My Backyard Cougar


"Fuck me!" she demanded, though in a soft, deep, desperate voice. "Fuck me now!"

She looked up at his face and saw that he looked anxious as well. Looking back down at her slit, his strong fingers pushed the sides of her pussy apart, making a bigger hole for his thick cock.

Placing the head of his cock at her entrance, right between his fingers, he pushed in, splitting her in two. It entered a couple of inches into her and paused, then without pulling out any he pushed a couple more inches in. She moaned at the warm, full feeling.

Danny lifted her spread legs and placed them over his shoulders, her knees bent over them. That opened her up a little more, which was good. His was the thickest cock she had ever had, possibly the thickest anything that had been shoved into her vagina. It spread her wide, and sent electric shocks from there throughout her body.

He pulled out a little, then he pushed hard, thrusting his entire rod up into her center. She cried out, not in pain but in surprise and pleasure. He pulled out, then pushed in hard once again as she cried out once more.

"Yes!" she yelled. "Fuck me!"

He slammed into her a few more times as she tried to push her hips up to help him.

"Fuck!" she said again. "Harder! Harder!" her pussy was on fire, and she wanted more.

She pulled her legs up hooking them behind his shoulders and pulling herself up to meet his thrusts. She felt so full. Her eyes must have been bugging out.

He was drilling her, reaching deep inside, reaming out her insides. Her pussy felt more full - she thought Danny's cock must be even bigger than it had looked.

She couldn't help but scream out as she reached a mind blowing orgasm.

"SHHHHIIIIIIITTT!!!!!" she yelled as her insides began to vibrate with spasms of uncontrolled pleasure that rippled and spread all through her body.

"Oh, Damn!" she was nearly limp, but Danny kept plowing into her and her body responded. She fucked back harder now, hungering for more of that electric feeling, craving that release that she knew was just moments away.

His strong muscular arms wrapped around and under her legs and reached for her breasts. He squeezed them roughly, he then grabbed her nipples, pinching them and pulling them up and away from her body.

Each time he thrust into her his fingers went upward, pinching and pulling her nipples, stretching her breasts up, hurting them so much it felt wonderful. Electricity shot from her nipples down to her pussy and back again.

"FFFUUUCCCKK!!!" she yelled as another orgasm rocked her entire body.

"FUCK ME HARD POUND MY CUNT! PLEEAAASSSE!!" she cried as her insides seemed to turn to mush. She was delirious and nearly out of her mind lost in a mind blowing orgasm that words cannot begin to describe.

Danny stood alongside her, grinding his hips forward to force his cock even deeper into her. This angle gave her a different feeling, hitting different places in her pussy sending flashes of the most intense sensations that she had ever experienced throughout her body.

He increased the pace of his trusts, driving it in faster, ramming it in deeper and harder like a wild animal whose very life and very existence depend on him Cumming inside her. She felt like she was going to pass out having orgasm after orgasm as he pound into her, now making her nearly delirious with the incredible fucking she was now receiving .

She had no idea where the other guys were, what they were doing, or how long Danny had been drilling her.

She felt him hammer her harder now, speeding up, groaning, finally yelling out as his cum began shooting into her, coating her already soaked pussy with his sperm.

He kept driving into her as his spurts eased, and she squeezed her pussy hard around his shaft to keep him spurting and inside her as long as possible.

As he pulled out, she flopped over face down, totally spent and unable to think, let alone move.

"Go ahead. Try again," she thought she heard Danny say, and then someone was behind her. It was Billy, though she didn't know it at the time. She didn't care.

Danny must have seen that Billy had an erection and thought he should have another chance.

He moved her one leg, hanging it off the couch, gaining access to her pussy from behind, He lifted up her hips a little and slid his hard dick between her lips and into her pussy doggy style.

Billy pushed himself in while pulling back on her hips. She hardly noticed his long dick thrusting into her, but she heard the squishing as he pushed cum out of her filled up pussy.

Fucking her from behind did provide a different angle, and he was rubbing her clit, which began sending pleasant sparks radiating outward.

She was only vaguely aware of those sparks until suddenly another orgasm hit her, seemingly from nowhere. The increasing rhythm of his thrusts, he then peaked, grunting and grinding himself into her as she held on as if for dear life and moaned as another orgasm hit her. Her pussy spasmed, squeezing Billy's dick inside her and evidently setting off her second orgasm.

Billy's collapsed on top of her and they lay there, both breathing heavily. After a few minutes Billy stood up and his softening cock plopped out from Sonja's cunt his cream was leaking from her.

That was it. All three boys seemed done in having gotten all the fucking they could handle for one day.

Sonja likewise lay there exhausted and too tired to move. She had fucked all three young men in some cases more than once and the smell the mixture of all of their juices filled the air. She was still swollen and wet, and tender from all the cock she had had in her cunt!

Sonja's mind drifted off, she thought she heard mumbled voices, but had no idea what they were saying. She didn't care. Both her mind and body felt like total mush. All she remembered was the guys saying goodbye to her, touching her, feeling her up one last time before getting dressed and then walking out the door. Then she was alone.

I was still upstairs and had seen and heard most of what had gone on. I heard the boys closing the door when they left and then I watched them walking out the driveway and then next door to Chris's house.

I walked downstairs to check on Sonja. I don't know how long she lay there; face down on the couch, her ass in the air, arms curled up under her.

There she was my wife. My wife who just been ravaged by three teenage boys used as their whore. Cum covered and exhausted she looked like she had just been fucked into oblivion and at the same time she had a strangely contented smile on her face that made me almost most as happy and as satisfied as she clearly was.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"This was the most humiliating and degrading day of my life." She replied "And the most exciting, it was great."

When she finally tried to get up it was a difficult chore her pussy was so sore she could not walk properly. She found her way to the bathroom and settled into a nice warm bath that I had run for her. I brought her drink and set down next to her.

I guess she was a little concerned about what my reaction would be to what just happened when she asked, "what do we do now?'

I gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Let's start with a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant and then maybe a long weekend trip to Cancun to celebrate your new found status as a Cougar. After that we will have to see what else we can check off your bucket list."

The next day I went next door to Chris's house and dropped off the money for the yard work. He had a sheepish look on his face when he opened the door and saw me. As I handed him the money I told him "my wife said you guys did an outstanding job yesterday I'll see if there any more odd jobs you can do for us, that is if you're still interested?" He smiled and said "sure thing I would love to work on your yard again, anytime."

I smiled as I turn around and walked back to our house and thought to myself yes kid I am sure you would.

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