tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Betty

My Aunt Betty


From a smoke filled apartment to a smoking hot aunt!

This event in my life had to have been due to Bob Dylans "Simple twist of fate." I was an apartment dweller who at two thirty one winter morning found my self struggling to breathe due to the smoke that filled the apartment.

I had always believed one should have a very good flashlight or lantern at a fixed spot in the house and a large fire extinguisher rated a,b,c for those types of fires. I was able to put out the blaze which started from the electrical panel to the water heater. Some Bozo used aluminum wire but did not size it correctly. I did not lose anything in the fire as It was out before it could really get going but the experience was totaly nerve wracking. I was halfway thruough my lease and did not want to finish it out as I no longer had any trust in the place.
I approached a law firms in a friendly way for a few questions of legal advice and they told me the landlord could not hold me to the lease due to the fire.

So I gave my aunt Betty who lives in Braintree a holler and asked if I might be able to stay with her for a bit till I get things straightened out.

"Of course Raymond, I am so sorry to hear about this. You can stay for two weeks or two years, it is up to you."

Well I felt good that I was welcome. She owned the condo so I offered to pay the elctric and put groceries in the cupboard as well as take her out for dinner once or twice a week.

Aunt Betty is a medium size woman, between two fifty and three hundred pounds, long gray hair with bits of blonde that are left from a dye job she did. She is well busted, I would say a 44 D would probably be accurate. The way she dresses is nice. A skirt and blouse; black patent two inch pumps; ear rings; a pearl necklace and she always has her hair in a bunn and sometimes looks over the gold half-round reading glasses she has hanging from a string of small white beads. She works in the Boston public library and dresses the part of a librarian as well.

Aunt Betty is a warm woman with
a super personality and great to
talk to about so many things, well
being a librarian sure helps.

During the first two weeks or so I guess I did not really think about it but those silver half-round reading glasses or silver recs which were rectnagular in shape and could be referred to as granny glasses, started to loom in my mind. Sort of like barely visible as if in a fog.

I was beginning to like the way they used Betty's bosoms as a shelf and those beads were small white and glossy. I was starting to get turned on by them and could only imagine what joys an aunt could bring her nephew to with them. Oh yes my aunts loving hand as she wrapped those beads round a twenty five year old cock with her red painted fingernails and touched me allover with those silver granny glasses.

Sometimes I got back to her place before she did and I would go through the house and make sure all her half-glasses were spotless and that was after I enjoyed what they could do for me.

I began taking Betty out for dinner on Sunday and she really enjoyed that. During one of these dinners she asked,

"Ray, do you have any idea why as of late every pair of my half-glasses are spotless?"

"Gremlins, aunt Betty. Aside from screwing with traffic lights they do do something nice at times."

Betty had those silver granny glasses perched at the end of her nose but was looking at me over the tops of them.

"So it is Gremlins is it? Well I guess I will have to say thankyou to them as they are doing a superb job, maybe they came with you from the apartment, hell maybe they started the fire." Said aunty as she smiled at me.

"Or would it be my nephew who seems to have a thing for my half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains? as well as my black dress heels which seem to always be sparkling?"

"Well, I can not say I never cleaned a pair for you aunt Betty."

Three months later.

Ah spring has sprung and flowers are growing as well as a feeling for my aunt which some may feel is incestuous. I cared not as she is and has been very warm to me.

By this time I was helping around the flat. dusting and running the hoover and sometimes laundery as it gave me a chance to snag one of her bra's that were like a corset material which I found to be erotic.

One Sunday when I took her to the Olive garden she asked as she looked at me over the tops of a pair of silver ovals,

"Have you seen a bra laying around anywhere? It was a white bra with a purple bow in the middle between the cups."

"Yeah I saw it." I washed it for you and probably forgot to take it off the hanger."

"You ran it throught the wash?" asked aunty with a worried look.

"Hell no. I put it in a small basin and washed it. I let it soak for an hour then washed an rinsed it and hung it up to dry."

"Well, thankyou. You did not have to do that but it was nice and how is it you knew not to run it through the washing machine?"

"Oh heck aunt, mom washed her bra's out that way too."

We enjoyed our dinner and Betty wanted that bra when we got back to the house. Luckily it was in a closet on a hanger nice and clean and dry.

"You can do this again Raymond since you did this one so well." She told me that and gave me a hug and I had no problem with her 44D's pressed into me. I also noticed she did not pull away when my cock started to make itself known it was around as I could feel her against it and by no means did she attempt to back off.

Wednesday had been a hard day at work and I was beat. Aunty left at six thirty to play bingo with her friends. She was usually gone for four hours or so. I made up a supper of burgers an fried taters an onions and a salad. All the while I had in my mind the idea of romancing a few pair of aunties half-glasses with beaded eyeglass chains.

Seeing auntie with her half-glasses
hanging across her lovely 44D's had
gotten me quite turned on to them
and I was noticing older ladies in

I am living with an older woman
and frankly though she is my aunt,
I like this a lot.

There I was sitting behind a desk in a corner of her living room with two pair of her half-glasses held against my cock with her eyeglass chains and wearing a pair as well. This would have made an erotic picture I bet.

I awoke to hearing the radio on in the kitchen and was worried like Oh my bloody crumminz did aunty see me like this? I got my self together and decided to go into the kitchen. If she said anything I would just say I was sorry, that I had been rather turned on by her reading glasses with beaded eyeglass chains and that it would not happen again. If she said nothing I was in the clear. Or so I thought.

So I sauntered into the kitchen where auntie was sitting and drinking a cup of coffee. she did not usually do this. Perhaps I should have thought more about that.

"Hi auntie, how was bingo?"

"Oh pretty good, I won seventy five dollars." She said in a voice of considerable cheer and I thought things were fine.

I took aunt Betty out Sunday to Ruth Chrisities steak joint and we ordered some prime rib; baked tater with sour creme and onions an mushrooms, salad too of course.

"So how was everything the other might Ray? when I went out to play Bingo?"

Uh oh I thought, here it comes. Boy could she give one the idea she knew nothing when she did.

"Anything been worrying you Ray? she said in a voice of concern but figuring how she let me think she knew nothing the other night I had no idea where I stood with her now.

"Naw just work has been geting kind of, well like work. One guy took three weeks vacation an everyone else has to cover for him."

I was going to find out auntie could be brutally direct.

"I was happy to know you like my half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains the other night. I only wish you had gotten me in on this as well.

She was not mad as she said this but she was looking at me through a pair of gold ovals I had not seen before, not over the tops of them like usual but right smack through them. This must be a pyschological thing I thought.

"Well auntie I had thought of you a lot and would have loved it if you could do something for me but I guess I figured you would get upset."

"I know Ray but remember when I gave you a hug after you handwashed my bra?"


You were aroused, you had a cock that could have knocked over a building did I pull away from you?"

I remembered it all so clear now. Auntie is no prude by any stretch of the imagination.

"Ray, when you enjoyed my half-glasses the other night, in a sense you were saying you wanted to do your aunt Betty." and I have no problems with that so, what do you say we become lovers?"

"I say it is a great idea aunty, frankly I always fancied you anyways."

"Oh I know that and I know there are no Gremlins either unless MGM or Daryl F Zanuck made them up. I am sure you blew a load into by bra too. Is that true?"

"Yes aunt Betty it is true."

"Raymond, do you wear womens clothes or just mess around with their bra's; half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains?" aunt asked in a pleasant voice.

"Pretty much the items you mentioned aunty."

"Well I have been doing some reading as of late about these things and I think that were you dressed as a woman it could be a most erotic and best sexual experience ever, what do you say we try that?"

I could not freakin' believe it. It is like aunty pryed open a very closed part of my mind, where my fantasies are kept and wanted to indulge in my fantasies.

"I know what I would want you to wear Ray. A skirt and blouse; black patent heels; and yes how about a beaded eyeglass chain with a pair of my blue-ish half-rounds? Of course I would let you wear a bra with a pair of falsies and I would do your make-up for you. You see Ray, I too have my fantasies and to be quite blunt I always wanted to do a guy in drag anyways."

I sure as hell did not need an old fashioned wrecking ball as used to knock down buildings as aunties truth now revealed, had about the same effect. And I liked it. The idea of doing my aunt Betty and doing it in drag could be much nicer. I was NOT a crossdresser but could be. And I know there are guys who dress to express that other part of them which society says is a NO-no but fuck society.

"Well that sounds very nice auntie but I would also like to try a few of those dresses too."

She smiled at me as she looked at me over the tops of those gold ovals I liked and I knew I would have my way with them.

"Oh Ray, what do you say to a bit of bondage? not ropes an chains and stuff like that but say a few belts from my skirts or button down dresses?"

Auntie not only broke and entered part of my mind she threw it wide open as I had considered various means of bondage from time to time.

I could hardly wait to get my ass back to the house and dress up so I could do my auntie, hell maybe she would want to do a lot of foreplay first.

"Well Ray", said auntie. "I was thinking about desert but I think getting back to my place is what you'd rather do now is it not?"

So I paid the check, left a nice tip and we beat it back to her condo. The air was filled wih electricity, probably a lot nicer though than what went on over at the Green Mile where that stinking bastard Percy did not bother wetting the sponge. He was cruel and sadistic, in short the governors nephew.

But enough current events. As soon as we stepped into her condo, we went for the bedroom. I was naked in seconds and Betty declared,

"I never saw you move so fast!"

"Ray I am in mind of some bondage."

She had like seven or eight long white belts with a double row of holes and she began tying me up. she tied me up at the ankles and knees and had my hands tied behind my back.

Auntie was donning a patent black bra with her aureola's exposed and her nipples were fat and red. She donned a pair of black panties and a slip as well as four inch heels in patent black as well and she is looking hotter than the fire I left.

Aunt Betty was going to slowly blow my mind. She is standing there with half a dozen assorted reading glasses on the bed all with beaded eyeglass chains and a few pair of patent black heels as well. She puts on the pair of silver oval style glasses and the sexy small white beads are draped over the back of her neck. Her glasses are halfdown her nose and sparkling and my hog is standing up straight.

Betty walks over and sits on the bed. she wraps like four strings of beads round my hog and brushed her sexy glasses under my balls and up and over my hog and am I ever getting turned on. Then she gets on the bed and lies in such a manner she can run her sexy black heels up an down that red and swelling hog of mine. And right when she has me ready to cum decides it is time for a cup of tea!

I could'nt freaking believe it! and she decides to make a phone call to an old friend as she sits in a chair looking at me and is telling Marge, I can't talk for more than half an hour as I have my lover here all tied up.

At last she is off the phone."Hope you did not mind me being on the phone." She said.

"Hell no auntie no trouble at all. I was of course being a wise-ass about it. Not my idea to start something than go do something else.

So she comes back and starts to rub her glasses under my balls and then as she does that she takes a mouthfull of my manhood and starts bobbing her head up and down and I'm watching those sexy ovals and the candle on the dresser through them. This was a most erotic scene. The feeling of her giving me a handjob while at the same time sucking me off had to be the nicest, well close to the nicest feeling ever. It would be the nicest when I blow my load down my aunt Betty's throat.

And then it happened, my balls were boiling and under what seemed to be a hundred and thirty pounds pressure and I came, Oh I came in quarts or so it seems, auntie is bobbing her head an making swallowing sounds as she downed the man sauce and smiling at the same time. YUP
she is loving this and so am I and the evening was still young!

"Well, I sucked you dry, might have to wait a bit before we go for the screw of the century as it seems that long since I had it last." Said Betty.

So I grabbed a few pair of her half-glasses with beads and began to tease her fat red nipples with them. I would rub her glasses against her nipples or run the beads of said eyeglass chains back and forth against them making them quiver.

Then I headed south of the border and with the beaded eyeglass chains rubbed them back and forth upon her labia's and she started to really like this, to the point of getting all wet on me or the beads, if they had brains they would never forget what happened to them that evening. I took her spotless gold ovals an rubbed them over her labia's as well and decided it was time for a snack so I stuck my tongue inside and tasted her honeypot and was it ever so good.

Betty started buckin at the hips an breathing heavier, making all sorts of sounds I took for sexual pleasure. I knew it was time so I went on in and my gawd oh how good it felt to be there. Betty had muscles and they were clamping down on that cock of mine, probably by instinct not wanting to let go of that love rod and I started to pump my aunt Betty nice an slow, this was too good to wanna hurry that is for sure.

Betty was now donning a pair of gold rectangular style glasses I refer to as granny glasses and they had the sweetest little pearls in the eyeglass chain and auntie is looking at me with great contentment.

"Faster Ray and harder too." She barked like Vince Carter giving orders to Gomer Pyle.

O.K. I started slamming her like the waves of a hurricane upon the sea wall. Relentlessly I slammed her and she was loving it.

If I thought the previous sounds were depicting sexual pleasure, than her sounds were more intense as her orgasms were and suddenly like the concrete giving away as tons and tons of water battered against it I came with as much fury and how Betty shook and tightened up time after time she had to have had at least five full fledged orgasms.

She laid there getting back her breath as I did the same and I could tell she had finaly, really beyond a doubt had been satisfied.

She began to talk.

"Oh Raymond, I never knew you could be such a lover."

"Guess you know now I am pretty good huh?"

"OH I am gonna need this alot more to make up for lost time. I. . . I feel so womanly now and it is great."

"I really feel good too, aunt Betty. I am taking appointments, you wanna be slated for Saturday night?

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