tagIncest/TabooMy Auntie

My Auntie


Paul had spent the afternoon trying to keep his eyes off his Aunt's legs. It had not proved easy for the 18 year old virgin, with her short skirt showing off her fine thighs covered in tan coloured nylon. And he was almost sure that she knew he had been looking.

The first time she had caught his eye he had looked away blushing slightly. The second time he tried not to panic, and held her impassive gaze for a second, before she raised one eyebrow and crossed her legs. Was she giving him a signal or was it his imagination? Her face gave nothing further away.

And now his parents had left for an evening and his aunt was going to be with him for an hour before she met a friend on this side of town. As she sat on the sofa and reached down to her handbag on the floor, he sneaked another glimpse. He admired the form of her legs and wondered if she was wearing stockings or tights.

He was engrossed in this luscious daydream as she fumbled in her bag, and did not react quickly enough as she suddenly sat up and looked him straight in the eye.

"Are you looking at my legs again, Paul?" she asked firmly.

He mumbled "No, Auntie", and she gave a wry smile and raised her eyebrow again.

She patted the sofa, and said "It's OK, come and sit here."

Nervously Paul sat down next to her. She took hold of his hand and put it on her knee and asked him if it felt nice. He tried to remain calm as he choked out a "Yes, Auntie", as he ran his hand over exposed legs, feeling the wonderful texture of nylon on his hands. Her next words shocked and excited him.

"Would you like to feel under my skirt, Paul?"

Of course he did, and she told him to kneel, gesticulating at the floor in front of her. As he assumed his position, she opened her legs slightly. He ran his hand ever so slowly up her left thigh, moving from the top to the inside as he went higher, until he came to bare flesh bulging out of what he now knew to be a stocking.

His hand, now literally shaking with excitement, moved back to the top of her thigh and felt the suspender holding the nylon in place. He felt he was in heaven as his slipped his second hand under her skirt and started to feel all over her legs, getting braver in his indulgence by the second running both hands quickly over her limbs, just avoiding what thought he dare not touch between them.

As his breathing quickened his aunt said "Stop! Stand up."

Paul was disappointed but immediately did what he was told, hoping that she would not notice his erection throbbing in his trousers, how inexperienced he was! She pulled his hands, which he had tried as casually as possible to position in front of his groin, to his sides and reached for his trouser button and zipper.

As she undid them, she said seductively "Now lets see what we have here", and then pulled his pants down exposing his member.

Paul felt out of control, that it was not quite right, but sort of powerless to stop her, she was his aunt and much older than him, and besides which he wanted this to continue. She stroked him gently, pulled backed his foreskin and teasingly ran a fingertip over his glans. Then she licked both her hands and started to stroke him in earnest.

The sensation was extremely intense and within a couple of minutes he could feel his orgasm approaching. His eyes screwed up and his head writhed from side to side as his semen shot from him, all over his aunt's blouse and skirt. He knew immediately what had happened but it took a few seconds to sink in.

He was wondering how to apologise as his aunt said, "I am disappointed. Look at my clothes. You are a naughty boy. You are going to have to learn some control if you want me to do it again. You would like me to do it again wouldn't you, Paul?"

"Oh yes please Auntie."

"Well I will do it again, but I will have to punish you first seeing as you have been bad. Not hard, just a gentle spanking over the knees you have been staring at all afternoon. I think that is a small price to pay for messing my clothes and so much pleasure, don't you?"

"I suppose so."

She gently guided him down onto her and proceeded to spank him. It barely hurt, just enough to warm him up and sting a bit and then she let him go and told to pull his pants and trousers up.

He thought it was all over but then she opened the top three buttons on her blouse and asked him if he would like to feel a little more of her. She told him he could feel the skin on her breasts, much of which was on display as her bra was very low cut. She beckoned to sit next to her again leant back on the sofa as if to invite him onto her.

He needed no second invitation and his hands were immediately stroking the soft flesh. He couldn't resist and slipped a hand inside her bra to feel her nipple. She slapped his hand hard and sat up looking angry.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry", he blurted as he snatched his hand away, frightened that he was in trouble and even more worried that his fun was over.

Her reply came in a controlled but harsh tone.

"If you are going to enjoy my body, you must do as I say and *only* as I say. Nothing more nothing less. Do you understand?"

"Yes Auntie."

"And if you want to continue, you will need to be punished again. Only this time much harder, as that was *very* naughty. And we both know you want to continue. Don't we Paul?"

"Yes Auntie."

"Now strip right off and get over my knees. Quickly!"

Partly out of natural deference and partly out of anticipation of what lay beyond his punishment, Paul quickly took his clothes off, a feeling of unease returning to him as he did so. Once over his aunt's lap the spanking began, this time much harder as promised.

It stopped short of causing him serious pain, but his cheeks were very red and throbbing by the end. Once the spanking was over, she indicated to him, still naked, to sit next to her once more and told him he could once again feel her breasts. Willingly he did so, this time sticking to the rules.

When she was satisfied that he being totally compliant, she told him that he could reach inside her bra. It was with great eagerness he did so, feeling her nipples and massaging her whole breasts. After a minute or so she undid the clasp at the front of her bra and let him see exactly what he had been feeling, and then guided his mouth to a nipple. He suckled eagerly, and then with youthful enthusiasm sucked a nipple through his teeth.

She barked "Too hard!" and pulled his head away by his hair.

"You have a lot to learn. I will punish you for that later", she said, doing up her bra and blouse.

"Sorry Auntie."

"But first, some more pleasure for you. Back over my knees."

Puzzled, Paul did as he was told. She reached into her handbag and pulled out a tube of body lotion. She squirted plenty onto his still red backside and started rhythmically rubbing it in. He purred with satisfaction. Soon his whole bottom was covered with the soothing liquid and for the first time he relaxed totally under her caress.

"Tell me Paul...", her voice purred...


"You do play with yourself don't you?"


Her hand continued circling on his cheeks.

"How often?"

"Two or three times a day normally."

"Normally... and on a heavy day?"

"Maybe ten."

"Hmmm that many. You clearly need lots of attention."

Her hand stopped its circling and slid up and down between his cheeks, before a finger rested on his anus.

"And do you play with this?". Her voice remained inviting.

He hesitated and said, "No", but his tone gave himself away.

Her finger penetrated him, the lotion enabling it to slide easily though his anus.

"Really? A randy boy like you? With no girlfriend... not exploring his body... I find that hard to believe..."

As she talked her finger slid slowly in and out of him. "You do don't you?"


"You really are a dirty boy. I am going to have to punish you much more I can see."

Her finger continued probing him. She knew he was loving it and that he was putty in her hands.

"But I did promise to pleasure you again. So stand up Paul."

She left her finger in him as he stood to her side. She took his penis in her other hand and started wanking him off once more. As she did so, she made sure her skirt rode up and that he got a good view of her legs. She thrust her groin forward suggestively, enough for him to see her white panties.

"Are you going to be ready for your punishment in a minute Paul?"

He panted out a "Yes Auntie" not daring to disappoint her in case she stopped, and not really thinking about the consequences of his answer as he felt the intense sensations gripping his body.

"Good boy." With a few more strokes she made him cum, this time over her legs and hand.

"You've done it again, Paul. This time you must lick me clean. First my legs..."

Without a word he bent and licked the wet nylon clean as best as he could, taking the chance look at her pussy bulging in her panties. All the time she kept her finger inside his ass.

"Now my hand..."

When he was done with that, she withdrew her finger from him.

"And finally..." She held her dirty finger up.

"Please Auntie," he whined.

She slapped him hard on his backside and sharply said, "No buts! Lick it!"

Reluctantly he complied. "That's better. And now for your punishment.Back over my knees."

He climbed over once more, not too worried as he had withstood the previous spanking easily, and immediately started enjoying the view of nylon cover calves and thighs. He even ventured to fondle her ankles, a fact she ignored as she reached into her handbag once more, this time to retrieve a wooden hairbrush.

"This punishment is going to be much harder than the last, as you really were naughty hurting my poor little nipple, and as you are such a dirty little boy."

While the words were harsh, her voice was once again comforting, almost seductive in tone.

"You know you deserve this. And if you take it well, you can come to my flat tomorrow for some more of my special treatment. All you have to do is stay in place with your hands on the floor until I have stopped. Do you think you can do that, Paul?"

"Yes Auntie."

"Good boy. Its OK if you cry whilst its happening, that would be quite normal."

For the first time Paul stomach sunk and then knotted with fear. He really wanted more of Auntie's pleasures but he was now quite frightened.

"Ready, Paul?"

"I think so." And then it started.

Steadily, rhythmically she pounded his cheeks until they were firstly bright red and then started to show little blood blisters. She turned her attention to his thighs and then back to his bottom. He started to weep gently and then she started to hit him much harder. He was soon crying a flood.

"No more, no more", he gasped between sobs.

"No more please" she corrected and carried on hitting.

"No more please" he mimicked.

"No more please Auntie" she intoned.

"No more please Auntie" he begged.

"Very well, Paul." She gave a couple more smacks then stopped.

"You have done well." She gave him a few moments to compose himself and then said

"Stand up and face me."

She took hold of his limp penis and said, "I will give it plenty of attention tomorrow. You will enjoy yourself much more tommorow if you can keep your hands off it when I am gone. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes Auntie."

"You have enjoyed today?"

"Oh very much, thank you, really thank you."

"Then you may show your gratitude by kneeling kissing my toes and legs. *All* the way up my legs."

He knelt and eagerly went to work on her toes and the sides of her calves and then up the tops of her thighs. Then she opened her legs and he worked his way up from her knees to the very tops of her thighs, relishing every moment. He could smell her fragrance clearly through her panties.

"Enough. Stand up."Once again he was erect before her.

She smiled and looking at his member said, "Now remember, keep your hands off it. And be round at my place at 2:00pm tomorrow, sharp."

She stood up, washed her hands, took her bag and left without another words being said. A disorientated but excited Paul dressed knowing that the last hour had changed his life, perhaps forever.

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