tagMatureMy Aunt's Elderly Husband

My Aunt's Elderly Husband


Is it incest if I screw my aunt's second husband?

Oh wait I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Fiona. I'm a redheaded thirty something, single by choice. Having had several lovers, I enjoy an active sex life.

My knowledge and skill set that allows me to work anywhere I desire and demand top compensation in my field. When I get bored with the job or city, I move to a more desirable location and company.

My most recent move brought me to a city where my Aunt Eve and her second husband, live. I didn't know my aunt very well as we lived in different cities while I was growing up.

I viewed this as an opportunity to become better acquainted with my aunt and meet her new husband, Al. They were both over twice my age. One might call them a "cute elderly couple."

Aunt Ellen and Al were very helpful getting me settled. They took me around town and had me over for dinner several times the first month of my relocation.

Al was a tall, handsome man with a shock of snow white hair. He had a nice body for someone his age. Al was the strong silent type but very pleasant and helpful to me.

He did what most men do when they meet me, that is, staring at my tits. I happen to have a nice rack and usually wear a blouse or top that allows a glimpse of the upper portion of my boobs. I love the attention and "the girls" usually help me get what I want.

After our first meeting, I made a special point of hugging Al, pressing my breast against him upon our greeting and departing. After the first such greeting, I felt Al's strong appreciation rub against me.

It made me smile to know that I could get a reaction from such an elderly gentleman. It occurred to me that I had never fucked a man his age. I wondered what it would like, could his heart handle it?

The next several months were hectic. I was totally emerged in my work and had little time for myself. I received a phone call from my aunt. She invited me over for dinner, a break from work I could really use.

Unfortunately I had a business meeting that evening so I invited them to my place the following week.

The day of our dinner I received a call from Al saying a good friend of Eve's died and she had just left town so they would have to cancel.

I expressed my sorrow and suggested that Al come anyway as he had to eat and I had the meal planned and ready to go. He agreed.

I dressed in my special white, thin, low neck blouse. I'm sure Al would notice I was braless. Matched with a pleated black, skirt with the hem a few inches above my knees, thigh high black stockings and with no panties, I slipped into my black spiked heels.

Answering the door I greeted Al with a big hug, quickly rubbing my tits against his chest. He was clearly happy to see me, if you know what I mean.

"Oh Al, thank you for the wine. It will go well with our dinner."

"I wasn't sure if I should bring white or red...glad it works.... You sure look lovely tonight Fiona."

Bending over, I placed the wine bottle on the coffee table. My scoop necked blouse revealed my two gorgeous globes. Al didn't miss the opportunity to take them in. I glanced down at my matching mounds, raising my head I looked Al in the eyes and smiled.

"Here's a corkscrew Al, would you open the wine."

Handing him the opener I continued,

"I assume you know how to screw.... Oh sorry...I meant use this new type of screw...Oh shit I'm just making it worse."

Al laughing said, "All I can say is yes to all your questions."

I laughed along with Al. 'Well I'm either going to fuck him or scare him away.' I thought to myself.

Al poured the wine and we sat at the table. The meal went fine with light chitchat about how I liked the area and if I planned to stay for a while. After dinner we went into the living room. I opened another bottle of wine.

"I hope you don't mind Al I opened this one... I didn't want to screw it up, so to speak."

We both laughed as I sat down next to Al on the couch. I brought my leg, closest to him, up on the cushion, opening my legs and exposing my thigh above the top of my stocking.

Poor Al didn't know where to look. His eyes darted from my dark nipples showing through the blouse to my smooth white thigh begging for him to touch.

"Al or should I call you Uncle Al, I don't know how to express how I'm feeling except to say it."

He nodded and made a gesture with his hand indicating he wanted me to continue.

"As you may have surmised by my moving around and not being married, I have had a very active sex life.... I've been with a verity of men but no one like you. .....I find you very intriguing, sexy and .... Frankly I want you...."

Oh shit, I said it... Will he tell my aunt? I continued,

"I know you recently married my aunt and I don't..."Al interrupted me.

"Don't worry about that Fiona, I am flattered that a women as beautiful, smart and sexy as you would be interested in me..... I know you have caught me ogling at your body..... and between you and me, your aunt is wonderful but a bit uptight when it comes to sex."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I lifted my blouse over my head revealing my thirty-six C-cup boobs. Al reached out and took a tit in each hand. He leaned forward and began circling each aureole with his tongue. His tongue and lips danced across my tits, sucking my erect nipples, causing a stir in my pussy.... Nothing like an experienced lover.

Al's hand slipped under my skirt and I felt his fingers parting my labial lips and entering my moist pussy. Finding my clit he began his magic touch.

Before I knew it he was kneeling before me. Pushing my skirt up to my waist, his tongue quickly replaced his fingers with his tongue. Suddenly he stopped.

Looking up with a big grin in his face he said, "Oh Fiona... you're a real redhead. I've always wanted to do a redheaded pussy."

Al quickly returned to pleasuring me with his lips, tongue and fingers. His tongue drove deep in my cunt while he massaged my clit with the bridge of his nose.

"Al....Al.... Oh that feels so incredible... but I need to taste that sweet cock of yours."

Al stood up, dropping his pants and shorts, his red knobbed cock sprung out just begging to be caressed. He pulled off his shirt as I kissed the head of his beautiful cock. My tongue traced his fullness, driving down to his ball sack.

Holding the head I licked up from, the base of his shaft. Retracing my route I licked his balls, taking one then the other in my mouth while I ran my tongue over each sphere. I stood and dropped my skirt, leaving me naked except for the black stockings.

Grabbing Al's erect cock, I led him into my bedroom. He followed obediently. Backing him up to the bed I pushed him down and joined him by positioning my pussy just above his head as I lowered my lips to his pulsating prick.

It was clear this was not Al's first rodeo. His tongue picked up where he left off in the living room. I went back to munching on his manhood.

Feeling his shaft thicken and expand I maneuvered to straddle his hips and lower my cunt on his cock. Needing no lubrication, my wet pussy engulfed Al's waiting shaft.

"Oh Al your cock feels so good in my cunt..."

I began slowly riding up and down... increasing the tempo my pussy slapped against his balls. I controlled the tempo and cried out,

"OH faster...faster fuck me Al faster... harder faster... Oh fuck ...yes...oh yes... fuck..."

"Yes ...Yes Fiona... fuck my cock... cum on my cock...do it baby...do it...fuck your daddy."

Oh crap... that's what attracted me to Al... He reminded of my Dad and Grandpa. I was turned on even more and...

"Oh baby...I'm cumming....I'm cumming for you Daddy." And I did.

"Yes....Yes... I'm cumming too baby-girl...."

"Yeah...Yeah...fill me with your cum Daddy..."

I bent down and kissed Al. Our tongues danced around each others. I felt Al's hot sperm fill my love canal. The overflow ran down my inner thigh.

Leaning forward once again we held each other.

"I thought my days of lovemaking like that were over.." Al said with a laugh.

He continued.... "You are one HOT lady..... and a fantastic fuck."

"Wow Al you were terrific, you didn't seem to need any help getting it up and keeping it up."

"I must confess I took a little blue pill before coming over."

" You what?.... So you planned to screw me tonight..... You dirty old man... I love it. What would you have done if I didn't want to fuck?"

"I would have gone home and masturbated, fantasizing about you." He said with a laugh.

"Oh the idea of you jerking off while you think about me, is a real turn on."

Laying in each other's arms I asked, "You're not really my uncle right?.... so this isn't incest...is it?"

"I don't know but the idea makes this all a bit more erotic."

I laughed..."In any event... I do hope we can do this again.... And of course we don't let on to Aunt Eve.... Right?"

"Yes baby... we will be secret lovers for as long as you wish."

"So is it incest or not?"

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