tagNonHumanMy Angel Ch. 01

My Angel Ch. 01


I was supposed to meet up with Maddy, Jocelyn, and Larissa to go to a club for my twenty-third birthday. When I got to the club, I saw that I was the last one to arrive. "Where were you? I've been texting you for the past ten minutes." said Maddy impatiently.

I couldn't decide what to wear and my phone died. It doesn't matter. Let's go have some fun now that I'm here." As I finished saying that, I got the sneaking feeling that I was being watched.

The girls got to the back of the line and I felt a hand go over my mouth and was pulled into an alley next to the club.

I fought my attacker until I saw who it was. "Matt what the fuck are you doing?"

"Be quiet. We're being watched. I need to take you away from here. Now. Come on." he said grabbing my hand.

"What's going on. Who's watching us?" I whisper to him as he pulls me along.

"I'll explain in a minute. Just hurry." he loses his patience with my stubbornness and picked me up and started running.

The next few minutes were a blur.When I became conscious of what was happening again, Matt and I were in an apartment I didn't recognize.

Matt had set me down and said "I owe you some explanations now."

"Yeah you do. Now what the hell is going on Matthew?"

"It's a long story. You might want to get comfortable."

"I'm listening."

"Alright. I'm going to sound crazy but hear me out. The reason you're in so much danger is that you're the archangel Michael's daughter and you are an extremely powerful angel. The people who we had to escape from are trying to kill you. The reason for that is because they are fallen angels Michael banned out of heaven. So they want to get back at him by killing his only child. They chose this particular day because you were supposed to go home tonight. Michael and I chose your twenty-third birthday because we were going to leave on your mother's twenty-third birthday-"

"Whoa whoa whoa. How the hell were you involved in all of this and why did you come with us?"

"I'll get to that. As I was saying you were brought here on Earth because Michael wanted you to be safe while the war was going on. I was sent here with you and Elise, your mother, because I was a fellow archangel and your father's bestfriend. I was supposed to protect you no matter what cost. Unfortunately Elise died when we were attacked by the Fallen. I quickly got you to a family who would protect you and treat you right. I was always around you just didn't realize it. I made sure we "met" around the time you turned twelve."

"Wow. Is Hope even my real name?"

"No your name is Alexandria."

"What exactly is going to happen now that I know this?"

"We are going to go to a temporary safe house for awhile so I can contact Michael and figure out when I should take you back."

"Where exactly are we?"

"An apartment of mine in New York."

"Where is the safe house?"

"In a remote spot not far from here. We're going to stay here for the night. There are clothes for you to change you into the bedroom. I'm going to crash on the couch." he said sounding more like the Matt I know.

"Oh no you don't. It's your apartment not mine. You get the bed."

"Alexandria please don't argue with me and take the damn bed."

"Don't call me Alexandria and you know how I am, I will argue with you until I win, not that I ever have with you."

"I am supposed to call you that from now on. Alex you are exactly like your father. That's why I can argue with you so easily. Can we compromise?"

"How would we do that? And how long have you known my father?"

"We would both sleep in the bed. And I've known him since we were two which was roughly two hundred thousand years ago."

"Out of two hundred thousand years only had one child twenty-three years ago. Wow."

"There's a reason for that as well. As angels we have soul mates. Your mother was his and he met her about three years before we came here. An angel can only have children with their soul mate."

"Have you met yours?"

"Yes but she doesn't know yet." he said looking into my eyes like he was trying to tell me something.

"That must suck." then it dawned on me. I understood why he looked at me like that. "It's me isn't it?"

"Yes it is." he said with a distant look in his eyes.

"How are you going to tell Michael?"

"Luckily he already knows."


"When you see your mate for the first time it's rather obvious to onlookers. You just didn't know since you were only a few months old when it happened."

"Oh. Is that why I was attracted to you eleven years ago?"



"Alex it's getting late. You might want to get some sleep. We have to leave early."

"Alright." I went to the bedroom and got changed. I climbed into bed after I turned the light off. Right when I was about to drift off to sleep, I felt Matt climb in and wrap his arms around my waist.

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