. She looked every bit like the hot colleague / boss that every man has wet dreams of meeting.

"Oh... Certainly. Hello Rebecca. Pleased to meet you.." said the Senator, his eyes now alternating between Rebecca's flawless features and ample breasts.

"So I'll leave you two to it..." said Victoria as she exited the office. As the door closed behind her, she could hear the soft sounds of kissing and silk tearing. Looks like they got right to it.

Victoria strode down the hallway towards the door, her car waiting outside. This was the 6th senator's place she had visited in a month and the 6th "associate" she had left behind to ensure things proceeded as planned. Before politicians, she had already done her rounds with industry leaders, and already had 28 agents in place.

Each of them had both figuratively and literally attached themselves to their targets, allowing Victoria's Firm to gain control over the various CEOs and politicians through them. Every one of her agents had been designed to be sexually irresistible, and whether through cock or pussy, ensured the compliance of their targets.

However, there was one aspect that Victoria was not too pleased with. Her various attempts to take down Michael had not met with any success. In fact, it had cost her many many agents, each of whom had taken weeks to design and build.

The thought of Michael brought a scowl to her pretty face. Michael and his harem were starting to frustrate her, and she did not like that.

It was time to get serious. No more Ms Nice Bitch.

Victoria's secretary was waiting for her in the limo, together with two of her bodyguards.

"Danni, get Laura on the phone please. I'd like to accelerate our plans to acquire the target." said Victoria.

While Danni set to work, Victoria turned to her two bodyguards. Both of them were handsome, athletic men with dark hair and blue eyes. In fact, all of her bodyguards were perfect male specimens since she made use of them in the bedroom more than anything else.

"I'm frustrated. Get your cocks in me, I need to blow off steam." said Laura to them.

Both men grinned. How many men had jobs that entailed fucking their gorgeous boss sometimes a few times a day. They quickly unbuttoned their shirts and pulled down their pants. Out popped two big, half hard cocks, already 6 inches semi-erect. These were courtesy of some alien nanites.

Working as a well oiled pair, one guard immediately positioned himself between Victoria's legs and began licking her pussy. The other shifted over and placed his thick brown cock head at her lips. Victoria immediately began sucking hungrily on the cock, making it hard in no time. She moaned with desire and lustily gagged herself on the thick and hot man meat. Meanwhile, muff diver had made Victoria's pussy soaking wet and proceeded to mount her with his now hard cock.

"Uhhhh! That's right! Fuck me! Don't stop until I tell you to!" moaned Victoria.

Her guard happily complied. As hot as Victoria was, and as tight and warm as her pussy was, any normal man would be unlikely to last more than a few minutes. But accelerated evolution meant that her guards had no such challenges. By giving his cock and balls the right command, he could hold back his ejaculation indefinitely and meet Victoria's needs.

And pump her he did. Hard thrusts that slapped both pelvises together loudly and wetly. Victoria's pussy juices flowed and dripped onto the seat and before long her guard's cock was covered in white froth of churned pre-cum and Victoria's juices.

"Uhhh... yes... yes.... yesss... don't stop. Mmmmmm... mmmm... gag.... mmmm... gag... uhhh!" went Victoria as let her guard fuck her while she gagged herself on the cock in her mouth.

"Director, I have Laura on the line." said Danni. Despite the fact that she saw such scenes all the time, she was still slightly turned on and flushed by the hardcore fucking happening right in front of her. The smell of Victoria's pussy juices mixed with male pre-cum, saliva, was all quite overwhelming.

"Mmmm... tell her to accelerate all plans to acquire... mmmm... uh... the target." mumbled Victoria's in between thrusts of both the cock in her pussy and the one in her mouth.

Danni conveyed the message and hung up, all the while eyes fixed on the cocks going in and out of Victoria. She glanced up at the face of both men and it was obvious from their expressions that they were both enjoying their boss tremendously and only had eyes for Victoria.

Victoria moaned as another orgasm hit her and squirted just a bit. The guard fucking her grinned widely, knowing that he had pleased his boss. As if on cue, his partner withdrew his cock from Victoria's mouth and shuffled over. Both men then exchanged hot holes, almost without missing a beat.

"Mmmm... tasty... I like the taste of my cum mixed with sperm.... gag gag gag.... mmmm..." moaned Victoria as the cocks changed places.

Just then, there was a soft rap on the window. They had arrived at their destination.

"OK boys... uh... good job. I feel a lot better. In fact, I'm in such a good mood that I'm going to ask you two to share your gifts with Danni. I'm sure she's dripping wet from watching you guys at work." said Victoria as she sat up and straightened her dress. A few deft pulls, 15 seconds in front of a mirror and she was picture perfect once again. She had a lot of practice.

Without another word, she popped open the door and stepped out.

This left both men, still naked, cocks hard and dripping with cum and saliva, in the cabin together with Danni. There was lust in their eyes, since Victoria had not allowed them to ejaculate over the last 20 mins of fucking. Their eyes were now on Danni, who had rather instinctively sat herself back into the corner.

"OK.... this is awkward. Uhm... should we talk about this?" said Danni, suddenly less horny and slightly anxious. Unlike Victoria and her agents, Danni was still completely human. She was a good looking girl with high C-cup breasts, an athletic figure and a girl-next-door appeal.

"What would you like to talk about Danni?" grinned one of the guards. "You were obviously very interested when we were doing Victoria. Don't you want a piece of the action?"

"That's right. We promise to be gentle and trust us when we say we know how to use our gifts to best effect." said the other. "And if you're slightly worried, we can take turns so it won't be so overwhelming."

"Uh... can I think about this?" mumbled Danni.

"Oh come on! I'm not waiting any longer." said one and with that he reached down to his cock, squeezed a bit of pre-cum onto his index finger and, faster than a striking cobra, applied it to Danni's lips.

"Hey! What the hell?! What was... What... Uh...." went Danni as she tried to rub it off her lips. Then suddenly, she felt herself flush and a surge of warmth began flowing out of her groin. "Oh... What did you do to me?! Oh...." She felt her pussy begin to drown itself in juices and her nipples became more erect than she ever remembered them. "Omigod... I... I..." It became harder to think, harder to see anything other than the two hard cocks, muscled bodies and handsome faces. Hard to feel anything aside from the lust flowing out of her cunt.

"So Danni, any change of heart?" asked the guard.

Without another word, Danni ripped open her silk blouse, shrugged off her bra, pulled up her short skirt and spread her legs.

"Fuck me. Both together, I don't care. And I like cum. Make sure you cum on my face."

And they both obliged.


Michael had wandered back into the main mansion on the ground floor. After his amazons had departed, he had felt rather worthless since he was not able to help them out directly in the mission.

Well, since I'm useless in a fight, the only real way I can help them is to make more amazons. But, I'm really not sure any of them would be keen to share me any further than 3 ways. Especially Rachel, who I think can be quite possessive.

Feeling a bit peckish, he went into the kitchen to look for food. He found 4 of Amanda's agents sitting around the table eating and chatting. 2 were blondes and the other 2 brunettes. All were good looking women, which Michael knew that Amanda had placed as one of her recruitment criterion for his benefit.

"Hi Michael, good to see you up and about." said one of the blondes, Michelle based on her nametag.

"Thanks Michelle. I'm feeling much better." replied Michael.

"After all the tender loving care you received from Mandy and Rachel, that's certainly no surprise." said the other blonde, Christy.

"Haha..." laughed Michael sheepishly, not sure how to reply.

"Sorry Michael, but I think the whole mansion heard Mandy and Rachel's moans when you guys were going at it. I suspect that both of them screamed just a bit louder on purpose too. Just to show the rest of us who was boss." said Linda smiling.

"Oh, haha. Sorry about that." replied Michael.

"Hey, don't worry. We understand totally. If I was in their position, I wouldn't want to share you with anyone." said Anna.

"Uh, talk about awkward, haha... can we talk about something else?" said Michael. The girls laughed and changed the subject. They related their experiences since joining Amanda's team and how they had gone about setting up this hide out. Michael felt a lot less awkward after a while and the conversation picked up from there.

They had been chatting for about 10 min or so when all 4 girls suddenly stopped talking all of a sudden, almost in unison. They all wore slightly startled expressions, and began to flush slightly.

"What happened? What's wrong?" asked Michael. And then he knew.


"Oh crap! Ladies... are you ok? Listen to me, something is meddling with your heads. You need to hold your breaths and get out into the open air as quickly as possible." said Michael to the 4 agents.

But it was obvious that his warning was too late. All light heartedness had left the expressions of all 4 women, and in its place was pure, boiling lust. Their necks and chests were flushed and Michael could see their nipples erect under their blouses.

In unison, they rose from the table and began approaching Michael from both sides. It was like he was surrounded by 4 lionesses ready to pounce.

"Uh... ladies... Michelle, Linda, Anna, Christy... calm down..."

"Calm down about what Michael?" asked Christy. "You really think the rest of us were OK just being bystanders while you and your harem rut in full view?"

"Yeah... how do you think it makes us feel? Left alone here on this island and the only man around is out of bounds to us?" said Anna.

"Its not as if you don't know how attractive you are Michael. Is it surprising that we'd want to fuck you too?" asked Linda.

"And why won't you fuck us Michael?" asked Michelle. "Is it because we're not as hot as Mandy and Rachel? How do you know you won't enjoy us if you won't even give us a chance to show you what we can do?"

As they approached, the 4 women systematically began stripping off their clothes. Soon, Michael was surrounded by 4 pairs of breasts and 4 moist shaven pussies. The smell of the 4 women's sex only made things worse for him.

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