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My Aunt


I am a Sales Manager & spend a lot of my time travelling the country (UK); I was due to spend a 4 days at a conference in High Wycombe. This is a journey I could not commute everyday, so it would be best suited to stay close to the venue. My Aunt & Uncle live in Marlow, not far from the venue & if they would put me up for a few nights it would do me a favour, save my company some money & put me in the good books within the family fold. My Aunt is my mother's sister; she is 62, has had 3 kids & is around a size 14. She dresses very conservative & safe, trousers; roll neck tops, pearls & all that – a bit posh. My Uncle had his own business, sold it & retired, plays golf a lot & bowls. They have a place in Spain, near fantastic golf courses & they visit there most of the year.

So anyway I call up my Aunt & ask the question about me staying, she welcomes the idea & is glad to put me up – sorted.

The day arrives – its November & I make my way to the first day of the conference, starts at 10am. The day passes & at 4.30pm we can leave, I drive to my Aunts – it takes just 15 minutes. I arrive & pull into the drive; I get out of the car & grab my gear – head towards the front door to be greeted by my Aunt. I am stunned – she is wearing a cable knit, round neck, wool & alpaca mix jumper – skirt & boots. We kiss & hug, I get a great feel of the jumper & I get a right hard on. We go in & chit chats about the day, but I can't get my eyes off that jumper. I am really turned on & am thinking how am I going to touch & stroke her. Now I have never really had any sexual thoughts about my Aunt before but today that all changed. I asked where my Uncle was & to my delight her reply was 'he is in Spain, gone on a golfing holiday'. So I thought well I can certainly play this to my advantage for sure. I went & showered & changed for dinner, thinking about that jumper the whole time & the fun I could have. We ate & chatted then we sat on the sofa to watch TV, I said that her jumper was gorgeous & that it was screaming out to be snuggled into. She agreed & she sat right up close to me & I wrapped my arms around her – she felt so great. We were live this for a few hours & I kept stroking her & wishing she would notice my raging hard on & just perhaps get it out & stroke. Instead she got up & said she was going to get ready for bed & then would be making a hot beverage to take to bed. She asked me if I would like one & if I did she would bring it up to me in the bedroom. I said 'ok' & watched her head off to her room.

I went up to the room I was staying in, I stripped naked & hopped into bed. My cock was still hard & I wanted to wank but I thought I would wait until my Aunt had brought my drink up. I watched TV for a while & then I heard my Aunt approaching the bedroom. She entered carrying 2 mugs of hot chocolate & she was wearing only the jumper. She put the mugs on the side table & sat on the bed – I had to ask 'why are you wearing the jumper? Are you planning in sleeping in it?

She replied 'I'm wearing it for you as you like so much & I don't think sleeping is what you had in mind'. Without saying another word I wrapped my arms around her & began to kiss her, my tongue exploring her mouth & my hand caressing her soft woolly covered body. She pulled back the duvet & began to play with my cock, she had pulled her hand into her sleeve so that she could wank me with her wonderful jumper.

Our kiss broke & she began to suck me off, gently stroking my shaft with the jumper. This was bizarre yet bloody brilliant, I cannot the describe the feelings I was having – I was loving it. Then she moved up my body until she could mount me & she slowly inserted my cock into her very wet pussy. My Aunt, wearing a gorgeous jumper, was riding me. As she rode me, my hands were feeling her tits through her jumper, this was making her wild & within seconds she was shuddering with a great orgasm. She collapsed on top of me, I was still very much in the game & was still pumping her pussy, she rolled off me & I wanted to taste her. So I slid down her body & found her tidy grey haired pussy, I began lick her. The jumper was just resting above her pussy; I could gently touch it & feel it in my hands as I lapped at her lips. She tasted good & was moaning quite heavily, she suddenly pulled the jumper over my head & pulled my face right into her pussy. I could hardly breathe but I continued to lick & suck until she gave out an almighty scream & came in my mouth & face.

I pulled away & slowly moved up her body – my cock was at her entrance & I guided it home. We were face to face & we began to kiss again, I was thrusting in & out of her wet pussy. My naked body was enjoying the feel of her soft alpaca & wool jumper underneath me. I wrapped my arms around her so I could really feel her under me, as I pumped harder & harder. Her sexy woolly arms were running up & down my back, my motion was getting faster. I buried my head into her woolly shoulder, as I knew what was going to happen. Her hands grabbed my arse & slammed my cock right inside her –I came so very hard. I could not stop, the smell & feel of her in that jumper was making my like an animal. My desire was intense & my cock just kept throbbing & pumping into her. Finally I stopped & I collapsed, my cock was still hard & inside her. I kept running my hands all over her fluffy, soft jumper – she was very hot & sweaty. The smell was weird but I was still aroused & this night was not about to end!!!

My Aunt - continued

I pulled out of her & laid to her side, she was exhausted. She said that she had not had sex like that for years & never because of a jumper. I explained to her about my fetish for women in soft fluffy jumpers, and she was not shocked. I told even as a kid I would snoop in her bedroom & found some jumpers that were very sexy & stimulating. She said she knew, as I did not put them back as neatly as they were found, but she said I never looked hard enough as the really good ones were in the wardrobe by the window. I said I never looked there, as it was too risky & easy for me to be spotted at the window. All while we were chatting I was running hand up & down the jumper. She knew I was hard & she quickly began to wank me, she then began to suck me off & rub my cock over her jumper. I was so enjoying this motion that I was overcome & began to come, she wanked me hard into the jumper. The mess was all down the front of her & she gladly licked my cock clean. I apologised for the mess & I felt bad for ruining her jumper. She was ok about it & said 'it will wash out, besides you it was so sexy watching you come all over me'. She removed the jumper & we slept naked, after a few hours I woke & we fucked again. Soon morning came & I needed to get up, ready & out for my day 2 of conference. I ate breakfast alone & got ready to leave, my Aunt caught me just before I left, we kissed & she said she could not wait for tonight!!

The day went by so slowly & all my thoughts were about my night of sex with my Aunt. It was 12.30pm – lunchtime, I sat down to eat & catch up on emails. My phone had been off, so I turned it on & had a few messages. One text from my Aunt – it said 'what do you prefer angora or mohair?' Well I love both; I lean more towards angora but not really bothered. I replied with the answer of 'I would love to see angora'.

Not really knowing what I was in for but guessing it was going to be good. A reply came back very quickly – 'I have some items that will be very well received, see you tonight!' Now my mind was racing & I was excited, here in the UK we have a good selection of clothing from stores such as M&S (which is where the first jumper was from) Monsoon, Next, John Lewis. I knew my Aunt shopped at all of these & was very curious to see what she had.

At last it was 5.30pm – home time, I headed out & drove to my Aunts. I knocked on the door – I was in heaven, the door opened & she stood in the doorway wearing a grey v-neck angora jumper dress, black boots & stockings. I entered & was asked 'do you like? I grabbed her & began to kiss her, rubbing my hands over fluffy clad breasts, squeezing her arse. We broke away & she said 'I guess the answer is yes!!'

We walking into the dining room & I pushed onto the table, I slowly pushed the jumper up to reveal he wet moist pussy. I began to lick & suck her clit; she held my head as I lapped away, grinding my face into her. She again pulled the jumper over my head, which I found so sexy. Slowly she came to an orgasm, my face covered in her juice. I then undid my trousers & sat on a chair, I made her straddle me – my cock slipped straight in. Now I could feel her fluffy angora clad body, it was gorgeous – I pulled the v-neck down so one of her tits popped out, I began to suck eagerly. Her rhythm was perfect & I was so enjoying the fluffy dress, it was so soft, my hands were everywhere. I could feel the bottom of the dress rubbing on my cock & balls as she bounced up & down my shaft. I love fluffy sex & this was it at its best, I was struggling to concentrate – my mind had gone. My face was being rubbed into her ample breast, I was breathing in the smell & fluff – I tensed & then let my load go deep inside of her, I could not stop, my cock just kept tensing & coming – then my Aunt came too – it was so good!!!

Both satisfied, we tidied ourselves up & sat down to some dinner, we chatted about our day. I just stared at her – drooling like a dog with a bone, I wanted more & more of her in that dress. We cleared the plates away into the kitchen; some item needed washing up by hand. My Aunt stood in front of the sink, I could not resist – I stood behind her & began kissing her neck. I undid my trousers & dropped them to the floor; I took my shorts off & began to rub my already hard cock over her fluffy angora arse. She began to push back, grinding her arse against my cock, I pushed her forward & lifted the dress – I then proceeded to push my cock into her pussy. We fucked slowly like this for a few minutes, and then I told her I wanted to fuck her arse. She agreed although this would be a first for her, I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy & began to spread her pussy juice over her arse hole with my fingers. Then when it was sufficiently lubed I gently pushed my cock in. She let out a deep moan, and we took it nice & slow, as she relaxed the entry was easier & we began to fuck with some rhythm. It all became a bit frenzied, she had turned the taps on & the water was hitting a plate hard – this was sending water up-wards. The water was beginning to cover her & me, yet we still kept fucking. I reached around her waist & began rubbing her clit with her fluffy jumper dress, this was turning me on & it was making her come. She began to buck & scream, I kept rubbing the soft jumper dress into her clit & I kept pushing my cock deep into her arse hole. She started to beg me to stop & then I finally released my load deep into her arse. She was soaked, her pussy, her arse hole & her sexy angora jumper dress. I had well & truly fucked her & enjoyed the best fluffy sex I had ever had.

We both had a shower together & gently washed each other – dare I say it we had a naughty fuck as well. Once dried we proceeded to her bedroom, I sat on the bed & waited for her to join me. Instead she went to her wardrobe & pulled out a pure white mohair long cardigan. She put it on & walked over to me, she began sucking me, and she was rubbing my balls with the sleeve of the fluffy mohair cardy. She slowly moved up my body until our mouths met, then she hovered her wet pussy over my cock. My tip was in the folds of her pussy, one thrust & I would be inside – I waited.

My hands were wondering over the soft mohair – gently cupping & caressing her breasts. Then she plunged down – making my cock slip right inside of her eagerly waiting pussy. The mohair cardy was very big & as I sat up, she wrapped the mohair round me. I was buried in big soft tits & thick whit mohair – HEAVEN, we stayed like this for about 15 minutes until I could take no more & unloaded into her. We laid wrapped up together for ages, in fact we even slept. When I awoke, we were still wrapped up – I got hard again & moved my mouth between her legs. I began to lick her pussy, still wet from my come, my head covered in white mohair. She was responding, her moans subtle, her juices flowing – she asked me to lick her arse. I gladly obliged, this was going well I thought. She then asked me to fuck he arse again, she turned over & got on all fours, I slowly pushed up the thick white mohair, saw my target & deployed my missile. I entered her & pulled the mohair down on to my shaft – with every stroke the mohair rubbed my wet cock. She was loving it, I was loving it – we carried on like this 5 minutes, I started playing with her clit again, rubbing her with the mohair. It was like letting off fireworks, she came so very hard I thought my cock my snap in her arse. We both came & collapsed with total exhaustion, I needed some sleep – I had one more day of conference & one more nigh of my Aunt!!!

I awoke at 6.30am – my Aunt had gotten up to make me some breakfast & some well needed coffee. I shaved & showered, and then headed down to the kitchen, we chatted briefly about the day – my Aunt said she had some functions on today & may not be back before me. I headed out the door & drove off to me last day at the conference – I was daydreaming about last night & also a little saddened that this was my last night with my Aunt. The day dragged, even worse than the other days – even though today was the shortest day – 2.00pm finish. It was finally 2pm, I said my goodbyes & headed off. When I arrived at my Aunts, as she informed me, she was out – I let myself in & made a cuppa. There was a note on the kitchen table, it read 'I have left you a gift on my bed – please pleasure yourself with it'! I headed to the bedroom to see my gift.....................

Laid out on the bed was a beautiful cream mohair jumper (similar to the picture), well I could not get my kit of quick enough. The minute the soft jumper touched my body I began to shudder – this was soft. I played for ages, rubbing the soft mohair up & down my shaft. I put the jumper on & began stroking myself – this was so sexy, I wonder over to the dresser to look at myself in the mirror. Despite looking very sexy, I noticed another note on the dresser – it said 'if or when you get bored of your gift – you may try another, look under the dresser stool seat'! So I looked & found a big baggy green mohair mix jumper (also as in the picture). This too was oh so soft & I was now in a fluffy heaven. I lay on the bed, rubbing my shaft with the green mohair & stroking myself all over in the cream mohair. It was no good; I needed to come so bad – that it was beginning to hurt. I decided the green mohair was going to get my load; I gently found my rhythm & let out the biggest cry as I unloaded myself into the folds of sweet soft mohair. I lay there motionless for 15 minutes & then decided to go & get showered; I left the cream mohair on the bed & put the green on in the laundry bin. God knows what my Aunt will think but she left them for me – as I showered I wondered what she would be wearing today. I was hoping for angora, as I had had my mohair fix fort he day.

After drying myself, I dressed casual – jeans, t-shirt – made myself a coffee & waited. My wait was not long & my Aunt arrived home, I sat waiting in the lounge for her. She walked in & she did not disappoint – she wore a crimson angora & wool mix dress, with stockings & boots, she wore a silk neck scarf too (as picture). She looked amazing – I stood up to greet her – we embraced & I ran my hands up & down her body. We kissed & our tongues were electric, her hands were undoing my jean, she released my already hard cock. She looked at me & said' I hope you have some left in that for me?' I smiled & replied 'always enough to go round'. I stepped out of my jeans & shorts; my now free & hard cock was sliding up & down the front of the angora dress. She removed my t-shirt, we continued our embrace, and we moved ourselves over to the sofa. I fell on top of her, we kissed & cuddled & then I moved down the dress. It felt amazing against my chest, I reached the bottom & began to slowly push it up, and I slowly revealed her wet knickers. I gently pulled them to one side & began to play with her lips; I put my head under the angora dress & began to lick her pussy. Her thighs clamped around my head, I was trapped but loving the feel of the angora on my baldhead as I lapped away. Her hands were on my head, caressing my scalp with the angora as I licked, I moved one hand under her thigh, and I had the bottom of the dress. I began to use this to stroke her arse hole, judging by the noises being made it was a good thing. I started to finger her arse, she screamed & came in my face in bucket loads, and I could not lick it up fast enough. She was motionless for a wee while; I could not touch her because she was so sensitive. I knelt beside her constantly touching the angora dress; I told her I needed to fuck her in that dress, I needed it now!!!

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