tagGay MaleMy Angry Tenants Ch. 10

My Angry Tenants Ch. 10


After I returned from Buffalo, Ron and Gary wanted to hear every detail of the trip not about my dealing with the estate. They wanted to hear every detail of every cock I'd taken up my ass and down my throat while there. The telling turned them on so it required frequent fuck breaks in the story so they could take turns plowing my ass or fucking my throat.

What really turned them on was my telling of Longjohn's van and getting fucked with his giant cock in the airport garage, so I wasn't too surprised a few weeks later when they came home one evening with a beat up panel van that they'd bought for $500.

They spent the next month or so working on it during their spare time and when they were done they'd created a deluxe rolling fuck mobile. They built in an ingenious flooring system in the back of plywood panels that could be removed and turned over from plain to a padded side that effectively turned the whole area into a giant bed.

I'd already had my ass fucked several times in the van in the cause of "research", so I knew it worked perfectly for the purpose.

Finally, one Saturday morning the van was ready and the boys decided we'd go for an inaugural drive. It was an early summer balmy day but I was still surprised when Ron and Gary made me change out of what I was wearing and slip on a pair of nylon gym shorts with nothing underneath. Gary drove with Ron riding shotgun and me sprawled in the back on the new built in bed.

We'd been out cruising for about an hour and I was dozing off when I heard Ron ask, "What have we here?"

I got up on my knees just as Gary pulled over to the side of the road where a Hispanic guy was walking along the shoulder.

"Hey, amigo." Ron called, "Need a ride?"

The guy came over to the window and I could see he was in his late 40's or early 50's and nice looking.

"Where are you headed?" Ron asked and the guy replied in heavily accented English with the name of a large shopping complex several miles up the road.

"Hell, that's where we're headed," Ron said. "Hop in the back."

He disappeared from the passenger window and a moment later I heard the back door open. He looked a little surprised to see me laying there on my belly in just those short gym trunks but he climbed in and slammed the door shut and sat to one side with his back against the wall.

We all introduced ourselves and it was apparent that he spoke very little English, so we proceeded on our way. I had time to check him out, now, and I liked what I was seeing. He was dressed in a cotton t-shirt and a pair of loose soft cotton pants and flip flops and even though the clothes were loose, they didn't disguise his lean muscular body. Even more promising, there was a big rounded bulge in the crotch of the pants that looked mighty interesting.

I looked up from his crotch in time to see that he was checking me out, too, and seemed pretty interested in my ass. I grabbed one of the pillows scattered around and stuffed it under my hips, so that my ass was raised and hopefully even more inviting looking. I was rewarded with the sight of his well packed crotch growing and expanding. He saw me looking and reached out and ran one finger over my butt cheek.

"It's really hot in here." I said and reached down and peeled off my shorts.

When I looked back over at him, I could see the outline of his hard cock snaking down his trouser leg and I reached over and squeezed it.

Ron was looking over the back of his seat and when he saw me rubbing the Hispanic guy's hard dick he said, "I hope you don't mind our little buddy there. He's a real whore for cock and he hasn't been fucked yet this morning.".

The Hispanic guy responded by reaching over again, but this time his fingers slowly explored my spread ass crack and I felt his finger slowly sinking into my asshole. I clamped my ass ring tight around his finger and at the same time, started pulling down the waist of his pants. He rose up on his knees and whipped his t-shirt over his head at the same time as I pulled his pants down over his hips so that his cock sprang free. It was about 6.5 or 7 inches long and had a nice curve to it and a big set of hairless balls hanging below in a long sack.

Even better, the head on it was almost twice as wide as the shaft and I could feel my asshole puckering as I thought about it invading my fuck chute. He still looked a little unsure of himself, so I raised my hips and used both hands to spread my ass cheeks and expose my hole to him.

We had arrived at the plaza and Gary parked the van at the edge of the lot, far away from the other cars and then swiveled around to watch the Hispanic guy as he positioned himself between my widespread legs.

He pulled my hips up so I was crouching in front of him with my ass spread, and then dribbled a stream of spit onto my asshole.

"Spit and grit." Ron said. "This guy has fucked ass before."

He grabbed his cock by the base and coated his cock head with his spit, then positioned it against my fuck hole. He started to press forward and I could feel my ass pucker flowering around his plum sized cock head. The first dick of the day is always a trial for any bottom but this one took all of my will not to pull away from as it stretched my burning fuck hole open. After a moment of pain, though, the enormous head popped through my tight ass ring and the cock shaft slowly pushed it far into my hungry ass.

He started slow, sliding his cock in and out of my hole, backing out so that only the huge head was inside of me, then slowly pressing it in so the length of his cock was buried inside me. It felt fantastic with the big head spreading me open and then having my fuck chute contract around his cock shaft behind it. He was playing my ass hole like a musical instrument.

Ron and Gary both had their own cocks out, now, and they were stroking each other's hard meat while watching me get fucked. The Hispanic guy watched them playing with their big dicks and kept glancing down to watch his own cock sliding in and out of my hole.

He started fucking me harder and faster and I couldn't stop my ass from spasming and clenching his cock. It was almost like being fucked by two cocks at once, one thick and round and the other long and thin. And every time his fat cock head bumped against the inside of the tight ring of my asshole, I felt like I was going to cum.

"Fuck him harder!" Gary said. "Make his asshole bleed."

He climbed into the back of the van with us, his long cock standing out in front of him and got on the side of the Hispanic guy and started rubbing his ass, slapping his cheeks and pushing him to force his cock deeper into my hole.

He started fucking me even harder and I knew he couldn't last. His cock head was swelling even bigger in my guts and at last he buried the length of his cock all the way inside me. He stayed perfectly still and I could feel the cum streaming out of his piss slit, not in spurts like usual but in one continuous stream, almost like he was pissing inside me.

It felt like he sprayed a gallon of jizz in my ass.

He was panting hard as he slowly backed his cock out of my hole. The big head reached my ass ring and Gary reached around and spread my ass cheeks so he could watch the big head pop out of my hole. As soon as it was out, the Hispanic guy fell to one side and Gary buried his own long cock in my freshly fucked hole.

He fucked my ass hard as he said, "I love sloppy seconds. I can feel that fresh cum slopping all over my dick."

Ron had climbed in back, too, and was using sanitary wipes to clean the Hispanic guy's cock up. When he got him all tidy, he pulled him around to the front of me and fed his half hard cock into my mouth so I could suck him while being fucked.

The Hispanic guy was mesmerized, watching Gary slam his big dick in and out of my ass and I felt his cock slowly starting to grow hard in my mouth. By the time Gary was finally ready to shoot his load, he was fully erect again and forcing his massive cock head further and further down my throat.

Gary let out a groan and I felt his ball juice emptying into my guts and as he watched Gary cum, the Hispanic guy's cock twitched in my mouth.

I felt Gary's cock slide out of my ass and then Ron's thick cock immediately took its place. He sank his dick all the way in my ass in one thrust and then started fucking me with hard slams of his hips.

"This ass is hot and slimy with cum." he said. "And it's about to get another load."

His cock was flying in and out of my hole and my lips were sliding up and down the Hispanic guy's hard dick. Gary started fucking me with short hard thrusts and I knew he was close to cumming and I started sucking cock even faster.

Ron buried his cock in my guts and I felt another load of juice squirting into my ass at the same time that the Hispanic guy loosed another steady gusher of cum down my throat. His load jetted out so thick and so fast that I barely had time to swallow it all.

The Hispanic guy got dressed and Ron and Gary tucked their drained cocks back into their shorts and we dropped him off at the entrance to the shopping plaza. We watched as he entered the mall and then Ron said, "I wonder?"

"Wonder what?" Gary asked.

"Well," Ron replied, "I know that somewhere around here there's a pick up point for Hispanics looking for day labor. I wonder what the guys do who don't get picked that day? Maybe we ought to go find them and see if some of them want to go for a ride."

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