My Backyard


Maria and Lizzy were as different as night and day. Maria was short, thin, and brown. Lizzy was tall, redheaded, and very white. Maria was nineteen, Lizzy was twenty-four, but Maria seemed the more mature of the two. She was also the more open and outgoing. That they loved each other was as plain as day to anyone who took the time to notice.

Originally, they were friends of my daughter and came to visit with her and sun in my backyard. When my daughter married and moved on, I inherited them. It was no big deal; I was gone most of the time to work so they had the place to themselves.

They had a key to the lock on the back gate so they could come and go as they pleased. They kept the leaves from overrunning the fountain and the fishponds and kept the deck swept. It was a good deal for both of us.

Then I retired and was home all the time.


I had been home a couple of months when I realized that I hadn't seen them in a while. They had come by to see me when I first retired but nothing since. On a spur of the moment, I phoned Lizzy to see if they were all right and if there was a reason, they had stopped coming over.

"We're fine, Uncle Bill. We didn't want to intrude on you and you're always home." Lizzy told me after we had made small talk and I finally got around to the real reason for my call.

"You girls are never an intrusion, quite the opposite, I like young people around. They keep me young. Anyway, I know you both love the freedom of my backyard."

Lizzy laughed. "Yes we do and you do too."

"I won't argue that. It's one of the things that's kept me feeling young. Young girls in bikinis are always a pleasure to behold."

Lizzy was silent for a few seconds and then said softly, "Maria and I haven't worn a bikini in your backyard in some time now."

"Oh and why not? Don't you sunbathe anymore?"

Lizzy giggled softly and replied, "Yes we still sunbathe, we just don't wear anything when we do."

Now it was my turn to be silent for a moment. Finally, I whispered, "Oh, okay, and the problem there is?"

"Maria wouldn't have a problem but I'd be too shy to do anything like that." Lizzy paused for a second and then went on, "We do miss our time alone there, away from the prying eyes that this little town is famous for."

I thought a moment and then said, "You girls just let me know when you want to use the place and I can arrange to be somewhere else or just stay in the house for that matter."

"That's too much trouble and an imposition for you. We don't want to put you out like that."

"It would be no trouble at all, I always need to run to town or something. I put it off and put it off just because I'm lazy and I shouldn't be. Giving you girls time would give me a reason to get out and do some of the things I need and want to do."

"In that case, I'll talk to Maria and see what she thinks," Lizzy said softly. Then as an after thought she added, "I could always wear my bikini again."

"There is that option also. Talk it over with Maria and let me know what you decide."

"I will," Lizzy promised.


A few days later, I was out on the riding mower when a car pulled into the driveway. I was pleasantly surprised when Maria and Lizzy got out. I waved and headed the mower in their direction. Maria ran to meet me and then waited impatiently as I shut off the mower.

As soon as I stepped off, she was hugging me. "We've missed you Uncle Bill." She told me as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Since I haven't seen hide nor hair of either of you, you couldn't prove it by me," I replied gruffly.

"I told you we were giving you your space," Lizzy said as she walked up to stand behind Maria.

I winked at Lizzy and looked down at Maria. "I've missed you also. Come on, I have a pitcher of iced tea on the deck, let's go have some."

"Can we get some sun?" Maria asked with a grin.

"Sure, I don't see why not. That's what I built the deck for in the first place."

"I'll grab our bag," Lizzy said as she turned toward the car.

"Wearing my bikini again is going to seem odd," Maria whispered as we waited and then grinned. "Maybe just the bottoms will satisfy Lizzy."

"Your bottom always satisfies Lizzy," Lizzy said walking up behind Maria. "And yes, the bottoms will be fine."

"How about you?" I asked adding a third grin to the mix.

"We'll see, "Lizzy said frowning but I caught the slight shiver in her shoulders.


The girls went to change while I found two more glasses and returned to the deck to pour the iced tea. I was just sitting down in the shade of the umbrella when they came out of the house. They both had towels wrapped around their bodies from just under their arms to mid thigh. They were both grinning mischievously.

They stopped directly in front of me and Lizzy said, "Tada," loudly and they whipped open the towels.

I grinned as they were both wearing their full bikinis. Maria was just as dark as normal but Lizzy was several shades darker than I remembered. There were more freckles and they seemed to be holding hands. "It's not nice to tease Uncle Bill," I said with a grin.

"But it is fun," Maria put in as she picked up a glass of tea and handed it to Lizzy.

"The expectant look on your face was well worth it," Lizzy said and then sipped her tea.

"Was that what that was? I thought it was just lust and wishful thinking on his part," Maria said and then laughed.

"Wishful thinking, yes. Lust, no. I know my place in the scheme of things." I told her.

Picking up the last glass of tea, Maria asked, "And what is your place in the scheme of things? That is besides dirty old man and good friend."

I thought a moment and then replied, "That about covers it."

Lizzy moved over to one of the lounge chairs and sat down. "You need a lady friend, Bill."

"I have several, thank you."

"She means on a more permanent basis than every once in a while," Maria added.

"But I like being a bachelor."

"I'll just bet you do," Lizzy said with a chuckle.

"I've been married three times for a total of more years than the two of you have been alive combined."

"And?" Maria asked.

"A mans got to have a little freedom sometimes."

Both of them laughed.

Maria moved to the second lounge chair and sat down. She sat her ice tea under the edge of it and then slowly untied the string at the back of her top. Lizzy and I both watched as she untied the sting at the back of her neck and let the top fall to her lap.

"Lovely," I whispered as my eyes took in her small round breasts. The circles under her small hard nipples covered the whole end of her breasts and were much darker in color.

"Yes they are," Lizzy agreed.

Maria gave a little shivering shake and whispered, "Two sets of eyes are much more exciting than one."

"Well, duh," Lizzy said and then chuckled. "You're a born exhibitionist and you know it. I've seen you at the club. If you didn't know everyone there, you would flash your tits in a heartbeat."

"I would not," Maria protested and then she grinned and nodded. "Yes, I would. Just thinking about it makes me squirm."

"It makes me squirm also," Lizzy whispered.

Maria laughed. "You? You wouldn't flash yours if your life depended on it."

"Not me, you. Thinking about you flashing makes me squirm, among other things," Lizzy replied and then shivered.

I chuckled and sipped my tea. "I don't squirm much anymore but I don't miss much either."

"What do you mean by that?" Lizzy asked.

"From the way you have your back arched and your chest pushed out, you're working on the nerve to take your top off," I said with a grin.

Maria looked at me sharply and then looked over at Lizzy. Under Maria's gaze, Lizzy blushed, which made Maria grin. "Then he's right?" She asked a few seconds later.

"Uh... kind of. I was thinking about it," Lizzy said and then blushed again.

"They are beautiful," Maria said. "So round and full."

Lizzy shivered hard and looked at me for a second. Looking at Maria she whispered, "I should, shouldn't I?"

"That is up to you. You know I love looking at you naked or not," Maria replied with a smile.

"I know where my vote would fall," I said and then winked at Lizzy.

With a soft moan, she reached up behind her back with both hands. A moment later, the top loosened and the breasts under it seemed to grow larger. Lizzy looked from my face to Maria's and back again. A soft groan escaped her lips as she slowly moved her hands out to the side. The top relaxed even more and then her breasts slipped out of the top and into full view.

"Most beautiful," I whispered as I openly looked at her breasts. They were full and round with large fingertip sized nipples on top of small perfect circles of slightly darker skin.

Lizzy's eyes were locked with Maria's as she took her time taking the top off over her head. As her arms moved, her breasts moved on her chest and her nipples seemed to get even larger. Maria licked her lips and Lizzy groaned deeply as her hands dropped the top and covered her breasts.

I grinned as I noticed her nipples were showing between her fingers. Looking over at Maria, I winked and whispered, "She would come on the spot if you licked either nipple."

Maria never took her eyes off Lizzy as she licked her lips again and nodded. Lizzy groaned long and loud as her hands massaged her breasts firmly and her nipples were squeezed between her fingers. "It didn't even take a lick," Maria whispered a few seconds later.

"So I see," I replied as I licked my lips. "I wonder what a tongue on each nipple would do?" I asked in a teasing voice.

Lizzy pulled her knees up until they touched the hands covering her breasts. Then she was groaning loudly again as she rocked back and forth on the lounge chair. Maria laughed and I grinned as I realized she was coming even harder than before. "I guess that answers my question."

Maria got out of her chair and went around to kneel next to Lizzy's chair and hold her. Lizzy hid her face in the darker girls hair and moaned softly. I smiled at Maria and got out of my chair. I winked at her and picked up my glass of tea.

"I might be a dirty old man but you girls need your space" I said as I headed into the house.


About ten minutes later, Maria stuck her head in the backdoor. "You can come back out, if you'd like."

"I wouldn't want to embarrass Lizzy anymore than I already have."

Maria grinned. "She did that all by herself. She's as big an exhibitionist as I am, only she's very shy about it."

"So I saw."

"Come on, everything will be fine," she said before she backed up and closed the door.

I grinned and shook my head as I stood up. "I've seen all there is to see, so...."

Coming out onto the back porch, I found out I couldn't have been more wrong. Maria had her back to me, pouring tea into a glass. She still had the bottoms of her bikini on but most of the material in the back was between her ass cheeks.

When I gave out with a low soft whistle, she turned and grinned at me over her shoulder. With a wink, she said, "I was going to take them off but Lizzy didn't think I should."

"Do I get a vote?" I asked as I headed across to the sundeck.

Maria said, "Yes," and Lizzy said, "No."

I chuckled and walked over to stand next to Maria. I was waiting on her to move so I could refill my teas but Lizzy frowned at me hard. "What?" I asked a moment later.

"You two are ganging up on me," she replied.

Maria looked at her girlfriend and then at me. "What the heck is she talking about?"

I shrugged. "I have no idea, she's your girlfriend."

"You will vote with Maria so she can take her bottoms off and then you'll vote with her again so I'll take mine off," Lizzy said quickly.

Maria laughed and said to me, "That sounds like wishful thinking to me."

When I nodded in agreement, Lizzy groaned softly and shook her head hard. I chuckled and Maria laughed.

A moment later, Maria sat her glass down and hurriedly took off her bottoms. She quickly tossed them to Lizzy and picked her glass up. "I don't need anyone's vote to take those off, if I want too."

Lizzy sat there with the bikini bottom in one hand, her mouth hanging open as Maria walked over, stepped across her lounge chair and sat down. The chair spread her legs wide and her open, very wet sex was on full display. Her sex was long and narrow with large inner lips that were pink at the bottom and a dark brown along the outer edge.

Maria groaned softly as Lizzy and I both licked our lips, our eyes were locked onto her sex. She lifted her feet up on her toes and then off the deck for a second. When we both licked our lips again, she put them back down and rolled her knees out wider. Her exhibitionist side was winning out.

Lizzy lifted the bikini bottoms up to her nose and took a deep breath. She groaned as softly as Maria had. "I need to go back in the house," I whispered as I stood up.

Maria whimpered softly and Lizzy shivered. Maria's eyes flicked up to me and then looked deep into Lizzy's eyes. "If... if you do... I'll be screaming by the time you, uh, sit back down in your easy chair."

I grinned and asked, "And that is a bad thing how?"

Lizzy shivered hard and sniffed of the bikini bottoms again. "She, uh, I..." she whispered and then groaned deeply as she rocked back and forth in her chair.

Maria groaned softly and licked her lips. "I may have to chew that bikini bottom off," she whispered and Lizzy groaned even deeper as she rocked harder and faster.

"You two are something else," I said with a grin as I sat back down. "So different but so complimentary to each other."

Maria smiled and glanced at me. Looking back at Lizzy she whispered, "We are perfect."

"Yes, you are," I said and then sighed. "Too bad there aren't more people in this world like you."

"Perfectly... crazy," Lizzy whispered with ragged breaths a moment later.

"There's nothing wrong with crazy people as long as they are crazy in a good way," I said.

Lizzy nodded and Maria grinned as she looked down at her well displayed sex. "Are exhibitionists under crazy?"

"Good crazy," I replied with a wink in her direction.

Lizzy groaned softly and we both looked her way. She shivered hard as she moved a hand to each hip. Her fingers found the strings that held her bikini bottoms tied together. "I... I... I," she whispered and then groaned again as she pulled the strings.

The bows came untied but the bikini bottom remained where it was. Maria groaned softly and shivered. "I can't believe that she actually did that."

"Me either," Lizzy whispered.

"You're both used to being naked out here," I put in.

"Yeah, but we're usually alone," Lizzy whispered.

"Usually?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

Maria chuckled. "We, uh, have had a few friends over on occasion."

"I don't see any problem there," I said with a grin. "The more the merrier, I always say."

Lizzy shivered as she raised her hips and pulled the bikini bottoms off. Her sex was still hidden by her closed legs except for a tuft of light reddish blonde hair on her mound.

"A true redhead," I said with a grin.

Lizzy shivered harder than before and looked at Maria's wide spread legs and her prominently displayed sex. "I... I... I," she whispered a moment later.

"Relax," I said. "You don't need to do anything you're not ready for."

Lizzy giggled softly. "I'm more than ready but...."

Maria grinned at her girlfriend. "Remember the first time we had friends over?"

Lizzy shivered, took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. "Oh yeah. How could I forget?"

I looked at Maria questioningly.

"It was about the same situation as now," Maria replied to my unspoken question. "Everyone was naked except Lizzy. She did the same with untying and removing the bottoms. A little while later, she either forgot she didn't have it on or finally got her nerve up because she stood up and went to get a coke out of the cooler."

Lizzy groaned softly. "I, uh, didn't forget."

Maria chuckled. "Between that red hair and her small, very wet sex, everyone there was licking their lips and some of them were straight."

"I can understand that," I said with a grin in Lizzy's direction.

She moaned deeply and moved her feet to the edge of the lounge chair. More of her mound and the red hair there were showing. "I'm not sure which was the more exciting, you or the straight girls licking their lips."

Maria laughed. "I thought there for a while I was going to have to hurt several people, especially when you sat back down and left your feet on the deck."

Lizzy groaned and shivered hard as she moved her feet wider apart and lowered them to the deck. Now her small round sex was on display as prominently as her girlfriend's was. "You... you mean like this?" She asked and shivered even harder than before as she saw where both sets of eyes were.

It was Maria's turn to moan softly as she glanced at me.

"Don't look at me," I said with a grin. "I'm probably the biggest lesbian you guys know and I don't mean size."

Lizzy giggled as she looked over at me. "We're going to have to invite some of those straight girls back over to sunbathe."

Maria followed the direction of her girlfriend's eyes and grinned as they ended up on the tent in the front of my shorts. "That, uh, might get their attention off you," she whispered a moment later.

"It's his naked sundeck so why is he still dressed?" Lizzy asked a moment later.

"Uh, good manners?" I ventured.

"More like, don't scare the lesbians," Lizzy said with a laugh.

I stuck out my tongue to its full length and wiggled it. I sucked it back into my mouth and said, "That is the end you should be more worried about."

Both young ladies groaned softly. "That thing looks longer than Kerry's does," Maria whispered a moment later.

Lizzy just nodded and whimpered softly. "Not to mention that I think he definitely knows how to use it."

"I've, uh, had a little practice over the year," I said as I stood up. It only took a few moments for my t-shirt and shorts to end up on the table in the corner.

Two sets of eyes wander over my naked body and both ended up on my hard dick where it was standing up against my belly. I grinned as I stuck out my tongue and wiggled it. The two sets of eyes found my face. I sucked in my tongue and chuckled as I sat down.

"So when are you inviting those straight ladies over to sun?" I asked with a grin.

Lizzy giggled. "I know a few not so straight ladies that would jump at the chance to sit on your face."

"And the problem is?" I asked and Maria laughed.

When I looked her way, she grinned and whispered, "Be very careful what you wish for. That line might be pretty long."

"And?" I asked with a grin of my own.

"That sounds like a party to me," Lizzy said softly.

Maria looked at her and shivered. "Now I'll have to protect you and Uncle Bill."

Lizzy laughed. "Who's going to protect Uncle Bill from you? I think you would be at the head of that line for face sitting."

Maria looked at her girlfriend with her mouth hanging open as she blushed deeply. Lizzy laughed again.

I looked at Lizzy and lifted my eyebrows.

Lizzy grinned at me. "My better half loves a long thick tongue. She almost suffocated Kerry the first time they got together."

"Hey now, don't be tell all the secrets," Maria protested but she was smiling as she did so.

Lizzy laughed. "He's one of the girls so why shouldn't he know a few."

"I even know the secret lesbian handshake," I said as I held out my right hand with two fingers extended. I wiggled the tips of both fingers and both young women laughed.

"The g-spot isn't hard to find if you know where to look, uh, feel," I added as I lowered my hand.

Maria grinned and shook her head. "Uncle Bill, you never cease to amaze me."

"So invite the whole gang over Saturday and I'll put a brisket on the grill. We'll make a day of it," I said.

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