tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Jenny

My Aunt Jenny


“Aunt Jenny will be coming to visit us soon.” My mum told the family at the dinner table after putting down the phone.

Being my mum’s baby sister, and at 19 years old, I kind of treated Aunt Jenny more of an older sister/cousin than an auntie. When we were kids, we used to play together.

I felt it odd that she would be coming over as it was not yet winter or summer break, but only a week long study break. But nevertheless was excited to meet up with her in two days.

The day came and we were at the airport waiting for Aunt Jenny. As she headed to the baggage conveyor I noticed she looked out of sorts, not the cheerful aunt that I knew her to be but somewhat reserved.

When she finally cleared customs, she let out a weak smile and rushed over to hug my mum. It was then that I saw that her eyes were somewhat swollen with what seemed like tears.

The trip home was uneventful and somewhat quiet. I didn’t know how to break the ice, but thought that I would let it pass and maybe after some time my aunt Jenny will open up again.

On the arrival home, Aunt Jenny went back to her room (she had been staying with us since my grandparents died in a plane crash). I knocked the door to her room and she asked me to go in.

“How are you Auntie Jenny?” I asked.

“You should know I don’t like to be called Auntie when we’re alone. Don’t make fun of me Brian, I’m a bit down now”.

“Sorry Jen. But what seems to be the problem? You look a bit sad” I asked.

“I don’t know Brian, it’s tough being alone over there. I am having troubles making new friends and that has somewhat affected my results, which have then compounded my troubles.”

I knew what she meant. My aunt Jenny was by nature a very shy person who has trouble opening up to new people. This was also why she hesitated when my mum suggested she go to Australia to further her studies.

There was a moment’s silence as she was unpacking. Then, I heard sobs and realized aunt Jenny was crying. I went up to her and tried to console her the best that I could, which equated to telling her not to cry.

“Jenny, it’s okay now, you’re back home… please don’t cry.”

“I really miss all of you” she said. “You don’t know how difficult it is to be away from all my comforts,”

“But you’re back home now for a week. Just enjoy your stay here and forget about your unhappiness for this time.” I said.

She nodded her head and tried to compose herself. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed in her luggage some really nice underwear which were different to what I remembered her wearing. They were not the cotton ones that were baggy, but lacy ones in exotic colours like red, black, blue, etc. They were interesting…

As mentioned, we used to grow up and played together like brother and sister, however, as I reached puberty and started realizing the opposite sex, I played with her and when she was not around would sometimes play with her underwear.

But these new ones intrigued me as they were different. Looks like I’ll have some fun with them later in the laundry basket. Then an idea came to mind.

“Why don’t you take a hot bath? You’ll feel much better after it.” She looked up at me and just nodded her head. Yippee I thought looks like I’ll be having an adventure soon.

Forty minutes later, my aunt came out of the bathroom, looking somewhat more comfortable and less depressed. She was in her bathrobe and a towel wrapped like a turban over her head. As she walked back into her room, I quickly ran in the bathroom.

Closing the door behind me, I quickly ran to the laundry basket and found her freshly discarded clothes in it. As I slowly took the pieces out, I was shocked to see some really sexy underwear in it. They were a matching set of burgundy coloured bra and panties… “Hey these panties were different!” I suddenly realized that they were the g-strings/thongs I heard about on the Internet.

I quickly sniffed the crotch area and immediately felt the blood rush to my own crotch area. Needless to say, I needed to pay some attention to my little brother again.

Very quickly I was naked and in the bathtub with one hand holding the g-string on my nose and the other using the bra cup to pull on my hard-on. It was heaven. The musky smell combined with the sensation of soft yet slightly rough material stroking on my cock was very quickly bringing me to a massive orgasm!

As the rush of sperm shot off my cock onto the delicate cups of the bra, I felt both excitement and relief. However, I felt something amiss and opened my eyes and shit! My aunt was at the doorway with her mouth open in shock!

Some time must have passed as we stared at each other in shock. That was when I realized that Aunt Jen turned around and walked away. However I saw her coming back and this time she closed the door behind her.

“Shit! I fucking forgot to lock the fucking door!” I muttered under my breath. I started putting back the cum and saliva filled evidence into the laundry basket and was about to walk out of the bathroom when I wondered just what the fuck I was going to do about facing my aunt. Decided the best thing to do then was to quietly sneak back into the room and just hide in there (hey I was just fifteen then).

I looked out of the door of the bathroom to see that the hallway was clear and stealthily beat a retreat back into my room. When I opened the door, to my shock, Aunt Jenny was in there, still in her bathrobe!

At a loss for words and things to do, tears just ran down my cheeks. I was totally inconsolable. The only thing that came out of my mouth between sobs was simply “I...I…I’m so... sorry…”

Aunt Jenny was probably just as surprised and shocked as me as she too didn’t know what to do. I was just standing by to be hit with abuse upon abuse, but instead I felt her hands on my shoulders.

“It’s okay Brian. Don’t cry, I know you’re just as shocked as me. Just calm down and maybe we can talk about this.”

It took a while, but I finally settled down and faced my aunt with a terrified look. There was silence in the air, me facing an uncertain fate from my aunt. I simply looked up at her and waited for her to speak.

The sunlight streaming into the room through the windows shone onto her face giving it a gleam. Wow, my aunt looks like a teenaged version of my mum.

“Brian,” she started albeit in a hesitant tone. “I know that you have your urges as a young adult, but what you did isn’t really appropriate. It’s not what people normally do…”

I looked down again embarrassingly, not knowing how to respond. Sensing my embarrassment, came closer with a hand on my shoulder and said.

“Playing with yourself is a natural part of growing up. I know, I do it myself…”

I looked up in shock when I heard that. Aunt Jenny I could see too was in shock as she had inadvertently admitted to masturbating to her nephew. Her face was scarlet as she was suddenly now the person who was at a loss for words.

As she regained her composure, Aunt Jenny’s tone changed. The embarrassment must have been a welcome relief for both of us as since the cards had been laid out, we were talking on the same level.

“Yes, I masturbate too,” she said. “Really Brian, you shouldn’t be so embarrassed about it at all. In fact, I have had suspicions before about something being amiss when I was staying here.”

Again I was in shock as I thought that I had covered my tracks well.

Sensing it, Aunt Jenny continued.

“Brian, we women have this instinct of sometimes knowing things which you men think that we don’t know about. So, is my suspicions right, this is not the first time is it?”

“It is!” I quickly muttered. Then sensing the disbelief in her face, I finally decided to come clean.

“Err… No, you’re right, I did it before.”

“It’s okay Brian, I did some psychology in Uni, what you have is a fetish for women’s lingerie. They somewhat hold an attraction to you in a sexual way. However you must not let this get out of control, what if your mum or someone else catches you doing it? It’s not…”

“But Jen…” I interrupted. “It’s not like this. The attraction is not to the underwear, it’s to your underwear only.”

The words just came out without much thought. Oh oh… I have just revealed my innermost secret to my aunt. Now she knows that I have a crush on her.

“But we’re related Brian. This can’t be right.” Again she seemed to instinctively know about my crush.

“This is incest. It is frowned upon not only socially, but also legally. We can be arrested for this.”

I looked at her kind of disappointed, like a lovesick person who realized that his love had been unrequited.

“This is only a phase for you Brian, you’ll soon grow out of it…”

“No I won’t” I interrupted. “Jenny I really love you. This is not puppy love at all…”

Again the words seemed to come out of me subconsciously.

“Brian, you’re a big boy now. Sometimes we must know about right and wrong and be able to take it as adults. It doesn’t mean that what feels right is always right. I too think you’re very attractive but, you’re my sister’s son. I’m your aunt, I can’t be your lover.”

My heart missed a beat when I heard that. Wow, my aunt Jenny, the woman that I adore is also attracted to me. Again looking at her, she was again in shock probably because she had accidentally told me more than she should have.

I went up to her and told her I understood that I needed a hug from my aunt. Taking it as an innocent remark, she opened up her arms as I moved forward. We hugged.

Unlike previous hugs which were usually brief, I lingered longer as I wanted to feel her close to me. However, this time it was different. I could feel her heart pounding as fast as mine, and hold on, it felt different. I opened my eyes and realized why. Her open arms had caused the loose knot on her bathrobe to be undone! The feeling of warmth and the heartbeats were so obvious because I was hugging my aunt’s bare torso!

Her breasts were almost aligned with my chest being squeezed by our entwining bodies. I could feel a slight struggle from her for a moment, but it was merely a fleeting moment as she reciprocated by hugging me tightly again.

I don’t know how long this lasted, but we were both drunk in the good feelings we were getting from the hug. It was then that we were suddenly interrupted by my mum calling us from downstairs that dinner was ready and that we should talk after dinner.

I looked at her face, which seemed to be at peace. She was just so beautiful, with a glow on her face. I could not resist but to plant a peck on her lips.

She returned the peck by putting her tongue into mine, to my surprise. But the kiss didn’t last long and she muttered something about we should get changed for dinner before my mum came up and caught us.

I reluctantly released the hug. Aunt Jenny went back to her room leaving me to put on a shirt. It was then I realized that I was again nursing a massive erection! With a smile, I quickly went down to help my mum finish the table setting. Boy I was going to pursue this for sure!

Dinner passed by pretty uneventfully. Aunt Jenny was generally quiet and answered my mum’s questions but volunteered no conversation herself.

The few times I managed to catch seemingly innocent glances at her, she seemed somewhat flustered and red, seemingly radiating heat from her body.

Aunt Jenny volunteered to clean up the dishes (which was what she would usually do when she was staying with us). I surprised my parents by offering to help my aunt.

“Wah! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you were a couple.” My mum said jokingly. She thought it harmless as she had looked after the both of us and to her, both of us were like siblings, rather than aunt and nephew.

“Boy, you never know, it may just happen” I whispered under my breath out of everybody else’s earshot.

Mum and dad decided to go out to the supermarkets to get some household necessities. This was great as I’ll get to spend more time with Aunt Jenny.

It didn’t seem as easy as I thought, as the she seemed to be clammed up doing the dishes. However after trying to figure out what to say, I decided to break the silence.

“Err… Jen, about just now… I err… would like it to continue… err… if that’s er… alright with err… with you?

She looked up at me with a somewhat shocked yet seemingly pleased way.

“Brian, I’m sorry, I think I must have led you on just now in your room, but I think this just cannot go on. It was my fault just now and we must get out of it before we go on deeper.”

“But, I thought you liked me that way too.” I said somewhat disappointed. “But Brian, this is just so wrong, we shouldn’t…”.

I just didn’t want her to say anymore. Without any thoughts, I just went up to her and brought her body mashing into mine. I had to rid her hesitations with my actions. As I hugged her, I again attacked her lips with mine. We were locked in a passionate lip lock for some time… I was really drifting into a fantasy world as our tongues began to be intertwined.

As we broke up for air, I looked deeply into her eyes and said “Jen, I really love you. Will you be mine forever?”

Tears welled into her eyes, as I said that.

“Brian, that’s so sweet of you. I love you too. In fact though you are much younger than me, I too have had feelings for you.”

“But I’m only four years younger. You’re my auntie only because you’re my mum’s sister.” I told her. The kid in me was really coming out now.

I decided there and then that it was the time and I again hugged her. However this time, I began groping under her T-shirt. Her resistance were fruitless as this time the animal in me was just gonna do what it wanted to do.

“Brian, no… what if your parents c…urmph…” Had to shut her up with a kiss. Had to kiss those doubts away from her at all costs.

In a moment, I looked at her and said. “Don’t worry, they will be gone until the shops close at 9:30. They won’t be back before then.”

She closed her eyes, somewhat assured by what I said.

By now, the resistance was gone. She began to reciprocate the passion shown to her by me. More time passed when she said that we had to finish the dishes first or it would really look bad by the time my parents got home. I reluctantly agreed. We must have finished the dishes and the kitchen cleanup in record time because next thing I knew, Aunt Jenny was holding my hand and pulling me up the stairs to her room. She didn’t really need to as I would have rushed up there even if she didn’t.

We crashed into her bed and continued kissing hungrily. I began to pull her t-shirt off to reveal again her breasts. What I saw, simply turned me on totally. Jenny was wearing a black sheer bra which though was patterened, you could still make out the outline of her beautiful Cup C breasts.

I ran a finger on her breasts with her bra still on and probably let out a sigh of enjoyment together with her. I think she enjoyed the feeling of having her breasts rubbed through the lacy material of her bra. I didn’t need further coaxing as I explored her bra clad breasts with my hand.

Her eyes were now closed and she was breathing more laboriously now. Then I felt this totally foreign feeling emanating from my groin. I looked down at it and saw her hand on my crotch area!

I turned my attention to my brother for a moment and freed the poor soul from the confines of my shorts and underwear. If there was a moment of pride, it was then. He stood fully erect in it’s crowning glory with a pearl drop of pre-cum crowning the tip.

I put her hand on my dick and she immediately opened her eyes as she felt the sheer thickness of the piece of meat placed in her hands.

“Oohh… he sure looks big and excited.” She said in a cute way. “Brian, do you know what you’re doing? I err… am not very good at this.”

At that moment, I was really high. Although I too was not an expert in sex, I believed that I possessed enough theoretical knowledge to execute the mission smartly. But of course can’t tell her that.

“Oh, me too…” I didn’t finish that sentence as I placed one hand under her black bra and began touching those nice and erect pink nipples. With my other hand guiding her to stroke my swollen cock. Once I thought that she could do it herself I left her hand on my dick and used it to venture into her shorts.

The feeling was magical, putting your hand into a girl’s pants and touching her panty clad crotch. I freed my hands from her tempting breasts and began a separate mission to attack the treasure trove.

Pulling her shorts off while trying to get her to keep her hands on my dick seems only possible then in the world of porno movies.

“Then again, they’re pros.” I thought. My school provided some limited sex education, but it never taught us the skills needed to perform the task at hand.

After some fumbling and compromise on my part to get her hand off my dick I managed to pull her shorts off. Leaving her sheer black thongs on I looked at her whole body with her eyes closed seemingly somewhere else. It was truly a sight to behold. Unlike the rest of the girls in my school, this was truly a young woman – my woman.

“Brian, I have to tell you a secret.” Aunt Jenny said when she opened her eyes.

“When I meant that I’m not good at this, I meant that I’ve never done this before… err… I’m err… a… v…virgin…”.

I stopped immediately. Wondering if I should go on as I too had no practical knowledge and needed guidance too. However, looking up at her radiant face made me realize too that this was an experience that both of us should embark and enjoy at our own pace, but I felt I better check with her again before embarking on this voyage.

“Jenny, I too am a virgin. Should we stop?”

“Err… n-no n-not at all. Brian, I’m r-ready… ready for you. I want you to take me…”

I definitely didn’t need any further encouragement as I began to take off her bra and thongs. This was done without any difficulty. Must be the experience gained from playing with Aunt Jenny’s underwear!

I looked at her body again and was just blown away. Her breasts were just so beautiful. Not as big as those porno stars, but they were beautiful nonetheless, and they were mine…

Her pussy was kind of cute. I was kind of surprised that her pubes were trimmed (which she explained later that she did it to get a defined bikini line). But the fur between her legs were soft to the touch.

I opened up her legs and went forward to take a closer look at a ‘Live’ pussy. The sight did not disappoint at all. I immediately put a finger inside it and felt it being wet and moist. But Aunt Jenny stopped me.

“No Brian, not yet. I heard that the first time will hurt. I need you to help me to get wetter before we have anything inside. Can you do this for me?”

She reached out her right hand onto her pussy and began a gentle circular like motion first at the pubic hair area, then around the top of her pussy. It seemed so gentle and so tender, unlike those angmos in porno movies who shove things into their pussy. Hmm… I thought… so this is how girls do it…

“Let me help you Jenny.” Without waiting for her reply, I used my hand to retrace the places that she touched. I could immediately see that she could feel the difference between self touching and having someone to do it for you.

Aunt Jenny reciprocated my strokes with her own by reaching out to begin stroking my dick. In fact in my excitement of playing with her body, I totally forgot about him. But her gentle touching of my cock sure reminded me of his presence.

I began to move my hand faster around her pubic area, but she asked me to slow down and be gentle as she liked light touches. I could feel my hand getting wet with the juices emanating from her pussy, which was also getting warmer with the touches. In fact it looked as if it was beginning to flower as the lips were beginning to open up from the initial phase when they were closer together.

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