tagMatureMy Appetite for Youth

My Appetite for Youth


Every time I see you, my heart races. My crotch becomes moist. I make up excuses to touch you. I can straighten your tie in public without anyone thinking anything of it. If you have lint on your shirt it means nothing for me to brush it off. I’m sure no one would expect me to be lusting after someone half my age but your youth and exuberance intoxicate me. The brief encounters that we do manage only fuel the fire. I NEED more of you. My appetite has no bounds.

I want to pick you up after work some night and drive somewhere quiet. We can enjoy a couple drinks to help us relax as our excitement may be overwhelming. I want to feel your arms wrap around me as our lips meet. The taste of alcohol on your tongue sends shivers down my spine. We break from our kiss only long enough to shed our shirts. When we come together again our naked chests press together. Your hand finds its way to my breast as your fingers pinch at the nipple. It is electric when you bring your mouth down and suck the nipple inside. My fingers go to the back of your head to encourage your oral attentions.

Your hand wanders lower to undo my jeans as you switch from one tit to the next. You manage to undo my fly and slide your hand inside, beneath the waistband of my panties, to find my smooth shaven pussy already wet. I step my legs apart to allow you access and we both moan as you slide your finger inside. I put pressure on the top of your head to persuade you to go lower.

Taking my hint, you drop to your knees and help me out of my jeans and panties. You inhale sharply as my glistening pussy comes into view. You part the lips with your fingers and let your tongue slid in. I wrap my fingers in your hair as you slide 2 fingers in my trembling cunt and your tongue flicks across my clit. I open my legs wider, giving you better access to my liquid center. You take advantage by sliding a finger in my ass and causing me to squeal. I am bucking against your face as you suck my clit and fuck both of my openings.

You feel the convulsions in my pussy as my orgasm starts and you suck even harder. When things have calmed down you stand and kiss me, allowing me to taste my juice on your tongue. My hand reaches down to your crotch and I can feel you are ready for me.

It is my turn to fall to my knees and undo your fly. I can see your cock straining against your pants. I wiggle it out and pull your pants to the floor before swallowing your cock deep in my throat. You wrap your fingers tightly in my hair and stand still as I bob my head back and forth, sucking your cock deeper and deeper. My fingers sneak down to massage your balls, bringing an encouraging moan from your lips. But tonight I don’t want to swallow your hot cum. I want to feel you pumping away inside me, so I reluctantly let you slide from my oral grasp and stand to face you once again.

You help me to lay back as you watch my pussy open up to you. You step clear of your pants and take your position between my open legs. My pussy is dripping wet so you slide in easily on the first stroke. Your mouth falls to suck my nipple as you set up a slow even pace. I wrap my arms around your back and hold you close as I raise my hips to meet each stroke.

After several minutes of slow and easy, you increase the pace. The intensity increases and soon we are fucking hard and fast. I can feel your balls slap against my ass as I near the next orgasm. Thankfully we are alone when it hits because my howls would give us away for sure.

You keep to the pace until I relax once again, then you lean over to whisper in my ear as you slide out, “Turn over.”

I start to ask why but then I know so I turn over to lie on my stomach and present my ass to you. The juice from our animalistic fucking has run down the crack of my ass so no further lubrication is necessary as I feel the pressure of your throbbing cock against my tight back door. It slides in with only a little resistance and it isn’t long before you set up a hard and fast pace there too.

You wrap your fingers in my hair and pull slightly as you growl, “Do you like being fucked like this?”

“Oh yes!” I moan in reply. I am cumming almost constantly now from the hard thrusts you are giving my ass. My moans and screams echo as you fuck harder and faster. Your fingers slide from my hair to grab my shoulder for leverage. Your hand on my hip squeezes tighter and I know it won’t be long now.

I can sense your urgency as you slam harder and harder into my ass. I fall back to meet each stroke and squeeze tight as you back out. Just as I am prepared to feel you explode deep inside, you pull all the way out. Your cock rests in the crack of my ass and you shoot your load across my back. I feel several squirts land on my skin as I hear you moan.

When all is done, you collapse next to me while we catch our breath. After several minutes of heavy breathing you offer me a towel to clean up with as you clean yourself off as well. I know it won’t be long before we are both ready to go at it again.

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