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My Aunt & I


If there is one lure I cannot resist, it is that of an older woman - not a woman who is a couple of years older, but one who has 10-15 years on me.

I do no believe in the crappy theory of an older woman being more experienced. To me, the charm lies in the secret knowledge that being chosen by an older woman means being wanted by her for it is she who makes the choice. She decides whether she takes that man or not. The ball is always in her court. And, that is a huge turn on - to be wanted by a woman means she considers you worthy of being her bedmate.

I have not been with many elder women. Actually, I have been. But, my aunt was something else. She is 42 with big boobs and an ample ass. Like a typical Indian woman, she radiates heat.

One very hot summer afternoon, I happened to be at my grandma's. I went to her room because that is the coolest one in the house. She opened the door clad only in her petticoat and blouse. It was too hot to wear her saree and she was expecting her husband anyway. She did not feel embarassed on seeing me, something which I appreciated. This woman was good and she was proud of her sexuality. She made no qualms about flaunting what she had.

She closed the door and gestured me to sit on the chair while she herself took the bed. She sprawled on it like a pin-up model, bust in full view, thanks to the low-cut blouse that had two of its buttons open. The heat forced me to take my shirt off and rest only in my shorts. I did not fully comprehend the extent to which she was affecting me till I found her eyes riveted to the bulge in my crotch. It takes time to shift yor gaze from a beautiful cleavage. I gathered enough courage to ask her if it was not too hot for her to keep on wearing her blouse. I suggested she take it off. It was just the two of us in the room. So how should it matter?

She did not respond. However, I do not know what came over me. I moved towards her. My hands unhooked her blouse and took it off. She looked at me, neither expressing consent not refusal. I took that as a positive sign and unhhoked her brassiere. Her beautiful brown 38 C globules with darker nipples presented themselves to my eyes. I lay her down on her stomach and started massaging her nape. My hands slowly moved downwards and rested for quite a while on her lovely bottoms. Despite her age, my aunt is HOT. Her bottoms would put J Lo's to shame. I lifted her slip till I could almost see her panties. I proceeded to massage her inner thighs.

Her flesh was so warm and soft. I turned her over. My hands cupped her breasts. I could feel them getting firm in my hands. They were quite a handful. Indian breasts usually are. I moved lower to her stomach. My phallus was very erect all this while, noticing every detail. I unfastened her petticoat and pulled it off. She was wearing beautiful black laced panties. My fingers rubbed her pubes over her panties.

She yanked off my shorts and started stroking my hardness. My cock seemed bigger than I had ever seen it. It almost came to my belly button - perhaps eight inches. She got out of her panties. The crack of her ass was even more beautiful than I had imagined. Her purple clit peeked through her shaven cunt, teasing me. My mouth went to work on it, tongue probing in all the right places. I had to fuck her now.

I lay down and she mounted me from the top. Her vagina was soft and hot. Since she faced me as she sat on my cock, her hands could move all over my chest. As she bobbed up and down, those breasts of hers juggled in a swansong. I grabbed her ass and increased the intensity of our lovemaking. She collapsed on me, kissing me hard on my mouth, probing her tongue deep into my throat. But, she never stopped fucking me.

I put a finger in her ass. Now I was in all her three holes. With my other hand, I smacked her bottoms. She winced. Then her eyes lit up, and at the same time I felt her juices flow down my legs. I smacked her once more, and she let go. Her screams could have brought the house down.

She got off me. Her lips moved towards my still hard manhoood. Her mouth engulfed it - all of it. She knew how to deep-throat. Her teeth bit me slightly in unexpected places as her finger probed my asshole. Then she cupped my balls and gave them a slight squeeze. That was all the invitation I needed. I shot my wad in her mouth, which she promptly swallowed.

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