tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Helens 1/2 Glasses

My Aunt Helens 1/2 Glasses


There was something very alluring about those gold half round reading glasses his aunt Helen wore. She always had them hanging from a string of what looked like pearls and Ray liked the way they hung and sometimes swung across her lucious 44C breasts.

He liked aunt Helen very much so when he met her again since he was a kid, those feelings really meant something. He was close to twenty at the time and she was around fourty seven. An older woman. A woman related to him that he could go and visit. Ray always felt good in her presence and he thought she was pleased he liked visiting her.

Aunt Helen lived about thirty miles south of Attleboro so it was an easy trip down rte. 95. After she moved there she had a fair amount of work to be done, most of which required a truck for dump runs and picking up furniture and various building material.

Aunt Helen was generous sometimes too generous, heck Ray had a regular job and was doing rather well, So he was satisfied with gas money. And he considered she always had a nice meal for him after the work he did.

Around the age of twenty seven or so Ray had enough money saved for a college course in electrical engineering.

And having good math skills from private tutoring he was doing well and he knew he would land a high paying job when the last semester was finished.

Being twenty seven years younger than his aunt did not stop him from having feelings a man of greater years would have. And frankly he did not like girls until they were older. Alot older,like fifteen or twenty years.

When they were able to understand life more and how to make it in this big ol' world.

There were a number of times he went to help his aunt and she would give me what he wanted most, her company. And he always felt so nice that after a job was finished, The two of them would either sit on the sofa in the parlour and talk over coffee or tea an scones.

Sometimes they would sit out on the old style porch that hugged two sides of the house an' have a cold beer or lemonade.

To be very honest he may have been in love with his aunt as he always felt good in her company. What kind of feelings were they? He always remembered her birthday as well as Christmass and Easter.

She was his moms sister and she never married, maybe cause she was married to her job as a sales woman for Reed & Barton. A large silverplating company over in Taunton.

When he went to college to be an electrical engineer he still kept up with auntie Helen. Ray was pretty much away from her physicly but he called once a week anyways to see how she was doing and if there was anything he could do for her.

Having completed the course with honors he landed a great job at a power producing facility in Rhode Island.

Ray was making some serious money and was able to buy a small home, And still able to support his IRA but he knew it was time to visit aunt Helen. So one day he picked up the phone.

"Hello aunt Helen."


"Thats me."

"It is so nice to talk to you, I miss you."

"And I miss you auntie, the talks on the porch or your livin' room." "I just wanted to call and ask, when would be good for me to come an visit?"



"Yes Really, I'll make a nice supper and if you like, you may stay over."


"Yes dear?"

"I am so looking forward to seeing you."

"Thankyou!, what time will you be here?"

"Oh aroun' two."

"See you then."

So he got to aunties around two as he said he would, she came out to greet him, and they hugged out there in the driveway.

There was such a warm lovin' feeling between them. And Ray knew he missed that feeling as well as his aunt did. She was wearing a black wool skirt and a white blouse with ruffles down the middle and a pair of black patent two and a half inch pumps and of course her string of pearls from which her gold 1/2 round glasses hung.

Her hair was dark brown with a bit of gray in it. She was not fat but plump as Ray would say. A very pleasant face with bright green eyes.

He could not believe it! She had a Baldwin grand in the living room!. She did not know it but he used to play piano sometime ago, and in the last few years got back into it.

And he was so happy cuz if she needed help he could give her some lessons. He would surprise her. She went into the kitchen to get a good supper going and he went to the piano and started to play Chopins etude opus ten Number 3. She came out into the livin room an stared at him with a look of not believing that she was hearing a very moving piece of classical music.

"My God!, I can't believe this!"

"Geeeeeze auntie, you did not know I knew piano?"

"Never.. that was played so well."

"I always loved piano auntie," "Got a surprise for you after supper."

"Another surprise?" "You think I'm not already surprised?"

"You'll like this auntie."

Auntie had a real nice supper a burger, fried taters an onions with a salad, and for desert, home made apple krisp with whipped cream.

He noticed that aunt Helen had other pairs of glasses around the kitchen an living room, square blue-ish in style and he asked her about them.

"So auntie, whats with all the reading glasses with beads?" and I pointed to a blue-ish square pair on the lamp table by the sofa.

"Oh those are bifocals, not seeing as good for distance like I was a few years ago"

"But your still wearing 1/2 glasses?"

"OH yes,Well when I am out driving I wear the bifocals."

You look through the upper part for distance and through the 1/2 moons for reading right?"

"Your very interested in these are you not?"

"To be truthfull auntie, yes." "I always liked the looks of an older woman in 1/2 glasses."

"I think a shrink would like to hear about this." Said auntie.

"How do you feel about it?" Auntie asked me.

"Aunt Gert, I know I am a bit different, don't care tho." "I think that with you it is your fem'ninity I adore." "Between the gold 1/2glasses an the beads and the way you dress."

His aunt smiled a few hundred watts worth. She placed her hand upon his and said, "You have fingers that are great for piano."

"Speaking of which," "When did you get into piano?"

"A few years ago" "I played back when I was in junior high."

"Me Too auntie."

His aunt did not know her sister, which is his mom told him a long time ago, "The moonlight sonata was Helens favorite piece of music."

"Just one favor aunt Helen."


"Don't say a word till I am done," She nodded her agreement.

So he sat upon the bench and played the moonlight for his aunt Helen. When he finished she came over and gave him a loving hug. And as she gave him that hug she saw his pants starting to rise.

Oh yes auntie noticed it and she seemed quite happy about it as well.

"I can see you like my hugs by whats going on." He decided to be honest with his aunt, hell she was a good fifty and he was over thirty, both old enough to know what they liked.

"Are you turned on by your aunties hug, Ray?"

"Alot of things about you auntie, turn me on"

"Like what dear?"

"The way you dress for one thing, another is that for reasons unknown, seeing you in 1/2 glasses does something." "One of your best features is your personality." "I mean between your looks and charm why your not married is anyones guess."

"It really takes a man to do the work you do." "Being in charge of or having alot to do with the lives an' safety of people, by making sure things are "electricly safe"

"Have you ever told anyone about this fetish for ladies readin' glasses?" "Nope, figured they'd think me weird so I only told you as I trust you might understand.

"I think I do Ray,I think you might love "femininity." He shrugged his shoulders as if saying,

I really don't know.

"You never really went with girls in high school did you?" This was more a statement than a question. It was also the truth.

"No auntie I just did not like girls." "I mean I just could not be interested in them." "I and them had nothing in common what-so-ever." "I had more of a good time buyin' antique floor radios at flea markets, getting them fixed an selling'em a week or two later."

"I was always flattered you would rather come see your auntie than go out with a girl."

"Well auntie, truth be told your a hell of a lot more interesting and better looking than the whole lot of them." "Why are you blushing?"

"I'm ambarrassed"

"Did I say something wrong?" She started to giggle abit.

"You have a silly auntie", "say nice things about me an' I get all ambarrassed" "You always found auntie Helen to be feminine did you not?"


"Ray, thats why you hang around older ladies, we are more fem'nin than girls but knock'em, they have to learn about that the same way us older women had to learn about being feminine."

"Well, Ray to be quite honest and straight to the point." "You would love to be intimate with your aunt Helen."

Aunt Helen really knew what the scoop was and Ray was very pleased she knew he wanted to be intimate with her.

"That is right is it not?" She asked in a soft feminine voice.

"Frankly it is as "right" as right can be"

"I know...you love me and have a lot of feelings for me Ray."

"I have to say I wish you were not my aunt so we could marry."

Auntie Helen was not surprised at hearing her nephew would like to marry her, as she knew he had alot of feelings for her.

"Ray, what did you do about certain feelings as you were growing?" "What guys are known to do to release tensions" "Ever think of any girls?" "Naw, just had no interest but my anatomy knew about things. "Just like tonight, me giving you a good hug?" "Pretty much so auntie."

"Well whats going on down there now?"

"Seems he curled up an went to sleep"

"You probably think I am an ol' prude." But to be rather "Frank" about it." "I like your "Frank". "And I think that since I was never able to have a child we could enjoy a nice sweet life as lovers."

He really could not believe it! but he was as willing to go along with this as she was. And why not? I always had feelings for her anyways. loved her attitude, way of dressing and those readin' glasses of hers either the gold 1/2 glasses or silver oval style.

However as much as he wanted to be "intimate" with his auntie he had to know what she would think of her nephew as, "A crossdresser." He did not want to be in a situation where if they became serious lovers,he would find there was a part of him she did not like.

"Aunt Helen."


"I have to tell you that I am a crossdresser"

"Oh I kind of figured that," Geeeze he was surprised, that she already knew or darn close to it. "I mean when a young guy likes hangin' round his aunt cause she is more fem'nin' than the girls at school.And how you are so turned on to see an older woman in 1/2 glasses with beads It is easy to see you like things having to do with older women. I think it is nice that you have that part of you that appreciates a well dressed woman."

"So, you have no problem with this, "dressing in drag thing?"

"listen to your aunt Helen." "It is you that has to decide if you have a problem with it." "I have no problem with it" Possibly cause I know the difference between sex an gender. "People use the terms as though they are "interchangeable" BUT they are not by any means." "Sex and gender are as different as "chalk an cheese"

He really could not believe the luck he had, his auntie Helen is a very "Hip" woman, that she knows that alot of people have no real idea about sex and gender he thought.

"Well aunt, truth, is I love it." I always feel better dressed as a woman." "And I would love to dress like you" Well of course auntie was pleased and she would help Ray with his feminine side as well.

"Aunt Helen?" He asked. "Yes?" "What would you say if I told you I have had and still have fantasies about you?"

"Oah?" And what sort of fantasies do you have?"

"One such fantasy goes like this" "We are in a nice Italian resteraunt red an white checkered tablecloth, a not so bright corner with a candle burning, some romantic italian music." "And as you look at the menue thru those gold 1/2 glasses, I get the courage to tell you how much they and your appearance turns me on" "And that I would very much like to "Be your lover" "And you say," "Thats a wonderfull idea." "We can be lovers" "No more lonely nights, someone to have nice times with, Being lovers will satisfy and bring more happiness to both of us."

"Well Ray, you have put this whole thing together so nicely, I think we could be very happy together as lovers."

"So after I take a nice hot bath, we may begin "getting close." "And Ray, I know you like my heels!" "We have alot of nice things to use as fetishes for whats known as good ol' foreplay."

Well aunt Helen finished her bath, dried and put on a sexy bra, slip an panties,heels too.

"c'mon in Ray." I did so. "Your aunt is going to fill your fantasy"..."provided you fill mine after".

"You have a fantasy too?" "Auntie Helen?" "Oah yes!"

"Thought you were the only one with a fantasy?" "I am going to get you to cum allover my 1/2glasses an dress," then you are going to be made hard again an come into your auntie." "How does that sound for the evenings plan?"

"Just beautifull aunt Helen." "I have always wanted to be close to you emotionaly an' yes physicly as well, to be passionately in love with you."

"So put on this nice silky dress an sit here next to auntie." He did so and she had like three pair of gold halfglaases, well two pair as she was wearing a pair of the gold 1/2 glasses that "blow his mind." She wrapped the beads of the two pair round that fat ol' tubesteak and took her nickles pumps, so black an shiny an' touched him all over down there and he is starting to breath abit heavier as she was rubbing those heels under and allover his hog.

"Oh aunt, these shoes feel really nice an sexy."

"You like that cool leather?" "Don't you?"

"You like the moonlight sonata?" "Well then, I guess you love my heels.

"I think I could have a thing for heels aunt Helen," Said Ray.

"Why not?" "Alot of guys do they just don't tell anyone." "Ray, feel the inside of this shoe." He did so. "How does she feel?"

"Soft an smooooooth."

"You think one of these days you would want to satisfy her?

"Well if I was being dommed, I could do that"

"Oh so you would want me to tell you what to do to my black patent pumps?" "With the nice bows?" She asked.

"Oh yes auntie, could not go an do your heels without you saying so."

"Geeeeeeze you really are into fetishes." "This we can do another time."

"How does it feel Ray" having me touch you with my gold 1/2glasses? "Great, could you do that with those bluish square glasses too?"

"Why did I figure you would want me to do you with those?"

"Probably cause you are a very smart woman and noticed I liked them, wanted to try'em from a scientific point of view."

"Why did you not ask me?"" I would not have mind" "Course you could have just grabbed'em an the sunday times.

"Actually I have them right here." "But to really see how good they work you need a fonebook to try out the 1/2moons." "We can do that tomorrow but for now let me do this."

So she takes her two pair of blu-ish square bifocals with the 1/2moons an starts rubbin'em under his plums and then it was one pair of those squarish blue glasses and a pair of gold 1/2 round. And she would switch to a heel and a pair of 1/2glasses and when she saw the pre-cum she took that lovely pale blue gown an covered the top of his hog with it as she is slowly jerking him off with those sexy gold 1/2 glasses. And then it blew! Gobs of the pearly colored lovesauce right into that gown and she starts lappin' it up like it's goin' outa style.

"MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm." "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." "God this stuff is GOOOD" "Those 1/2glasses an 1/2moons really did it Ray!"

"Thats whats important, knowin' what gets me off.",

"And now its time to "Get auntie off." "Well" after you get me hard again of course."

So they layed together for a while talking and he would feel her lovely breasts or tickle'em with his tongue around the nipples, kissing her here an there.

She was now wearing those blue-ish square bifocals with the 1/2 moons and he just loved looking at her. they were facing each other, she in the nude well almost, still had on those black patent heels that sparkled with the candle light and he was still wearing that pale blue gown.

She took a string of pearls with her 1/2 glasses from who knows where an wrapped the pearls around what was quickly becomming a nice piece of tubesteak or maybe an Xtra large Nathans hotdog and started to fondle the thing with her gold 1/2 roun'glasses fluttering around his plums. And next thing he knew auntie is saying,

"Time to do your auntie!" "But keep my beads an 1/2glasses where they are."

"Well thats interesting, "You sure auntie?"

"Your auntie knows what she wants." So he went in an what a feeling with her pearls wrapped round his hog an her 1/2 glasses probably under his plums but where ever they were they could stay. "Kinky?" Hell yeah but who really cared? She probably figured he liked them so much anyways.

"Make love to them an auntie." She said with a moan.

"In more!" Allaway in!" And Yes he got in some more. She was biting her lip an moanin' and pulling him in as far as he could go, her polished red nails diggin into his hiney, he was bleedin' but he did not care.

"Faster Raymond!" She said in a voice that was never heard before.

"O.k." He put the throttle into the last notch, an was doing her like no tomorrow.

"Gawwd auntie this is heaven!" I said in a raspy voice between some heavy breathig.

"MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm" "YES! YES!" This went on for abit and we both loving it.

"C'mon do me again!" She was shakin as if a current was going through her an I knew she reached an orgasm for like the fourth time. His fantasy was a real thing and would for a long time be a wonderfull thing. So was aunt Helens fantasy. She was very content. they layed there till the next morning an' when he saw daybreak he started singin'

"When the rooster crows at the break o' dawn, look out your window an um not gone, your the reason um not travelin on" So don't think twice it's all right."

"So you like Dylan?" Asked my aunt. "You know that song?" "Course I know, "Don't think twice its all right" "Springsteens done a great job with Dylans piece.

"I know and that means we both had a wonderfull night as lovers." "This was so great aunt." "Can We can do this later today aunt Helen?"

"Raymond... Dear."

"Yes, Aunt Helen?"

"Never on a Sunday!"

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