tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt...My First Love!

My Aunt...My First Love!


The following is a true story. I am 79 years old now and recounting this, as best I can recall the details, for the first time. The year was 1949 and it was Thanksgiving time. I had just begun my senior year at a military prep school in Indiana. I had turned 18 in March of that year. Although this story describes acts of sex with my Aunt, I prefer to think of it as a time when I first discovered real love.

Aunt Jane was a true Southern Lady! She was raised in a socially prominent well-to-do family in Louisville, KY. She was a gorgeous woman: short auburn hair, 5'7" tall with a beautiful figure...the result of years of tennis, golf, horse back riding and swimming. Her smile was radiant and her eyes sparkled with an enthusiasm for life. Her voice was soft and melodic with a southern drawl that was delightful.

Six years earlier her daughter had died after a long bout with cancer. Now another tragic event in her life was taking place. Her husband (my Dad's brother) left her,six months earlier,for a much younger woman. (The SOB!!!) A well respected corporate attorney, he had at least left her in good shape financially!

After 35 years of marriage she was devastated. She was 56. My Mom asked me to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend with her and try and be helpful, Although I hadn't seen her in 4 years she had always been my favorite Aunt. Her sweet smile, gentle southern drawl and generous and loving hugs had always been a hit with me. I had last seen her at a rented cottage on Cape Cod when I was just 14.

I left school on Wednesday morning and, after an agonizing 7 hour bus trip, she picked me up in down town Cincinnati. The first thing I noticed was that she was pale and had lost some weight. The pending divorce was taking its toll. We exchanged pleasantries and she gave me one of her famous hugs exclaiming how much I had grown (I was 6'3" when I was 14 but was skinny; I had filled out to a healthy 200 pounds when I met her) and how handsome I looked in my military uniform.

Our one hour drive to her beautiful home in the gently rolling hills just north of the city was pleasant but somewhat subdued. Luckily she had been able to stay in her home which was on a 10 acre site complete with a small horse barn (she had sold her 2 mares 5 years earlier) and a large swimming pool. The house was very nice and I later learned it had 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths a study and 2 fireplaces!!

After a pleasant, and somewhat relaxed, dinner she excused herself to clean up the kitchen. As she stood over the sink I could hear her quietly sobbing and saw that her shoulders shaking. I walked up behind her and hugged her tightly from behind... my arms encircling her waist. She stiffened momentarily but then relaxed. She turned around throwing her arms around my neck and said, “Oh thank you Teddy for being so understanding.” As she looked into my eyes with that soulful look I bent over and kissed her. She started to return my kiss but then abruptly pulled away saying, in a cross tone, “Stop it Teddy…this isn’t right...I’m your Aunt!” I was mortified thinking what a jackass I was. The rest of the evening was somewhat strained and I finally retreated to my bed.

About an hour later there was a soft knock at my door. Aunt Jane came in dressed in a floor length quilted robe which zipped up the front. She came to my bedside and sat on the edge. Holding my hand she said, "Teddy, forgive me for being so nasty to you earlier. It was an emotional moment for both of us and I know you meant no harm. I know you are here to try and comfort me and I am so glad to have you here in my home." I almost whispered again how sorry I was and she just gave me a sweet smile, a kiss on the forehead and left my room. I spent a restless night dreaming about her.

I was tired and slept in Thanksgiving morning, finally appearing in the kitchen about 10. Aunt Jane was bustling around in her colorful multi colored house robe and slippers and seemed to be in an up beat mood! She smiled broadly at me and gave me a generous hug! I felt a twinge of excitement as her body pressed against mine. She asked me to sit while she fixed pancakes and bacon for breakfast! She suggested I eat a large breakfast, explaining we were joining two other couples for Thanksgiving dinner at her club at 4 that afternoon.

After breakfast she asked if I'd like to look at some family photo albums with her. I readily agreed and we sat together on the couch looking at old photos. We laughed as we looked at how skinny I was on Cape Cod and she blushed deeply when I said how gorgeous she looked in her well fitting one piece bathing suit! Periodically she would reach her arm and hand across my chest to look closer at a photo and I was aware of the same feeling of excitement I had felt earlier as her breast pushed against my arm. The light flowery scent of her perfume added to the feelings I had.

I also noticed a change in her demeanor! She acted like the Aunt Jane who had charmed me when I was just a lad! She was smiling....her attitude was buoyant and almost flirtatious at times. I decided this wasn't going to be that bad a weekend after all.

Aunt Jane asked me to drive her (it was a brand new Buick Roadmaster!!) and what a thrill to drive a new luxury car. I had dressed in my dress uniform and she said I looked like a General and reached across the bench seat to pinch my arm! She had on a turquoise knit dress that fit her like a glove and showed off her gorgeous bust line! I told her she looked like a movie star and she giggled and patted my leg and smiled! I felt like melting!!!

Dinner with her and her friends was pleasant. They treated me like some sort of King commenting on my uniform and asking what rank (Cadet Captain.....company "A" Commander) I held. The club house dining room was just off the dance floor where some kind of function was being held. Aunt Jane said, "Mister I understand you have become a great dancer and I want to find out first hand." Not wanting to miss a chance to hold her in my arms, I readily agreed! The first number we danced to was a slow fox trot and she melted into my arms as we moved around the floor. Her cheek next to mine and her breasts pushed tightly against my chest caused a major arousal. At one point she whispered in my ear, "Teddy, dancing with you is soooo nice....I am having a lovely time."

Of course they wouldn't let me out of there without dancing with the other 2 ladies in the party. While dancing with one of them, she remarked that she hadn't seen Jane this happy in a long time. "I am not sure what you are doing but she is certainly reacting." With that she held me tight around the neck and pressed me close, her breasts pushing against my chest. I thought of my desire to make out with my Mom's best friend back home and this re-enforced the idea that I really did like older women.

The weather had turned colder by the time we left for home that evening about 8 and I was anxious to get home before any bad weather set it. As we drove Aunt Jane slid across the bench seat, putting her arm through mine and resting her head on my shoulder. She thanked me for spending the day with her and her friends. I patted her leg just above her knee and felt a slight shudder. I think the busy day and several glasses of wine tired her and she soon dozed off!

When we pulled into the long curvy drive way, Jane began to wake up. She was groggy as I helped her out of the car and we walked arm in arm into the house.

By this time it was 9 PM and she remarked that she would like to take a hot bath and retire early. 45 minutes later she came into the living room and said goodnight. "Thanks for a wonderful day my sweet nephew" she said as she gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and disappeared into her bedroom.

The next morning at breakfast she told me she wanted to hit the big sales at a large shopping mall just across the Ohio River in Kentucky. She suggested I might rather relax at home than go shopping but I told her I would like to spend the day with her. She broke into a big grin and said, "What a sweet boy you are Teddy!" I grimaced when she said that and she said, "Honey, I am so sorry; after all you are a man now!! And I think I should call you Ted and I want you to call me Jane!" I smiled my gratitude!!

It was a 2 hour drive to our destination and on the way Jane began to fill in some details about her life that I was not aware of. She met my uncle while they were both undergraduates at the University of Kentucky. Soon after graduation they married and moved to New Haven, CT while he pursued his law degree at Yale. She put him though school by working as a secretary.
My cousin, Beth, was born a year or so later when they moved Cincinnati. He joined a small firm, helped it grow into a well respected larger firm and eventually became senior partner. During the next 15 years or so she kept busy raising her child as her husband became more and more distant.

As she talked she seemed to be reluctant to continue. I asked if she had any REALLY good friends she could confide in. She told me her daughter was close but since she had died she had no one to talk to. I told her I wanted to be her best friend and confidante if she wanted me to. Reaching across the seat, she squeezed my arm and whispered, "You are so sweet Ted...thank you."

I told her I wanted to ask a personal question but wasn't sure I should. She told me to ask anything I wanted to. I screwed up my nerve, gulped and asked, "How was your sex life with Uncle Jim?" She blushed a deep red....hesitated a moment and said, "it was abysmal" It seems he didn't enjoy sex all that much (at least with her!), that their times together were boring and infrequent. With that she clammed up for 10 minutes. I was highly embarrassed. Happily we soon arrived at the mall.

The next few hours were tough on me; after all, what 18 year old guy wants to spend the day shopping??? (I must admit I DID enjoy the 30 minutes we spent in the lingerie dept of one store! While there I asked her if she needed help trying on a bra! With a BIG grin on her face she said, "Shhhhh....you naughty boy....the sales clerk will hear you!!") But I knew she was glad to have my company and she was relaxed and smiling as we walked around the mall...all the time visiting. And I loved having her hand either hanging onto my arm or our hands occasionally brushing against the others.

On the way home she told me she was tired and I suggested she lie down with her head on my lap. She got a lap robe from the back seat and proceeded to make herself comfortable. I was happy the robe was between my groin area and her head as the time spent looking at panties and bras got me a wee bit worked up!!

We stopped for an early supper at a diner and while sitting there she said "You really enjoy looking at my neck line don't you!" I responded, "I'd be less of a man if your beautiful cleavage didn't attract me"
She gave me one of those beautiful blushes, kissed her fingertips and then placed them on my lips!!

By the time we got home the temperature had dropped and it began to snow lightly. I carried the packages in for her and she asked me to set a fire in the study and get out some floor pillows from the adjoining utility room while she changed into "something more comfortable." I got out some well seasoned cherry, apple and hickory logs and soon had a nice blaze going. The smell of the burning wood and the glow and sparkling embers made for what would prove to be an exciting and sensual evening.

A short time later, Jane entered the room looking ravishing in a long white silk gown with a sash tied around her waist. That accented her small waist line and gorgeous figure....she was 38D-28-36. I was sitting on one of the floor pillows and my jaw must have dropped a foot when Jane said, "I'm glad you like me in it...I saw it in the store today and I thought you might enjoy seeing me in it!" I said. "Jane you look fabulous........just beautiful!" "I bought something else I thought you might like too!" she said. With that she took off her robe to reveal a short (just above the knee) light yellow very sheer night gown with spaghetti straps.

I sat there awe struck......absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful and sexy woman standing just a few feet away. The nightie left nothing to the imagination; every curve of her body was clearly outlined! Her full breasts poked against the soft material showing off her aureoles and nipples. Just below her flat belly a large patch of dark brown pubic hair covered her mound.
I stood and we walked into each others arms!! We began kissing in the most passionate way...our tongues hungrily meshed together as we devoured each other. I reached up under her nightie and began to massage her buttocks and then moved up to her belly and then to her breasts. She began to moan softly while stroking my head and back.

After several minutes she pushed me away and said very softly, "Let me help you take your clothes off." With that she unbuttoned my shirt and took my belt off. As she lowered my pants my erection sprung loose and she let out a little gasp at how big (8 inches) I was. She then quickly removed her nightie and, again, I was stunned at her beautiful body. 56 years old and and the body of a 25 year old!

Together we slid down on the pillows and resumed our hot kissing and touching. She began to stroke me as I played with her nipple with one hand while the other hand reached down between her legs. I gently began to explore her slit...and finally put a finger in her. She was tight and I could feel her jerk a bit as I did so. So I withdrew it and asked is she was OK. She said it had been 2 years since she had made love. "Just be slow and gentle Ted."

We lay in each others arms for 30 minutes or so just feeling close and being intimate with our kissing. The fire burned hot and bright and provided the only light in the room. The shadows cast off by the fire bounded eerily off our nude bodies and added to the feeling of sensuality!

At one point Jane became a little more emotional and she began to sob softly into my chest. I held her even more tightly and she apologized for breaking down saying, "Ted I have never been with anyone other than your uncle and I am just not used to this. And I have never felt more loved than I do right now." I told her it was a first for me too......and was glad she knew I loved her. She responded by whispering in my ear, "Teddy I want to feel you inside of me."
Then she rolled over on her back...put her knees up and spread her legs. I mounted her and let her hand guide me into her waiting slit. Then I took over just wiggling the head in her vaginal lips until she was comfortable with the feeling. I began to slowly slip deeper and deeper in her.......first pushing inside and then pulling out. As I began to go deeper I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my cock. I finally reached bottom and then we both began to rock rhythmically in unison.

Then it happened..what I feared would...my excitement caused me to explode within her. I was disappointed at my inability to control my passion without giving her the chance to have her own orgasm. But she just groaned with pleasure and held me close and nibbled on my ear.

As we just lay there for the next 20 minutes or so, we whispered our love for each other. I asked why sex with her husband was boring. She told me that there was virtually no foreplay, no romance and always the same; nothing new and exciting, 10 minutes at most and roll off and to sleep!! I said I was an inexperienced lover but would welcome the idea of trying new positions and new places to be together. She said, "Ted you're a breath of fresh air....I'd love to explore different ways of making love with you!"

Youth is wonderful! After 20 minutes or so of cuddling, my erection sprung back to attention!! I rolled my lover over so she straddled my lap. As she sat there...my hardened penis resting comfortably in her crotch....I marveled at the fullness and beauty of her breasts...her pink nipples topped off by her quarter-sized pinkish-brown aureoles. As I reached up to gently fondle her breasts, her hands stroked my erection. And when I moved my hand down between her legs, I loved feeling how baby-soft her full bush felt. And I loved the way Jane smiled down at me.......obviously enjoying a new and fresh experience.

My hands grasped her hips and lifted her torso slightly so I could lower her waiting slit over my now-throbbing cock. Slowly she lowered herself onto me and we both looked down and watched as my 8 inches descended deep within the confines of her love canal. The warmth and wetness of her vaginal walls gave me a heightened sense of emotional and sexual satisfaction. The tightness I had experienced earlier was gone and now it was like a piston moving smoothly in its chamber as we thrust against each other. As we pumped harder and harder the moans and grunts from both of us increased in both volume and intensity! Finally she stopped her movement.........leaned forward and kissed me passionately and then her body shuddered. "Oh my God" she screamed......."Oh Teddy.......ohhhhhhhhhhh.........godddddddd.........!!"

Jane collapsed on me..and as I had reached my own climax.....we both were exhausted. I stayed in her for a few more minutes and finally she rolled off me and we cuddled with her back to me, my now flaccid penis resting comfortably in her crack, my hand lightly feeling her sopping bush! We snuggled even closer and dozed off together!

I am not sure how long we slept, but the fire had died down quite a bit and we both awakened shivering from the chill in the room. We both giggled as as fled up to her bedroom to seek the warmth of her bed. Her naked body felt so good in my arms as we resumed our hot kissing.......our tongues seemed to take on a new urgency in the way we kissed.....and my erection needed some attention. Now, instead of making love, lust took over as I mounted her again and thrust my rock hard member deep into her waiting tunnel of love. We screamed with our need for each other as I pounded into her rapidly with great force....her fingers dug into my buttocks as she tried to pull me even closer. Our passion mounted as evindenced by our moaning and groaning as we furiously fucked each other! Suddendly the moans gave away to screams as we climaxed simultaneously. Needless to say, we slept soundly....that is until 4 am when I felt her lips kissing my my neck. Although somewat groggy, I welcomed the opportunity of making love again!!

We finallly slept for a bit and when I awoke about 9:30, she was not in bed. I heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. I walked in to find her in her brand new glassed-in over-sized shower. What a gorgeous sight...my beautiful and sexy lover standing under a hot shower lathering her sumptious body with soap! I wasted no time in opening the shower door and joining her. Our lips quickly became engaged and we held each other thightly enjoying the hot water cascading over our nude bodies. As I pushed her so her back was against the shower wall, my hand reached down so I could finger her waiting twat!!! While kissing deeply she began jacking me off....her slippery soap-filled hand driving me to new heights excitment. It didn't take me long to release my pent-up spunk and my knees weakened as I came.

When we emerged from the shower and towelled each other off, we threw on our robes and went to kitchen for a much needed bite to eat! We hated to waste time filling our stomachs though as we were anxious to experiment with different sexual positions! We had discussed things we wanted to try like anal and oral. Anal did not seem to be of interest to either but oral sounded exciting!

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