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My Asian Wife


Some of my Asian friends have admitted that they too would like to be a part of the lifestyle allowing husbands and wives to exchange partners for the pleasure of sex with each other. Some are also curious about how it would be if their partners were westerners, as opposed to their own race. This purely fictional story is my tribute to one such lady who wanted, even in fantasy to go beyond the bounds of their strict culture. I hope eventually she and her husband will have just such an experience.


My beautiful wife lay between Randy and myself, her golden hued body covered in a sheen of perspiration, legs still twitching as she recovered from the delightful fuck she had just received from the man who had become her first lover other than myself. The smile on her face told the story much better than I could.

"Oh, Aziz, that feels so good!" she murmured as my lips closed over her small but perfectly formed breast and my tongue circled the very swollen nipple. "I love the feelings it sends through me when you and Randy do me." Randy, on the other side of my wife, smiled, proud to be so fortunate in his choice of my wife as a sex partner. He too now found her other nipple and sucked it into his mouth. The load of hot cum which he had deposited so deeply in her still swollen pussy slowly seeped out from that treasure. I used two fingers to pull a part of that warm spending from her and sucked them until nothing but the lingering taste of her sweetness, mixed with her lover's, remained. I would have been happy to enjoy more of her, but Lorna, Randy's wife, had moved in between Zanariah's thighs and was feasting on those same juices.

Let me take a minute to describe why the three of us were so enchanted with my lady. Zanariah is one of the loveliest women I've ever known. With her flawless complexion, dark eyes and black hair, she's just so delightfully feminine. Even, dazzling white teeth appear when she smiles, which is often. Zanariah loves life, and I love her. Her body is equal to that of the beauty queens we see on television. Standing just over five feet tall, she weighs only slightly more than 100 pounds. Full breasts that just fill my hands adorn her perfectly sculpted body. Her narrow waist and hips that swell perfectly to match her upper body taper to warm thighs that feel wonderful wrapped around my head as I spread those swollen lips of her pussy with my tongue. Like most Asian women, she is almost hairless in that region, but to make herself even more appealing to myself, she had even that faint pelt removed. Now, even the contact of her panties often causes her clit to protrude like a tiny penis, ready to welcome my mouth and bring her joy. Fortunately for me, Zanariah enjoys sex almost as much as I do and nothing is sweeter than the juices filling her pussy after she has been fucked.

My realization that I wanted to see my lovely lady being fucked by other men had come years earlier. It simmered on the back burners of my mind for months before I dared suggest to Zanariah that I would like to see her in the arms of another man. At first she was totally against the idea and told me that it would never happen. It took many more months before, during some of the most passionate moments of lovemaking with her, I began to explore this fantasy with her at the moment when her orgasms overtook her. Neither of us could deny the strength of the sensations flowing over us as I told her in the most vivid detail what joy another man would bring to her if she allowed him to have sex with her. Within a few weeks of realizing the effect of this verbal journey into the 'forbidden' world of sex for pleasure alone, Zanariah too began to verbalize the sensations that occurred when she let her mind explore the possibilities.

Gradually we both found that the pleasure we shared was only enhanced by the mental picture of Zanariah's lovely form being brought to orgasm by another man. So it was, months later, when I had almost given up hope of seeing my dreams come to fruition, that I was surprised to find Zanariah, without telling me what was in her mind, fulfilled my fantasy.

It had all started that night when, with Zanariah at my side, we entered a club that was packed to capacity. This club is a well-known establishment patronized not only by locals, but also by foreigners. Zanariah loves to dance and, in this mixed atmosphere, she tends to become much bolder because of the anonymity of the mass of humanity. Those who know her would never dream this sedate, family loving lady of mine had such a side.

Within only a couple of hours, she had been approached by numerous men who wanted the pleasure of holding her in their arms. When the first had come to our table at the darkest corner of the room, she looked at me questioningly. I smiled my approval and watched as the man towering over her led her to the dance floor. She was immediately surrounded in the crush of bodies on the floor and I lost sight of her until after the second set of slow, enticing tunes had ended and a second man led her back to our table in that secluded booth. Even with only a candle at our table providing the illumination, I could see her lipstick was smeared and her nipples protruded in all their swollen glory as she leaned over to kiss me and introduce the man accompanying her. Her radiant smile told me even more. Zanariah was enjoying this, her first experience with another man. I was too, and felt my cock hardening as I noted the ease with which my formerly almost puritan wife had accepted the attention due to her.

Zanariah pulled him into the booth with us as she seated herself beside me. Our conversation ebbed and flowed just as the people on the dance floor, but I could sense and almost smell the arousal of my wife as her partner pulled her even closer to him until, to my surprise Zanariah kissed him as though he were an old friend. I felt my cock lurch. Never before had Zanariah shown any interest in another man, but somehow this was different. To show my own approval, my arm went over her shoulders and my hand closed over her breast. Feeling the point of her swollen nipple against my hand through the thin material of her blouse, I smiled my approval at her partner. He obviously caught a sense of what was happening and let one hand drop below the level of the table. Zanariah giggled as I saw his hand clutch her upper thigh, but she made no move to stop him. It was almost as though she was intoxicated as she slid slightly forward on the seat, causing his hand to move higher on her thigh. She looked over at me for assurance, which I granted with a kiss of my own. Her mouth was open and her breath sweet as the hand moved even higher until it rested on my wife's pubic mound. I was shocked, when during that passionate kiss, I saw Zanariah's hand take his and slide it beneath her skirt. Her partner wasted no time as I saw the bulge of his hand beneath her skirt move higher until rested at her pussy, then began moving slightly, up and down, stroking my wife's arousal to a fever pitch. He hit pay dirt almost immediately and I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time my wife experience an orgasm at the hands of another man. Her entire body shuddered as the pleasure surged through her.

It was too much for Zanariah. She hurriedly pushed her partner out of the booth and hurried toward the ladies room at the back of the club. Her partner, confused, stood there for a moment then, at my suggestion, left to find his next conquest.

I waited some fifteen minutes before Zanariah reappeared, her face flushed. She hastily took my hand and led me out of the club, obviously very concerned about what had just happened.

She apologized again and again as we drove home, not at all satisfied by my reassurances that she had done nothing wrong. It wasn't until we were undressed, ready for bed that she began weeping, telling me that she had no business allowing her erstwhile partner to go as far as he had. I did my best to reassure her that I saw nothing wrong with what had occurred, telling her that it was something up to that time I had only hoped would eventually happen. Still she wouldn't calm down until I, holding her close and kissing her again and again, began making love to her. Suddenly, as though one door had closed and another opened, she began responding passionately, first finding my swollen cock with one hand while kissing me openmouthed, letting her tongue explore that cavern as it dueled with my own. In less than a half-dozen strokes, my cock was rigid with my need for her.

It was not normal for Zanariah to initiate sex. Usually it started with me in the missionary position atop her lithe, welcoming body, but not tonight. Instead Zanariah crawled on top of me and straddled my hips, taking my entire length in her in one slow, slide that bottomed out only when our pelvic bones felt as though we were merging. The sensation, for me, was delightful. Here was my beauty riding me like a skilled prostitute, giving me the ultimate pleasure that was so indescribably sensual. She leaned forward, encouraging me to take her full breasts in my hands to be kneaded and suckled, which I did with alacrity. Zanariah stroked her body up and down my lower body, rubbing her swollen clit against me as though she was using me to reach orgasm. It was too much for my lust crowded mind to accept without reacting and I felt the first hard jet of cum propelling its way deep into her tight channel. She sat bolt upright on my throbbing cock which was still shooting jet after jet of semen into her warm depths. Only when the last hard thrust filled her to overflowing did she once again lean forward and begin kissing me with the passion that was now overflowing just as my juices had moments before. I tasted the saltiness of her tears and asked why she was crying.

"I feel so badly that I dishonored you," she managed to say.

"You haven't dishonored me at all," I told her. "You were doing exactly what I hoped you would. I thought it was wonderful that you let him kiss you and feel your reaction to his fingers. I only wish that you had let him fuck you. It is so beautiful to see you aroused as you were tonight. You made me so proud to have you accepting the touch of another man just to please me. No, don't ever think that you displeased me - not ever. I want to make you happy, and I want every other man who meets you to make you as happy as you make me."

"But," she began to protest, "didn't it make you jealous that he was touching me and making me so...so...?"

"No," I told her, "just privileged to be married to a lady whose beauty overwhelms a sensible man. It's just as I told you before, I want you to give the same pleasure to other men that you give me. If they succeed in giving you pleasure, it will only make me happier. You have no idea how arousing it is to me to see another man's hands on your body, or to realize how much he wants to fuck you. I want us to do this again, except this next time, if he appeals to you, I want to watch him fuck you."

That was pretty much the end of our conversation that night. The rest of the night was filed with some of the most intense lovemaking we have ever experienced together, ending only when Zanariah told me that, with my approval, she would allow it to happen again.

That brings us back to what we've experienced tonight. The club, where only a week before my beloved Zanariah had first felt the intimate touch of another man, was even more crowded than when we had last been there, forcing us to share a booth far in the back with another couple. Our waiter seated us with a couple who seemed to welcome our presence. Randy and Lorna introduced themselves. Randy, a tourist from Australia, was visiting Malaysia with his wife, Lorna. Both were fashionably dressed in the western style although Lorna's costume was much more erotic than I was used to seeing. She wore a beautiful lace blouse that became more dense over full breasts. It was sheer enough that it was obvious she wore no bra beneath it and I had a difficult time tearing my eyes away from the way she filled it.

We soon found ourselves listening and laughing at the lighthearted couple's risqué repartee. Randy apologized for their apparent lack of inhibition, explaining that he and Lorna seldom were so far away from home and found that it made them more amorous then ever before. Zanariah blushed prettily but nodded in agreement when I told them they were not offending us. The ease with which we shared their banter no doubt contributed to Randy's invitation to Zanariah to dance with him a short time later. Three sets of eyes focused on me as if wondering if I would allow it. I assured them that it was fine with me if Zanariah had no objections. Her smile told me she had none.

When Randy stood and took Zanariah's hand I was surprised to see he was only a few inches taller than she, although his stocky build had concealed it well. I watched as he put one arm around her waist and led her toward the dance floor.

"They make a cute couple, don't they?" Lorna said softly.

I apologized for my lack of attention and agreed with her, then apologized again for taking her partner away from her.

"That's easily cured," she smiled at me, "let's dance."

I agreed readily. I took her hand carefully, not wanting to offend, and led her toward the dance floor. Lorna was approximately my own height, even in the high-heeled shoes she wore. She fit nicely into my arms as we reached the floor, which was even more crowded tonight than it had been the last time we visited. I had to hold her close because of the crush of bodies, but it raised no objection from her and I found it quite enjoyable.

"You can hold me closer, you know. I won't break," she teased.

I found myself embarrassed as I took her at her word and found my erection beginning to form as it pressed tightly against her.

Lorna sighed. "That's better. For a moment I was beginning to wonder if you found me unattractive." Her head tilted up toward me and her smile was welcome. I assured her that her attractiveness was not at issue. What was even more welcome was the feeling of her hips pressing forward trapping my cock between the two of us only to be further swollen by the erotic sensations.

"Oh, look," she murmured, "there's your wife and Randy. They seem to be getting along just fine."

I turned my head to look in the direction she indicated. I could see only the top of Zanariah's head pressed tightly into Randy's chest. He was smiling, holding her at least as close as I was holding Lorna. I wondered if she too was feeling pressures against her belly from his dick. As I continued watching, I saw him look in our direction, smile, then tilt my wife's head up and kiss her passionately. There was no apparent objection from Zanariah, and their lips stayed connected for much longer than just a friendly kiss. My cock turned to steel immediately. Was this an indication that Zanariah was willing to go further tonight then just a few days earlier? I sincerely hoped so!

Lorna chuckled. She had seen the same thing I had.

"Randy's up to his old tricks," she said as I continued watching. "He'll be expecting you to kiss me. I hope you won't disappoint him."

I certainly didn't want to do that, especially after what I had just seen, so dipping my head only slightly I found Lorna's lips waiting for the touch of my own. Her mouth opened immediately, and I felt the tip of her tongue probing, searching for my own. I met that lingual question with my tongue, pushing it deeply into her mouth where they wrestled for control. She won, but the contest hadn't been fair. She had taken my left hand and pulled it to her breast causing my mouth to open even wider in surprise at her forwardness. I started to move it away, thinking it might have been accidental, but she held it even closer and I could feel the hardness of her nipple pressed tightly against the back of my hand.

"Ah," she sighed, "That's even better." She saw the momentary look of concern on my face and laughed softly. "Don't worry," she said, seeing my head swivel toward where, moments ago, I had seen my wife and Randy kissing. "He won't be offended, even if he is watching. In fact I would bet that he's doing the same thing to Zanariah himself. He thinks that Asian women are among the most beautiful in the world, and I certainly have to agree with him at least in your wife's case."

She was still smiling as she looked into my eyes again. "And I have to say that I find Malaysian men sexier than most, especially you. I would love to find out if you are as sexy in bed as I believe your wife is. Have you ever made love to a western woman before?"

I was so shocked that I couldn't answer for a moment, but the truth had to come out. "No," I told her, "but I've often wondered what it would be like."

"If Zanariah is as interested as you feel like you are, " she giggled, "that could happen."

Suddenly the dance floor seemed too open to being observed by others, and I suggested that we go back to our dark, secluded booth. The idea was obviously one that Lorna liked as I felt her separate from me momentarily and her hand tugged me toward where we had been sitting.

Moments later I found myself locked in a steamy kiss with Lorna, one arm over her shoulders, and my hand caressing the fullness of her breast through her blouse. One of her hands was busy too, stroking the length of my cock through my trousers. It was almost too much, but became even more so when I felt the tug at my zipper and her warm hand reaching inside to close over my rampant rod.

"Mmm, nice" she hummed as she bent forward from the waist. I felt the cool air of the club just momentarily before her warm mouth encompassed my swollen shaft. "And so tasty too," she added before once again descending on my hardness.

Fortunately the darkness of the area we were in, and the length of the cloth covering our table obscured any casual observation of what Lorna was doing. I felt her slip from her seat and crouch beneath the table before her head started moving slowly up and down, bringing a stream of pre-cum to the tip of my shaft. She was still murmuring her contentment when Zanariah and Randy slid into the booth with us.

"Where is Lorna?" my wife asked, before Randy lifted the tablecloth sufficiently to have her realize exactly what was happening. Even in the darkness of our booth, I could see her flush.

"Don't worry about Lorna, honey," Randy said to reassure her that all was well. "She's doing exactly what she wants."

It was too much, too soon for Zanariah. "I think we should go," she said, looking at me directly. I couldn't answer. My body was rigid, both hands behind Lorna's head. Her bobbing head was pushing me to the end of my ability to think clearly.

"I do too," Randy said just as I erupted in his wife's mouth. "But to our hotel, together. I'd like to do more than just have the taste of your sweet lips and feel you as close as I was out there," he said, motioning to the dance floor. With his arm around her, Randy pulled my wife close and kissed her slowly as his wife swallowed the entire load of hot cum with which I had just filled her mouth. I held her tightly to my still gushing cock until it began to feel super sensitive and only then reluctantly released her from my grip. My wife blushed even more furiously as she watched Lorna rise slowly from beneath the table, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and smiling at my wife.

"I think it must be time for us to take a break in the little girls room," Lorna said with a mischievous grin. She reached across the table and took Zanariah's hand. Zanariah rose almost reluctantly then let Lorna lead her away.

"And what say you, mate?" Randy asked, looking closely at me with a smile. "You've just seen a tiny bit of what Lorna is capable of doing to a man who excites her. Would you like to see more?"

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