tagRomanceMy Barista: Finale

My Barista: Finale


(For those of you looking for stroking material, skip this one. I felt this one was going a massively different direction and had to write it as such.)

There I lay with Jill in the bed of my hotel room as naked as the good Lord created us with my new favorite Barista coming up to see us. Charlene seemed a little giggly on the cell as she talked to Jill. By the time I recovered my sense enough to realize what was going on, Charlene's soft knock was at the door. I covered myself up with the sheet while Jill simply stood in her naked glory and went to open the door. Even though Charlene was just a friend with benefits, I still felt a little modest with the thought of her seeing her Anatomy teacher and I post coitus. Jill seemed more comfortable than I would have thought she would have been. It was then the door opened and in walked Charlene wearing a black baby doll dress. She looked simply gorgeous right down to her heels revealing red polished toenails. As she walked in, she giggled a bit as she saw me struggled to remain covered.

"Wow, lover, I didn't think you were so easy to get," she said still giggling before she turned towards Jill. "Wow, girl, you work pretty fast too. How's the arm?"

"I'm healing. Can you believe he tried to get me liquored up even though I took pain medication?" she asked as she walked over and hugged Charlene. Soon, my erection popped up even though it looked harmless. I must have been in total horn dog mode.

"You two act like you're more than just teacher and student. Was I tricked or something?" I asked before both of them walked over and sat on either side of me on the bed.

"If by tricked you mean conned into spending time with me, then yes," Jill answered. She held her arms over her breasts while she continued. "Charlene knew me from a few years ago when Cathy came to the school. I was not only Cathy's teacher, but her confidant as well. Cathy would tell me tales about her time with you before she came up here and my curiosity was piqued. Soon she graduated and married before she was taken from us. I thought maybe I'd track you down after she told me how your wife died."

"Lucky for me Jill was still around when I got here," Charlene continued. "She knew Cathy and was here for me the whole semester thus far for comfort, counseling and to show me what I need to do to live through this semester socially." The last statement made me think for a moment before I looked at Charlene again. The pieces started to make sense. The new piercings, the way she covered her tracks to allow me to visit, all would not have been accomplished by the old Charlene who had to borrow my apartment to seduce a customer. I looked at both of them again before I had the chance to speak.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked. "I am not sure what is next. I mean, it would be easy for me to move over here, but wouldn't that hamper your social life, Charlene? And what about you, Jill? I mean this is gonna take a moment or two to process." As I started thinking, I felt two sets of arms around me. I opened my eyes and saw Jill holding me on the right. I turned my head and saw Charlene holding me from the left. It was then I made a decision.

"Anyone hungry?"

Jill answered first," I am. The McDonald's food was barely an appetizer. What about you, Char?"

We both looked at Charlene. "Sounds like a plan to me. Hope you don't mind driving, Tiger."

Jill and I both dressed while Charlene looked outside. The air was slightly chilled by then and the moon was bright in the sky. As we boarded the elevator, my arms went around both ladies shoulders as I thought about how lucky I felt at that moment. I enjoyed the look from some of the others in the elevator before we entered the lobby and headed towards the car. Luckily, Denny's was still open and we spent most of the night laughing and chatting about everything that could have possibly come up. It was then we piled back into the car and made it back to the hotel right before we all fell into bed and slept.

The next morning brought the sun as two gorgeous ladies were still in my arms. I awoke quietly, not wanting to disturb them as I snuck into the shower. I took my time scrubbing and ensuring that I was clean before turning off the water. I carefully snuck out to my bags and found some clothes to put on. As I dressed, I looked at the two angels on my bed. I looked at Jill as she slept. I saw the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed and the small bits of gray in her hair. She looked just like my wife and almost seemed like medication in a way to remember what it felt like to be loved by an equal.

I then looked and saw Charlene on the other side of the bed. Her makeup was still on and her hair was partially out of the hair band as she slept. She looked so much like Cathy at that point. There were only a few times I would wake before Cathy during those days and every time I did I felt I was granted an angelic gift to see such beauty. As I slipped out the door, I already knew how I was going to surprise them.

I took the elevator down to the main lobby and walked a block to the nearest coffee shop. The blond older woman at the machine was kind enough to make the three drinks I wanted and I tipped her well. If it weren't for the two I was buying the coffee for...well honestly the blond was out of my league anyway. I carefully walked the cups back to the hotel and went back into the elevator. As I slipped the key card into the door, I carefully held the tray with the three drinks before the door swung open.

They were still sleeping miraculously as I placed one drink on the nightstands on either side of the bed. I chose my usual knowing full well that I was too set in my ways to change. I then grabbed my cell phone and called my boss. We had a delightful conversation talking about that week's numbers as I made my way onto the balcony. He noticed a change in my demeanor almost immediately and asked me if I got lucky that weekend.

"Bud, I've been lucky," I answered before I said my good bye and looked towards the bed. Jill was just beginning to stir before she turned towards the night stand and saw her iced blended peppermint. She raised herself in the bed before she grabbed it before I noticed the bandage on her arm had slipped off and the bid red scar was still there. As I walked towards her almost dreamily, she took a small sip through the straw. She looked up at me before she spoke.

"How did you know I loved peppermint?" she asked. I smiled.

"It was a lucky guess. Should we wake her?" I asked nodding towards Charlene.

"Let her sleep," she answered as her feet swung out to the ground. She started to stand before I helped her up and we walked out towards the balcony. She was still in the slacks and sweater from the night before, so she looked a bit disheveled. However, as we took in the view, I could think of no better outfit for her to wear, except maybe if she was nude. As I looked at her, she seemed to catch on that I was thinking.

"So, you're not planning on moving over to this side of the mountains, are ya?" she asked before snuggling in close in my embrace. To be honest, the thought crossed my mind a few times that morning. But I just stood there with her as we enjoyed the sun's warmth before we heard a familiar cheery voice from inside the room.

"Aww, you got me chocolate mint. How did you know?" she asked before she followed us out to the balcony. As I leaned back to allow her into our group hug, I thought about how lucky I really was at that moment.

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