My Babysitter


This was so embarrassing... he would be here in nearly an hour. I am 18 after all, why on earth did my parents have to call a babysitter on me for the night. I am no baby! Just because last summer when they were away I had a party and had the cops called on me, was no reason to put me through having a babysitter for just one night. They were going to be gone only ONE NIGHT! This was ridiculous.

I was in my room, pouting of course. What could I do to make my parents feel stupid for this? There had to be something. All of a sudden it came to me, and I ran to my dresser throwing my clothes here and there until I found what I wanted. Here it was, the lame child print night gown my grandmother had given me 2 years ago at Christmas... now this I could use.

8pm rolled around, and the doorbell rang. Wow was he prompt, good thing I was ready. I knew my parents had called the almost dorky 28 year old from down the block to come watch me, he was so lame. I hoped my parade I was about to put on made my parents feel foolish.

I checked the mirror one last time. The nightgown was definitely too small, the thin fabric did little to cover my erect nipples and the bottom came only to several inches above my knees. I think it was supposed to come to about an inch or two under, but who knows. My piggie tails were a perfect touch to my ensemble. If I was going to be treated like a child, at least id look like one!

I proceeded to stomp down the stairs, getting everyone's attention. I just walked right past my so called babysitter, sat on the living room floor, switched the TV to cartoons and stuck my thumb in my mouth and started sucking it. An Oscar performance if I ever saw one.

My mother just started reminding my dad that maybe this was a bit much, and I got my hopes up at the thought of them sending the guy home. My dad was persistent. "If Suzy is going to act like a child, all the more reason for us to treat her like one."

My babysitter, Josh, just said not to worry, "I'll handle this," he blurted eagerly and sent my parents on their merry way.

I stared blankly at the TV, in utter shock that my plan had in fact backfired. I didn't even realize I was still sucking my thumb. I heard him come up behind me, fumbling with his clothes, once again completely still too shocked to realize anything. All of a sudden I looked up to see him shove his cock in my face. "So you are a little girl are you? Well I've got something better for you to suck on."

With those words he pulled my hand away from my mouth and shoved his cock deep inside my mouth. I gagged on it but he didn't care. He just grabbed a hold of my piggie tails and used them to guide my mouth up and down his shaft. I could not believe this?!?

"Oh yeah that's right you little girl slut, suck my cock!" What the fuck did this dork think he was doing any way. By this time I had gotten some sense of reality back and thought I would end this whole thing immediately. I proceeded to, well attempt to anyhow, bit down hard on his cock. I guess he knew what I was up to because he pulled out of me and smacked me across the face. "You little bitch, you try that again and you will really get it!"

If I had only been so lucky to have the chance! He through me over the sofa, my face down into the pillows and my knees pressed hard into the rug. He ripped my panties away from my body in one hard jerk and he slapped my ass hard.

"That is what you get for being such a naughty little girl!" he said.

I yelled out in pain. He slapped me again and pushed my face down into the sofa, to muffle my yells. I felt his cock rub against my pussy, and I realized what he was going to do. I tried to get away, I tried to yell, I tried to beg him to stop but I couldn't. He was going to have his way with me whether I liked it or not.

He thrust his cock into me so fast. The pain was blinding as he broke past my young cherry. I yelled the best I could through the sofa cushions.

"Damn you little bitch! You little virgin slut! So you are nothing but an innocent little girl after all?"

He fucked me violently as I just stay there, helpless. All of a sudden, he reached around and fumbled his fingers around my well kept pussy till he located my clit. He started to tease it with his fingers while he fucked me. Squeezing it and pressing it. I could not believe this, I was beginning to enjoy this.

As my screams began to turn to moans, he pulled my head from buried between the cushions and did his best to rest it atop one.

I couldn't help it. I was moaning like crazy... it felt so good.

I could feel my orgasm creeping up on me and I lost control. I started fucking him back and screaming out in pleasure. "Oh yes! fuck me! I am a little slut! Now fuck me!"

This sent him over the edge. He fucked me harder and harder.

"Oh yes you little slut, I am gonna cum!"

I came so hard as I felt him shoot his load in me.

I just screamed.

He fell off me and sat back down on the floor. I paused a moment to take it all in. I sat down and turned to face him.

"You can come baby-sit me anytime you want."

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