tagGroup SexMy Barista: Double Shot

My Barista: Double Shot


If you haven't read the first chapter (Single Shot), you may want to in order to see where this started.

It had almost been a year since Cathy and I had that session at her place. A few weeks after, she moved to the other side of the state in order to pursue her degree in sports medicine. Unfortunately, it's too far for her to come here on weekends and to date, I haven't came up with a believable enough excuse that my wife would buy. Speaking of my wife, we haven't had sex more than once a week since that hot episode. I have been noticing her gym bills have been coming in more consistently and she has been looking more toned.

Based on my last story, I need to describe my wife since most have asked me if she was not beautiful at all or anything. It is far from reality. My wife and I have been married for about fifteen years. She had blond hair which has now become more strawberry blond down to her shoulders. When we married and screwed more than twice a night, her breast size was closer to C's where now she grew and she fills out a D cup nicely. She has always had a slender stomach and a very nicely shaped rear that has never known anal play. It's not that I grew tired of her, but it's the fact that I have been working more and more which makes me very worn out when I get home.

That being said, I was shocked when I found Cathy's business cards at the coffee shop. I discovered that Cathy had recently moved back here and started her own massage business to make some cash while she finished her studies over here. Fantasies filled my head as I dialed her number. Her voice sounded so refreshing after so long and we began to talk about school, boys, all the things young ladies think about. She then told me that she started to work at the gym up the street and invited me over to get a massage. Although it sounded tempting, I declined because of the project I was working on. She then told me how she noticed my wife working out and wondered if I would mind if she had a massage. I thought this was a harmless idea, so I told her it was ok. She had me call my wife so that she wouldn't be a total stranger. We arranged for the appointment to be the next day so that we all had a chance to get ready.

The next night, I drove up and noticed Cathy's car in the driveway. Not thinking anything of it, I start to walk in and was surprised to see the lights out. I snuck in and put down my things while straining to listen for any sounds, but I heard nothing. I then crept quietly to the bathroom to change into grubs. As I snuck back, I caught a glimpse of feet. Disrobed feet. I snuck closer to the door and caught a glimpse of the actions inside.

I saw Cathy wearing a tight half t-shirt and a pair of spandex shorts kneeling next to the nude prone figure on the bed. She caught a glimpse of me and smiled as I watched her hands rubbing oil all over my wife's back. It had been a while since I saw my wife in a position like this. I stood there at the door, my cock rising in my pants seeing the love of my life and the object of my desire in the same field of vision. As I stood there, I watched as Cathy leaned down and whispered something in my wife's ear. It was then that my wife called for me to come to her side. As I walked over to her side of the bed, Cathy was pulling her shirt over her head. I watched as there was a sparkle coming from her nipples. It was then I noticed the piercing on each of her nipples. This excited me as I walked closer to my wife.

My wife slowly reached her hand over and grasped my cock through my pants. I watched a her eyes were glued to mine as Cathy leaned down to start nibbling on my wife's earlobe. Just the thought of them doing something almost made me want to come right then and there. Then my wife raised herself to her knees and began to pull down my pants. As my cock sprang into view, I saw Cathy pull down her shorts, an identical piercing shimmering as she bent down. It was then that my wife began to lick my shaft slowly, taking me by surprise. My wife almost never orally pleases me, so this was a very good surprise. It compounded as Cathy bent down next to her and started to lick around my balls as my wife kept licking my shaft until their tongues connected right near my head. They both started to lick up and down my shaft in unison as I strained to keep myself from unloading too soon.

Cathy ,sensing my predicament, rasped the base firmly before watching my wife take me fully in her mouth. My wife's mouth felt so velvety as I felt the saliva running all over my cock. Cathy's tongue then started to kiss my balls gently . It only took a few minutes before I saw my wife stop and open her mouth wide as I felt the first signs of the impending explosion launch near her open mouth. The next few flew straight in before Cathy's tongue followed and they began to kiss deeply as I kept firing all over their faces. I fell back on my back as I watched my wife and my barista frenching right in front of me. It was only a few moments until my rod began to rise again. This time, I watched as my wife started to stroke me again as my vision became impaired by the sight of Cathy lowering her shaven pussy onto my face. I heard my wife comment on how much she loved the taste of Cathy's new piercing. The thought of this made me sit straighter than I have ever done before as my tongue ran the length of Cathy's clit.

Hearing Cathy moaning brought back memories, yet it sounded muffled somehow. My guess was that Cathy and my wife were kissing each other as my wife was lowering herself on my cock. Normally, my wife did this as a way to ensure I finish quickly by moving up and down vigorously. This time, she didn't bounce, but stayed there and began to flex her muscles. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock with pressure. Oh it felt so good to feel something different as I kept licking and sucking on Cathy's engorged clit. As Cathy rode my tongue, I felt her lean forward and her tongue touch the base of my cock again. This gave me the chance to rub a finger against her rosebud. Unlike the first time, it felt a little less tight. I guessed she had a little anal fun while she was on the other side of the state.

My wife then made the remark of how that looked like fun. She raised up from my cock as she told Cathy bout how she needed her pussy licked. My wife went to my side of the bed as Cathy got on her knees in front of her. As Cathy began to lick my wife's pussy, I slid behind and began to slide into her pussy until Cathy told me to fuck her up the ass. I slid my cock into her rosebud and began to pound her. Cathy's moans started to mix with my wife's and made me get really hot. The sounds revolve around me as a erotic cyclone as I felt the cum rumble inside me. Cathy then tells me to cum all over her as I pull out and start to unload again. My wife begins to scream loudly in orgasm as we all collapse in the bed.

It was during the cuddle we had together that I learned that Cathy and my wife had been seeing each other and that it was my wife's idea for me to have the affair with Cathy in the first place. It was also brought to my attention that Cathy would move in until she finished her courses. This was one arrangement I was going to enjoy.

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