tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt & Her Bedroom Ch. 01

My Aunt & Her Bedroom Ch. 01


Growing up in the Midwest, I always loved visits with my Aunt Bonnie. She was so different from my step-mother and my father. So open, so loving, even to a nephew who wasn't related to her by blood.

She also lived on the west side of town, so I got to see things and places with her that I didn't see as a north sider. Things that may have reminded me of my first five years, living on the west side.

More than anything else, Bonnie was beautiful. As a boy, I really didn't notice that as much as how loving and outgoing she was, but seeing her as a sexual being began when I was 18, and got a fever when I stayed with her at her apartment complex.

It was Saturday morning, and my younger brothers and sister had been looking forward to swimming in her pool, but of course, me being sick ruined that. Bonnie couldn't take me to the pool, and wouldn't leave me alone. I could hear her talking to them in the hallway, being half conscious at the time, and wishing I felt better, because I really wanted to go swimming as well.

Finally, they convinced her to take them to the pool, and maybe one of her friends from the apartment complex could keep an eye on them, and she could come back and be with me.

"Give me a minute, I'll go grab my suit and change," she said, as she came into the room.

I am fairly certain I closed my eyes because I didn't want her seeing me up, and delaying the trip to the pool for everyone else, but maybe I knew what would happen if I appeared to be asleep. Anyway, as she came into her bedroom, where I was sleeping, my eyes were closed, and I appeared to be resting comfortably.

I heard her say, "David, are you awake honey?" but of course, there was no reply. I stayed still, and laid there. Through my eyelids, I could see her shadow go across the room, and heard the dresser drawer open.

I wondered why I didn't hear her footsteps going back to the door, and if I should dare try to open my eyes a little bit. The wondering ended when I heard her voice once more.

"Honey, are you asleep?"

Again, I stayed quiet, and slowly worked my eyes slightly open, hoping she wouldn't notice.

She didn't, and I was rewarded with my first view of the female form, as she stripped her sweats and t-shirt off. Then came the bra, and my first look at a woman's breasts. Hers were the most magnificent breasts I could have imagined, and have gone unmatched in the years since that July day.

I saw her look towards the bed once more, before putting the bikini top on, and tried to keep my eyes in the same position, giving me the slightest look at the far end of the room, and her body as she changed.

The pink panties came off next, and I was amazed. In fact, Aunt Bonnie was a woman, and what I saw was far better than what I saw in the bath tub with my sister years ago. Or I was older, and had a different perspective having gone through puberty.

Even though she thought I was asleep, modesty caused her to turn away, sliding the bikini bottoms on with her back to me. Of course, that gave me a view of her ass, and the first realization of why men like looking at women's behinds. The shape, the apparent smoothness, even the contrast between light and dark at the tan lines made my mouth water.

I closed my eyes, and heard her leave the room. After hearing everyone go down the stairs, and hearing the door slam, only then did I dare open my eyes, and look down to where I had seen her change, her sweats and undies still piled there on the floor. I sat up, thinking about going over to investigate, but my head was too light, and I fell back on the bed. My mind wandered for a bit, and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke later, to her bringing me chicken soup and orange juice, and slept most of the afternoon. When I woke late that afternoon, my body finally haven shaking the fever, I wondered if I had truly seen her, or if it had been a dream. I sat up in the bed, shaking off the grogginess, and looked to the closet. There were her clothes, still on the floor, the bra and panties on top.

I smiled, remembering it was my first view of a gorgeous woman, and laid back on the bed, as the door opened, and she came in, letting me know I looked a lot better than I had earlier. If she only knew the medicine that made me feel that way….

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