tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Padma

My Aunt Padma


It was 8 in the Morning and Padma had got up early today, she was just roaming around the house in her negligee doing her daily chores, her husband Sanjay left for work and She was alone, at least for a while. Her nephew Raj had visited their place last night and after a nice dinner, since it was pretty late so he decided to sleepover. Sanjay and Padma were more than happy to be hosts for this lovely young guy. Padma had a thing going on for Raj, his nice physique, great looks complimenting every aspect of his athletic body. Raj, even though being a good looking person he was, he still was alone. Padma started to imagine about all the aspects with him, As sex for her these days was just limited to cuddling and a couple of blowjobs. Padma snapped off the trance, She had been imagining vividly for a while. She got up went to the shower, undressed herself and started the hot water.

Drops of warm water touched her lovely body as she caressed herself with the soap, the lovely fragrance and the steamy hot water, made it even more sexier. She cupped her 36D breasts and pinched her nipples playfully and a discreet smile sat on her face. The water felt different today, it was making her hornier, she looked down and saw her pubes, they had grown quite a bit, She sat on the edge of the bathtub and started applying some foam on her pussy. Using her razor started shaving the unwanted bush. Padma realized herself that the morning was different today and that she was feeling more horny than ever, but couldn't realize, why.

She was clean shaved by then, "Aaahh!!" She exclaimed " smooth as a baby". She turned of the water, dried herself with the towel and wore her beautiful black panties and a lacy black bra, she was looking admirable. She came out of the bath and looked at the clock 9:00 Am it said, She almost forgot, She had to wake up Raj. Hurriedly she put on her bathrobe and came out of her room walked towards the guest room.

She opened the door and found Raj snuggled up in his blankets, " Raj.. Raj " she called " Wake up you lazy boy ".

Raj did not budge, Padma became impatient and pulled the sheets off him, Padma was shocked... Raj was just in his tiny undies; His cock was massive due to the early morning erection... Padma freaked out and almost screamed.

Raj woke up, He freaked out himself and blabbered "Padma, I am ... I mean ... Oh ... I am Sorry" and he tried to hide himself with the blankets. Padma turned back, and ran away to her room, Raj shouted behind her "Padma ... NOOOO, Let me explain!! ".

Once in the room Padma locked herself, she wanted to show Raj that she was pretty upset by how things had turned out to be, her thoughts were running a thousand miles an hour. Could this be the moment she had been waiting for, she could make Raj do anything for her; she could make Raj her Bitch. It was the perfect opportunity she waited for.

Raj knocked on her door, "Padma... I am so sorry, Please don't tell anyone, it was pretty indecent on my part to be sleeping half naked on your bed"

Padma realized that Raj was desperate enough, She acted as if a horrible thing has happened and Sounded as if she was crying, She said, " Raj, go away.. How could you? I am... I am calling your dad ".

Raj was terrified "No, no, Please don't do that Padma, Please open the door let me explain "Just go away Raj" Padma cried out. Raj replied "Padma, Please... Let me explain... I will do anything, I know it's my mistake, and I will do anything to correct it".

"I will do anything" were exactly the golden words Padma wanted to hear she called out " Raj, alright, Just wait outside and I will tell you to come in 5 minutes" Padma looked around her bedroom and bathroom she collected some stuff, A long rope, Some of her used panties, shaving foam, a razor and some baby oil. The devil inside her was alive again and she was thinking of the kinkiest stuff that she could possibly do with Raj.

Raj came inside the room 5 minutes later. His head was turmoil. Padma had planned her approach, to get toying pleasures and fuck Raj's brains out.

"Raj" She said "You did a terrible thing, I cant believe, a nice guy like you can dare sleeping in someone else's house in his skimpy underwear, it makes you look a pervert" Raj hung his head down, and did not speak a word.

Padma on the other hand was smiling like a bitch. She said "I am not going to call your dad ", Raj raised his head up and nodded, "But," She said "I am going to punish you, My way".

Raj freaked out, she caught hold of him and slammed him against the wall, it all happened so quick Raj was just taken aback, and she took out the rope and tied his hands behind his back. Raj muffled "What is going on, Padma?"She threw him on the bed, Raj tried to struggle, But Padma was already on his feet and tied them up as well, Now Raj was in a position in which his feet were bound to his knees, and hands tied behind his back. Raj's face was a mix of surprise and horror. Padma on the other hand was ready to begin the game, she came closer to Raj and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry Honey, Aunt Padma is going to take good care of you".

Raj's face had flustered red, He had freaked out of the happenings, it's not every day that your aunt ties you up and showcases an expression of femdom. Padma had expertly tied Raj up, and things were looking pretty kinky, for Raj. Padma broke the silence and said "Raj, you have been a naughty boy today, and I am going to punish your cock for that".

Raj shrieked out, "Noooo, Please aunt don't do this, I am your nephew for God sake". Padma had a crazy look on her face, like an animal who was drooling on her prey. She was just eying on his cock through his underwear and licking her lips in lust.

"Raj" she said "you speak too much for a young boy". Raj stared at her and Padma just reached out at the back of the bed and took some of her used panties. She then sat on top of Raj with the panties in her hand and started stuffing them one by one in his open mouth. One, two and three. Raj's mouth was gagged with Padma's panties. Raj's face had a mixed feeling of the taste from her panties and fear gripping him on what was to follow.

"That's Better", Padma said "Now you won't be able to scream". Raj wanted to scream, but couldn't do so. The only thing anyone could hear were his muffled voices, But there was something about all this that got Raj all excited and the erection through his underwear was evident.

"So you are enjoying it, Raj aren't you?, you have a nice erection there", Padma just trotted around and took the oil that she had kept earlier and poured it in a bowl and went to the kitchen to heat it, Leaving Raj lying on the bed, wondering what was going to happen to him. Padma returned to the bedroom, with the warm oil in the bowl. She removed her bathrobe and revealed her Black lacy bra and her sexy panties. Raj started having a massive erection, "So you like my sexy body, don't you?" Padma said, Raj just nodded his head. Padma took a pair of scissors and came towards Raj. She had become crazy with Lust, she started cutting his underwear with the scissors, and within no time, Raj was stark naked with a massive erection.

Padma was surprised at the size of his tool. And took it in her hands Raj's entire body shivered with the feeling of incest, the feeling of Padma, his aunt stroking his shaft. "Do you like it Raj?" She asked him teasingly. All Raj could do was just close his eyes and nod his head in reply. Padma moved to the table and took the shaving foam with her and came towards Raj, Applying the foam slowly on his penis and the pubic hair, and then working her way to his ass.

Raj's pubic hair was entirely covered in the shaving foam and his cock was getting even harder, by every passing moment. Padma then took her razor and started shaving Raj's penis and worked her way up to his ass, She said "You know Raj I really love it clean shaved, It helps me feel sexy and I love to fuck that way" Raj, was surprised at the way things were going the feeling of his own aunt shaving him off was more than enough for him to handle, He started oozing cum out of his young penis. Padma loved the way his penis looked after he had been clean shaved.

"Do you like it Raj " She said teasing him on his hairless, bald penis, "it looks beautiful, Now are you ready for a nice hard fuck " Raj nodded again, He was all hot and just wanted to fuck his lusty aunt. Padma took the warm oil and moved towards Raj; he almost freaked out because Padma was looking like a nymphomaniac, who loved bondage, femdom and wanted to fuck Raj's brains out. The mere thought of it was exciting enough. Things had been really different than regular sex for Raj and it had not even been remotely close. Padma had tied him, cut his underwear, stuffed his mouth with her panties, stroked and shaved his cock, and now was lingering with the hot oil.

Padma dipped her finger in the hot oil and slowly inserted the finger in his ass. Raj almost jumped, he wanted to scream, not in pain but in excitement, never in his life had he felt such pleasure before. She took some more oil and touched the pink tip on his erect cock, Raj shrieked again. Padma was playing with him like a lust toy and exciting all his sex spots , after repeating this exercise on his anus and cock for three more times Raj had an erection he never had before. Padma poured oil on her palm and started stroking his shaft. The massage felt so good to Raj, he almost was nearing his climax.

Padma started stoking his cock even harder Raj was enjoying it and had reached cloud nine by then; she was expertly massaging his cock with the warm oil, the touch felt so soft and smooth. Raj was nearing his climax every passing moment; Padma's strokes became even harder and harder.

Raj shot his cum onto Padma's face he almost screamed when he came, but couldn't do so because of the panties stuck in his mouth. Padma closed her eyes and felt his warm cum on her face and licked her lips and fingers like a hungry cat. She was loving it, the taste of fresh cum on her face and the taste, But Padma was not finished yet. She came closer to Raj and said softly in his ears " I hoped you loved it honey, But I am yet to start fucking you, So Let aunty take good care of you".

Raj was exhausted, his cock had turned limp after the ejaculation, Padma had hungrily licked the cum off her face and fingers. A devilish smile appeared on the lips of Padma, She was not done with Raj Yet. She wanted more of him, and she wouldn't stop until she emptied his balls off his cum. Raj was tied up and gagged, Padma turned to him and said "Raj honey, how was it? I hope you liked it? Will you promise you won't scream? "

Raj just nodded his head; Padma sat on top of him again and started removing her panties stuffed in his mouth. Raj coughed; there was a mix of surprise and excitement on his face. He never thought aunt Padma would be so wild and a sex freak.

He had always imagined her to be a calm and peaceful person, but boy; she sure was a horny little freak. "There, now I hope you are better", Padma said.

Raj replied "Why, Did you have to do all this?"

Padma said "Listen Raj, I always had some sexy ideas in my mind which would make me horny all the time; it's just that I could try them on you and after today's incident you can be my bitch".

Raj just nodded in affirmation. Padma could see that all this talk was giving him an erection again.

She just walked towards Raj and stared in his eyes. Raj looked back in anticipation towards her but did not say a word. Padma said "I guess you are ready for the second round".

She took off her panties slowly, Raj was staring at the sight of her beautiful pussy, It was smooth and shaved in perfection. All the exercise so far had made it a bit wet and he could clearly see the juices glistening on her pussy. She said nothing but just climbed on top of him just sitting on his chest.

Her pussy just inches away from his mouth "Do you want to taste me Raj? Want to lick me up?" Raj nodded and Padma came and sat on his mouth and Raj started to lick her like wildly, her pussy juices were flowing over his face and the taste was beautiful. Raj was enjoying every bit of it and Padma, she was wild in excitement, she grabbed Raj's hair so hard it almost hurt, But Raj did not stop licking her up. Padma was screaming with pleasure.

Raj licked even more, He was now enjoying this lust game, and Padma grabbed his Cock behind her back and started stroking it slowly... It was hard in no time, Raj now had started to flick his tongue on her asshole , That made her even wild, Her grip on his cock tightened , It was hurting Raj , But the pleasure was even intense. Padma exploded her cum on his face, Never before in her life she had had such pleasure, Raj was good with his tongue and that pleased Padma even more.

Raj's face was all wet with Padma's cum, Padma just collapsed on him, she managed to speak, and she said "Honey that was wonderful ". Raj's cock was hard as a rock now, so hard it was hurting. Padma took pity on the beautiful cock and held it in her hands and started sucking the tip of the cock, she was an expert in blowjobs and all Raj did was just close his eyes and sank into the pleasure. Slowly she licked the tip of the penis and then using the tongue she flicked the pee hole. She did it a couple more times and Raj started oozing his precum.

Padma realized that Raj was now ready to be fucked. She slowly rubbed his own juices on his cock and stoked it a few more times. Padma got up and removed her bra, Her beautiful 36D size tits were free from the bondage of her bra and her big brown nipples were hard as stone, She squatted on top of Raj, Her feet on either side of his body , She held his cock with her fingers and pointed it up towards her pussy and sat down on it " Aaaahh!!" she exclaimed as the young cock pierced the walls of her pussy in one slithering motion, Raj was red face and his body heated up instantly with orgasmic pleasures. Padma was a beautiful female and had a beautiful body; her huge tits were swaying up and down with every stroke of Raj's cock. Lust filled the room as Padma started fucking him faster "Yes, Yes, Yes "she screamed at every single stroke.

She took some oil that was lying on the table near her dipped in her fingers and started applying it on her asshole, and then she inserted one finger inside all this time never leaving Raj's cock to rest in her pussy. Her anus became well lubricated from the inside out. Raj watched her carefully and was getting excited over having an anal sex session with his Aunt.

Padma stopped fucking him and took his cock out of her pussy, sucked it and licked her own juices off it. She then took some oil and massaged the cock once again and once she knew she was ready she held the cock on her anus and started to push it in. Her asshole was a bit tight and all she could manage was the tip of the penis going inside the asshole she pushed harder and the cock was halfway through inside her ass.

Raj was all weak with excitement; Padma slowly started moving her beautiful ass up and down on Raj's cock pushing it deep inside her anus. Raj was breathing heavily and making sounds like "Ahhh, Ahhh uffff "panting on every stoke. Padma was screaming "oh yess, oh yess, don't stop Raj, Fill my ass with your thick cream ". Raj's eyes lit up and he could feel the tension building in his balls.

He was cumming faster. Padma was wild, she was almost hopping on his cock, and her anus had fully relaxed and was gulping Raj's cock entirely with every single stroke. Raj held back his cum as long as he could, but then suddenly he screamed "aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!" Padma felt a thick stream of hot liquid squirt inside her; Raj was emptying loads of his thick cum inside her ass.

Raj was breathing heavily. Padma fell down on his chest. Drops of white cum started dripping out from her ass on Raj's cock she took some on her fingers, and tasted it "Mmmm, That's Tasty "She said. Padma untied Raj, Both Padma and Raj were tired after the long fucking session they lay on the bed for quite a bit. Padma got up went to the shower came out in her Bathrobe, In the meantime Raj had worn his clothes and was ready to go home.

Padma walked with him towards the door; both of them did not speak much. At the door, Padma turned to him and said "Don't forget Raj, you are still my bitch, and I will call u whenever I need you.", Padma laughed heartily. Raj just managed a weak smile. But he knew one thing being the bitch of a woman like Padma was what most men just fantasize about. He nodded yes; they had many more such sessions thereafter everyone hotter than the previous one. And all this time Aunt Padma did take good care of Raj!!

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