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My Apprentice Bitch


***By Prejudice for Literotica 12.09.2010***

I smile as I observe the scene in front of me; him strapped to a chair with her mouth eagerly working his cock. His fingers are threaded into her hair to keep her there even though I've made sure she can't get away; her arms are tied together behind him.. They are entirely at my mercy.

A soft giggle passes my lips as I recall how this happened;


He's sitting naked on my bed looking frustrated as he always does when first visiting me, but this time I haven't been able to remove his tension; the Aussie girl had said such mean things about me, his Mistress, and about his sexual preferences that it's left him too upset to focus on the tasks I had for him. Finally resigned, I tell him to get dressed and get the hell out of my sight and never to return.

Mortified, he turns and kisses my boots, desperately clawing at my leather skirt and desperately pleading with me not to dismiss him; he'll be a good pet!

"Why should I keep you when one cross word from your so-called friend puts you so off me that I can't even get you aroused properly?" I am just as angry and annoyed as I am horny, and right now my thoughts go to the box in my wardrobe where I keep my private toys.

He kneels in front of the bed with his gaze turned down on the floor; the collar around his neck teases me. I made it especially for him as the junior of MY collar; yes, I swing both ways when it comes to this, but even when I tell my pet I'm in the mood to be spanked I'm still in charge.

I grab his face and press it against my pussy but I don't give him any command. His tongue brushes briefly against my flesh as he wets his lips, so eager to please me now. I hold him still for a long time;"what do you suggest I do then? As reluctant as I am to lose my slave I'd still not want to have an unfocused one. If you can't be with me when you're in my bedroom you're of no use to me. Stupid bitch."

I don't ask this because I want an answer -- I just want him to be afraid. A shiver runs through his body and I know he's on the brink of tears. One final touch of the buckle on his collar makes him so desperate that he disobeys me and starts licking my cunt frantically; it's a please - or lose the collar situation!

My heels leave two cuts on his ribs as I kick him away;"you useless whore!" My voice has lost its controlled softness and a stream of curses fall over him like unforgiving cold rain.

"I want that bitch's unwilling body dragged to this room and if you fail you need not return!" I grab his collar and jerk it off; a trickle of blood drops down his neck where the buckle cut him. He scurries out of the room and I throw his clothes out the window; he can get dressed outside. It's the middle of the night anyway and I know he'll like it and be more than eager to bring me the Aussie as my toy for one night.


There's a knock on the door. It's soft; almost desperately soft if you ask me. I get up and stop to check my outfit in the mirror to make sure it's as perfect as perfect goes;

A tight leather and lace corset, classic lace stockings, fingerless lace gloves showing off my ruby nail polish, and a pair of thigh-high leather boots with red gems around the edge and red soles. If the Aussie isn't turned on by the mere sight of me I'm sure I'll win her over during the course of the night.

I open the door and observe the glory in front of me; he looks pleased and nervous at once, whereas she just looks annoyed; as her gaze trails across my body she shifts uncomfortably.

I smile and let them inside before the door closes with an ominous sound. I lead them swiftly into the bedroom; it's been fitted up to suit my every whim. I pat a chair near the opposite wall and she obeys directly, sitting down and crossing her legs; she's wearing jeans and a buttoned-up shirt and I can't avoid grinning. So defensive!

"Undress, pet." I point at the middle of the room with my ruby-studded riding crop and my slave is so eager to please that he forgets to fold his trousers; I actually have to tut to remind him that I dislike sloppy slaves. He gets down on his knees and apologizes before folding his clothes properly, laying them neatly on the floor.

I grab his collar and attach it around his neck with a fond expression on my face. He thanks me with a low sigh, unnoticed by his friend. I grab wrist shackles and raise his arms up above his head to fasten him to the black chain that hangs from the center beam; I had to search long for an apartment so perfectly suited for my needs.

I stand back to study my pet; not quite ready yet. I open my wardrobe and remove a metal bar with ankle binders. He spreads his legs immediately producing another smile from me. I hear a disrespectful scoff from behind me but I ignore it until I'm happy with how my slave looks. I turn to her and my voice is playfully cold;

"Jealous already, sweetie? Don't worry, your moment to shine will come soon." My deep blue eyes arrest her grey and hold them for a full 10 seconds before she bows her head in quiet despair; I wonder at her being here and can only imagine it's because she wants to rescue her friend from my wicked grasp.

With a crack that makes both my slaves yelp my whip makes contact with flesh. Deep red lines appear instantly on his ass, and I let a finger run across them gently. I feel him relax at my touch and I strike again; in the corner of my eye I see her flinch and avert her gaze. A moment later she's looking at us again; this girl really makes me smile. Perhaps I should let her have a go already?

My whip turns his ass a magnifiscent shade of red before I walk over to her and tell her to take her top off. She shakes her head violently making her frizzy curls dance around her face. I slap her left breast with my hand and she looks mortified.

"That was a kind order, not a request. Don't make me tell you again."

"Obey her, please. Or she'll take it out on me." The male has managed to turn around just enough to look at us and I feel a sharp sting of anger run through me. Breaking her is MY job. I refuse to have her undressing out of compassion. I slap him across the face and untie a beautiful silk handkerchief from around a lamp and fasten it over his eyes;

"shut up, bitch. Know your place." He bows his head and is silent.

"No! D... don't..."

Was that a sob? It's hard to tell these days. I turn and smile as I see her standing up, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her underwear to me.

"Red lace bra? You're eager, aren't you, sweetie? I sure hope you have matching panties."

Despite girls not being my thing I can't help but picturing her soft hands run across my smooth skin and her lips exploring me eagerly; I can see why my slave likes her so much.

With a shrug I clear my thoughts; I have a plan and I need to stick to it. I poke the inside of her thigh with my crop;"and those too, since you didn't obey straight away." Her eyes plead with me but I show no mercy. Not yet.

"He's blindfolded. It's only you and me in the room, sweetie, and I want to inspect my prize."

Her eyes rake across his naked body for a second, lingering on his cock for the briefest of moments, before she pulls her jeans down and step out of them. She folds them neatly and place them on the floor; she tries to cover herself so I grab her hand and twirl her around;

"Gorgeous. Now, I believe you'll like this;" I step across the room and remove a thin lace cloth from my display of collars. "see one you like, sweetie?"

Her eyes widen at the uniform lines of beautiful collars. Her gaze stops at the top; feasting on MY collar. Black leather, silver band, ruby crystals and soft, red lace lining. I merely laugh at her;

"You're only an apprentice. You cannot under any circumstances wear MY collar. It's the master of that one;" I jerk my head towards the male, "but I'll grant you free choice of the others."

She wrenches her eyes away from my precious collar. She steps close and I see her looking intently at an unobtrusive leather collar with red wire wrapped repeatedly around the middle, small red rhinestones and red buckle and ring. I take it down and open it. She lifts her hair eagerly out of the way so I can attach it around her neck; in credit to my crafting skills it fits perfectly.

"Now, I'll let you try your hands at my job. Make him beg for release." My voice leaves her no room for backing out and with shaking hands she accepts the bull whip I hand her. Her fingers run through the thin strands of knotted leather; she takes a deep breath and strikes him randomly across his lower back. Her lack of precision makes me flinch.

I adjust her grasp and tell her to try again. I feel for my slave more than ever before as she strikes him again, this time hitting his arm and ribs as well. He bites down on his lip and keeps quiet. She tries again and again but just can't hit perfectly; no moan of satisfaction can be drawn from his lips.

With a sob she drops the whip and head for the door. I grab hold of her hair and pull her back;

"You came to me despite me not having any hold over you. Why?"

"Let me go! Please! Just let me go!" She puts up a good fight but I'm just more skilled. I slam her down on the floor and straddle her face;

"Stop fighting or I'll let my slave punish you for being the worst apprentice ever. I know his ass and arm hurts unpleasantly now, and I know for a fact that he can be merciless even if he doesn't look like it at the moment."

She stops struggling and I move my hips down to her waist; I dip one finger down to stroke her sex gently. Her panties are moist and I suppress a smile;

"I think you like being forced around, don't you? You're just a wanton slut, aren't you, sweetie? All you want is to please me, right?"

She looks mortified as she nods; it's obviously an involuntary movement. I smile and grab her hand to pull her up and lead her to the bed;

"don't worry. It's still just the two of us here." I coo softly as I sit down and spread my legs for her. She inhales sharply as she is forced down on her knees inches away from my sex.

"You may have a taste."

My smile widens as I see her tenderly licking her lips and letting her tongue rest on her upper lip. Carefully her lower lip touch my pussy lips before her tongue runs up my slit; she yelps and pulls her head back eyeing me with fear and apprehension.

"Don't worry, sweetie. It's just a taste." I stroke her hair and straighten her collar. She looks over at the male; the sight of his rigid cock gives her an air of decided courage. She dips her head back between my legs and let her tongue run ever so softly across my sex. I let out a soft sigh; girls really are the sweetest of creatures.

She laps at me like an obedient slave and I have to dig my nails into the palm of my hand to not let myself go to this perfect little slut. She's so gentle, so soft and I can even smell her perfume. I look over at my slave for a moment; he looks as if he wants to tear off every bit of restraining equipment and join her in pleasing me.

"What is it, slave?" I know my voice is dreamy as I address the male, and I run my fingers through soft curls to prevent my bitch from stopping.

"When... I need to... I mean... please Mistress. This is torture!"

There is a desperate plea in his voice that I rarely get to hear. It pleases me beyond anything and in a moment of passion I let myself go with a low moan; my body tightens as the convulsions run through me in my moment of ecstasy. The whore between my legs probes me with her fingers, moaning as she feels my pussy clamp around her. Her tongue stops it's frantic movements and slow to loving, long licks, just running across my lips to catch every drop of my juices;

Pushing her away is the hardest thing I've ever done in that bedroom.

"Release him for me." My legs are shaking and I decide to stay on the bed.

The Aussie reluctantly gets up to loosen the bonds on his arms and legs.

"Cuff her for me, pet."

He looks suspicious but obeys quickly. Her struggles are feeble and by the looks of it she's secretly desired those restraints. He tells her to hold on to the chain so he can feel his way to it; I notice his hands travel an unnecessarily long way to find her arms.

"Would you like to inspect my work, Mistress?" I can tell he's hornier than he's been in a long time.

"Give me the bull whip. I won't treat her like she treated you, but she needs to be punished for mistreating my slave. And this seems to be a perfect time to try my newest toy." I reach into a drawer and remove a dildo with straps and a small butterfly attached to the front. I carefully make sure I've fastened it properly before waving the remote control in front of her face;

"If I want you to come you have no choice but to obey. Now let me know if it's working." I press the first button and she moans aloud as the device jumps into action;

"That's a good girl. And now;" I walk behind her with my whip.

A shiver runs through her as she tries to get loose;

"Please! There's no need to... I don't want that..." I love her little squeals as my whip makes contact with her round bum. I strike her again and again, turning her thighs and ass bright red. Her moans as I sometimes press a new button on the remote control seem to spur us all on.

"If I want to play with you you'll be thankful. I think I'll have to teach you some manners. You will thank me for every loving stroke from my whip. Understood? Or do you want me to throw you out? I still have my faithful slave here. He'll please me well tonight."

I see fear in her eyes and she nods quickly. I introduce her ass to my whip again;

"Th... thank you, Mistress."

"Good girl."

The male strokes his cock as he admires the sound of his friend being whipped. He stops abruptly as her head drops and she releases a stream of tears and pleas. I quickly release her and lead her to the bed and lay her down on it; she's had enough loving pain. I stroke her hair gently as she sobs down into the pillows.

"Come here, slave." The bed creaks as he crawls up on it. I feel his kiss on my thigh and I spread my legs just enough for him to slide his cock into me.

"Fuck me while I comfort my new pet." He groans with pleasure and starts thrusting into me hard. He knows just how I like it and on the rare occasion when I let him fuck me he never holds back. With a deep moan I grab her hair and pull her face to mine; she kisses me before I have time to prepare; she's too hungry to wait.

A brief thought passes through my mind as I recall the camera I had installed a while back. I can't wait to watch this unfold on the screen.

He penetrates me deeply; having been forced to listen and only imagine what was happening he's ready to burst already. I know he wants to come, but I want her to come first. I press the last button on the remote; her back arches and I whisper into her ear;

"Come for me, pet. If you come before he does I'll give you a special treat."

I feel her bite my shoulder and I slide my free hand beneath her bra and pinch her nipples hard. She yelps in shock but is too far gone to prevent a thundering climax. Her screams echo in my mind long after I turn her vibrators off.

She kisses me with renewed passion and as her tongue finds my neck and earlobe I allow myself to lose control again. I feel the cock inside me twitch as a powerful orgasm takes hold of me, sending me into paradise for the second time tonight.

He holds back as the last waves wash over me; he awaits my orders.

"Get on the chair, bitch. I promised this one a treat if she beat you to your climax."

I love how he looks like a sad puppy when he can't come inside me, but I'm sure he'll forgive me soon enough.

He sits down timidly. He's so horny that he might come without warning now. I attach silver clamps to his nipples, tie his ankles to the legs of the chair and motion to the slut that I want her close;

"Make him come by any means possible." She looks crestfallen but stumbles over and slump down on her knees in front of his throbbing member. She hesitates for a second, seemingly exhausted.

"I want you to please my slave well, sweetie," I let my fingers run through her hair and down her back, "he's truly deserved it tonight, bringing you here as my prize." I quickly slide a length of rope through the rings on her wrist cuffs and tighten it until she has to open her mouth and devour his cock.

"Oh god. Thank you, Mistress." He moans and lifts his pelvis towards her now willing mouth.

I step back to admire the scene. She can take the collar home with her as a souvenir. I made it for her, anyway.

***by Prejudice for Literotica 12.09.2010***

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