tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Cecilia

My Aunt Cecilia


I was a senior in high school. I wasn't the most popular guy in school but I did ok. I had had a steady girlfriend now and again but right now I was single and lonely. The cheerleaders thought it was fun to tease us poor boys until our balls were ready to explode. Today was one of those days. I couldn't wait to get home from school and up to my room. My cock ached and needed some relief. It was so hard it throbbed and wearing tight jeans only made the situation worse.

I parked by the curb and ran into the house. Mom was nowhere to be seen so I scooted right up to my room. I shut the door behind me and threw my books on the floor. I pulled my pants off and tossed them aside. I already felt a little better just getting out of those damn jeans. I flopped down on my bed and thought about the nice tits those hot cheerleaders have as I took my cock from my underwear and started slowly stroking it.

I was so absorbed in my fantasy that I didn't hear the footsteps on the stairs. I was lost in my imagination when the door to my room slowly opened. I was still flogging my meat when I heard her clear her throat.

"I'm sorry, Ken. I didn't meant to interrupt," Aunt Cecilia said as she stepped inside.

I sat upright in my bed grabbing for whatever I could find to cover my swollen cock. My face had to be every shade of red every invented. I was mortified to be caught jacking off by my mom's sister. I never gave a thought to the fact that she was coming for a visit this weekend when I got home. I was too busy trying to get my rocks off.

"Oh don't hide that beautiful prick," she pouted. "It is perfectly natural for a boy your age to enjoy himself as you were doing," she continued as she stepped closer to the bed. I was frozen. I didn't know what to do or say as Aunt Cecilia reached down and pulled away the pillow I had managed to cover myself with. Here I was, naked and throbbing in front of my Aunt. I wanted to find a hole to drop into but at the same time, my cock seemed to be getting harder. I have to admit; Aunt Cecilia was one good-looking chick, for her age. Her tits hadn't started to sag at all and she had kept herself in really good shape.

"Don't let me stop you," she said as if I could really continue with her watching me. I sat there; stunned. My cock was twitching, begging to be stroked. "Go on Ken. I want to watch you enjoying yourself. You obviously NEED it." She was right about that.

"I-I-I can't. Not with you watching me," I stammered.

"If you don't I'll tell your mother what I caught you doing," she threatened as she sat next to me on the bed. "Now just like you were," she coaxed as she took my hand from beside me and rested it on my cock. She wrapped her fingers around mine and started slowly moving up and down my shaft. After a couple of strokes she dropped her hand and just watched. "That's a good boy. Show your auntie how you play with your self."

At first I was self-conscious of what I was doing but soon my need won out and I was stroking for all I was worth. My hand was a blur as I flew up and down my cock. I was even hotter than when I got home from school. Having Aunt Cecilia watch made me hornier than the teasing cheerleaders had. Just as I was about to blow she grabbed my hand and pulled it from my cock.

"That's enough," she announced. "Come over here and stand in front of me." I was in shock. My balls were boiling and I was so close to cumming. I didn't know what she had in mind but if it meant getting to cum I would do anything she asked.

I rose from the bed and stood in front of her. My cock bounced in front of me as I moved. Pre-cum glistened on the tip as I took the place she indicated right in front of her. I should have been ashamed to stand like this before her but it turned me on even more. I wanted my aunt to see my hard cock. I wanted her to see what she had done to me.

"MMM, so nice and young," she said as I stepped in front of her. Before I could even answer she took my cock in one hand and licked the pre-cum form the tip. "Now don't cum until I tell you to," she said just before her tongue slid down my shaft. It was all I could do not to blow right there. My knees were wobbling and I was breathing heavy. I put my hands on the back of her head to steady myself as she took me deep into her throat.

""Have you ever had your dick sucked?" she asked as she let my cock slide from her mouth fro a breather.

I looked down at my aunt with my cock in her hand and answered, "Never like THIS!"

"Relax and enjoy it then," she replied as her mouth slid back down my shaft. I could feel her breath tickle my pubic hair. I couldn't hold out much longer. This magnificent woman was blowing my mind. She reached out with her other hand and began to fondle my balls. I grasped the back of her head tightly trying my best not to explode.

"Are you ready?" she asked coming up for air briefly once again.

"OH GOD YES!" I moaned.

"Then let it go," she commanded as she took my cock into her throat once again. That was all I needed. I was shooting my cum into her mouth almost before she got her mouth closed. My cock pulsed time and time again as she sucked and swallowed every drop I had and milked me for more. When she was sure she had drained me of every drop, she stood and kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself on her lips.

Breaking from the kiss and walking towards the door she turned and said, "This is going to be my best visit ever." I can't wait to see what else she has in store for me.

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