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My Anal Boy Toy


"Dante how would you like me to start your inferno? Let me tell you instructions about our night tonight. I would like for you to meet me at this hotel and follow all my instructions no questions asked."

She handed him a card with the address and walked away. The Devil in a red patent leather dress that clung to her full round ass and high pert full breast laughed as swished through the crowded bar disappearing in the fog of smoke.

Dante's preparation in the hotel room.

When you enter the room, you take off all of your clothes and go into the bathroom. It is as she said it would be as you recall her words that had been whispered seductively in his ear at the bar. You shiver in anticipation. Had you really agreed to let that sexy devil do this? Your recollection is now rolling like film before your eyes and you are outside yourself listening and watching.

"You will find a beautiful young woman in a red thong bikini. She is there to give you and enema. You will find it set up for you with some lubricant in the tub."

She puts on some gloves and lubes her fingers. You are told to bend over and spread your cheeks. She slides slick fingers around your asshole for a few minutes and then she slowly slides one finger into your tight ass. You moan it feels so good. She fingers you in a rhythmic fashion and eases another one into see sawing just a little bit faster.

"Oh shit that feels so fucking good!" You say.

She pulls her fingers out and slips the enema nozzle into ass. You are told to get on your hands and knees in the tub and she releases the clamp. You feel so full but you know that in the end when she arrives, it will be worth it.

You are told to relieve yourself and come back to the tub. She fills your ass again to be sure that you are clean. She turns on the shower and tells you to join her. She begins to lather your body rubbing a soapy sponge all over your chest and stomach, your back and your ass. She turns you around to face her and she begins to slide the slick sponge around your balls and your very hard cock. You want so much to touch her but you were told that she was off limits and all of you belong to the devil in the red dress and no other for the evening.

She takes the hand held shower head and rinses you. She bends you forward and rinses your beautiful round ass. She snakes her tongue from the top of your crack down to the ridgeline along your balls and back up to your asshole. She presses her tongue deep into your newly cleaned asshole and tongue fucks you helping your asshole relax for your upcoming penetration.

The Devil in the red dress sits in the other room waiting for Dante.

I can hear you from the other room. You are moaning and whimpering.

"Oh shit it feels so good! Oh shit! Don't stop!"

I love it. I step into my harness and I wait. My young helper brings you out and I have you kneel down before me. My cock is protruding into your face.

"Suck it! Get it nice and wet for your ass. Show me how much you want me to put this in your hole. Show me with your mouth how you want me to fuck your ass!"

As you suck my cock I kiss my assistant and allow her to suck my rock hard nipples as a partial reward for her help. I make her wait on the other side of the room. I enjoy your enthusiasm. You are fucking your mouth with my cock with earnest and I can feel my pussy dribbling down my legs.

"Get up and lay on your back!"

I get down before you and spread eagle your legs and start to tongue your asshole.

"You like having your asscunt sucked don't you?"

"Yessss!" you hiss.

I lick and suck your balls. I trail my tongue up the length of your shaft and engulf you in one hot exhalation. As I pull back to the tip I twirl my tongue around your tip drawing out your precum. My tongue trails along the flat of your stomach and plays for a while in your navel. I move upwards towards your chest and pull a nipple into my hot mouth. My hands are busy lubing up my cock and I rub the slick head around your asshole while I suck your nipples.

"Are you ready for the inferno Dante?"

Before you can answer I kiss you deeply and press into your ass. Your moan is muffled into the kiss and your feel dizzy with the sensation. I wrap your legs around my waist and just wait. I let you relax around the first couple of inches of my cock.

"Don't stop! Give it all to me." You say.

I press deeper and your ass swallows the rest of my 8 inch cock. You are moaning like crazy. You start to make that little sound that I love to hear in a man's throat, that little hitch mixed with a whimper.

"I knew I was going to love taking your ass."

I laugh evilly and start to fuck you.

"And to think this is just the beginning!" I whisper into your ear.

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