tagErotic CouplingsMy Barista: Order to Go

My Barista: Order to Go


(It has been a while since I brought out the parts of this series. It would be wise for the reader to read both My Barista;Single Shot and My Barista;Double Shot prior to reading this in order for it to make sense.)


Cathy stayed with us for a while after the experience with my wife and I. It was wonderful waking up every morning to a fine woman who made good coffee and my beloved who I was privileged to share my whole life with. It was nice to wake up to warm kisses from both of them. It was wonderful to have a good fuck with whichever I wanted to or just watch them go at it. Talk about fantasies fulfilled.

But just like all good things in life, there was the end. Cathy graduated from college and took a job across the state and we didn't get to spend time with her for a while. We took trips to see her to catch up, but they were treated more like a parent visiting their child in college than a sexed up weekend. We did get to meet her new boyfriend, Dave on one visit and my wife was impressed with the hunk of man Cathy had. He was a typical young man. He was about five foot three and slender. Not sure about what he was like in the sack just because I never heard the girl talk that my wife and Cathy shared on a continual basis.

It was a year or so after she graduated when we were told that they were going to get married soon. She called and asked me if I could step in as the father of the bride to give her away and if my wife would be her matron of honor. This was a big honor and I was glad to get the chance to escort this cute woman down the aisle although escorting her to the bedroom would have been a bigger thrill. I went to the rental shop and picked out the standard tuxedo while the wife bought herself a white dress that barely concealed her curves. If it wasn't for the fact the wedding would be soon, I would have ripped it off of her when she showed me what she looked like in it.

The day of the wedding, we packed the car for a nice weekend and began the six hour drive. I would have done anything for a release prior to the ceremony, but my wife said that she was saving for something special later. Thinking it was me, I remained quiet and daydreaming slightly about what my wife had planned for me. We pulled up to the church by early afternoon and we were whisked immediately to the back of the church where the lovely bride waited. She wore this conventional gown that was strapless with the long white veil. We kissed each other on the cheek although I was hoping for a better one. She then took my wife to the side and began to go over what I thought was a plan. It was starting to turn interesting.

I walked her down the aisle and gave her away as was expected before sitting thru the twenty minute ceremony. After Dave kissed her, we all adjourned to the reception where I was planning on making an exit with my lovely bride after twenty minutes. It was then the bride cam over and asked me to dance with her while my wife danced with the new groom. As we slow danced, she leaned over and whispered in my ear about how she missed me and wished we could have been alone. My cock wanted to pop out right there as she whispered how the wife and I were invited to join her on the honeymoon. This immediately made me harder still. She then told me that my wife knew where to meet her before going to Dave's vacation cabin for the week. As she led me off the dance floor, she winked at me and told me that I was in for a treat.

As the reception wound down, my wife took me to the car where she gave me a tender kiss and told me how much she wanted tonight to happen for a while. I was eager to get my tongue inside Cathy's pussy myself. As we changed to more casual clothes, I caught a glimpse of my wife as she put on a new red thong under her jeans. I also notice she slipped into a red t shirt with no bra underneath. She looked at me and grinned. She knew what was in my head.

We met the new couple at a gas station outside the city. David was wearing a pair of blue sweatpants and a white t shirt. Cathy wore a black Kiss half shirt and a tight pair of jeans. It was then that we exited the car to figure out how to get there. Again the girls walked away from us. There was an uneasy silence between the groom and I. When the girls walked back towards us, I noticed my wife walking towards Dave and giving him a deep kiss on the mouth. I was going to protest when Cathy's finger touched my lips. I looked at her and saw her eyes a glow. Then I leaned down so she could kiss me the same way. As we kissed and her tongue explored my mouth, I heard the car doors close and Dave and my wife drive off. I released Cathy and she told me that she was going to ride with me to the cabin and that we could take our time.

We entered the car and I noticed Cathy unbuttoning the button on her jeans. When she saw me look, she told me that she was just getting comfy because it was a two hour trip to the cabin. We started driving and to make conversation, I asked her about Dave. She told me about how they met and how he was loaded so he didn't need to keep a job at all. Then she told me something scary. She blurted out that he couldn't please her the way I did. This made me a little stiffer before she leaned towards me and began to rub my dick through my jeans. As I started to get distracted, she asked if I was going to pull over before we crashed.

I pulled over to a patch of woods as she began to slip out of the jeans she was wearing and I caught a glimpse of that tight ass I missed so much. She then pulled my cock out of my jeans and began to breathe on the tip. We retreated to the back seat where I lay on the seat and let those wonderful legs straddle my face. I moved the purple thong to the side and noticed a freshly shaven treasure revealed. Before she lowered her mouth onto my throbbing manhood, she told me that she shaved it just for me. Her mouth felt exquisite on me as she engulfed me in what seemed like one breath. I started to lick the outside of her pussy lips and she convulsed almost immediately. She yelled how Dave never licked her pussy ever. I started to realize that there was a mission on this trip after all.

My tongue gently plunged inside her as my cock began to throb inside her throat. Her pussy was like water to a thirsty traveler as I started licking the juices being produced by her. It took a moment or two before she arched her back and I took her climax all over her face. She looked down and smiled before she stroked me a few times. Then she rotated until her shaven pussy hovered over my erect manhood. She seemed to smile at me before sliding the velvet sheath over my erection. She moaned loudly, crying as she confessed how much she missed me filling her pussy. I watched as she pulled the shirt up over her tits and started to pinch her nipples for me. As I watched the show, she moaned louder and louder as she climaxed again on top of me.

She slid off of me while I was still stiff and asked if I would mind slamming her ass. She and I both got out of the car and I bent her over the trunk. She had her ass spread open with her hands and I started to gently slide in before she pulled my shirt and I slid in down to the base. I started to pound her ass quickly as she cursed and moaned and screamed, telling me how much she missed me and wanted me to stay inside her forever. I started to feel my balls tighten and she told me to pull out. She got on her knees and started to stroke me until I came all over her face and tits. Her grin was the largest I'd seen in some time as she thanked me profusely. She then used a towel to clean up as we got back in the car to hurry to the cabin.

(Wanna see what happens next? Make sure you vote so I will submit the next chapter.)

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