My Anal Pets


I pressed the stiff tip of the foot long black rubber cock against Dave's hole.

Beg for it!" I hissed.

"Fuck me!" Dave pleaded

"Fuck what?" I teased.

"Fuck my ass!"

"Yeah, your hot, greedy faggot ass," I growled, digging my cock inside, forcing the hole to stretch like it had probably never been stretched before.

I loved teasing him, calling Dave a 'faggot.' He was so masculine too, a gorgeous guy, the sort sorority girls back at his campus probably drool over and fantasize about, and fuck, if they're lucky. Dave, like my husband, like Rick, were three rough, horny studs who knew how to expertly serve a woman some very fine cock. They had just proved that to me. But still, lined up like this on elbows and knees, showing me earlier just how much they liked to suck and fuck each other, I liked thinking of them as my faggot boys. Who knows, next week my husband might bring over some nasty bitches who'll put me through some really rough paces and call me their little queer dyke whore as they brutalize my fuckholes.

I took hold of Dave's hips now and started to fuck his ass with raw, savage power. I'm a runner and I lift weights so I've got some stamina and some strength as I now drove the full length of the twelve inch cock up Dave'ass as he squealed and squirmed like a hooked fish.

"Now that's a cock, huh?" I teased, smacking his ass once as I kept fucking him, Dave getting into the groove, pushing back with his ass against my thrusts, greedy, hungry for every thick inch. They blew my mind, these three, the way they just loved cock up the ass.

"Do you love my huge dick, Dave?"

"Yes, yes, fuck my ass with it! It's so fucking big!"

And when I had my fill of him, I pulled that massive tool out of his ass, the hole gaping, obscene to behold, just what you'd expect a man's asshole to look like after he took a couple of big cocks, and then a twelve inch dildo up his ass.

Now it was Rick's turn to see what it was like. Though he was a full grown, muscled man, he had a smooth, almost boyish ass, and the thick black dildo looked especially vivid and shocking forced between his cheeks, his asshole straining to stretch wide enough to take it, Rick gasping and groaning, clawing at the sheets as he took it like a champ.

"Tell me to fuck your faggot ass."

"Fuck my faggot ass!"

"Look at you, a bitch in heat," I said, and he was, swaying and grinding and pushing his ass back hungrily, he and his ass intoxicated by the unrelenting massiveness of my cock.

With my husband I wanted it differently, for him I had a double surprise. So I pulled out of Rick and lay flat on my back, a foot of thick black rubber cock rising from my crotch, slick and gleaming.

"Get on top, baby, face me," I told my husband as he straddled my body and, reaching down to take hold of the ass-warmed rubber cock, now started to work it up his own hole. I'd fucked his ass many times in this position, he getting on top and impaling himself on it, but never had I used such a hugely thick tool.

"Aw, damn!" he howled as he felt the full thickness stretch him open, then slowly lowered himself and started to fuck, to fuck his own ass on his wife's spectacularly big dick. His own dick was now fully erect again, staring me in the face, as he rode mine.

I smiled; I loved to see my sexy, masculine husband get fucked, taking it up the ass, my dick, or the real and meaty dicks of other hung studs. He was riding me like an ass-fucking, cock-crazed whore, stroking his own cock furiously, almost demented with lust. Of course, I loved it!

"Ride it, bitch," I hissed, roughly twisting his cock in my hand. "You're such a fucking greedy whore for cock, Mike!"

I wagged Dave over to me and whispered in his ear. His eyes went wide with shock, "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Why? Don't you want to?" I grinned

"Oh no, I really to. I'd love to try that."

What I had whispered to Dave was the second surprise I had in mind. I wanted Dave to get behind Mike now, and while my rubber cock was still buried up my husband's ass, I wanted Dave to move in there and try stuffing his own cock alongside it. I wanted to see Mike take two big cocks up the ass at once!

Mike, of course was wondering what was up as Dave disappeared behind up. Soon he'd be finding out exactly what was up!

"Fuck! What is he doing?" my husband gasped, his eyes going wide as he began to feel it. He bit his lip and let out a deep sigh and I knew Dave was started to work it inside him.

"He's fucking you, honey," I purred up at my husband, "He's joining your wife up your ass. You lucky boy! You get to have not one, but two big cocks stuffed up your ass at once."

'Big' was an understatement; 'huge' was more like it!

"What a fucking cock whore you are baby!"

The look on my husband's ass was priceless as Dave now really began to work his cock up his ass, force it inside my husband's already cock-crammed asscunt. I reached around to have a feel of what was going on and this time my eyes went wide when I felt how unbelievably, how obscenely my husband's asshole was stretched around the stunningly thick double dose of cock. Mike was breathing hard, his eyes closed, gasping, starting to sweat, a deep grimace on his face, trying to endure it. And then, with a brave effort, he actually pushed down and back, wanting it, craving those two cocks up his horny ass.

"Oh honey, you are really getting fucked. I love how willing you are. My cock slave, my fucking cock slave, my ass whore."

My husband and I love to talk to each other like this, but we'd never gone as far. This was really new turf.

"Rick? Come up here and let my husband suck your cock," I said, seeing that Rick was now stroking his own big cock furiously, watching the shockingly obscene spectacle.

Rick knelt up on the bed, his cock at my husband's eye level. And then Mike just opened wide and took Rick's shaft in his mouth. Three cocks, three! Two up his ass now, and sucking a third. Yes indeed, Mike, my cock whore.

My husband glanced down at me, eyes blazing with lust, mouth stuffed with cock. "Suck it, lover, suck it, suck it and take it up the ass!" I hissed at him.

He sucked it all right, sucked it so nicely that minutes later I heard a sharp gasp from Rick and a trickle of cum spilling from Mike's full mouth. My husband had sucked him off. Sucked off a big, juicy cock, just as his wife had earlier.

And then another groan and a gasp, and I knew this time Dave was blasting his load up my husband' s ass, the stimulation of my big rubber cock massaging his while my husband's tight hole clenched him, just too much for the stud as he unloaded a second time.

I let everyone settle down and then gazed into Mike's eyes.

"Get up, baby, lift yourself up and come up here to my face, I want, I need that cock of yours."

Slowly he lifted himself, disengaging from the double dose of cock, freeing himself from what he craved: cock, thick, hard cock buried deep inside his ass.

He straddled my face as I stared at his big, beautiful cock, steely and erect again. I took that cock in my mouth and sucked him as I reached behind his balls with a hand. I had to feel it, I craved to feel it, that raw, open hole, that well-used male cunt, the asshole that had been wrapped around not one, but two fucking cocks. And what I felt was a steamy, open fuckhole, Dave's cum slowly dripping from it as, earlier, it had dripped from my own. I sucked him, I sucked my husband's cock. And while I sucked him I slid fingers inside him. First three, then a fourth. And then added the thumb, jamming all five fingers up his well-fucked ass while he fed me his cock.

The two guys, both drained now, just watched in amazement.

I kept pushing those fingers into his ass, deeper. The whole hand, deeper. I'd never done this to my husband though I'd fantasized about it, talked to him about. Maybe someday, we said. Well, today was the day! My fist, my fist, I was jamming my whole hand, my whole fist up my husband's ass. I was fist fucking that ass of his while I sucked his cock. I felt his stretched asshole grip my wrist like a rubber band as I finally managed to get all of my hand inside him.

I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his face a grimace of endurance and ecstasy. This was Mike, my husband. He loved it like this, extreme. We turned out to be so well-suited for each other.

In a sense, could there be anything both more extreme and more intimate than having your fist buried up your husband's ass? I loved it, digging in deep, stretching out my fingers in that hot, humid cave, feeling him there, feeling Dave's big load of cum flowing around my probing fingers. Yes, a big dildo was one thing. But I envied guys their cocks. They could enter, they could penetrate. And feel it. And now I was penetrating and feeling it, really penetrating as I pushed in deeper, even past my wrist, my husband taking it, loving it, enduring this unbelievable, this obscenely savage violation of his ass, his asscunt, his mancunt!

I pulled my lips away a moment.

"I love it, baby, I love it so fucking much! Fisting you, fisting your ass like this. Do you love it too?"

"Yes, I love it."

"Tell me what you love?"

"I love having my wife's fist buried up my fucking whore ass."

"Yes, baby, yes, right up your horny, whore ass while she sucks you sweetly," I said, taking his cock between my lips again as I dug in deep, twisting my hand around inside him and sucking him until he blasted the biggest load I think I'd ever taken in my mouth, cum spurting out of him like a geyser as his asshole throbbed uncontrollably, tightly clenching my forearm...

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